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May 31, 2021
Help me please update for this radio car android


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    There is getting to be quite a bit of information to look through when looking for tip/solutions related to the new Joying 2GB / Sofia units. Since this is not a MTCB or MTCD unit, the threads seem to be scattered all over and very difficult to find in searching. I have seen roll-up threads for other units, that contain information such as ROMS available, tips, tricks and useful information. Kind of a "one stop shop" for the newer Joying HUs. If you have useful software, mod, tips, customization's, get something to work, etc please post here and I can include.

    CPU Information - Rockchip Sofia x64 C3230RK / mali 450 GPU / Up to 1.2Ghz / 4 core / FYT5009 SoM - rated to run at up to 85C. My particular is unit clocked at 1.04Ghz.

    Advanced Settings Password: 3368
    Homescreen menu: 8086
    Backlight Current menu: 5768

    Android 6 Thread

    Android 6 specific tips:
    ADB Access: -OR-


    Latest ROM - Current ROM can be downloaded from link on the Joying blog site.

    Android 5.1 Discussion about the Feb 22, 2017/March 5, 2017/March 15, 2017 updates:
    People have experienced issues with the Joying Launcher (UI3) after the update. This seems related to having other packages (google voice search ) installed prior to installing the ROM. Install time 25-35 minutes.

    Recovery from non-bootable system - Without being able to access recovery, about the only solution is to reload the ROM package. Unzip ROM to SD card or USB stick, put in unit (GPS Maps slot, if using SD card ) and press the 'recessed' reset button. The unit should find the update and reload the ROM. This will wipe your data, but does leave the apps. If you use titanium backup, and have a backup, you can restore your data fairly easily. See blog article above for step by step instructions.

    Root - Unit comes with root accessible in adb. SuperSU can be installed easily. There are 2 methods for installing superSU. The first method is an overwrite of the boot partition with a pre-rooted image. Problem here is if future upgrade makes boot partition changes, this method will overwrite with an older version. I recommend method 2, which modifies the existing boot partition ( need source so I can provide credit ). (over-writes boot partition / may not work on Joying Feb update ) ( modifies existing boot partition )

    OS & Google Apps - Android 5.1.1 ASOP based w/ pico installation of google applications. Voice actions are supported with installation of 'Google App' from play store. No support for google search talk back.

    Recovery- A recovery partition is present but does not have any type of graphical UI. It does look like a complete stock android ( command line ) recovery, but no access using USB is available. It maybe be possible using PC-PC OTG cable.

    SD Cards - I have not heard of any sdcard size limitations, up to 200GB have been reported to work. Must be formatted as FAT32. NTFS, exFAT, and ext3/4 do not work. You can format a USB stick with ext4 and it will work fine.

    Google Voice Calling - Stock BT dialer crashes when being called from google applications ( such as google voice search ). Workaround is available.

    Enable OK Google from any screen -

    Bluetooth Tethering & BT Settings - Bluetooth tethering, connects instantly, very reliable connection, works great for streaming music, gps etc. Saves phone battery vs WIFI hotspot. Limited to ~2Mbs ( slower than WIFI sharing )
    (also good discussion here on the effects of process killing when entering standby )

    Difficult to pair BT devices - Forces device pairing into database - Device pairs normally once HU thinks it has connected previously. I was able to pair TPMS, keyboard, etc using this method(s).

    Modified stock bluetooth app to allow connection to all devices

    Backup Cam guideline mods - Make your lines match your camera view

    Apps not working after resume - The joying code will kill most applications when going into standby. This is really bad for apps that are supposed to be run at boot and background process, as they are not restarted when exiting standby. Symptoms include, widgets not updating, apps not getting GPS lock, process show running but background services are no longer running. This can be fixed by installing an updated apk file in /system/app/Sofia-1-C9-Server-V1.0 which removes the task killer. Also the key/button mods V2+ (below) will remove the task killer.

    Key/Button Mods - Extend the usefulness of your steering wheel keys and on unit buttons- V2+ also removes app kill on standby.

