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[ROM][10.0]&[11.0] Pixel Experience PLUS (ocn) [Unofficial][AOSP] (11.0 - upd 2021-12-26; 10.0 - upd 2020-12-18)

Which is preferable?

  • I continue support PE 10 plus, and then switch to PE 11 plus.

    Votes: 17 45.9%
  • I switch now to PE 11 and then to PE 11 plus.

    Votes: 20 54.1%
  • Other (write about this in this thread).

    Votes: 0 0.0%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .
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New member
Jun 29, 2019
PE 11.0 Can't install xapk(apk+obb) game, I think it might be cannot write obb. I have tested several games.

But PE 10.0 is Successful installation.


Senior Member
Jul 23, 2010
Hi Golv, any chance to have PE11 with Jan 22 update?
I believe there is a chance, but I also believe a bit of patience would be appreciated.
We will be told if (public) development has stopped.

So if that hasn't happend please wait quietly and keep your fingers crossed for our great dev to keep serving us without anything in return!

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    Temporary link (mirror) for PE 11+ from 26/12 - download
    Installed update (thanks @Golv ) with latest TWRP.
    Only issue was Magisk needed reinstalling but had this before, maybe due to hidden Magisk.

    So on my side at least latest TWRP is safe to use.
    ROM running great as always!
    Hope OP will keep delivering PE for our HTC dinosaur.
    PE 11.0 latest build (12/26) has no download mirrors currently. Can someone pls upload?
    I wrote in AFH support, hope the problem will be resolved soon.
    Are you installing this game from the Google Play Store?
    i have used Google Play Store install,but cannot be installed.

    "Google Play Store" and "APKFab" both test , Can't install.

    so I think it obb file can not read/write.

    But PE 10.0 is Successful installation both.
  • 10
    New build PE 11.0 plus released
    • Updated to Android 11.0.0_r49
    • November 2021 security patches.
    • Upstream updates and fixes.
    Use AppOps fix for GPS and Google Map - more info

    - November 2021 Security patch.

    project build/make/
    249ba15de Bump Security String to 2021-11-05

    project device/custom/sepolicy/
    eb438c5 mediatek: Fix path

    project external/robolectric-shadows/
    bb314c89c Add implementation for UserManager#getAllProfiles

    project frameworks/base/
    ef861847f69 Merge "Automatic translation import" into eleven-plus
    11c6d286587 Automatic translation import
    d35a552bb2f Revert "Revert "BG-FGS-start while-in-use permission restriction improve...""
    a1d40b90900 Changed INTERACT_ACROSS_PROFILES appop to be set per UID
    f9b6e97188d TIF: fix issue of using caller-aware methods after clearCallingIdentity()
    e83b6f246b3 Backporting the change of ag/15629060 to rvc-dev
    017627c7ba6 Bluetooth: Fix formatting in getAlias()
    269580d7d84 Fix parsing code parcelling errors
    00e710b4592 camera2: Fix exception swallowing in params classes createFromParcel
    317e67637cc Revert "BG-FGS-start while-in-use permission restriction improve..."
    c0bc2aca828 Revert "wifidisplay: restrict broadcast by the proper permission"
    4d0ac446135 SystemUI: Don't use horizontal quick settings on large screens
    a756f004815 camera2: Add methods for backward compatibility
    e15e09c66b2 Automatic translation import

    project frameworks/native/
    57f041f85 libbinder: uptimeMillis returns int64_t! am: 3ba4963f5b am: 17aa765fd3 am: d666af6990

    project frameworks/opt/net/wifi/
    680c079b3 [WifiTrackerLib] Add wifi standard to WifiEntry.ConnectedInfo

    project hardware/nxp/nfc/
    3fd70cb OOBW in phNxpNciHal_process_ext_rsp

    project hardware/qcom-caf/sm8350/audio/
    dc606a15a ssr: Fix building with OSS materials

    project manifest/
    ee08e80 Track repos related to November ASB

    project packages/apps/ElmyraService/
    e010091 Automatic translation import

    project packages/apps/FMRadio/
    ecbb9d8 Automatic translation import

    project packages/apps/FaceUnlockService/
    47fcbac Automatic translation import

    project packages/apps/ManagedProvisioning/
    4efa3dff Fix INTERACT_ACROSS_PROFILES appop issue for shared UIDs
    aaad7048 Grant MANAGE_APP_OPS_MODES to Managed Provisioning

    project packages/apps/Settings/
    25d8029946 Merge "Automatic translation import" into eleven-plus
    9f5a2401d1 Automatic translation import
    37b3dac674 Import translations. DO NOT MERGE ANYWHERE
    36562a97ff Change Network detail string form TYPE to Type
    b8f613de7e Display WiFi Version number
    8e4645206f Add Hotspot WPA3 Settings
    6fa635198a Automatic translation import

    project packages/apps/Snap/
    5856c3811 Automatic translation import

    project packages/apps/TouchGestures/
    d21febb Automatic translation import

    project packages/apps/Updates/
    287d2b80 Automatic translation import

    project packages/modules/CaptivePortalLogin/
    e17455e Add NPE protection to prevent illegal CaptivePortal in the intent
    8efaf75 Remove webview from the view system before destroying webview
    afce21b Fix captive portal downloads on private DNS
    7f98459 Move min/target_sdk_version to java_defaults

    project packages/providers/MediaProvider/
    cb34ba81 Fix read range computation for some corner cases in redaction ranges
    6a2a33ec Fix issue in getOverlappingRedactionRanges.
    c8621f1c Fix Redaction calculation.

