RIP Idol 3

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Oct 15, 2014
San Francisco, Ca.
Yes I've moved to a newer handset (Umidigi F1) but still had a thing for the Idol 3 besides being a nice audio player, AAMOF it was still running great with MM Lineage. I was going to lend it to my niece who "misplaced" her phone, but when trying to pull out the old Sim card, the tray got stuck and as much as I tried it wouldn't come out so I had to pull it out, and out it came... along with two tiny pieces of metal. So this not only killed the SD card, but now it doesn't recognize any SD card o sim. Oh well.
I liked this model so much that I bought this second one when my first idol 3 was stolen and got a BLU life One as replacement.
Still have both boxes though, the first one still has the original accessories untouched.

Thanks to all who helped developing ROMs and all.

David C.