[ROM][01 Sep] Clean ROM 3.2 [MM 6.0 - All Variants]

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  • Sep 2, 2015
    Really great rom only rom that is stable and not boot looping for me. The only problem i am facing is can't access back camera in any camera app there is no option for switching thr camera in stock and third party apps. Any help


    Sep 26, 2013
    Hà Nội
    I flash rom by twrp 3.0.2 with erorr
    AROMA Installer version 2.70RC2
    (c) 2013 by amarullz xda-developers

    ROM Name : Clean ROM
    ROM Version : 3.2
    ROM Author : MESA
    Device : LG G3 D851
    Start at : Wed Dec 31 18:20:44 1969

    Clean ROM for LG G3 D851
    version 3.2


    Mounting /system
    Mounting /data
    Formatting /system
    Cleaning junk files

    Installing System

    Extracting System

    Installing MM Bootstack

    Installing Aboot
    Installing Dbi
    Installing Factory
    Installing Laf
    Installing Rpm
    Installing Sbl1
    Installing Tz
    Installing Modem
    Installing Persist

    Debloating Apps

    Removing LG Health Agent
    Removing LG Cloud
    Removing LG Backup
    Removing LG Email
    Removing LG Health
    Removing LG Tasks
    Removing LG Smart Cleaning
    Removing LG Voice Command
    Removing LG Browser
    Removing LG Account
    Removing LG Hotspot Launcher
    Removing LG Easy Home
    Removing LG Multi Photo Wallpaper
    Removing LG Live Wallpaper Picker
    Removing LG Smart Tips
    Removing LG Video Trim
    Removing LG SIM Card Menu
    Removing LG MLT Logging Service
    Removing Google TTS
    Removing Google Talkback
    Removing Google Search

    Installing Apps

    Adding Tweaks
    set_perm: chown of /system/tweaks.sh to 0 0 failed: No such file or directory
    set_perm: chmod of /system/tweaks.sh to 777 failed: No such file or directory
    script aborted: set_perm: some changes failed
    set_perm: some changes failed


    Jul 23, 2010
    I've searched everywhere but didn't find solution for network provider not working (although SIM card works).
    All it shows outdated network providers to whom I cannot connect. If I delete and update APN, this doesn't affect the network as it is related to mobile internet.
    I tried no-cust, cust restore, global cust, universal, european cust (I'm in EU) etc. but network doesn't fuction no matter I do.
    Any suggestions?

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      • This ROM is for LG G3. All variants are supported
      • I'm not responsible of any damage caused to your device after flashing this ROM!
      • Stock MM experience with great performance and battery life thanks to Xceed™ kernel
      • AROMA installer - everything included is optional.
      • Separate zip for every supported model.
      • Latest Marshmallow base released by LG.
      • Join the Telegram group. We can discuss some ROM stuff.
      • Stock Marshmallow base
      • 2016 - 2017 security patch level
      • Latest Xceed™ kernel
      • Sharpening fix (value is set to 0)
      • Multi-Window support for all applications
      • Doze for Google Play Services
      • Disabled Multi-User
      • Removed LG RCT from kernel
      • Improved Camera
      • Adoptable Storage
      • Debloated apps (see list in 2nd post)
      • Extreme Debloat option
      • Root with Magisk or SuperSU
      Included MOD's
      • MiniView - One Handed Control
      • Center Clock in Status bar
      • Tinted Navigation bar
      • Knock Code with 3 taps
      • All Weather Animations on Lockscreen
      • New GPU drivers
      • Assertive Display
      • Call Record
      • 5x7 LG Home grid
      • Enable Smart Bulletin widgets
      • Sound Boost
      • 6 Quick Settings Tiles
      • Smart Settings
      How to install
      1. Get latest TWRP version available for your variant!
      2. Wipe Dalvik Cache, System, Data, Cache in TWRP for a clean install
      3. Flash Clean ROM zip
      4. Reboot

      Clean ROM 3.2

      Extra Info
      • D855 (30O) - Latest Odex Marshmallow base released for D855 from 25 April 2018. Security patch - August 2016.
      • D852 (30H) - Latest Odex Marshmallow base released for D852 (Bell) with July 2016 security patch.
      • D851 (30G) - Latest Deodex Marshmallow base released for D851 with April 2017 security patch.
      • D850 (30A) - Latest Deodex Marshmallow base released for D850 with February 2017 security patch.
      • VS985 (54CA) - Latest Deodex Marshmallow base released for VS985 with March 2017 security patch.
      • Dual SIM (30C) - Latest Odex Marshmallow base released for D856 with August 2016 security patch.
      • F400 (30G) - Latest Odex Marshmallow base released for F400K with March 2016 security patch.
      • Other Variants (30A) - Latest Deodex Marshmallow base released for D855 with March 2017 security patch.

