[ROM][04/11/2017] THE GLOBAL ELITE [Stable 4.1_fix][SM-G920/5/F/K/i/T/W8][Nougat 7.0]

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Pranav Kumar

Senior Member
Feb 20, 2016
Bro I have flashed your Rom and its awesome but i have to sell my cell due to emergency so I flashed the stock ROM but my splash screen still shows s6 in blue colour and even s health app is showing error that device rooted

Kindly help me how to solve those both issues


Senior Member
Mar 3, 2014
Saint Louis missouri
How do I access my app drawer? I had a swipe up function before to access the app drawer. I am running GE Code MRA . Thanks in advance for my dumbass. I've been out of the whole customization/root/rom game for a little while. I see that I can change the swipe up functions but there is no swipe up / down funtion to open app drawer..


Senior Member
Feb 14, 2012
Debloat Script for MRA

Guys, I'm posting a rudimentary script (inside the attached zip file) here that I use to remove everything I don't need from the ZIP file (MRA Version).
First unzip the ROM to you preferred location and copy the path to that location (everything before "\Gold Eagle Code MRA")
Extract the script file, open it from within Notepad++ and replace (control+H) all occurrences of the word YOURPATH with the actual path you just copied.
Remember to modify the script to meet your needs so as to avoid loosing stuff you use.
I hope it helps you guys in your own slim-down projects of this awesome ROM.

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Oct 16, 2012
How AOD work in this rom, it activated but doesnt work. rom is super good. but AOD dont work.

Best way is to actually READ what is stated to get it to work. I know for a fact you've not even bothered to do a search on the subject. Do it and you'll get your answer.

Don't be lazy now.

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    [COLOR="Red"][SIZE="3"]# This ROM is made for almost all S6 and S6 Edge models!
    # Flash it at your own Risk!
    # Your warranty is VOID Knox flags 0x1
    # I'm not responsible for damage to equipment or loss of warranty![/SIZE][/COLOR]

    NOTE :

    Base : official S6 Edge Nougat Firmware, August Security Patch.
    Debloated with aroma options, Deodexed, Deknoxed, Zipaligned, Smooth and Great Battery life!
    Magisk 13.6 pre-installed.
    AppLock added.
    Advanced Power Menu.
    Floating button like on A5 2017 enabled on S6 and S8 camera.
    Screen recorder in notification panel.
    Secure Folder working
    Ultra Data Saving Mode.
    Rom Control with many options.
    Outdoor mode, touchkey light, Network traffic, ScreenOff touchlight, FP after reboot, BatteryBar, Virtual lock, Lockscreen Rotation, Signal position, Data usage view, Carrier label mode, Device info, AOD brightness, usb wake up, and power menu toggles.
    And one more thing, ScreenOff when in pocket fixed ^^,
    This is SamsungOne Font

    And so much more ... .

    Download the Rom (link in post #3).
    Go into recovery.
    Select Advanced wipe.
    Tick Cache, Data, System.
    Swipe to wipe and go back.
    Select Install and choose rom's file zip.
    Tick reboot after finish and swipe to flash.
    Follow AROMA instructions.
    Reboot and ENJOY!

    G92xF/FD/I/K/L/S International and korean variants.
    G92xT/W8 T-Mobile and Canadian variants.
    G92xA, G92xP, G92x0 ??????

    First boot takes about 10 min. so be patient!

    Look in Post #2

    Look in Post #3

    BUGS :
    -NONE!!!! If you come from other ROMs clean install.
    -If you find any quote or pm me.

    @grzegorz354, @Abdl for Dual sim support for Nougat, @mikeyb123.

    button if you like my work THANK YOU ALL!

    I agree to use any part of my work to create custom ROMs, it would be genius of you if you add me to the credits :angel:

    I refuse to support people with errors who have dirty flashed. If you want help, make sure you've done clean flash.

    @minealex2244 for his kernel check his thread, @AlexisXDA, @ambasadii, @Tamerlan2009, @zioriky, @Chainfire, @gharrington, for 3Minit, @edgarf28, @Wuby986 and @daxgirl for RomControl,
    @Repulsa, @Albe95, @henrylife, @Goozieman666 for being a bro, @meduza for support, @thereassaad, @grzegorz354, @LuanTeles, @stangdriver44, @khongloi113 for N7 cam fix, @topjohnwu for Magisk.

