ROG Phone 3 and ROG Phone 2 compatibility.

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Sep 7, 2020

i apologize if that thread is not for here in advanced.:eek:
I think it's a good idea we have here thread of compatibility.
the idea is that if possible some new applications to be installed on the ROG Phone 2.
For example @linuxct ROG Phone 3 templates work perfect on ROG Phone 2.
The reason is most of ppl cant just buy new phone.

So i am ROG Phone 2 user and i love to get if possible those new feaures ROG Phone 3 has now.
My phone has same specs as ROG 3, 12Gb RAM, 512 GB memory,
Most users ask for ROG 3 Themes, ROG 3 Always on panel and ROG 3 Armory crate.

Another request if i may.
Please guys you can explain to the normal user how to install the new stuff. Most of threads here are perfec, everything is very well explained no question about that .:good:
I ask this for example some of original themes i download from here are not APKs. I cant install them. I have the theme but i cant use it simply because i cant find how to install them.

Kind Regards