    If you just want to change the SRC button to call up google voice search, go here. ( also removes task killer )

    Immersive Mode / removes top navigation bar - No app needed - Full Screen on apps you choose, can be set from adb w/ root. Argument is list of package names separated by "," or "*" for all apps. ( survives reboot )
    Specific apps:
    settings put global policy_control immersive.full=",,"
    All apps:
    settings put global policy_control immersive.full="*"
    Clear / back to default
    settings put global policy_control immersive.full=

    Change Overscan - problems touching the corners, changing overscan can help:

    Phone/Tablet view on apps - No app needed - Change from 160dpi -> 161dpi gives "phone" view of many apps instead of "tablet" with no noticeable size change to other things. Done via adb. Requires reboot to take effect.
    > wm density 161 # ( phone mode apps )
    > wm density 160 # ( original tablet mode apps )

    Heatsink mod Unit can run hot at heavy cpu load (such as benchmark testing). Can slightly reduce performance by throttling. Some users opt to add additional heatsink/fan to reduce temperatures.

    Red Themed Radio - Re-theme of stock apps - Don't like the look, change it. Can be done easily by unzipping the apk file, change images, rezip and install.

    More Radio Mods ( Layout change, more colors )

    xposed / xposed framwork - At this time, I am not aware of any way to make this work with the new Joying units. I have tried several packages and all have resulted in a non-bootable system. Please let me know you go get it to work.

    Viper4android - Installer script that works on these models

    Nova or other launcher - Need to freeze or remove stock Joying launcher(s) in some cases, for other launchers to work correctly.

    Other very useful Joying 2gb/sofia threads:
    Audio Discussion / DACs -
    I'm currently working on an apk that does the installation of quite some mods from within the apk from the head unit itself: no adb necessary anymore apart from the first rooting.
    The prerequisite for this apk therefore, is that the unit needs to be completely rooted with SuperSU (or another one).

    The apk downloads the necessary modded apks + additional files, and then installs them.
    Currently very, very alpha.

    The reason I'm already "presenting" it with a couple of screenshots is because I want to know if "people" are interested. (I'm quite capable myself to handle everything with adb from the command line :cool:. This is just some playing but I won't continue if nobody's interested).

    "2017-04-29_screen01.jpg" is the main screen.
    "2017-04-29_screen02.jpg" is a standard disclaimer you get upon startup. (It means: whatever happens, it is always your fault :) )
    "2017-04-29_screen03-RadioMods.jpg" is what you see if you select Radio Mods option from the main screen.
    "2017-04-29_screen04-Viper4Android.jpg" shows the screen if you select Viper4Android (the app is loaded with text screens as these are not standard actions).
    2017-04-29_screen05-viper4android.jpg" shows the download progress.
    "notrooted.jpg" is what happens on startup if your unit is not rooted yet; when click OK to get back in the main screen you see the same gray disabled buttons as in the "nojoying.jpg")
    "nojoying.jpg" shows you what happens on startup if your run it on a non intel sofia 3GR unit (my phone in this case)

    Edit: If you select "No way!" in the disclaimer screen, you also only get the two options active in the main screen.
    Edit2: I try to give everyone the credits he/she deserves.
    For those who have problems with Bluetooth .
    I have modified the stock bluetooth app to be able to connect i think to all devices.
    I have tried obdlinkMX (obd device), garmin glo (external GPS), fitbit charge 2 (healt device).
    link for the modified app down.
    1.) backup the stock application under device/system/app/JY-1-C9-BT-V1.0/JY-1-C9-BT-V1.0.apk
    2.) rename the downloaded file to JY-1-C9-BT-V1.0.apk
    3.) replace the stock app withe renamed file

    if you want to pair a device that does not require pairing PIN you need to enter pin (3368)

    Link: https://
    please delete the whitespaces in the link after https://
    For those who want the latest ViPer4Android on their Joying, and haven't been able to because of driver install issues with V4A, here is an easy way. It's a dos batch file, but obviously you can easily adapt it to linux also.


    removed viper install, had some typos, fixed in the post below
    ADB over WIFI

    Hey guys, I made an app that sets up adb to work over adb. I know there are plenty of apps for that but I wanted a really simple to use one, with no advertisement, that I can include without worry of copyright issues. So I made my own. It doesn't require root to work and is very simple to use. Install, run, click enable and that's it. You can even uninstall it after you enable it, because it just the setting will stay even after reboots. I suggest you keep it installed of course so that you can disable adb over wifi when ever you're not near home (for security purposes).

    You can either install or include it in your custom Allapp.pkg files.

    EDIT: Updated AoW

    v1.1: Now shows current Wifi ip address.