    RomControl Source : https://github.com/ryan42680/6thGear-RomControl-v2.0

    Telegram group : https://t.me/joinchat/DtaVZwv8QmQZAlAiH41kLA


    N ROM :

    THE GLOBAL ELITE 4.1_fix : Folder Post

    MM ROM :

    The Griffin V15.5 w/ changelog : Download

    Xposed link (give a thank in link) : Download

    OLD :

    The Griffin V7.2 w/ changelog : Download

    Stock UI icons or Mod & Clock to the right for V6.x - V7.x : Download

    OTA V7.1 with changelog : Download

    The Griffin V7 with changelog : Download

    Ambient Disabler for V7 : Download

    OTA 2 for V6.3 : Download

    OTA 1 for V6.3 : Download

    The Griffin V6.2 : Download

    The Griffin V6.0 : Download

    The Griffin V6.1 OTA2 : Download

    Little Mod 09/09/2016 : Download

    Ambient Display Enabler for V6.0 : Download

    Flashable fully working PhotoEditor_Grace for any rom : Download

    Flashable Fix for SmartManager UX and SmartCardManager UX : Download

    The Griffin V5.0 : Download

    OTA 2 V5.1 : Download

    Fixes for SM and Sview : Download

    THE GRIFFIN ROM V4.0 : Download

    Viper4Android for V4.0 : Download

    Flash This Fix for cropper : Download

    This is old PHOTOEDITOR : Download

    Extreme Debloater : Download


    THE GRIFFIN ROM V2.0 : Download

    Disable Ambient Display for V2.0 : Download



    Stock SystemUI for V1.0 : download

    Thanks to @stangdriver44 for Repo : LINK

    For custom boot sounds, boot animations and shutdown animations.
    here's my other thread : http://forum.xda-developers.com/galaxy-s6/themes-apps/bootanimation-android-n-prev-4-audio-t3410272

    1 :

    2 :

    3 :

    4 :

    5 :

    6 :

    7 :
    Hay, 4.1_fix for ma ppl

    These changes with md5 fix :
    -Major Update (need clean flash).
    -Choose Stock kernel or Aldeon only for F model.
    -Blueborn fix.
    -GPStore update and moved to userapp.
    -Some Sammy and Goog apps updated.

    THE GLOBAL ELITE 4.1_fix : Download Link.
    Flash Viper4A fix after flashing and set-in rom.
    Flash AOD bypass after flashing and set-in rom.

    I recommend using SuperSU.

    PS : for calibrating battery, charge phone from ~10% to 100% (cable charge not fast) then dial *#0228# press start then wait for it to reboot UI, done.
    GG V3 :

    -Reverted to stock S6 camera with better quality edited by me.
    -Build prop tweaks for battery & performances.
    -Updated Google app.
    -Added my special audio boost.
    -Updated SBrowser.
    -Aroma optimizations.
    -Reworked aroma theme.
    -Choose between S8 or stock lockscreen.
    -Updated Touchwiz launcher, SVoice, SVideo, Email, Calculator, WeatherWidget, VideoEditor, SlowMo editor.
    -Added S8 original WeatherWidget.
    -Choose S8 or S6 WeatherWidget.
    -Choose S8 or S6 launcher.
    -Updated Magisk app.
    -Updated Notes.
    -Added Hello Bixby.
    -Updated SHealth.
    -Added S8+ sounds.
    -Updated Magisk to V12.
    -Choose to install S8+ navbar.
    -Added Once/Always button in Griffin Control.
    -Added 1 new theme.
    -Updated apps to S8 : Sfinder, Wallpapercropper2, Gallery, Scloud, Svideo, Smessages, Smyfiles, GameHome, Scontacts, Edge panel, Saccount, Sclock, Scalender, Galaxy apps, Sthemes.
    -Added S8 bootanim.
    -Added S8 lockscreen anim.
    -Added Screen recorder along with Screen capture.
    -Added S8 PhotoEditor.
    -Updated Google Play Store.

    Download and enjoy !!!

    R! :
    -T/W8 models fixed, idk about audio incall tho.
    -No need to update boot/modem, if you're on MM.
    -Don't wipe data after flashing rom or you'll lose root.
    -To get Viper4A select Magisk not SuperSU.
    -For Snapchat select Magisk, and in its settings enable hide magisk and systemless hosts.
    -APN works fine for me, and if you have bugs remove all default APNs and add again.
    -Clean flash ! i insist.
    -As i don't have Gear VR i can't test, but try with magisk and hide root.
    -Don't complain if you've dirty flashed.

    Thank you.
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