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(((ROM))) 1-28-13 (((updated))) FroZenROM - EP.3.0 SENSE 4.1 (((team420)))


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As for the previous posts question, it is the older version of ZR3D-XL that drop linked for you. He pulled the newer XL+, because some had experienced issues with it, and as a result incessant, non constructive whining ensued.
Im not going to say any more to this as arguing is not my intent here but if there was in whining it was a result of being told over and over that its not the roms fault for the sudden battery drain but rather it was our phones/batteries fault when the very few of us were just trying our best to give Drop any info we could to help track down the problem. Not once did anyone say a bad word or knock his work what so ever. Just some loyal users trying to help debug a battery drain issue. I got pretty discouraged when I had people telling me over and over to stop talking about it as it was my phones fault, not the rom and when I posted up screens showing it was not my phones battery but rather the rom, I got blasted and he eventually pulled it. Drop does amazing and outstanding work and we were just trying to help but I got nothing but BS from everyone and even was told to stop talking about it or the thread was going to be locked. Thats all I have to say and am going to say.

Anyways, Drop, keep up the great work you do and hopefully we can see a return of XL Plus in the future. It was/is a great rom.
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Papa Smurf151

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Feb 24, 2010
Trust me it's no biggie.. it's just a Rom.. drop lets people get to him and lets other people determine where his Roms go. That's too bad..

- Sent from my sick wit it Evo 3d -
actually as a developer drop can put his roms whereever and how ever he wants. As a user of his or anyone elses rom you do not have the right to freely distribute it if they have not given you permission. As a developer myself I keep track of every download and have my own ftp site to do so. Its a way of making sure when someone flashes my work that it actually came from me and they know its not modified in any possible way. I would hope that you could respect his wishes instead of complaining about it or complaining about everything else in 90% of your posts here.