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Deafening Roar

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Feb 28, 2017
Just seen this before going to bed... Not a G6 owner as it's too expensive for me ATM (and also because the G3 still gets the job done for me), but I came here to thank you anyway. Wish you good luck with your new development, and hope it becomes a BIG hit like your previous releases for the G3 and G5! :cowboy: Keep the good work up, xpirt! :good:


Oct 7, 2016
updated faq #1 with a note.

twrp can't mount system when /data is encrypted. in order to decrypt data you have to format data using the button called "format data" (note: it's different from advanced wipe data!). after that you can flash fulmics.

for first time, my advice is: format data with the proper button, then go in advanced wipe and wipe system, data, dalvik, cache, internal storage too and then install fulmics rom.
this has to be done only the first time.

did it exactly this way.(format data, confirmed "yes"...twrp formats to ext4, wiped system, data, dalvik, cache, internal storage) ..still bootlooping...flashing from sd card...coming another custom rom (resurrection-remix) ...can this be the cause for the loops?
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Feb 26, 2011
hi i installed everythink like in your post but in the end i end up in rebooting to twrp. What do i miss?

Same for me ...:(
The installation is done normally but the phone reboot in recovery TWRP... After restoring my backup, My sd-card appears corrupt... :(
my phone is LG G6 H870 , and i use official TWRP, and yes i wiped DATA .
despite all that,
Thanks for your work

Sorry for my english.

EDIT : my copy of Fulmics rom appear broken .. MD5 not match..
After correction, everything works !! Thank you
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Nov 25, 2016
At last!!! Fulmics for G6. Awesome!!!! Working great. Got one question/reguest tho. Is it possible to enable WiFi Calling, as in put WiFi Calling in Call Settings list and a WiFi Calling tile in quick settings? I switched to Fulmics from stock rooted V10H, which is P4P Polish rom, and it has the above enabled. My carrier supports WiFi Calling, but there is no settings enabled for it in Fulmics :/.


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Jan 28, 2014
At last!
Before flashing it I need to ask something. What should I do prior to flashing this ROM? Only rooting is necessary or something else either? How can I root, can someone provide me an step-by-step instruction how to do it? And the last thing - is it possible to transfer .obb games files to memory card (something similar to FolderMount app)?
Thanks for any help :)!


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Apr 5, 2012
Castelvetro di Modena
JFI: fulmics helper module and magisk hide function with 13.3 is Incompatible with latest fulmics on my phone! I've tried a lot and this is my resume
Magisk 13.3 here and it's all working well...

Same for me ...:(
The installation is done normally but the phone reboot in recovery TWRP... After restoring my backup, My sd-card appears corrupt... :(
my phone is LG G6 H870 , and i use official TWRP, and yes i wiped DATA .
despite all that,
Thanks for your work

Sorry for my english.
It's not "wipe" data the requirement, but to "format" It in order to remove encryption.


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Nov 25, 2016
Just done a photo of my M3 just out from a car wash :). See photo quality for yourself


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Dec 10, 2015
OnePlus 9 Pro
did it exactly this way.(format data, confirmed "yes"...twrp formats to ext4, wiped system, data, dalvik, cache, internal storage) ..still bootlooping...flashing from sd card...coming another custom rom (resurrection-remix) ...can this be the cause for the loops?
Yes, flash the latest rom from LG boot it once, Format data, wipe and reflash fulmics


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Nov 9, 2013
OnePlus 7 Pro
OnePlus 8T
It is really sad what LG is doing . i paid arround 650$ to get my G6 and i cant unlock the bootloader and flash custom ROMs on it . I dont give a sh*t about warranty I have to be able to do whatever i want with my device


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Mar 23, 2008
Thanks for this, finally G6 is usable! With all that tweaks even xposed is not needed. Although I miss little thing.

Can you add "Screen Off" to "Longpress Home" actions? If it is simple and not so much bothering you. If not, thanks anyway :)


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Oct 17, 2012
Does Qualcomm DAC high-performance work on the UK version that was shipped with no DAC? Stupid question maybe?!?

Wasn't sure whether this was hardware change or locked in the software and your brilliant brains managed to unlock it.

