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Feb 21, 2015
Its easy

Hello guys!
I am using stock MiUi 11 and haven't installed any custom rom on this device before so it is on android N. I want to install PE pie plus, should I just clean flash pie rom over android Nougat or have to do something else? Please guide me so I don't end up in bootloop or no SIM card bug.
Thank you in advance.

First search on google you will get lot of link and videos in details, and in short follow below guide
1 - unlock bootloader
2 - install twrp from official site
3 - wipe system,data,cache (optionally vendor)
4 - install pixel experience
5 - install magisk (if root is required ), if you get errors on first boot, repeat from step 3 and don't install magisk, let it first boot and came back to recovery and install magisk


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Nov 25, 2019
Hallo guys can anybody please guide me through uprgrading from pe9 to 10? i have tried unsuccesfully and forced to roll back to 9 ... i am using twrp.. Flash dalvik, cache, data, system, dalvik... and..? thanks in advance.. in myprevious attempt i tried to factory reset before.. and twrp prompted me as not successful attempt
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Jan 11, 2011
Hi, guys!
Before install any third party ROM, I want to backup the stock ROM, as is now, but, when I try to, the custom recovery wants to backup everything, and of course is no room on the phone. Anyway, to backup all the internal memory is no economic. In order to keep a backup of the the actual stock ROM, what partitions do I need to backup, and be sure that I can revert back to it if something goes wrong?
And.. another question: wiping DATA deletes DOWNLOADS folder?
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Sep 24, 2016
Hello everyone, Could you please help me with google camera mod. Currently I'm on PE pie official build. But the recommended Gcam (PMGC_7.0.009_ConfigsVersion_V3 ) with its configs not working properly. Random force stop issues are always there. I tried other Gcam versions too. But the issue still persist. Thanks in advance.


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Feb 13, 2020
Problems with the proximity sensor during a phone call.

The ROM is awesome! But there is a problem related to the proximity sensor when you receive a call. When you put the phone in the ear during a call, the sensor doesn't turn off the screen, and I wonder if it is a problem of the ROM or with my device. In other situations, it works perfectly, and I believe that it's problem of the ROM. Does anyone solved it? Thanks :D


Dec 25, 2018
Hi, everybody. I'm interested band20 is unlocked in this rom, if not how can i make it?? I have installed resently pe+ and have good impression about it.
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Feb 25, 2020
schedule power on/off

In PixelExperience_mido-9.0-20191022-1535-OFFICIAL.zip really needed "schedule power on/off" a-la miui... Help, pls.


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Mar 30, 2020
Jst now I updated my phone to custom rom pe
But I am having charging issue
If disconnects charging within 5sec
I tried every charger
Pls help


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Mar 11, 2015
Realme 8 Pro
Realme 8
The ROM is awesome! But there is a problem related to the proximity sensor when you receive a call. When you put the phone in the ear during a call, the sensor doesn't turn off the screen, and I wonder if it is a problem of the ROM or with my device. In other situations, it works perfectly, and I believe that it's problem of the ROM. Does anyone solved it? Thanks :D
I have the same problem on my Lenovo Z5.


Feb 25, 2012
This is one of the best custom ROMs I have ever tried that competes with a Stock ROM. I have been using this on my Note 4 but have problem of white flashes on the screen when I turn off wifi in between an app that is using the wifi at that time. Has anybody experienced this?

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    PixelExperience for Xiaomi Redmi Note 4/4X [Mido]

    What is this?
    Pixel Experience is an AOSP based ROM, with Google apps included and all Pixel goodies (launcher, wallpapers, icons, fonts, bootanimation)

    Our mission is to offer the maximum possible stability and security, along with essential and useful features for the proper functioning of the device

    Based on Android 10.0

    Whats working?
    Mobile data
    Fingerprint reader
    Face unlock
    Sound / vibration

    Known issues
    Nothing yet
    You tell me

    Download from AndroidFileHost

    Liked my work? Give me a beer

    Help with project translation

    Stay tuned
    Our Telegram channel
    Our blog

    XDA:DevDB Information
    PixelExperience UNOFFICIAL, ROM for the Xiaomi Redmi Note 4

    Aryan Kedare, zeelog
    Source Code: https://github.com/AryanKedare/android_kernel_xiaomi_msm8953

    ROM OS Version: Android 10
    ROM Kernel: Linux 3.x
    ROM Firmware Required: Unlocked Bootloader, TWRP, Working Brain
    Based On: AOSP

    Version Information
    Status: Stable
    Current Stable Version: 20190205
    Stable Release Date: 2020-05-19

    Created 2018-11-01
    Last Updated 2020-05-19


    AOSP/Device Changelog

    * Merged September Patches
    * Merged Device Tree Changes From zeelog

    Plus Changelogs
    * September security patch
    * Added screen and sound recording functions on qs tiles (with internal audio support)
    * Added automatic theme based on time
    * Added back dark notifications (you can switch between white and dark)
    * Added back face auto unlock
    * Added ability to configure QS rows and columns
    * Improved ambient play
    * Fixed heads up disabling
    * Fixes on black theme
    * Improved scrolling on some apps
    * Fixed screenshot edit
    * Fixed Incall vibration not working
    * Fixed missing edit action on screenshot notification
    * Improved LiveDisplay
    * Enhanced call blocking
    * Improved network traffic