      XDA:DevDB Information
      Clean ROM, ROM for the LG G3

      ROM OS Version: 6.0.x Marshmallow
      ROM Kernel: Linux 3.4.x
      ROM Firmware Required: Latest TWRP

      Version Information
      Status: Stable
      Current Stable Version: 3.2
      Stable Release Date: 2018-09-01

      Created 2017-06-30
      Last Updated 2018-09-01

      Clean ROM 3.2 (01 September 2018) :
      • Updated Magisk to version 17.1
      • Included Synapse version 0.45 in AROMA installer (only for Xceed™ supported models)
      Old changelogs

      Clean ROM 3.1 (01 June 2018) :
      • Updated base to v30o from April 2018 (D855 only)
      Clean ROM 3.0 (15 May 2018) :
      • Magisk v16.4
      • Added YouTube 4K option in aroma
      • Replaced Miniview apk with a newer one
      • Better support for:
        • F400K-L-S Korean models
        • D856-7-8-9 Dual SIM models
      Clean ROM 2.8 (15 Jan 2018) :
      • Magisk v15.3
      • LG Smart Settings
      • LG UX5, UX6 Home
      • Removed LG RCT from kernel
      Clean ROM 2.7 (08 Nov 2017) :
      • Magisk v14.3
      • Xceed bld8e - D855, D850 only
      • 5x7 LG Home grid
      • 6 QuickSettings Tiles
      • Improved LG Home
      • Sound Boost tweak
      • Adobtable Storage option in aroma
      • Improved Extreme debloating
      • F400K/L/S support
      • LS990 support
      • US990 support
      • VS985 support
      Clean ROM 2.6 (19 Sep 2017) :
      • Magisk v14.0
      • D852 support
      Clean ROM 2.5 (03 Sep 2017) :
      • New GPU drivers from February 2016
      • [email protected] video record
      • Assertive Display
      • XCamLG 6.2.4 in aroma
      • MagiskSU 13.6
      • Call Recording
      • Home Themes working (D850 fix)
      Clean ROM 2.1 (31 Aug 2017) :
      • New GPU drivers from June 2016
      • 100% image quality in media_profiles.xml
      • Added Xceed bld7a
      • Extreme debloat option in aroma
      Clean ROM 2.0 (15 Aug 2017) :
      • New 3 taps KnockCode apk (no bugs now)
      • All Weather Animations in lockscreen
      • Xceed bld7n included
      • SuperSU as rooting method included
      • D850 support
      • D851 support
      Clean ROM 1.4 (03 Aug 2017) :
      • AROMA installer - every add-on is included in the zip
      • Sharpening fix included
      • MagiskSU now as default root solution
      • D851 support
      Clean ROM 1.3 (26 Jul 2017) :
      • Enabled Doze for google play services (you can ignore optimizations from settings/apps)
      • Disabled multi-user support
      • Removed some more google apps
      • Added cust-restore into the ROM, no flash is needed now
      • Added center clock status bar mod (check Add-ons)
      • Added tinted navigation bar mod (check Add-ons)
      • Uploaded a deodex version which is using v30A(March) base.
      Clean ROM 1.2 (07 Jul 2017) :
      • Removed 3 taps KnockCode by default. If you want it download the add-on zip and flash it. :) If I find a way to fix the lockscreen issue I will add it again.
      • Removed some build.prop tweaks because they are useless and do nothing
      Clean ROM 1.1 (04 Jul 2017) :
      • Updated to v30G base(it's the latest released odexed base for our phones, v30A with newer security updates and later are deodexed
      • Updated some libs from the latest v30A base (the one with March security update)
      • Updated to latest Xceed kernel
      • Added some minimal build.prop tweaks
      • Screen DPI is set back to 640 (I feel like lower gives worse performance)
      Clean ROM 1.0 (30 Jun 2017) :
      • First release

      1. Can I do something to get cooler temperatures? (Synapse && Xceed kernel required)

      If you want to get some cooler temperatures do this:
      • In Synapse set max. cpu frequency to 1728 MHz - this only underclocks the first 2 cores. Other 2 are using stock frequency - 2457 MHz. Same goes for overclock at 2649 MHz.
      • Set some Undervolt and Undercurrent (test what is best for your phone). I personally do -70UV and -28UA.
      2. How to remove understood message in Synapse?
      • Select your frequency in synapse and tick the apply button - then you have to reboot or power off/on the phone and message will be gone. You need to do this after every reboot.
      TIP: About Undervolt and Undercurrent:
      • When you reboot or power off/on the phone settings will be set to default(this is a safety measure if you Undervolt too much and make the device unstable).
      3. Can I get UX5 support?
      • I'm not adding UX5 support for this ROM. But you can use other mod's and apps to get it.
      4. I still get the cust-error at boot. What should I do? (D855 only)
      • Select None option in aroma installer.
      • Select the Universal Cust.
      5. I get FC in some apps. What should I do?
      • Don't select the new GPU drivers in AROMA installer.
      Removed apps

