[ROM][10.0.0_r46][Sanders] DerpFest for Moto G5S Plus [13-09-2020]

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Sep 30, 2014
the link from rom 10 takes me to rom 11 more i want to rom 10 .... would anyone have the link to the last build of rom 10 to make available?


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Mar 19, 2019
DERPFEST 11 works with the normal mobile network, downgrading to 10 ... someone here knows how to solve it, because I can't get a signal even if the SIM is recognized, the IMEI code is OK ... I already tested on the 2 grooves ...
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DERPFEST 11 funciona com a rede móvel normal, rebaixamento para 10 ... alguém aqui sabe como resolvê-lo, porque eu não consigo obter um sinal mesmo que o SIM seja reconhecido, o código IMEI é OK ... Eu já testei nas 2 ranhuras...

Only post in English, otherwise you'll get into trouble...
That said, try changing network to "Global", "LTE", etc, if you haven't yet.
Hope this helps.


Apr 2, 2017
After flashing August 2021 update phone stucked in boot loop but solved when dirty flash the older version. Please helps to solve this issue.

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    [B]**** Disclaimer: I'm not responsible if you destroy your device. Use at your own risk!!! ****[/B]



    DerpFest is a quality custom rom based purely on GOOGLE AOSP source since 9.0 release. Twisted with the latest features and blended with stability. We strive for perfection and it shows.


    Josh Fox (xlxfoxxlx)
    Akhil Narang
    Shreesha Murthy
    Brett Montague
    Sri Harsha



    Download ROM [13.09.2020] [Gapps not included]

    Download GApps [arm64 10 nano RECOMMENDED]

    Liked my work ? Wanna contribute - http://paypal.me/marshmello61


    Mike Williams(founder and creator of AOSiP)
    Dirty Unicorns
    Ground Zero ROMs
    ABC Rom
    Special Thanks to NurKeinNeid and Ido for this awesome mod

    XDA:DevDB Information
    DerpFest for Sanders, ROM for the Moto G5S Plus

    Mayur Varde, Ronax
    ROM OS Version: 10.0
    ROM Kernel: Linux 3.x
    ROM Firmware Required: Should have flashed Stock 8.1 once and you should be on pie custom rom
    Based On: AOSP

    Version Information
    Status: Stable-Official
    Current Stable Version: 10.0
    Security Patch: 5 September 2020
    SELinux Status: Permissive
    Stable Release Date: 2020-09-13

    Created 2019-05-21
    Last Updated 2020-09-13
    Be up-to-date with webpage•
    *Changelog and all necessary things*

    Click for webpage

    •Changelog (24-06-2019)•

    Click for Changelog

    •Changelog (17-06-2019)•

    Click for Changelog

    Note - If you'll read changelog, You'll know what this is for - Add Q Beta Date Style

    •Changelog (08-06-2019)•

    Click Here for Changelog

    ---Device side
    - Changed Fingerprint Props from Walleye(Pixel2) to Crosshatch(Pixel3XL)
    - Added Cool New Vector Icons for FP Gestures in Moto Actions

    ---Source side
    - Added PA Pocket detection back (yes, again lol)
    - Camera: boost cpu and devfreq when focusing
    - Added some buildprop tweaks (thanks to KuranKaname)
    - Removed Smart charging (I was told this should be kernel controlled - you can find a module for this here - thanks to @cukierkas for the tip)
    - SystemUI: Make qs edit repect header image
    - Pulse: Reworked backend
    - Added Battery bar
    - Added Death Star statusbar logo to the list (requested by @1perialf)
    - Stop USB Debugging authorization window dismissing on tap outside
    - Removed the 0 from the 12 hour format from the 'Digital (bold)' option
    - Updated translations
    - Some more things maybe I can't remember more :p

    ---Device side
    ~Added Inbuilt gapps, so no need to flash two different files
    ~New update for DTV, so br friends stays uptodate
    ~Update GPS blobs from LA.UM.7.6.r1-03700-89xx.0
    ~Added new cool vector icons to Dirac
    ~Also added cool vector icons to ambient display
    ~Now hal1 will be forced only to Whatsapp and Instagram
    ~Switch to default call recording audio source
    ~Added 5G NR buffers. LMAO
    ~Synced some configs from stock
    ~Added some UX optimization from stock
    ~Added the latest EAS configs
    ~Updated fingerprint blobs from Crosshatch (Pixel3XL)
    ~~~~Also fixed the error popup on boot, so users don't worries.

    ---Source side
    - Removed LiveDisplay in favor of Omni's Display mode
    - Removed PA Pocket detection
    - Removed Updater
    - KeyHandler: Changed alarms only mode to silent ringer
    - Fixed Custom Rounded Corner and Padding preferences
    - WeatherClient: Conditionally allow query when adding observer
    - Exposed searchbar background color for themers
    - Q Clock: Added translations
    - Q Clock: Added option for Size
    - Q Clock: Added option for Alignment
    - Added Settings for Lockscreen Item Colors
    - Added Smart Charging
    - Updated translations

    ---Whats Modded ?
    ~Added Live Display back in Settings -> Display
    ~Added Live Display's QS tile ( 4 modes - On, Off, Automatic, Night)
    ~Added Updater so you fellows can update your OS via OTA without relying on anybody for links.

    [Source Side]
    ~Merge May Security Patch
    ~Ads seekbar to music notification as on Android Q
    ~Some Q derp changes
    ~Fixes for pocket detection
    ~Lawnchair default

    [Device Side]
    ~FP Gestures Fixed
    ~New Trees
    ~MAYHEM™ kernel v3.18.140 (Thanks to Ronax)
    ~DTV working
    ~FM working
    ~MotoShit (Thanks to saisamy95)
    - Dirac to make music feel
    - Display calibration so your LCD looks like AMOLED
    - Kernel Profiles Toggle
    ~Dirac QS tiles

    Ignore the popup on boot
    New Update: DerpFest 10 • Official • 14-12-2019

    Downloads, Recommended gapps, changelogs, flashing instructions on below webpage:

    ? New build available for Moto G5s Plus (sanders)
    ? by Mayur Varde

    ℹ️ Version: Pie
    ? Build date: 2019 July 30 12:40
    ? File size: 964 MB

    ⬇️ Download now

    ℹ️ Changelog

    #sanders #StayDerped