    Clean Flash is mandatory

    Older Changes


    - New Varient PE PLUS
    - Merged Latest Changes From Pe
    - Merged August Patches
    - Merged Changes From Zeelog AS of 12/08/2019
    - Ambient play improved
    - Google apps updated
    - Lot of under the hood fixes
    - Bug fixes and performance improvements

    Plus Edition:

    - New Edition to include our customizations options available in our Pie Edition Added support for long screenshots
    - Added framework side support for system internal audio recording (Keep in mind that the UI is not available yet. An update will soon be released on the Play Store for all Plus version users.)
    - Improved theming


    * Fixed Flickering
    * Updated Graphics Blobs
    * BHIM App Should Be Working Now
    * Many Under hood changes


    * Merged Zeelog Changes
    * Updated Blobs From Tissot
    * Merged Missing Dirac Blobs
    * Merged CameraHAL Improvements
    * Updated Graphics Blobs
    * Many Others
    * July security patch
    * Merged LA.UM.7.3.r1-07900-sdm845.0 on CAF base
    * Improved pocket lock
    * Theming fixes
    * Night display improvements
    * Updated gapps
    * Updated translations
    * Others bug fixes

    AOSP+CAF 20190615

    * Theming improvements
    * Bring back night display on some devices (Additional LiveDisplay settings will be there)
    * Improved behavior of automatic theme based on time
    * PixelLauncher and some others apps updated
    * Translations updated
    * Fixed FP Wake
    * Fixed Colour Profile reset

    AOSP 20190613 + CAF 20190614
    * Updated camera blobs from MIUI V10.2.3.0.NCFMIXM
    * Updated Audio ACDB blobs from MIUI V10.2.3.0.NCFMIXM
    * Updated FP blobs from MIUI V10.2.3.0.NCFMIXM
    * Updated Common Blobs from tissot MIUI V10.0.9.0.PDHMIXM
    * White Flashlight has 100 intensity now
    * Added Support to use fp sensor as shutter button
    * Merged Other Zeelog Changes
    * Added IIFAAService for Alipay fingerprint payment

    AOSP 20190604 + CAF 20190605

    * Merged Changes From Zeelog
    * Merged June Security Patch
    * Theming and fonts improved
    * Network traffic indicator improved
    * Translations updated
    * Google apps updated
    * Fixed Neverallows
    * Others fixes

    20190507 - AOSP

    * Merged May Patches
    * Fixed Wake Delay
    * Merged All Latest Fixes
    * New And Rebased Kernel Sources
    * Merged Newer PixelExperience Changes
    * Updated Sepolicies
    * Many Underhood Changes

    CUSTOMISATION ChangeLog: https://t.me/PixelExperience/1163

    20190506 - CAF

    * Fixed Wake Delay
    * Fixed WFD
    * Merged Device Tree Changes From @zeelog

    Source Specfic Changelog :- https://t.me/PixelExperience/1163

    20190416 - CAF

    * Fixed Low Incall Audio On Speakers
    * Updated Media Configs to LA.UM.7.6.2.r1-07300-89xx.0
    * More Adoptions From CAF!

    20190413 - CAF

    * Merged April Security Patches
    * Merged Latest CAF Tag
    * Added Support for Alipay fingerprint payment
    * Updated Sepolicies
    * Added Wifi MAC Address Randomisation Toggle
    * Kernel Upstreams from zeelog
    * Device Tree Upstreams From zeelog
    * Improved Dark Theme
    * Many Underhood Changes
    * Synced To Latest PixelExperinence Sources
    * Updated camera HAL
    * Upated Props from CAF
    * Fixed All Media Related Issues


    * Merged April Security Patches
    * Added Support for Alipay fingerprint payment
    * Updated Sepolicies
    * Added Wifi MAC Address Randomisation Toggle
    * Kernel Upstreams from @zeelog
    * Device Tree Upstreams From @zeelog
    * Improved Dark Theme
    * Many Underhood Changes

    20190320 - AOSP + 20190322 - CAF

    Source Specific
    * Fixed manual network select
    * New OTA app
    * Add support for more notifications icons on statusbar
    * Improved notch control (Settings > Display)
    * Improved now playing at lock screen
    * Improved weather

    Device Specific
    * Updated Bluetooth Configs
    * Updated Wifi Configs
    * Cleanedup Most Of the Useless Things
    * Added VOLTE VILTE Support For More Carriers
    * Fixed Random Biometrics Crashes
    * improved bt wifi coexistence
    * Increased JPEG Image Quality
    * Many UnderHood Changes

