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Nesarul hoqe

Aug 23, 2018
Thank you very much it's seems he work what you send to me:
Deep testing_1.0.1.apk
I was install without problem on C15 domestic realme UI3.0.
After executing, my phone enter in bootloader.
I open powershell.
Next i use: fastboot devices ; phone respond with serial
Next i use: fastboot flashing unlock ; comand respond and phone show me screen with option for unlock.
After that phone automatic restart erase all, reboot in first power on screen.
I enabled again developer and USB debugging.
I check in powershell to see if phone respond with:
adb devices -> OK
adb reboot bootloader -> OK
Now i check Realme_Flash_Tool_v1.0.0.4 to see it's possible to connect PC at phone with LOADING DEVICE button -> succed
Now..... i think what metod to use for change C15.domestic ROM with UI3.0 to whatever GDPR.
I realy think at first move to make, rollback to RMX2202_11.A.20 domestic


Apr 25, 2022
I change my mind.
I use this link:
for flash tools:
i use bilgates x64 variant
and ROM i use this:
last ROM
If you try to ROOT your systems think 10 times.
For what i whant you need just UNLOCK BOOTLOADER.
I will not even try to lock again bootloader i dont think its important for security.
Thanks again Nesarul Hoqe, i hope you will share your apk to other.
I will respect your privacy.


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Apr 20, 2011
Realme GT
Hi again, when we make rollback, is it wiped or not?
May be its one of the stupid question but my phone is bricked, i fix a bit but now sim card doesn't work at all and I have limited access to pc
If you know which .img file is responsible I can try to flash it also

I've downloaded already last rom. I'll try on that file.
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May 24, 2022
Hi everyone.

I had already flashed my CN device to GDPR firmware but wasn't getting OTA, so I wanted to flash again. I think it was because I chose GB region first time around rather than EUEX.

I got stuck in a bootloop.

So I used the OppoRealme-OFP-Flash with the latest C15 GDPR OFP from, it finished "flashed with success".

I rebooted the phone and now it's very very bricked. Like wont turn on at all bricked. Paperweight bricked.

Any ideas?


I wondered if the phone just hadn't shut down properly so left it overnight.

Sure enough this morning it was giving me critical battery alerts, plugged it in to charge and it booted back up to recovery. I ran the OFP tool again and flash succeeded this time.

Plus I'm now getting OTA with EUEX region! Everything working great.
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Nov 15, 2014

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