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[ROM][10.0.0][OFFICIAL][WT88047] LineageOS 17.1

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Nov 14, 2012
I have set an alarm Monday to Friday at 08:00. Every time I reboot the phone (e.g. at 14:00, or Sunday morning) I can see the 08:00 alarm is triggered for a period and stops after some seconds when the clock is set correctly.


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Mar 22, 2020
What do you mean by that?
Is it if you select camera's recent photos in stock camera app, it will freeze and sometimes the device will restart?

My workaround without resizing partition was deleting some unused system apps (ant hal services, exchange2, basic dreams, photo table, traceur, dynamic system update, audio fx, wallpaper backup, wallpaper cropper) , removing LatinIME languages, and modifying Pico Gapps zip package by removing setup wizzard, google one time init, google restore, google feedback, google tts, and sound picker, the free system partition after installing gapps is still ~30-ish MB.

Oh I did another one and shaved my gapps down to oh.. minimal, really minimal. Can't remember but it was barebones.

It's working great right now! My Redmi 2 is still slow, due to aging hardware, but it's a lot faster than with the MIUI that it came with. Wi-Fi is a little slow to connect, that's about it.


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Jul 24, 2014
Please help!!!
FM Radio App is not working in ROM version singed 03-may-2020, but it was working properly on version released in November 2019.
The error says 'Cannot search out available station'
Ear phone is properly connected

Solution in following thread not working -

Its already fix here:

Mohd Rashik

Feb 23, 2016
I am not able to flash gapps pico shows insufficient storage in system partition like that


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Nov 14, 2012


Recognized Developer
Sep 10, 2013
Xiaomi Poco F1
Where do we find. /lineage/scripts/key-migration/script.sh with the new signing keys? Do we need to run this before installing the official build?

Edit... wrong instructions...

Enable adb and adb root in Settings app
Run as root in adb
Add the following into a script.sh
adb root # This requires an userdebug/eng build and ADB root access to be enabled
adb shell stop
adb push ./lineage/scripts/key-migration/migration.sh /data/local/tmp/migration.sh
adb shell chmod +x /data/local/tmp/migration.sh
adb shell sh /data/local/tmp/migration.sh official
adb reboot recovery

It will reboot you to recovery and you can install recovery without wiping data
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May 31, 2020
gapps pico could not be installed

# Begin Open GApps Install Log
            ROM Android version | 10
                   ROM Build ID | lineage_wt88047-userdebug 10 QQ2A.200501.001.B2 fecb0f0d98
          ROM Version increment | fecb0f0d98
                ROM SDK version | 29
        ROM/Recovery modversion | 17.1-20200530-NIGHTLY-wt88047
                Device Recovery | TWRP 3.3.1-0-ec350e9d
                    Device Name | wt88047
                   Device Model | Redmi 2
                    Device Type | phone
                     Device CPU | armeabi-v7a,armeabi
          Device A/B-partitions | false
             Installer Platform | arm
                   ROM Platform | arm
           Display Density Used | 320
                   Install Type | Clean[Data Wiped]
             Smart ART Pre-ODEX | false
Google Camera already installed | Clean
              VRMode Compatible | false
       Google Camera Compatible | true
      New Camera API Compatible | false
          Google Pixel Features | false
          Current GApps Version | No GApps Installed
          Google Camera version | Legacy
       Installing GApps Zipfile | /sideload/package.zip
       Installing GApps Version | 20200530
          Installing GApps Type | pico
                    Config Type | 
             Using gapps-config | Not Used
      Remove Stock/AOSP Browser | false[NO_Chrome]
       Remove Stock/AOSP Camera | false[NO_CameraGoogle]
       Remove Stock/AOSP Dialer | false[NO_DialerGoogle]
        Remove Stock/AOSP Email | false[NO_Gmail]
      Remove Stock/AOSP Gallery | false[NO_Photos]
     Remove Stock/AOSP Launcher | false[NO_GoogleNow/PixelLauncher]
      Remove Stock/AOSP MMS App | false[NO_Messenger]
     Remove Stock/AOSP Pico TTS | false[default]
         Ignore Google Contacts | false
           Ignore Google Dialer | true[NoRemove]
         Ignore Google Keyboard | false
Ignore Google Package Installer | false
          Ignore Google NFC Tag | true[NoRemove]
          Ignore Google WebView | false
         Total System Size (KB) | 1032088
         Used System Space (KB) | 820212
        Current Free Space (KB) | 195492
 Additional Space Required (KB) | 3808   << See Calculations Below
# End Open GApps Install Log

INSTALLATION FAILURE: Your device does not have sufficient space available in
the system partition to install this GApps package as currently configured.
You will need to switch to a smaller GApps package or use gapps-config to
reduce the installed size.

NOTE: The Stock/AOSP NFC Tag is not available on your
ROM (anymore), the Google equivalent will not be removed.
NOTE: The Stock/AOSP Dialer is not available on your
ROM (anymore), the Google equivalent will not be removed.
# Begin GApps Size Calculations
  TYPE  |         DESCRIPTION        |      SIZE |   TOTAL
        |         Current Free Space |    195492 |  195492
 Remove |             Existing GApps | +       0 |  195492
 Remove |             Obsolete Files | +       0 |  195492
 Remove |              cmsetupwizard | +       0 |  195492
 Remove |           extservicesstock | +      88 |  195580
 Remove |             extsharedstock | +      20 |  195600
 Remove |      packageinstallerstock | +    1888 |  197488
 Remove |                  provision | +       0 |  197488
Install |                       Core | -  151884 |   45604
Install |                    calsync | -    2856 |   42748
Install |            dialerframework | -      12 |   42736
Install |                  googletts | -   35460 |    7276
Install |     packageinstallergoogle | -    1868 |    5408
        |               Buffer Space | -    9216 |   -3808
                      Additional Space Required |    3808

# End GApps Size Calculations

# Begin User's gapps-config

# End User's gapps-config

Fixed by config file .gapps-config

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Jan 4, 2018
Is anybody's LiveDisplay/Blue light Filter display not working correctly? It turns on during the day and turns off at night. Also, the make pattern visible for the screen pattern switch doesn't work in settings.


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Feb 5, 2015
I have some tips for anyone who prefer pixel launcher than trebuchet, I use opengapps super package and customize the installation using .gapps-config. if you want the gesture control work properly you have to bypass the removal of stock launcher(trebuchet) by adding +launcher on your .gapps-config. There is a caveat tough, somehow bypassing the removal of trebuchet the stock calendar app get bypassed too.

Mohd Rashik

Feb 23, 2016
I have used various custom roms on redmi 2 ......1gb 8gb variant but i facing a problem on every rom . after restarting my phone i have to select access point names manually otherwise internet is not turning on ..untill i go to access point names to select apn settings manually i cant use internet ..it always appears unselected after every reboot


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Mar 29, 2011
I am currently on official LOS 15.1 build. Is it safe to flash this official LOS 17.1 over LOS 15.1 by dirty flash or do we need to clean wipe everything to install?

Dirty flash from official 15.1 to 17.1 is OK... I did it without problem.

Don't forget to UPDATE your TWRP that supports vendor partition first, reboot to recovery than flash 17.1 official + pico gapps.

Nick GS01

Senior Member
Dec 20, 2016
Dirty flash from official 15.1 to 17.1 is OK... I did it without problem.

Don't forget to UPDATE your TWRP that supports vendor partition first, reboot to recovery than flash 17.1 official + pico gapps.

I am currently using twrp 3.3.1. Los 17.1 is bundled with lineage recovery, right? So, we can use either twrp or lineage recovery to flash this official build.

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