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Apr 7, 2021
Speak for yourself please. I'm perfectly happy with this 17.1 ROM, it's stable as a rock, very well maintained and it does everything I want.
Is there actually any maintainance done on this rom? It gets the latest LineageOS updates but I haven't seen any changes to the device specific code for over a year?

For me this rom works pretty well, I think mainly because LineageOS itself is more stable than most other Android roms. However I tend to have problem with speaker phone mode, relatively high battery usage and slow gps, it also has a weird issue that if you play back and forth in a media player when using headphones, the sound spikes at max volume.

For the time being I've moved on to crDroid and gonna try if any of these issues have been solved, however I think LineageOS is by far the better rom, so I'll definitely move back if we get official Android 11/12 based LineageOS.
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May 15, 2017
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