[ROM][05.06] Team Venom presents: ViperX 4.1.1 - welcome to the future

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May 16, 2012
HTC 10
Google Pixel 3 XL
Hi guys can someone upload Viperx NL 4.1.1 to somewhere else?Because none of the links i found are working.
I really want to use this ROM especially with new layout.
If someone wants to help i will really be gratefull to him!
Thanks in advance! :):):)

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Is this NL?
What's NL?

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ghost baby

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Apr 17, 2016
OnePlus 6T
Hey,have anyone got system ui crashes on Viperx 4.1.1,even if I reboot the problem persists.
And I temporary solve the issue by reinstalling system ui.apk using fx root explorer,but problem keeps coming back after little time using phone.
I did clean flash(wiped everything),used twrp2.8.1.0,hboot 1.72

I wonder is there any stable Rom for hox,I really like viperx until system ui began to force close.
I came here from AICP 5.1.1 NL and I like this Rom even more.

If someone knows and wants to help I will thank to him so much!
Sorry for bad English.

ghost baby

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Apr 17, 2016
OnePlus 6T
Oh,and happy new test to everyone!:laugh:

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I meant to say year,Damn autocorrect.

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    The aim of this post is to answer the common questions related to VIPER X JB :good:

    This is catered to the ever present, NEW BORN NOOB to the SEASONED SERIAL FLASHER :p

    PS: I am not going to explain how to setup ADB and where to find HTC Sync drivers, there are TONS of threads and if you're really lazy, just GOOGLE IT!!!!!

    Without further a doozie, lets get the FAQ on with things :highfive:


    Q: Sweep to Wake not working.
    A: No custom (htc source)kernel for that yet.​

    Q: Missing C in Clock/Weatherwidget
    A: Known issue.. fixed in 3.3.3OTA​

    Q: After installing OTA i cant go into recovery.
    A: Remove OTA.zipp from SD sd/download/​

    Q: Changing Fonts not working
    A: Select mount system as read/write in Tweaks​

    Q: Lag in Appdrawer
    A: Disable transparency​

    Q: OTA doesn't flash in Recovery
    A: Try to use recommended TWRP recovery​

    Q: Can I flash Viper X JB on my HOX
    A: YES, provided you have a HOX with at least HBOOT 1.31 (1.36/1.39 RECOMMENDED)​

    Q: How do I get HBOOT 1.31/1.36/1.39?
    A: HBOOT 1.31/1.36/1.39 are UNFORTUNATELY CID dependant!!!!​

    Q: CID you SAY?? What BLASPHEMY is this you speak OF????
    A: It is your Customer ID, this is based on where you purchased your HOX (VodaFone, Car Warehouse, Crack Dealer, ETC ETC)
    They are not universal and are not supplied by your local hook up and there is nothing Team Venom can do to change that.​

    Q: How do I check my CID?
    A: Use THIS simple app​

    Q: My CID is among the privileged few what now???
    A: Check THIS thread for the safest and easiest way to upgrade your HBOOT to ViperX JB compatiblity.
    Once on the needed HBOOT, you may flash ViperX JB and ENJOY a REAL CUSTOM ROM​

    Q: I used OMG SUPER MOD zip on ICS Viper, will it work on JB Viper.
    A: NO, unless your developer has updated the MOD/APP for 3.14.401.31 base it wont work.
    ViperX also has an extensively modified framework-res.apk and any mods that modify this apk WILL break VenomTweaks.​

    Q: My battery drains fast/look my battery stats
    A: If you want to discuss batterystats/usage (on custom kernels in the future) Go to Goku80,s thread

    NB: I will update this FAQ as time permits will more info related to questions regarding ViperX JB and ViperX ICS, this is as much as I am able to do tonight.​

    ViperX 4.0.0

    • Sense 5
    • Based on 4.18.401.2 release-keys
    • Android 4.2.2
    • Many tweaks available, more to come
    • Updated Spanish, Russian translations, D-SHEL , guillerag

    Few hours late from the 2-3 Days. Sorry had to sleep :(
    Good morning fellow viper users :)

    I have some news

    Will be releasing new Rom within 2-3 days.

    Thankyou for your patience.

    Regards Roos

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