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    Donations help A LOT during development, buying me a coffee you will keep me awake at night so I can add more tweaks and mods :)



    - @Cloudyfa, @renzetti.s, @guitardedhero, @gharrington
    - @loserskater, @Goldie, @MattBooth, @tdunham, @venkat kamesh, @serajr
    - @baadnewz, @lyapota, Team Venom
    - @metalboy94, @hoangnova, @darkera13, @Morningstar
    - AOSP, CM Team, MoKee, Euphoria-OS

    XDA:DevDB Information
    Fulmics ROM for LG G6, ROM for the LG G6

    Source Code: [url]http://opensource.lge.com[/URL]

    ROM OS Version: 7.x Nougat
    ROM Kernel: Linux 3.x

    Version Information
    Status: Stable
    Current Stable Version: 4.2
    Stable Release Date: 2018-03-06

    Created 2017-07-25
    Last Updated 2018-03-06
    Full ROMs
    • Fulmics ROM 4.0 - Mega (MD5: db323c68d08d2c96f5aa5ab34fccd657)
    Old downloads:

    • Fulmics ROM 4.2 - Download (MD5: 11a30ba826725de2929a904bc916277a)
    Old downloads:
    • Fulmics ROM 4.1 - Download (MD5: e53377bfef502f35cdada8d68f90fb60)
    • Fulmics ROM 3.3 - Download (MD5: 8c1a105aa72bb8c257a53d9f66d5d014)
    • Fulmics ROM 3.2 - Download (MD5: 71c522b1365be0650bae71285817db98)
    • Fulmics ROM 3.1 - Download (MD5: 509f156b84e1484a38cf1192c6c4574f)
    • Fulmics ROM 2.1 - Download (MD5: 86d9b74f7782cc181ea09814e00513bd)
    • Fulmics ROM 1.6 - Download (MD5: 67ec4284cbde4371164fc3a321640ef2)
    • Fulmics ROM 1.1 - Download (MD5: bea9bf9d7efcae79af6529c77041557c)

    • H870_v10T_Bootloader_FulmicsROM_xpirt.zip - Mega - AndroidFileHost (MD5: eda5e76c9b34b88ccb2f43018ec5a7d6)
    • US997_v14A_Bootloader_FulmicsROM_xpirt.zip - Mega (MD5: 8ec1bed49ca37b019ca1f81c63985837)

    Uploadboy and Upera mirrors kindly of @viking_vp3, AndroidFileHost mirrors thx to @jimbomodder


    • You are NOT allowed to use any part of the tweaks files, scripts or proprietary Fulmics apps!
    • You have to ask my express permission if you intend to use any code/file from this ROM. If you get the permission you MUST post proper link to this thread and mention me (@xpirt).
    • Not respecting these simple rules will lead to reporting to XDA Administrators.
    • Mirrors are not allowed except when expressly asked.


    Fulmics ROM 4.2 (March 6th)

    • Fixed LG Face Unlock option not working

    Fulmics ROM 4.1 (March 5th)

    • Fixed Panorama mode FC in Camera app

    Fulmics ROM 4.0 (March 5th)

    • Updated to latest LG H870 v11I base
    • Updated to latest Security Patch from January 2018
    • Updated Magisk to latest 16.0 version
    • Updated Magisk Manager to latest 5.6.1 version

    • Fixed navbar buttons not properly ordered in landscape mode
    • Fixed Smart Doctor FC
    • Fixed lockscreen weather effects tweak not working
    • Fixed possibly Verizon issues on US997 variant

    Fulmics ROM 3.5 (January 14th)

    • Updated Magisk to latest 15.3 version
    • Updated Magisk Manager to latest 5.5.4 version

    • Added new options in Camera selfie mode from V30

    • Fixed US997 variant com.android.phone FC and other issues
    • Fixed some manual camera mode options not working properly
    • Fixed front camera options not working properly
    • Fixed disable camera sounds tweak not working
    • Fixed switch to mobile data option FC in wifi settings
    • Fixed disable usb plugged sound tweak not working in DND mode
    • Fixed Hide Magisk Manager option not working properly
    • Fixed japanese dictionary not working with LG keyboard

    Fulmics ROM 3.3 (January 4th)

    • Fixed Fulmics Tweaks FC
    • Fixed navigation bar misplaced buttons in some occasions

    Fulmics ROM 3.2 (January 4th)

    • Updated LG Camera app to latest
    • Updated LG Smart World to latest 6.0.114
    • Updated Qualcomm Symphony System Manager SDK to latest 1.1.2

    • Added ability to add up to 5 button in navigation bar
    • Added tweak to disable USB plugged sound

    • Fixed Settings FC when syncing Google accounts
    • Fixed GIF encoder not working in Gallery and QuickMemo+
    • Fixed missing "Ignore battery optimizations" option in settings
    • Fixed Fulmics Tweaks FC on launcher hidden settings
    • Fixed app scaling popup guide not disappearing once disabled
    • Fixed some languages not translated in Camera app

    Fulmics ROM 3.1 (January 2nd)

