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[ROM][10.0][AOSP][SUZU] SonyXperiaDev Q Builds

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Mar 18, 2021
Thank you for getting back to me. Could you please drop a link here on guide I can follow to get Android either 10 or 9 working on my F5121 ? At the moment the phone is just useless.
I'm currently using his AOSP9 and it works fine, except location isnt't working without mobile data on and some random reboots but generally i'm satisfied :)

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    [ROM][10.0][AOSP][SUZU]SonyXperiaDev Q Builds
    SUZU F5121 and F5122

    Just builded AOSP from source for test. Not develop, only for testing new futures, so now you can try Q AOSP

    i'm not responsible for any damage caused with your device after flashing this ROM. Flash only on your own risk.

    Download (Mega)
    AOSP Mega

    How to Install:
    1) Copy to SD card and flash with recovery
    2) Download SW_BINARIES_FOR_XPERIA_ANDROID_9.0_2.3.2_V9_LOIRE.ZIP and flash it via fastboot with:
    fastboot flash oem SW_BINARIES_FOR_XPERIA_ANDROID_9.0_2.3.2_V9_LOIRE.img
    3) Flash Gapps
    4) With recovery File manager navigate to folder /system/system/priv-app/SetupWizard and delete apk (it FC on startup)
    4) Reboot.


    - Wi-Fi
    - Bluetooth
    - Fingerprint
    - GPS
    - Sensors
    - Dual Sim
    - Camera

    Not working for now:
    - Same as on a Pie builds (kernel 4.9)

    Builded with

    Android 10 kernel 4.14 vendor oem not tested with my builds and kernel 4.9. Test on your own risks
    wait a few days... they will released
    In case you are interested, this is a kernel update 4.14
    There is no kernel-dtb-suzu in kernel/sony/msm-4.14/common-kernel, that's why. They haven't provided one yet.
    You could force it to build by changing BUILD_KERNEL := false to BUILD_KERNEL :=true in /././kernel/sony/msm-4.14/common-kernel/KernelConfig.mk

    It would help if "they" provided us with a more stable kernel to build in the meantime. The repo only has 4.14. Can with just clone the pie 4.9 kernel and build with that?

    The kernel needs now to be prebuild first by the kernel build script.
    You can choose between the gcc and the clang script.

    Yes, of course.
    I wrote a few notes down. -> https://github.com/MartinX3sAndroidDevelopment/bug_tracker/issues/28

    Or you just use Android P and the 4.9 kernel.
    Due to the lack of volunteers Android Q and 4.14 are tied together at SODP.