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[ROM][02/08/2011] Tiramisu EVO 6.0/6.7 Summer Edition! JVP/JVQ BIG UPDATE OUT!


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Sep 29, 2010
Hi to all Guys!

Here I am with the newest Tiramisu EVO ROM came to the sixth version, rich as ever, of all the best that the world's Android and the XDA Community 00can offer to our Awesome Smartphone :)

This time the ROM is based on the latest firmware XXJVP and JVQ, released by Samsung, and includes many innovations such as: the 9 lockscreen, the new TouchWiz 4.5, new animations, lots of little goodies that you can only discover by trying the ROM! :D

Said this, the Tiramisu is:

* The only ROM with more than 100 carefully selected backgrounds, coming from the best Rom including MIUI, Cyanogen, HTC SENSATION!
* The one with more than 180 sounds including: Sounds Alarm, Notify, System Ringtone carefully selected ...
* The one with the best theme ever created!
* The only one that offers the TouchWiz themes to customize it pre-installed!
* The only constantly updated to offer its users only the best

In short, a really unique ROM :cool: !!!

Basic Features:

* Deoxed
* Zip-Aligned
* Rooted
Superuser + * Busybox
* Based on the core kernel 2.7.3 darky JVP / Speedmod K15H-T23 JVQ
* Support bln
* Voodoo Sound v9
* 9 LockScreen: cool
* Improved Management ram
* CRT screen-off
* Framework edited and modded
* Youtube video download functionality
* Appwidget picker
* Digital clock SGSI
* Email widget
* ADW Launcher
* Last CSC
* Tweak various Added (from all releases Tiramisu)
* 3D Fix
* Modded Buil.prop
* SIP support
* JVP / JVQ Camera Hack - You can take pictures and video with the battery <15%
Camera: Just press the power button and the camera focuses and shoots
* Camcorder: 1 click starts the video recording is stopped and 1 click
* Autofocus Video
* Email Gtalk and modding
* Tweak Fugu V.2
* 3 keyboard
* 3 launcher
* File Host modded now blocks 20000 + ads and spam sites
* Fixed Active Applications
* Fixed GPS Europe

Theme with:

- CRT screen animation
- 9 Lockscreen
- Extended Power Menu with headers removed
- New Battery
- Charging animation
- New Dropdown Menu
- New layout for Dialer, Phone, Music Player
- Smaller progress bars
- Smoother, faster progress animation, flawlessly
- New Wi-Fi signal and Icons - blue glow When no internet connection, internet connection with the green glow
- New framework-Reska @. apk images


* MMS looks like TW4 as well as the the phone book app and the menu
* MMS modded (-The sms are not converted to MMS beyond a certain length: cool
-Sending text messages to infinite contacts (no more limited as it is today)
-The message will show the time of day and time when it is received. If you turn off the phone and you get a text message, this will show the date of dispatch and not one where you have received!)
* Keyboard modded
* Browser modded (8 User Agent + iPhone + Android + PC)
* Plenty of other things I can not remember!


JVQ Version:

Tiramisu EVO V. 6.7 Atomic Summer Edition!!!
itv, crysis standard theme

Old Version:

Tiramisu EVO V. 6.5 Atomic Summer Edition!!!

JVP Version:

Tiramisu EVO V. 6.0 Atomic Summer Edition!!!
itv, crysis standard theme


Tiramisu EVO V. 6.7 Summer Edition:

* Updated kernel Speedmod
* Modem JVR (Samsung Latest Release)
* Added 10 lockscreen :D
* New Mod Skype v5
* New Mod Browser
* New animations
* Changes to the dialer
* Some new System Sound from the Galaxy Tab 10.1 P7500
* Updated BusyBox
* Updated On and Auto-Zipalign
* New script for handling the Ram
* Many new tweak and optimized other
* New Modded build.prop
* Hardware acceleration enabled for all apps
* Market Updated (V. 3.0.27)
* New Modded Gallery:
-Overlay button bottom right: en / disable motion (disabled by default)

- Scroll by tilting
- Select image center
- Prevent scrolling out of the grid range
- REMOVED: Reset to first by shaking
Image view:
- Next / Prev by tilting the L / R
- Zoom in / out by tilting U / D
- REMOVED: Reset zoom by shaking
* Theme Updated.

