ROG 2 Desktop dock settings for PUBG Mobile

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Nov 10, 2008
Hi all,

I have been struggling to make the desktop dock experience playable. I have tried different manual configurations using game genie/ key mapping, and unlike tencent gaming buddy app (on PC), which provides a very stable experience using keyboard and mouse, the experience sucks when using my mobile and desktop dock.

Has anyone been able to get the right key map and sensitivity settings to play pubgm using the desktop dock? Can you please share the screenshots/ details?

Thank you!


Senior Member
Jun 5, 2007
only problem is when mapping button is on (especially when perspective button is on), the mouse is disappeared. very frustrated when can not control by use mouse.


Nov 10, 2008
What specifically are you having problems with? Sensitivity? Too fast? or key binds and what key binds specifially.

Thanks for asking. I have problems with:

1) Sensitivity settings. At times too swift movement with mouse. At times not at all

2) Key binds - Possible to use an alternate button to middle mouse to activate/ deactivate mouse pointer? Also, possible to run in the game using long press "w" without having the need for an extra keymap to run?

3) At times the dock just fails to respond to mouse movement

As dock

New member
May 27, 2020
Hi everyone

I have the same problem with the mouse when i use it for movement it's oke but when picking up something i have switch to click mode then back to movement. Thank you
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