      • Google Books
      • Google Chrome Browser
      • Google Drive
      • Gmail
      • Google Maps
      • Google Play Music
      • Google News
      • Google Photos
      • Google Play Games
      • Google+
      • Google Search
      • Google Text to Speech
      • Google Talkback
      • Google Videos
      • Hangouts
      • YouTube
      • LG McAfee Mobile Security
      • LG Health Agent
      • LG Cloud
      • LG Backup
      • LG Email
      • LG Health
      • LG Tasks
      • LG Search Widget
      • LG Smart Cleaning
      • LG Browser
      • LG Easy Home
      • LG Multi Photo Wallpaper
      • LG Live Wallpaper Picker
      • LG Smart Tips
      • LG Video Trim
      • LG Smart Notice Widget
      • LG Smart Screen
      • LG SIM Card Menu
      • LG PC Suite Service
      • LG MLT Logging Service
      • Other carrier app's
      Clean ROM 2.8 is out!

      • Magisk v15.3
      • LG Smart Settings
      • LG UX5, UX6 Home
      • Removed LG RCT from kernel
      15 January 2018 - I uploaded 2.8 again. Contains latest Magisk 15.3 and removed RCT from kernel.

      I want to thank all the people using the ROM - 2.7 has 3000+ downloads! Really great!
      If you enjoy the ROM, click thanks on this post and in OP. :)
      I suggest people to update because I won't do new releases anytime soon. :)
      Clean ROM 2.7 added to OP.

      Finally it's released :D. Here is the changelog:
      • Magisk v14.3
      • Xceed bld8e - D855, D850 only
      • 5x7 LG Home grid
      • 6 QuickSettings Tiles
      • Enable Smart Bulletin Widgets
      • Sound Boost tweak
      • Adobtable Storage option in aroma
      • Improved Extreme debloating
      • F400K/L/S support
      • LS990 support
      • US990 support
      I'd like to point out some changes made for some models:

      • This version uses different a kdz. It's still v30G odexed base but it's from Spain(Telefonica) instead of Germany(O2). I switched because actuallly Telefonica owns O2 and OU(other region in which v30G is released).
      • Switched to stock v21C modem. It's not using the hybrid one. No difference to be honest, although other model zip's use hybrid modems. Only D851 uses stock MM mode because of it's unlocked bootloader.
      • Added option to remove cust in aroma. If anyone has issues with region or disappearing app's, try it. :)
      • The big difference here is that there is only one zip for all carriers. User can select - 'Bell', 'Rogers', Telus', 'Videotron' from aroma installer instead of 4 different zip's.
      • The ROM base is v30H from Bell. This need to be tested because I didn't try it, but everything should work fine. Report issues in thread.
      F400K/L/S | LS990 | D855 | US990:
      This is a zip for some more models which are not supported by Xceed kernel. They use stock kernel.
      • ROM base is v30A with March 2017 security patch(latest base released for D855, the deodexed one).
      • This zip needs to be tested. Only D855 is working fine. I can't fix any big issues, but it's worth the try for other models. Don't expect big support for them by me.

      I wanted to release it with a new Magisk update but I guess that's not happening soon. Maybe I'll reupload with new magisk in future. :)
      I also want to say thanks for the interest in the ROM. I mean v2.6 has over 4000 downloads(in total). I hope people enjoy using the ROM and have a fast and stable stock experience(that's the idea). (^_^)
      Clean ROM 2.6 is in OP.

      Nothing really new except new magisk. I updated all to 2.6 because I released a D852 variant.
      D851 one has less img files to flash, same as others. Tell me if this works fine, if not, I will release a new zip with all img files as before.
      D852 support is from Telus kdz for now. There are 3 more carriers. I will release an build for each one, if this one works fine. Someone need to test and report, otherwise I won't make 3 new zips if I'm not 100% sure they work.
      D850 - Removed only the permission_label app. No changes, same as D855.

      I also release this because I won't have any time soon for another, if something new come up will update.

      I wanna say thanks to everyone who is enjoying the rom and give good feedback. :):good:

      About the Mcafee - download it from here - link from mega and tell me if it works. (apk is from d855 30g odex).
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