Tiramisu EVO V. 6.5 Summer Edition Final JVQ:

* Modded Skype with: no autostart service, exit button, and audio quality fixed. Also added a new menu advanced where you can set hidden options Tiramisu EXCLUSIVE!
* Framework optimized and customized
* Kernel Speedmod K15H-T23
* Browser Lag Fixed (non-final mod)
* Custom Icons
* MMS modded
* Modded Camera
* Email SGSII
* Upgrade to the latest version several app as a: Flash Player, and Maps: Tiramisu EXCLUSIVE!
* Added latest version of Titanium Backup!
* Latest CSC
* Talk 1.3 with voice / video chat
* Updated HOSTS file (block ads)
* Added a large list of APN
* GPS Fix for Europe
*New Updater-Script Tiramisu EXCLUSIVE!
* Fixed different bootloop problems, random reboots, and FC of the process com.android.phone
* Added new WallPapers
* Added SIP Voice
* Added various scripts and Tweaks
* Added T9 Dictionaries
* FuguTweaked
* Improved 3D Performance and solved several graphics problems
* Fixed brightness sensor
* Added latest Swype V. 3.6 (Add-ons Package)
* New player MIUI Tiramisu EXCLUSIVE!
* Tweak already enabled! Tiramisu EXCLUSIVE!
* Added new Android Market

Tiramisu EVO V. 6.0 Summer Edition Final JVP:

* Fixed the 9 lokscreen
* Added Tweak:
- Entering your PIN with minimal/no delay/lag
- Minimising delay with lock screen pattern/unlock (not the time it takes to wakeup, but the touchscreen response lag)
- Having smoother notifications on the status bar, and smoother pulldown menu response
- Minimising Launcher lag while Media Scanner is running (can scroll through screens without heavy pauses)
- Minimising lag when scrolling through the market while icons are still loading
- Installing/Uninstalling apps while continuing other tasks
- Minimising/eliminating intermittent lag spikes in gaming
- No delay in being able to answer phone calls

* Added Skype 2.0 with video calling!
* Added modded Swype with dedicated button Smiley and more (installed separately)
* New Mod for sms
* Modem JVQ for better signal reception and wifi gsm
* stocks rom Bug of the light sensor Fixed!

Installation (Follow the instructions to the letter!)

1) Turn off all lagfix
2) Flash Stock Firmware XXJVP for version 6.0 Link JVP or firmware XXJVQ for version 6.5 Link JVQ (info at end of post)
3) Flashing the kernel chainfire 3.7 JVP for the 6.0 Link, or the 3.7 JVQ for the 6.5 Links
4) Put the rom in the internal SD (8 GB)
5) ONLY WIPE VERSION AND OPTIONAL: In CWM Make a wipe of everything (cache, data, Dalvik)
6) Always from the CWM flash ROM

Please note that You flash at your own risk :)
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Sep 29, 2010
Screen (Click to enlarge):


Installable Applications:

* Aldiko eBook-Reader
* Buddies Now
* Days
* Dlna
* Dual-Clock
* InfoAlarm
* Layar
* Memo
* Mini-Diary
* Polaris
* Press-Reader
* Widget-Samsung Default
* Swype Latest Version 3.6 (Only JVQ)
* thinkdroid
* VoiceToGo (Italian)
* WriteAndGo

DOWNLOAD: Deleted Samsung Applications JVP Version.

DOWNLOAD: Deleted Samsung Applications JVQ Version.

(Note: If you do not want to install some apps simply delete it from the archive without extracting it.)

Other Useful Add-Ons:

*Digital Clock
*Polaris Office
*Chat singola per MSN, google chat, e yahoo messenger
*Weather Clock
*VoiceToGo (English)


Support for other Language CSC + Keyboard (NOT Tested Yet):

Arabic Support New Fix: http://www.mediafire.com/?kathfy78l8767hm clean cache and dalvik before flash (big thanks to, HISOON, jbiton, angiogram) :)

- Israelian Csc: http://www.multiupload.com/MJQQ0UJHXZ

- Hebrew SUPPORT (New Link): http://www.multiupload.com/G2A2QBRA7R

- Asiatic support: http://www.multiupload.com/D11KX1UIXF

Thanks to simone201
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Sep 29, 2010
Alternative Kernel:

Darky Core 2.9 JVQ: Link

Fugumood: Link

Voodoo: Link

TalonDEV with OC support: Link

Semaphore Kernel (same as chainfire but with Voodoo Sound V9, overclock e BLN): Link


ChainFire: Link

Speedmod Ginger: Link


1) Where can I see for more info?

For any questions please refer to this Thread: Gingerbread XWJVB info and news.

2) Why do you advise me the bootloader version? is safe?

For those who pass for the first time from Frøya to Ginger is a must with the bootloader version. In fact if you flash a version without the bootloader, you will have the graphical glitch (colored striped screen) during boot and beyond.

This bug/problem is due to the fact that you are using a bootloader old and need updating.
This does not prelude the possibility of returning to Froyo and / or ginger. only updates the bootloader.
In addition, the version I posted is absolutely secure.

3) Hi, there is a video on YouTube that explains how to instll the rom?

Sure here it is: Installing Stock JVK

4) The control-power does not work

Just put the widget on the home is gray, but if you try to activate the Wifi for example, the widget works then. Or just do a reboot with the power control in the home and after a reboot it works
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