Rog phone ii Notification light and battery graph

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Mar 2, 2020
I have the Rog phone ii ( goblal edition ww-rom) version 16.0631.1910.64..

With mine since day 1 has never showed what was being used prior to this pic this all that show no matter how long I am on the for apps it just show the graph, show screen and mobile network standby and some times screen idle time. Since I got it back in Jan. This all it showed.

I did a factory wipe on 12/22/2020
I did a full wipe on my phone and it seems to now be showing all the apps that are being used now with in the battery graph, after I charged up the phone it goes back to showing the same thing in pic , screen usage only and some time Screen idle time …
I did another factory wipe in Feb and again, after the wipe it showed all that apps that were being used under the graph, but again after I charged the phone, all it shows is the screen time and screen idle time for the % of battery use.
so does anyone have a fix for this ( no 3rd party apps used like a external app from the play store, to monitor the battery) just use what asus offered pre-loaded on the phone.

Also the next issue is the back of the phone for the notification RGB rog light, I have it set to flash for notifications, and it seems to never work since I got the phone. the only way it kinda works is after I get a notification like email /sms/ and so on. is I have to turn the screen on then back off then the light comes on, which pretty much defeats that purpose.. tried setting in default and custom mode for the lighting and still the same does not work ( only the front small notification light works every time )
Also when the fan is connected. the back notification light seems to work 80% of the time.. But I am not one to keep the fan always connected... Thanks..