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Sep 30, 2011
HTC One M8 for Windows
This might be off-topic, but I couldn't think of a better place to post it.
Will there be a Havoc OS 4.X thread? I know 4.2 is already available, but since there's no single place where people give their feedback, I can't tell how good the builds are, so I'm currently sticking to A10.

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    Havoc-OS v3.1 Official Update 30-01-2020

    Note: GApps versions of Havoc will be released for some devices.
    The GApps version requires a clean flash.
    Vanilla = ROM, GApps = ROM + GApps

    Date: 30-01-2020

    Maintainer: Reignz3

    • Added new Partial screenshot implementation
    • Added icon for Private dns
    • Added more Custom clocks
    • Improved Styles and wallpapers app
    • Improved theming in Settings
    • Improved QS multiuser icon animation
    • Fixed Statusbar Camera icon size
    • Fixed Screen off animations
    • Removed Overlays from apps list
    • Other fixes and improvements

    Device Changelog:
    • Ships with MIUI Q blobs
    • Some Fixes Here & There
    • Switched to SELinux Enforcing
    • Kernel : Upstream to v4.9.211

    Download Links:
    MOD EDIT: Download link removed
    MOD EDIT: Download link removed

    Installation Notes:
    • Clean Flash Required
    • 11.0.4 Q Firmware Required
    Havoc-OS v3.2 Official Update
    Android 10

    Date: 06-02-2020

    Device: Poco F1 (beryllium)

    Maintainer: Reignz3

    Changelog: https://t.me/Havoc_OS/1869

    Device Changelog:
    • Inline with Q firmware (No need to flash it separately now)
    • Update vendor Security patch level
    • Addressed some selinux denials
    • Kernel build with latest clang 10.0.2
    • Fixed Anx Portrait Mode (Flash Anx Custom Lib For Now)
    • Fixed Vowifi

    Download Links:
    • Vanilla: MOD EDIT: Link removed
    • GApps: MOD EDIT: Link removed

    XDA Thread Link: https://bit.ly/343qpD7
    Support Group :MOD EDIT: Link removed
    Havoc-OS v3.0 Official Update
    Android 10

    Date: 06-11-2019

    Device: poco f1 (beryllium)

    Maintainer: @iTzwajid & @theoj22

    Changelog: http://bit.ly/2WLd9jq

    Download Links:
    • ROM: MOD EDIT: Link removed
    • GApps: BiTGApps | OpenGApps
    • Magisk: MOD EDIT: Link removed

    Installation Notes: Clean flash required
    SUPA POWER BY 2020

    Havoc-OS v3.0 Official Update
    Android 10

    Date: 31-12-2019

    Device: Poco F1 (Beryllium)

    Maintainer: @Reignz3


    Device Changelog:
    • Add Support For Anx Camera
    • Switch To Permissive Selinux For Now
    • Fixed Offline Charging Bug
    • Fixed Audio glitch in Instagram and snapchat
    • KERNEL : Import Some Wlan Changes From Xiaomi Q

    Download Links:
    • ROM: http://bit.ly/35aoSe8

    XDA Thread: https://bit.ly/343qpD7

    Installation Notes: Clean Flash Required