Retrive data on bricked Note 5 Pro

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Feb 28, 2021
Hello, I would like your help with my problem, I have a Xiaomi Redmi Note5, I was using it normally, I put it on the sofa and 10min later I see that thescreen is black and the buttons are not responding. So I decide to press the power button and the Mi logo appears, except that it ends there. The phone no longer boots on Android.

What I want above all is to recover my data, mainly my photos. (No I haven't activated the google cloud, I checked and there is nothing)

I think the problem is related to the storage of the phone which has saturated, for 2 3 days I had a message that there was less than 1.5G of storage left. My guess is that the storage has reached 100% and so the phone is bricked .. But that's just a guess.

I've read a lot to find a solution, but I don't have developer mode enabled or OEM unlock. I managed to use the fastboot mode and display the line with the phone id through the command: fastboot devices

On the other hand it is locked so impossible to use ADB, to my knowledge.

The recovery mode (volume up + power) does not seem to work, because nothing is happening.

I tried to load TWRP:

C:\adbfastboot flash recovery "twrp.img"
targetreported max download size of 536870912 bytes
sending'recovery' (42456 KB)...
OKAY [ 1.102s]
FAILED(remote: Flashing is not allowed in Lock State)

I tried to unlock OEM :

C:\adbfastbootoem unlock
FAILED remote:Token Verify Failed, Reboot the device)

I also thought about emptying the cache in case it is the storage problem:

C:\adbfastbooterase cache
********Did you mean to fastboot format this ext4 partition?
FAILED(remote: Erase is not allowed in Lock State)

Others infos:

C:\adbfastbootoem device-info
(bootloader)Verity mode: true
(bootloader)Device unlocked: false
(bootloader)Device critical unlocked: false
(bootloader)Charger screen enabled: false

I saw that there is an EDL technique by creating a contact (test point) in the phone, and I am ready to try that, I have already removed the back cover,but I did not find any info on how to use it to retrieve my data, only for fashing and wiping all the config… but that's really not what I want. If you know a technique allowing me to recover my data, I'd be glad.

Thanks for your help