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May 10, 2022
Realme GT
Do I need to install something before I use this? Will this work on my China version? I think my version of Realme GT 5G is China (because it has a bunch of useless Chinese apps when I first bought it).


Dec 29, 2020
Hi guys!
I have the european version and android 12.
this method work? have i to unlock the bootloader before to use this method?
i want understand more because this device isn't cheaper for me

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    Hi, it seems like this version of Magisk doesn't let you enable Magiskhide, am I right ?
    (I'm on Realme UI 2.0 - Android 11) , is there a way to use my banking apps, Google Pay, etc.?
    I could root a European RMX2202_11_a.17 this way.
    First I checked OEM unlock in developer options.
    The most difficult part is getting into bootloader. I used a program DeepTesting_realme-release_20210426_newID_signed.apk for this, which I had from, I believe.

    Hereafter I did under Linux the same as the batch files:

    fastboot flashing unlock

    Hereafter an automatic reinstall

    Reenabling development options and USB debugging.

    adb reboot bootloader

    In bootloader:

    fastboot boot twrp/twrp11.img

    Change the language.

    Uploaded a recent version of magisk renamed to zip to tmp

    adb push /tmp

    Pressed install in twrp and selected this file.

    Hereafter reboot to system.

    After the update to Android12 RMX2202_11_C.05, I could root it the same way using twrp/twrp12.img.
    You can just press Cancel when asked for a password.

    After the last update RMX2202_11.C.16_1160_202204192320.44.7636e18c (for which I didn't remove root), the above method didn't work anymore.

    fastboot boot twrp/twrp12.img

    resulted in a black screen. I could adb in to recovery, but

    /bin/twrp install /sbin/

    gave the following message:

    TWRP does not appear to be running. Waiting for TWRP to start . . .

    Press CTRL + C to quit.

    Booting the same way from the recovery I found here worked. The only problem is that it is Chinese so you have to guess what to do.


    After the update to RMX2202_11.C.20_1200_202207201946.44.84bc864c, this method still works (when the bootloader is unlocked):

    adb reboot bootloader
    fastboot boot recovery.img
    adb push /tmp
    adb shell /bin/twrp install /tmp/
    adb reboot

    Also works with RMX2202_11.C.27.
    Exactly the same way, it also works after the Android 13 update (RMX2202_11_F.03). See