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Retrieving and Patching Your Boot.img for LG Wing

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woops didn't put this in guides, sorry

This should work for any KDZ firmware of any LG Device, but figured I'd write this for the Wing, as so far, its the only LG phone I own and the one I'm most determined with

This is not a full Root Tutorial. This is a step in the correct direction though. These are the After-Steps, so bootloader unlock is still needed. Sorry :(

What You'll need
- KDZ Tools (see attachment -- virus total scan just because: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file...zODc2ZTViOWQ1MTlmN2Q0NzFiMjI6MTYzNzgyMTYwNg==)
- Firmware KDZ file
- Magisk Manager installed on device that IS NOT your LG Wing (at least for me, explained below)

Instructions (video coming soon)
1.) Download KDZ Tools and extract them to a folder somewhere.
-- I usually make one on my external drive and drop stuff there, but desktop works too

2.) Download whatever firmware KDZ file you need

3.) Put that KDZ File in the same folder as the KDZ Tools

4.) Run "OneKeyExtraction.bat" and select Y if the KDZ is in the folder with this same file

5.) This takes A LONG WHILE and you need a good large bit of storage space available (50gb+) because the extraction goes raw format and some image files at first take up 20+GB as 1 file

6.) Once complete, you should have a folder named "F100X_usersigned_etc" ... open that to find your img firmware files. There's 31GB of IMG files here if its the Android 11 1020 KR FW

7.) Copy one of the boot.img to your device with Magisk Manager installed
-- The reason I stated on a different device, is that at least for me, Magisk Manager kept failing to patch on my LG Wing. When I put the boot.img on my OnePlus 7 Pro 5G, it patched just fine

8.) Open magisk manager, select Install, Select and Patch a File, select the Boot.img and patch it

9.) Once patched, that's a rooted boot.img, pull it off your device back to your computer and hold on to it for when we get a way to flash it and root the device!

root theory:
Interupting the LGUp flashing process of firmware when it gets to boot partitions to load custom boot.img's. How to do this exactly, not sure. If there's a way we can re-kdz these files from KDZ tool, that might work too


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May 6, 2019
I can tell you right now, it wont work because the bootloader is locked. The hash of the patched boot.img on the phone won't match and you will get "Your device has failed a routine check, your phone is unbootable."

Sorry to debunk your theory. We need a firehose and a engineering bootloader.


Aug 20, 2007
i've done it with

"adb reboot fastboot
adb flash boot_a boot_a.img
adb flash boot_b boot_b.img"

both boot img a & b patched with magisk and by the way the phone i bought come with unlocked bootloader