Rmx2086 full brick (resolved)

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If you have any question, feel free to ask ^^
I did everything , i have UnlockTool.

i flashed all these roms :

I extracted all of them , flashed them one by one , one time using Unlocktool , the 2nd time using Qfil after making some changes in Rawprogram3.xml "oppo19711.bin in cdt" and Rawprogram4.xml " sec_smt.dat in secdata ".

I try to keep the battery voltage from being sucked by the phone " i keep it above 3.7V " , the phone always is drawing from 0.20 A to 0.32 A using my usb doctor.

Sometimes QFil won't flash unless i use prog_fwupdate.mbn , prog_firehose.mbn won't work .

The phone won't automatically connect to the pc ''9008" unless you short testpoint , and fix this "sometime" i use Format Storage from UnlockTool , then the phone will automatically get detected by the pc ''9008" eachtime you plug it or unplug it from the pc , it will get recognized without shorting the pins.

Before getting to this point , the phone was working fine i installed a custom rom and everything was ok. when i tried to root it i faced many problems of the phone not booting etc , i used to fix everything just by flashing "RMX2086GDPR_11_C.13_2022051901570000.zip" then the phone will boot without a problem , as a fresh start or something then i start ''rooting and installing custom roms etc ''

How did you fix your phone , i mean have you edited Rawprogram.xml and got rid of those weird logs from Port_trace.txt " QFil logs "

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    Hello everyone,

    Big update,

    I finally made it...

    Disclaimer :

    I'm not responsible of anything happening to your phone, you are taking those steps at your own risk ...

    So if like me you were having a hardbricked phone, follow those steps ( /!\ only if not possible to go to fastboot or bootloader mode, if possible go to next steps) :

    - Install QFil ( search for tutorial to know how to set it up good)

    - Download the original firmware file ( /!\ NOT THE OZIP BUT THE OFP)

    - Extract the ofp file ( need the installation of ofp extractor and python 3)

    - Put the phone in EDL mode ( if i remember correctly, you need to press all three button for like more than 20 sec)

    - You will need qualcomm driver since your phone will be detected as a com port (Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 9008).

    - Once you did all those steps, start qfil ( do the firehose config before => select ufs in storage type ), select the

    prog_firehose_ddr.elf of YOUR DEVICE in the build selection, then select the rawprogram.xml and the patch.xml

    (there should be 5 file for each, select them all)

    - Once you did this reboot your phone in EDL mode and as soon as you saw the port is dectected, select download.

    - If u get a firehose error => not the good files

    - If u get a sahara error then do all of this again but make sur to reboot your phone in EDL mode two

    seconds before downloading in QFIL

    - If it works => your phone is supposed to boot

    If like me for an unknow reason it doesnt work then next steps (FASTBOOT).

    For some reason it didnt work fully but it restored fastboot ( got some luck i guess)

    So i was able to boot my phone in fastboot/bootloader mode

    Once you are in fastboot mode :

    - Download the original firmware file ( /!\ NOT THE OZIP BUT THE OFP)

    - Extract it with the same method as described earlier.

    - You should see a lot of .img, dont worry

    - You will need vbmeta.img, recovery.img, boot.img, dtbo.img AND ALL THE super****.img

    - Once you find those files, copy past them to a clean folder in order to not mess up.

    - On the firmware i found, its a total of 14 super***.img and vbmeta.img, recovery.img, boot.img and dtbo.img.

    - Once its in a clean folder, start a cmd and go to this folder ( cd diskname:\..\foldername )

    For myself, i flashed the super file in the "order it was given" in the ProFile.xml

    - Then you will have to flash all those files

    - To flash the super : fastboot flash super super**.img

    - To flash the recovery : fastboot flash recovery recovery.img

    - To flash the boot : fastboot flash boot boot.img

    - To flash dtbo : fastboot flash dtbo dtbo.img

    - To flash vbmeta : fastboot flash vbmeta vbmeta.img

    Once you are finished flashing those files, your phone should be able to boot ( first go to recovery and wipe

    all data in order to not have broken/corrupted files ).

    If you have any question, feel free to ask ^^
    Please make a video...it has too many complicated step...
    Will maybe do it in august if I have time

    My realme x3 superzoom is fully bricked.

    I got some luck, it is detected as qualcomm 9008

    So basicall,if someone have the .mbn file and all the RAW Program and Patch files in .XML, it could greatly help me..

    Anyway thanks for your help or even an advice.

    A little update.

    Rn i can go in fastboot but still not in recovery

    Im stuck pls help