    • Fixed some UX 6.0 elements (some app icons, widgets, etc)
    • Fixed "Allow" permissions button not working with overlay apps
    • Fixed Settings FC when changing default SMS application
    • Fixed Settings FC when selecting assist and voice input options

    Fulmics ROM 3.0 (January 2nd)

    • Updated to latest LG H870 v11G base
    • Updated to latest Security Patch from November 2017
    • Updated Magisk to latest 15.2 version
    • Updated Magisk Manager to latest 5.5.3 version
    • Updated Google apps to their latest version

    • Ported LG UX 6.1 from latest LG V30 v10V base
    • Ported LG Floating Bar from LG V30
    • Ported new Camera features from LG V30

    • Various fixes and stability improvements

    Show old changelog:
    Fulmics ROM 2.1 (September 12th)

    • Added 4K Video support for YouTube app

    • Fixed hide navigation bar per-app control not working
    • Fixed quick PIN unlock tweak restarting SystemUI
    • Fixed GIF encoder in gallery not saving data
    • Fixed EdenService force closing in some situations

    Fulmics ROM 2.0 (September 1st)

    • Added U.S. Unlocked US997 variant support
    • Added LTE/WCDMA option in network mode quick tile

    • Fixed LG QuickMemo+ not syncing with google account
    • Fixed persistent notifications removable default value

    Fulmics ROM 1.6 (August 17th)

    • Fixed hide navigation bar per-app control not working
    • Fixed quick PIN unlock tweak restarting SystemUI
    • Fixed GIF encoder in gallery not saving data
    • Fixed EdenService force closing in some situations

    Fulmics ROM 1.5 (August 14th)

    • Updated to latest LG H870 v10T base
    • Updated to latest Security Patch from July 2017
    • Updated all LG apps to their latest version

    • Added new LG Miniview and Face Unlock
    • Added Immersive Mode quick tile in notification panel
    • Added ability to hide music album art in lockscreen

    • Fixed persistent notifications removable tweak not working
    • Fixed and updated not working AdAway

    Fulmics ROM 1.1 (July 30th)

    • Added Immersive mode (on/off, hide status bar only)
    • Added ability to hide navigation bar (also per-app control)
    • Added tweak to force show google assistant home button animation
    • Added tweak to show carrier label in status bar
    • Added tweak to hide NFC icon in status bar
    • Added two new options to longpress home button tweak:
      • turn screen off
      • expand volume panel
    • Added tweak to enable floating clear all button in recents
    • Added ability to set custom position of floating clear all button:
      • top right
      • top left
      • top center
      • bottom right
      • bottom left
      • bottom center
    • Added tweak to force NFC while screen is off and locked
    • Added LTE only option in network mode quick tile
    • Added ability to enable/disable VoLTE support in Tweaks app
    • Added 5x6 grid option to LG Home launcher

    • Fixed battery icon visibility resetting every reboot
    • Fixed network traffic not hiding properly in some situations
    • Fixed center and left clock visibility issues in some situations
    • Fixed VoLTE options visible even when not supported by carrier
    • Fixed 18:9 ratio support for Fulmics Tweaks app
    • Fixed mismatched rom thread link in Fulmics Tweaks app

    Fulmics ROM 1.0 (July 25th)

    • Initial release

    ROM Info
    • Android 7.0 (NRD90U)
    • Security Patch from November 2017
    • Based on LG H870 v11G
    • Full UX 6.1 from V30
    • Magisk & MagiskSU
    • Fully deodexed
    • System-less
    • Battery life, performance and memory improvements
    • Improved ART verification and compilation
    • Stripped debugging info for improved performance
    • Sqlite3 support
    • Disabled logging & removed bloatware
    • Google Assistant built-in
    • YouTube 4K support
    • Knock ON with 3 taps minimum
    • LG Home with 4x5, 5x5, 5x6 grid options
    • Fulmics Tweaks - tons of tweaks!
    • Fulmics OTA - keep up to date with latest fixes!
    • APM (Advanced Power Menu: Reboot, Hot Reboot, Recovery, Safe Mode)
    • Camera: 60 FPS (FullHD), 64Bit (4K), 100% Quality (jpeg)
    Aroma Installer
    • Model selection (H870, US997)
    • Custom LG apps removing
    • Custom old LG UX apps (Calculator, Smart Notice, Titan & White Themes)
    • Custom Google apps removing
    • Custom addons installation (V4A, Headphones Sound Boost)
    • GPS Server and Region selection
    • Custom apps removing
    • Immersive mode (on/off, hide statusbar only)
    • Always-on display
      • hide battery icon
      • hide battery percentage
      • use old UX 5.0 style
    • Custom screen density (DPI)
    • Enable all rotations (0, 90, 180, 270 degrees)

