[ROM][02-jan-2011][PATCH update]FolioTntMod v0.4a for Toshiba Folio100

Do you want FolioTntMod to be continued?

  • Yes, i want the Tnt edtion in the future

    Votes: 158 71.8%
  • No, I use FolioMod!

    Votes: 33 15.0%
  • I dont care

    Votes: 5 2.3%
  • A Cyanogen Mod edtion, thanks!

    Votes: 42 19.1%

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Jun 23, 2009
After I installed CM7 RC0 i wanted to install Folionotion.

I get the following:

update eUpdate...
update system.img...
update boot.img...
assert failed: write_raw_image("/cachee/boot.img", "linux")
E: error in sdcard/update.zip
(Status &)
Insatallation aborted.

What can I do?:confused::eek:

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    !!This is ONLY for Toshiba Folio 100!!!

    This Mod is based on Tnt Stock image for Viewsonic G tablet and now working on our Folio 100.

    V0.4 EDITION BREAKS QUADRANT SCORE OF 3000+ with fs optimization patch

    You can also follow updates on Twitter now: Dexter Picard (DexterPicard) on Twitter or me a Red bull, and you're sure i stay up working on this mod or you can visit my new homepage at Dexter's mods

    Folio100 Wiki pages available here and here
    Other non-FolioMod , but folio100 threads Kernel&Tweaks & General questions thread
    Please use these for non-FolioMod questions, like screen,battery etc...

    Installation Instructions:

    Download FolioTntMod v0.4
    Extract contents to a folder and follow instructions below or Readme inside zip file.

    1. copy the update.zip to a sdcard, and insert sdcard into folio.
    2. Enter "Recovery menu" when folio is just turned on and press (POWER) once and (VOL up) next.
    3. press (VOL up) Factory reset or system update.
    4. press(VOL down) to continue to system update.
    5. press (VOL up) to confirm system update.
    6. during installation progress bar will show har far it is.
    7. folio will reboot after installation.
    8. if you need to wipe, repeat the steps above without sdcard inserted, and you get into recovery menu. Press "HOME" button to see menu and choose "factory reset".

    Rollback to original stock rom:
    Download Folio stock image for full restore to stock rom
    extract zip to a folder, and from here follow steps 1 - 9 above, to install the update.zip .
    This image is for rollback purpose, if you do not want the mod edition, here is the way back to stock rom.
    Remember to run a factory reset before or after this stock rom install..

    Old releases
    Mirror 1 - FolioMod v0.3a Nvidia based
    Mirror 1 - FolioMod v0.2a Nvidia based

    IMPORTANT PATCH 02-01-2011 - Fixes serious fs optimization problem download here
    This patch will automatically enable the fs optimization in v0.4 as well.
    Rename zip file to update.zip and install using recovery menu.

    Known issues (also reported by users)

    - Wifi seems to work in inverse on v0.4, you need to force "always enabled" in avanced settings, to have it turn off when not used
    - all - Cannot use "clear data" in "manage application".
    - Vending(Market app) has wrong icons (stars looks wrong)​

    • Fixes serious problem with fs optimization , if a crash occur.
    • Fixes wrong sensor library used.
    • Wifi adhoc/regular mode possible with FolioWidget (installed seperately)
    • Games orientation fix by weeds2000 (tested with Asphalt5,3d tilt as example)
    • Nvidia performance pack v2 (originally built by rothnic/xda-forum)
      (Quadrant 3D performance increase is +400 compared to previous runs)
    • filesystem optimization addon solution
      * put "update-enablefsoptimize.zip" on sdcard, rename to "update.zip"
      and run through recovery as normally with update.zip to enable optimization.
      DO NOT EXTRACT "update-enablefsoptimize.zip"!! JUST RENAME IT.
      (Quadrant I/O performance is adding another 700+ points to score)
    • Custom kernel included for CIFS support
    • Audio missing with tnt drivers, so its using folio drivers now.
    • Based of latest TNT release 1.1-3338
    • Added Gapps support
    • Added Superuser apk
    • Removed a few unneeded apks (OTA update for TNT only)
    • Paid Apps can be downloaded in this version!.
    • Fixed framework to utilize our external sdcard + usb stick.

    Thanks to all those which have donated. Its truly appreciated to see people actually like this and would pay a little to get the improvements in place!!

    Thanks to all who reported on beta-testing of this latest release..

    WARNING: Use this image at your own risk and i take no responsibility if
    you brick your tablet.. Image has been tested on a Toshiba Folio 100 and works fine if guidelines are followed.
    Hi Dexter,
    Do we need Wipe Before Installation ?
    Hi Dexter,
    Do we need Wipe Before Installation ?


    and sorry..
    download has been pulled...
    framework does not seems to work with new Vending.apk app..
    i tested it fine with old vending apk, and at last moment installed new Vending apk and now it crashes.
    hi dexter,
    Did You upload the updated version without the crash?

    yes it just finished now.. and its verified!!!
    Can you please fix It, very important for those who need another language.
    ill try and check up on this error, which does not really show.. but do not promise anything... but sure, ill give it a go
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