    project packages/resources/devicesettings/
    6b4da80 Automatic translation import

    project packages/resources/devicesettings-custom/
    5b4ba2a Automatic translation import

    project vendor/nxp/opensource/pn5xx/halimpl/
    a1c1929 OOBW in phNxpNciHal_process_ext_rsp

    project vendor/nxp/opensource/sn100x/halimpl/
    e38c7e6 OOBW in phNxpNciHal_process_ext_rsp

    project vendor/qcom/opensource/fm-commonsys/
    5a6fcd0 Automatic translation import

    - Last PE team updates and fixes - https://gerrit.pixelexperience.org/q/branch:eleven-plus+status:merged

    Enjoy! ✌️
    I will ask Ten-Shine to release next build only after September security patch has been updated by PE team.
    New December build PE 11.0 plus released.
    Most likely this is latest build of PE 11 plus and there will be no more updates ...

    • December 2021 security patches.
    • Upstream updates and fixes.
    Use AppOps fix for GPS and Google Map - more info

    - December 2021 Security patch.

    51e70bb9e Bump Security String to 2021-12-05

    project external/cldr/
    69bc2e2a DO NOT MERGE Update Android CLDR tzdata from 2021a to 2021a3. [R]

    project external/icu/
    7f2e76493 DO NOT MERGE Update Android ICU tzdata from 2021a1 to 2021a3. [R]
    81ae3ea04 Update Android ICU tzdata from 2021a to 2021a1.

    project external/tremolo/
    ec7d76f handle cases where order isn't a multiple of dimension

    project frameworks/av/
    c3fdaa09ef C2SoftMp3Dec: fix OOB write in output buffer
    60866dc6fe Fix heap-buffer-overflow in MPEG4Extractor am: d13a4efc7a

    project frameworks/base/
    36c1964e2514 Automatic translation import
    d769e907d953 Automatic translation import
    38ceb6a8bfb8 VolumeDialog: fix an NPE on TV dialog
    f78f9dc61fcb PixelPropsUtils: Update from redfin 12 dec release
    2da9e763ddbd Don't pass repeated back key events to app if custom action is set up
    284b90270d8a Avoid sending duplicate MSG_BACK_LONG_PRESS messages
    98a9dfc110b0 Fix SystemUI not using appropriate horizontal settings on devices
    c252490fcab5 SystemUI: Use accent color for WiFi progress bar
    d8be75650403 Fix missing glyph in Javanese font
    a11975f2d4be Import translations. DO NOT MERGE ANYWHERE
    137659cf5240 Disallow overlays for ResolverActivity
    9d2fca951b78 DO NOT MERGE KeyStore ChunkedStreamer must tolerate update consuming 0 bytes.
    ace8d3e1088e Do not show the notification footer until the user is set up.
    3157f24f5b4e Fix serialization bug in GpsNavigationMessage
    321146038ae8 Fix NPE on getTitle()
    8b9685d1c918 PixelPropUtils: Don't Use raven fp
    8931e7eef67b PixelPropsUtils: Update fingerprints to November

    project hardware/qcom-caf/sm8150/audio/
    92b32e8e ssr: Fix building with OSS materials
    118920e3 Remove log spam when placing power hint call
    f68059cf Probe PowerHAL HIDL first
    bd09b3b7 Support Power HAL AIDL service

    project manifest/
    4ee4df4 manifest: Track devicesettings-custom
    bec4dec manifest: Refactor structure
    a5c0ed7 Track repos related to December ASB
    65e7dd6 manifest: Rename msm8996-r to msm8996-LA.UM.9.6.2.r1-04100-89xx.0
    e83c7be Merge tag 'android-11.0.0_r46' of https://android.googlesource.com/platform/manifest into eleven-plus

    project packages/apps/Nfc/
    c16a56ee OOBW due to incorrect error handling

    project packages/apps/Settings/
    c8a02edcae Automatic translation import
    71986d84fa Automatic translation import
    34db495db7 Revert "[Wi-Fi] Remove 'Do not validate' option in CA certificate spinner"
    39004eee80 BluetoothSecurity: Add BLUETOOTH_PRIVILEGED permission for pairing dialog

    project packages/providers/ContactsProvider/
    c7afe646 Fix issue with call log last modified not being updated.

    project packages/providers/MediaProvider/
    e5da6a79 Fix use-after-free bug in FuseDaemon

    project system/bt/
    8ac6ce73b osi: Prevent memory allocations with MSB set

    project system/core/
    181998a32 hosts: Block OTA downloading from GMS
    c9b4cd58a healthd: Add support for HVDCP_3P5 chargers

    project system/timezone/
    9941e3c DO NOT MERGE Update Android TZDB from 2021a1 to 2021a3. [R]
    f8f02c4 Make tzdata revision settable.
    94af9cb Update Android TZDB from 2021a to 2021a1.

    project system/tools/aidl/
    bcfe8e8 An enum is initialized as zero if it doesn't have default value

    project vendor/qcom/opensource/commonsys/system/bt/
    b4e411ed1 osi: Prevent memory allocations with MSB set

    - Last PE team updates and fixes - https://gerrit.pixelexperience.org/q/branch:eleven-plus+status:merged

    Temporary link (mirror) for PE 11+ from 26/12 - download

    Enjoy! ✌️
    Good news!
    I hope PE 11 Plus will come soon...

    Many thanks to Ten-Shine (github user).