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Accessories [Review] CaseBorn ArmadilloTek S for One+ 9 Pro

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Dec 3, 2020
Hi guys, I was asked by Jeff Lin (ArmadilloTek's co-founder) to try the brand new CaseBorn ArmadilloTek S for One+ 9 Pro.


As for me phone protection is very important (my friends call me paranoiac !) I am always very interested in cases but often disappointed.


When I unboxed it, apart that the packaging is perfect and graphically totally my taste, I was a bit disappointed because this case looks really not strong nor special at first glance. And that is the amazing point! This case is greaaaaaaaat but does not let it be seen immediately.

The material is rigid, except in the upper corner of the camera window where it is completely flexible, but being rigid it keeps a certain flexibility as you can see on the pics.


It is not that thick but it is definitely strong, and to break it you'll need to really want it. So I don't feel my phone is bigger but I feel it is protected and very pleasant to touch and to hold in my hand.

I can hold it quite better than without case or with the OnePlus case, and it won't slide off my hand as it might happen with the one+ case coming with the phone or without case.

It is totally clear and transparent and works perfectly with NFC. Not too much fingerprint smudging.

The buttons work perfectly and are totally protected.

The edges of the screen are very well protected without disturbing the touch.


So for me guys no doubt, this is THE case. I threw in the trash can the oneplus case and I think they should work together with Armadillo Tek because even if it was nice from oneplus to provide a case for free, after 3 minutes using the Amadillo's one I don't consider anymore the oneplus case as an effective protection.

Sorry guys I tried my best but I did not find any drawbacks or bad points to this product, not even it soft price ...

Just one thing more to add: Thanks and bravo Armadillo Tek for this case that make my phone and I HAPPY!
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