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May 22, 2007
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Oct 15, 2008
Hello Guys,

i postet already in two different and wrong threads. :D

I fear there is no suiting post available, here comes my question.

I would like to Turn off the CRT Animation.
I'm running

CyanogenMOd Version 10.1-CM-Andromadus-VIsion-22
Build date: Tue May 21 19:52:21 BST 2013

Can someone help me to turn that off?
Exepct this the rom works perfectly.

I hope im right here.
Thanks in advance.

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    Andromadus - Test Builds

    To start with here you will find test versions of ROMs built by me from the Andromadus github repo http://github.com/Andromadus, think of them along the same concept as nightly builds just not every night These are development ROM's, if you want to run bleeding edge development ROM's and at least know how to use adb and logcat then you might find something of interest here. If you require something that works 100% of the time all of the time then this might not be for you. That said you can always give it a try and if it doesn't work restore your previous nandroid backup!

    What IS Andromadus?
    Initially it was a group of people who got together to make ICS work on the HTC Desire Z because nobody else seemed to want to support devices with physical hardware keyboards/trackpads. Whilst the idea stays the same It has grown slightly to support some other hardware and some of the work we have done is now used in many other devices. Andromadus builds of CM10 or CM10.1 are basically CM sources with a few additional tweaks or additions to support our phones.

    1. New versions will be added as and when I feel there are enough changes to warrant one, don’t ask when the next version is coming.

    2. If we decide to release a "Stable" version of these roms they will be published in another Andromadus thread.
    Direct all your queries with release versions to that thread and in the same vain do not discuss these releases anywhere but here.

    3. I will do as best I can to answer questions but if you don't get an answer from me I'm sure somebody else will be along to help. Help each other and I have more time to spend fixing things!

    4. Don't ask for what's changed since the previous version, have a look at the recent submits on the Andromadus github if you want to know or wait for the mini changelogs when I post a new release.

    5. If there is something in particular to test it'll be mentioned!

    6. As always if you didn't wipe between installations then at least verify that the problem exists on a clean install before posting here. Nandroid/superwipe/install/check at the end of the day you can always restore your nandroid if the problem is reproducible on a clean installation. If you can't be bothered to try this then I really can't be bothered to try to help you :>

    7. All that said ensure you make a nandroid/backup before hand. I take no responsibility for what you do to your phone with these ROM.

    8. Whilst I can't stop you I would rather these builds were not used as a base for any ROM/MOD/ETC. The source is all available if you want to do your own builds with which you can do whatever you like.

    9. Tell us what works/what's worse/what's better but don't ***** when something breaks or isn't fixed yet, report it and move on.

    10. Sometimes people forget that we do this for fun, for ourselves, and sometimes your super important issue is way down on our personal list of things to be fixed.

    If you ignore any of the above you will in turn be ignored.

    Now that's all out of the way as always have fun

    As usual you need to flash the ROM then GAPPS.

    Current Changelog below

    Checkout http://andromadus.flinny.org for links/files/previous changelogs

    This a team/community effort, I'll not list everyone who has helped along the way here that list is in the beta thread but I will say thanks to all of them again and obviously anyone that has been missed.
    Build 113

    Kernel patched to 3.0.46
    BFQ v5 I/O sheduler added
    Lots of CM display patches
    Synced with CM
    Circular battery icon with/without a % is now an option
    Lots of Display patches. Overlay is automatically turned off for video now so no need to turn HW overlay off manually anymore.
    Fixes video playback and panoramic preview by default until we get some new props from qcom with them fixed properly I expect.
    Once this audio bug is sorted I think I'm almost happy to release a beta :)

    As for the touchscreen...

    touch.pressure.calibration = amplitude
    touch.pressure.scale = 0.01
    is what the .idc for the touchpad currently.. it's possible chaning it to 0.001 makes it more responsive... Will give it a try myself
    Yes I know 4.2 is out... currently trying to compile it. I would like to get a beta out at 4.1.x level but we shall see how big the merge process is. I expect I will be releasing both 4.1 and 4.2 builds for a while whilst the dust settles at least.

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    Latest version changelog.

    CM10 build 133

    There was an issue with the backup tool in the last build that will break gapps and your account's etc when flashing this build, the solution is to re-flash gapps at the same time as the rom and you should be fine. This build should fix it so that the next build will work as it should :)


    Synced with CM - Again not many changes upstream.
    Basically everything relevant to our phones up to the 4th of February in the following has been merged

    Kernel updated to Andromadus Current - 3.0.62