****[ROM][08/10/2012] Shooter for the EVO 4G Sense 3.0****


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Jan 30, 2011
Mocksville, NC

My whole team (your all great!)
Many others

-Base-Shooter Sprint release (Gingerbread) And a little mix, all sense 3.0!
-Optimized APK's for better Speed and Performance!
-SMS Backup/Restore/Secure box and 0compress
-Quick Settings
-Advanced Power Menu
-100% Battery Mod
-Slide to Clear Notifications
-Mail Exchange Hack
-Sony xLoud Engine
-Sony Bravia Engine
-Green Overscroll Glow
-HTC Bloat removed
-3D Home Screen Setting
-Nocturnal Tweaks
-Browser Mods
-Amaze Cam Mod
-MIUI Battery Bar Mod
-A2SD integration
-Zipalign at boot
-Boot.img tweaks
-Many audio enhancements....Jamz by GW...lol
-Many speed Tweaks including full GPU rendering
-Fastest and most complete FULL Sense3.0 Port for the E4G.....period!
**Nocturnal Tweaks Standard** (dont have to use leedroid tweaks...thats just another option!)
Nocturnal Tweaks have the fallowing options
**Status Bar Tweaks**

-Show/Hide Quick Setting
-Clock options (center/hide/ampm/no ampm/colors)
-Battery Options (show/hide/text/color)
-Signal Options (show/hide/test/color)
-Quick Quick Settings
-Show/Hide Recent Apps


-Choose Your Style (HoneyComb/Android/or Stock Sense)
-Custom Carrier Text (ust Mount System as RW for this to work!)
-Volume Wake


-Animate Screen On/Off (toggle CRT off or on)
-Overscroll Options (Edge Glow/Bounce/ or Bounce and Glow)

-hex related
-must take video while phone is in landscape view*
-Reboot from status bar does not work

Changelog for Shooter RLS_FinalV2

-Fixed Overscroll Glow Colors in Leedroid Tweaks (**Note-Leedroid Tweaks are not Fully complete, But working at leas 90%)
-Cleaned up Stuff here and there
-Removed more apps (they can all be found on your sdcard in the TeamNocturnal folder)
-Squashed Most all Bugs
-Fixed Hot Restart
-Fixed Restart in the status bar
-Added Nocturnal Wallpaper
-Decided against the Sierra Theme.....(I would like to see some people making themes.....So start Theming!!...lol)
-Updated all GAPPS
-Updated Sprint VVM to the latest release
-Cleaned up some stuff....Over 300mb on Fresh Install!!
**Note** If you find yourself starting to experiance lag run the a2sd nocache reset command via terminal. (after running the command you will still have wellover 200mb free space)
-Added Aroma with the fallowing options
* Sense 4.0 Clock (Thanks Bill)
* Stock Style MMS app (Not inverted)(Thanks Diesel)
* Rosie No Spin (Thanks Diesel Again)
* LeeDroid Tweaks Option (Do not choose colors fr wifi indicator your
status bar will fc allot)
* Sms Pop-Up (I have added this as an option cause many people dont like it!)
* Kernel Options are:
***Ca1nes Classic SBC
***Ca1nes Underworld SBC
***Chads Anthrax
***And of course simply Stock

  1. Download Rom.zip and save to phone storage
  2. boot into recovery
  3. wipe EVERYTHING!
  4. go to flash rom
  5. select the proper download
  6. follow the options in the Aroma installer
  7. Reboot & Enjoy

Please consider a donation to help continue development

Download Nocturnals Shooter Final V2

Team Nocturnal IRC

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Feb 16, 2009
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the standard clock isnt showing up on the lockscreen. not the widget clock, just the basic white one on weather, wallpaper, etc lockscreen.

just a heads up.

running great so far. cant wait until the mods start rolling out for it :)


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Apr 20, 2010
Morning! Downloading now... On vacation till sunday so thats why I havnt been around much... It's great that the people at sprint who tried pushing the 3D on me yesterday now want a regular EVO just to run this rom!!! :) Great work man! Keep it up!
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Jan 21, 2011
Sucks when your at work and it takes forever to dl these roms off the phone. Will flash and report back to duty Gruesome Wolf. Good job by the way on this and with your skills I've seen I know this is gonna be nice. Plus you have the themeing King with you on this one to. Thanks again and can't wait to see future releases on this bad boy.


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Jan 30, 2011
Mocksville, NC
This could be the fastest I have ever had things all set up and working correct.

I am already doing a noid back up. I think this is record time.

You all just did an outstanding job once again!

Thanks man!
Goodmorning everyone, hope you are all enjoying this smooth and sexy ROM :D Gotta go to work in a little while, then its back to work making some mods for this ROM.