    Status Bar
    • Show carrier on status bar
    • Battery icon style (hidded, stock, 3Minit)
    • Hide icons:
      • Hide airplane icon
      • Hide alarm icon
      • Hide bluetooth icon
      • Hide mobile data icon
      • Hide NFC icon
      • Hide volume icon
      • Hide wifi icon
    • Clock
      • Show clock
      • Show seconds
      • Clock font size
      • Clock color
      • Clock font style (bold, italic, light, thin and combinations)
      • Clock position (right, center, left)
      • AM/PM style (hidden, small, normal)
    • Date
      • Show date
      • Date position (right, left)
      • Date style (normal, lowercase, uppercase)
      • Date format (lot of formats, custom java format)
    • Network Traffic
      • Incoming or Outcoming
      • Custom color
      • Display unit (bytes/bits)
      • Update interval
      • Auto-hide
      • Inactivity threshold
    • Battery Bar
      • Show battery bar
      • Battery bar height
      • Battery bar color
      • Auto color while charging
      • Enable charging animation
    • Enable/disable heads up notifications
    • Custom heads up timeout

    • Force expanded notifications
    • Persistent notifications removable
    • Notification icons:
      • Hide IME notification
      • Hide volume mounted notification
      • Hide upcoming alarm notification
      • Hide power saver notification
    • Quick Settings
      • Hide sync toggle confirmation dialog
      • Hide airplane toggle confirmation dialog
      • Number of main QS tiles (3-8)

    Recent Apps
    • Enable floating clear all button
    • Floating clear all button location:
      • Top right
      • Top left
      • Top center
      • Bottom right
      • Bottom left
      • Bottom center
    • Enable blur recent apps background
    • Dynamic blur recent apps background

    Navigation Bar
    • Navigation bar height (hidden, 36, 40, 44, 48, 52 dp)
    • Longpress Back
      • None
      • Kill App
    • Longpress back to kill timeout
    • Force Google Assistant home animation
    • Longpress Home
      • Disabled
      • Recent apps
      • Google Now (default)
      • Take screenshot
      • Take partial screenshot
      • Open menu
      • Toggle torch
      • Voice assist
      • Turn screen off
      • Expand volume panel

    Volume Buttons
    • Volume panel timeout
    • Play sound when changing volume
    • Volume keys move cursor
      • disabled
      • UP: left | DOWN: right
      • UP: right | DOWN: left
    • Disable safe volume warning
    • Increase volume steps (30 for media, 7 for others)
    • Volume controls
      • volume up action (toggle torch, none)
      • volume down action (toggle torch, none)
      • longpress timeout
    • Music controls
      • volume up action (next/previous track, pause)
      • volume down action (next/previous track, pause)
      • longpress timeout

    • Quick PIN unlock
    • Hide album art while playing music
    • Show weather effects:
      • Show rainy weather effect
      • Show snowy weather effect
      • Show thunder weather effect
      • Show clear weather effect
      • Show cloudy weather effect

    • Force enable NFC always
    • Wake phone when unplug
    • Enable call recording button
    • Disable fullscreen keyboard layout in landscape
    • Disable airplane dialog (classic APM only)
    • Enable VoLTE support
    • Fingerprint
      • Force allow fingerprint unlock
      • Vibrate sensor on success
      • Vibrate sensor on error
    • Camera
      • Enable camera sounds
      • Disabled flash battery level
    • Music effects
      • LG Effects
      • LG Effects with Custom
      • LG with Dolby
      • Full Dolby
    • Qualcomm DAC high-performance
    • Disable power on sound
    • Disable power off sound
    • Disable USB plugged sound
    • Power Menu style
      • Classic
      • LG UI (no advanced options)
    • Advanced Power Menu
      • Show/hide reboot
      • Show/hide airplane mode
      • Show/hide sound profiles

    • Hidden Menu
    • Launcher Hidden Menu
    • Fix internal/external sdcard
    • Wipe Cache
    • Wipe Dalvik Cache
    the rom is still active and will be updated in case of any issues, therefore the thread will stay opened.

    as for the re-base on oreo update, I didn't even have time to work on my current device (S9), so for the G6 it will take even more time till I look into it.

    that's due to my exams and my limited time as usual. you'll understand that by working on the rom I neither graduate nor make a living out of it -- it's just a hobby.

    who wants latest base and security patch can obviously revert to stock and enjoy oreo (till - if it will happen - next update).
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