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Revolution Rom S8 Port V1 For S7 And S7 EDGE (VoLTE)

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Jan 1, 2017
se card storage not mount auto,urjemt solve this please

hello, dear developer, it is not mounted storage sd card automatic, fix this tell me how i got this in any new update. for mount stoarage we need to goto recovery mode and then mount sd card . if we change sim in second slot then once again do for mount sd ard storage and also same for usb mount.
i mean we cannot use sd card usb storage from auto detect . if we go to use this then we goes for mount data sd card usb storage for recovery mode and then again select on mount
fix this my mailid is [email protected]


Jan 1, 2017
i agree with you sir

Hallo my friend, news ?

if you will not do this then who will comw to your post dear sir. i will big respect to you and i want to share your rom in my youtube channel. but there is some few bugs other which is not minded. but this bug sd card usb not mount direct is big issue please tell me where i fix it and i also giving credit you sir if yo do this work again for devolpement of your rom. you can just check once please . because i flash it mant times evertime the sd card usb not mounting , and for mounting i will go again recovery mode and then select mount and then start phone then sd card mounted if we want mount usb then same process. if i remove second sim then again same issue then do this for mount once again , main answr is if i want to use sd card or usb or sim then first i goto recovery and mount sd card usb storage and then i use, its my personal request sir please fix this issue i am huge fan of your rom. other all rom have too much bloatware and many problems on their rom but your made rom is perfect. my youtube channel is tinder technical. and if oyu fix this erroer then i will promote this rome to all my samsung user tell highely recomeend to use this. thanks . my mail adress is [email protected]

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    Revolution s8 port v1 G930x - G935x

    Rom info :-
    Revolution is trademark of My Rom series
    After making roms for S4 S5 and S6
    Again I'm here with S7
    Its My 1st Rom for S7 and S7edge
    This Roms take so long time for complete work.

    ChangeLog Of Rom​

    S8 base G9550ZCU1AQDF
    S7 base G930FXXU1DQE7
    Full port of S8
    Default csc is INS india Volte
    Air message
    App lock
    Build.prop tweaks
    Csc tweaks
    Camera is stock s7
    Most samsung apps are updated
    No Navbar u can add it frome build.prop

    Its 1st build so no long changelog

    BUG in Rom:
    Yet i Aint Find But if U Find Please Contact Us in Telegram Please
    All Lang. Permitted Here As Always...

    Telegram Group Link :

    S7 Discussion, English Version.

    S7 Discusiones, Spanish Version.

    Special Thank You to Luca Grifo (@Tkkg1994) For His best Kernel..

    • Credits :-
      • Me @rahul1533
      • @bunty_parona (SugarHug) For VoLTE for INS
      • Amrullz for Aroma
      • @Tkkg1994 for super kernel
      • My Gf for my s7 Gift ;)
      • @Topjonwu for magisk
      • Samsungvn for aroma zip
      • Samsung for S8 Firmware
      • @Yashdsaraf for busybox latest
      • @Ambasadii for install process
      • If i left credit for any one pls tell me i will be write here.

    1st build: 31/5/2017
    Last update: 31/5/2017

    How to flash

    If u r all ready rooted and have twrp
    Go to direcly for flash rom
    Wipe data / system / cache / dalvik
    And flash rom
    It will take 7 to 10 minutes for boot rom
    So seat back and take a bear

    Or if u have note rooted and 1st time going to flash rom
    Refer this below method

    Recommended installation when we come from 6.0.1 MM or stock nougat rom:

    1 - download TWRP (herolte) for S7 Flat
    or TWRP (hero2lte) for S7 Edge
    2 - download Odin v3.12.3
    3 - download no-verity-opt-encrypt-2.2.zip file and then copy to the memory card EX-SDCARD
    4 - activate developer mode on the current system and turn on the option 'enable OEM' - VERY IMPORTANT!
    5 - reboot phone mode to 'download mode' and flash using Odin (position AP) TWRP recovery [ATTENTION you must turn off autoreboot options in odin and after flash manually reboot the phone into recovery mode]
    6 - go to options and select wipe data format - write "yes" then after finishing wipe necessarily restart phone to recovery mode
    [ATTENTION this operation will clear the memory of the phone without touching the data contained on the ex-scdard]
    7 - confirm "allow modifications" if recevory ask
    8 - flash in the recovery file no-verity-opt-encrypt-2.2.zip
    9 - reboot phone to recovery mode
    10 -confirm "allow modifications"
    11 - go to wipe option and do all wipes: data, cache, system , dalvik-chace
    12 - install rom from zip
    13 - restart phone and wait for system booting.
    14 - there is no need to upload the bootloader for Nougat 7.0! we remain on the current version 6.0.1!
    Download TWRP for hero2lte
    Download TWRP Open Recovery for hero2lte :cool:

    HopeFully U enjoy This Rom
    Thank u To All..

    Screenshot of Rom
    Just making your own rom style. User can choose to debloat apps by themselves or move to others rom.

    Gửi từ SM-G955F của tôi bằng cách sử dụng Tapatalk
    Same thoughts
    I am allready making this ports for personal use but I'm publishing bcs just i like it.
    Bcs I'm a civil engineer and i have lots of work to do on my job and personal life also.
    So this roms are just for fun not for earning and it's not my profession

    Sent from my SM-G930F using XDA-Developers Legacy app
    can test this game https://apkpure.com/리니지2-레볼루션/com.netmarble.lineageII

    no sure s8 port full Vulkan API for game you can test lineage2 game.
    Not now bcs just switched to stock deodexed rom last night. Now it's time to do some stock and batter with stock

    Sent from my SM-G930F using XDA-Developers Legacy app
    Hallo my friend, news ?