(((ROM)))-(1-11-2013) legendary-InFaMoUs 2.1 [team420] Sense 3.5 -THEMED and TwEAked!


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Jan 7, 2011
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WELCOME TO InFaMoUs 2.1!!!

(image by nuvens.. thanks bro)

Here is a Sense 3.5 Project rom, some will find familiar some wont.

Anyway, give it a shot, let me know what you think!

a few thanks and shouts to: vin255764, gruesomewolf, aamikam, tommytomatoe, il duce, team 420, ca1ne, dread7us, RCTeam for the original base.

Huge thanks to ca1ne for the kernel now used in 1.1 for re.release

Rom Features :

HTC SENSE 3.5 Android 2.3.5
Speed tweaks
ICS Animations
Lockscreen tweaks
Media Tab in app drawer for fast access to music and camera etc..
init.d support and scripts
A2SD with GUI support
GPU tweaks
Sound enhancements
-Full EQs unlocked
-Beats Audio over external speaker (must enable in tweaks/Random Mods)
-Great Sound!!
-choose 3 customized lockscreens
-Arrow or no arrows keyboard
-Bliss Rosie
-Custom personalize button
-Hide Nav button text
-App drawer tweaks (grid matrix and transparencies)
-Extra quicksettings
-Pulldown Mods
-3D homescreen
-Overscroll settings (bounce and glow effects)
-CRT on/off toggle
-Enable/disable unlock animation
-Rosie Quickscroll settings
-De/pagenated app drawer
-Show/hide recent apps/date
-Battery/clock/signal Options
Native Screenshot (power + home)
Mount System options
Smooth and Fast!
Extra Custom Wallpapers (must set to grid!!)
Custom weather lockscreen
Roam Only Option
Additional Tab in App Drawer
Custom Dialer
Camera/media tweaks
Ca1nes classic1.5 kernel included
-Ext4 support
Trust me. The list goes on!

2.1 Release Features: :

Major Rebuild so FULL wipe WILL be needed when flashing this Rom Update!

I guess you could call this a hybrid now...
A Supersonic-Speedy lol
half OG half Shift.

Now with new tweaks ported from shift version big thanks to dread7us.

ported tweaks from Shift version
m10 themeing (navbar and lockring)
---in tweaks under Rosie tweaks check nox to remove navbar text to get just the icons seen in pics)
added sense 4 clock widget, weather clock and rings widget and some new apps
Updated apps
ICS styled clock on lockscreen
fixed music display on lockscreen
160 sms bug has been fixed
Signal icon 3G/evdo has been fixed

Also with smoother scrolling, change carrier in statusbar and more!

This ones nice :)
I did just notice one bug, due to the new tweaks and how we had to enable sound with previous tweaks you'll need to disable beats in dropdown to get sound. I will look into this later tonight and push out a patch when I figure it out. Nothing major though as beats needs kernel support anyway (believe me.. BEATs on OG vs BEATs on 3D is like day and night)

also in lockscreen tweaks the one labeled rotary with music controls is default aosp GB lockscreen (will rename later)

2.0 Release Features: :
--New lockscreen
--slide to clear mod (thanks hansip87 for the tut)
--updated VM
--Fixed FC in settings>personalize
--Fixed gap with GPS/sync icons
--reverted back to stock white system ui to avoid color clash
--performance optimizations
--Changed to different battery
--different boot animation
--different custom search bar (if you update this app you will lose it)
--removed a couple unnecessary apps
--new defaults
--more! flash and see!
*full wipe upon install please*

1.2 Release Features: :
--More themeing
--Many cool Lockscreen changes:
------removed AM/PM
------enlarged time/date
------removed navbar
------removed ring ripples on touch
------minimalized music widget
------straightened shortcuts
------removed weather error message
--Extra lib cleanup
--Changed updater script
--Fixed A2SD
--Minor Optimations
--Media Tab in app drawer

1.1 Release Features: :
-ca1ne classic1.5 kernel
-ext4 support

NO 4G!! its not going to happen dont waste your breath asking for it
-WALLPAPER/Lockscreen previews (panel mode no go. use grid view)

: •°•°•DOWNLOAD HERE•°•°• :

link::::::2.0::::Legendary-infamous2.0.zip - 295.87 MB::::::::
link::::::2.1::::Legendary-infamous2.1.zip -312.72 MB::::::::(NEW)


Note to Devs and themers:
It is NOT ok to use my work in yours.
PM me if you need anything. All mods/skins (including lockscreens) are exclusive to my work.

1 download rom.
2 back up your device!!
4 Flash rom
5 Change pants.​
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Jan 7, 2011
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Mods and options
(These are exclusive and not to be used without my permission first)

Here is more stock like lockscreen, a lot like sense 4 style (straight shortcuts, no am/pm and no bubbles with ring and clock in normal position)
Flash in recovery!

Flash this zip to get back your clear button on system UI http://db.tt/T33bXGxV
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