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New member
Jun 18, 2021
My phone was 38% when I charged it and I left it to go shower. after finish I grab my phone and it is so hot and I press the power button to check if my phone is ok but no, no display I guess it automatically turn off if its too hot so it turn it back on the logo shows up and the rog animation shows to then the screen turn off again, no charging status. I also tried to charge in side port, nothing. tried to fast boot by pressing + volume and power it shows start and I press power then it boot up and again same thing rog animation shows and nothing didn't turn on. I try it again but now its not working, just nothing now charging status, cannot boot up, no led indicator, nothing just a dead rog phone, same to my rog 2.

pls I need help
sorry for bad english.
same problem but i cannot charge , voltage will 0 ( zero ). how about your phone now? getting fix?