    * Merged Latest CAF Tag
    * Most Of The Media Related Issues are fixed

    Note: Make Sure You Play Videos Twice If There is no audio from videos
    use focus gallery app where you dont get audio from video (.m4a extension is broken with play music)

    20190306 - CAF

    * Initial CAF Release
    * Fixed Bad Audio Quality
    * Updated Media Codecs From CAF


    * Merged Android_r34 Tag
    * Addressed Kcal Denials As per Sepolicy rules
    * Updated Configs From Tissot Pie Release
    * Updated Sensor Configurations
    * CleanedUp Camera HAL
    * Fixed Greenish Tint On WhatsApp And Various Apps
    * Updated Power Profiles
    * Updated Sensor Blobs
    * Various Camera HALs Upstreams
    * Fixed Random Mac issue on Permissive
    * Updated Bluetooth Configs
    * Updated GPS Hal To LA.UM.7.6.r1-03900-89xx.0
    * Merged Dirac In Advanced Controls Itself
    * Updated Wifi Related Configs
    * Various UnderHood Changes
    * Switched To Englezos Kernel


    * Merged Android-9.0.0_r31 Tag
    * Merged 3.18.133 Tag
    * Dirac Implementation in device itself
    * updated more doze configs
    * fixed wake toggle in enforcing builds
    * fixed flashlight settings restore
    * many more underhood changes


    * Fixed Dirac Crash (Blobs Still Messed Up)
    * Fixed Low Audio Issues
    * System Wide Black Theme Implementation From Q
    * Notification Themed
    * Updated Xiaomi Doze From sdm845
    * Updated AdvancedControls
    * Added Fast Wake Patch With Toggle (Wont Work on Enforcing U Need to Flash Permissive Patcher)
    * Changed Kernel To Englezos Kernel
    * Updated SDM Blobs From Latest Caf Tag LA.UM.7.6.r1-03900-89xx.0
    * Back To Mido Build Fingerprint
    * Added NavBar Finnally lol
    * Much More UnderHood Changes
    * Removed wcnss filters
    * Updated Blobs To Tissot latest update


    * Added System Wide Dark Theme
    * Added Advanced Reboot Options
    * Back To Our Perf Kernel


    * Fixed CTS Profile (Safety Check = pass) Banking Apps Should Work Now
    * Added Dirac Sound Effects
    * Reverted Wake Patch for now
    * Cleaned Up Device Sources
    * Many Underhood Changes


    * Merged Jan Patches
    * Merged Latest Sepolicy CAF Tag
    * Upstreamed Kernel To 3.18.131
    * Fixes Camera Focus
    * Fixes Offline Charge
    * data-ipa-cfg-mgr from caf
    * Fixed Wake Delay
    * Updated Camera Blobs from MIUI V10.1.1.0

    20181229 (Final Build For 2018 :) )

    * Updated Audio Properties
    * Addressed Sepolicy Denails For Kcal And Vibrator
    * Added AdvancedControls
    * Fixed Random MAC Address For WiFi
    * AdvancedControls Icon Updated


    PixelExperience Official Build
    - Added Qcom WFD (Miracast Fixed)
    - Added Qcom FM
    - Updated Carriers Configs To P
    - Updated Camera Hals
    - Selinux Enforcing
    - Updated Blobs From Tissot P release

    Kernel :
    - Merged 3.18.130
    - Added Kcal
    - Added Fast Wake
    - Fixed Random Wifi MAC address Issue


    * Fixed Weak Network RNSS implementation fully stable
    * Shifted To Snap Camera For Proper HAL1 functionality
    * Fixed LED
    * Fixed FP Paths
    * Enabled Auto Faceunlock By default
    * Added VOLTE Toggle
    * Added Advance Reboot
    * 4G instead of LTE Toggle
    * Roaming Icon Optional
    * Added face auto unlock (toggle on Settings > System > Lockscreen settings, enabled by default on some devices)
    * Update SoundPicker
    * Translations updated


    * Now Official
    * Fixed Display Flickering
    * Fixed Wifi Dropping
    * Fixed Network Dropping
    * Fixed Android Auto And Mirror Link
    * Updated USB Configs From CAF
    * Updated Radio Properties to P
    * Reimplemented IMS Hack to fix
    * Fixed Camera On Enforcing
    * Many More Underhood Changes


    Fixed USB Tethering



    Merged PE Upstreams
    Updated Kernel To Latest
    Updated Ramdisk To P
    Updated Bluetooth Blobs To P
    Updated DRM TUI Blobs To P
    Updated Perf and Peripheral Manager To P
    Updated QMI Blobs To P
    Updated Radio,IMS and Modem blobs To P
    Updated Health 2.0
    Updated Sensor Thermal And Time Blobs To P
    Updated Power Off Alarm blobs to P
    Updated All Properties To P
    Updated Build Configuration To Tissot To Pass Safety Check
    Updated various Blobs To P
    Selinux Enforcing Enabled But Still Its On Permissive due to some issues
    Fixed Wireless Hotspot

    Roms Side Changes:
    Removed VOLTE Icon, NEW IMS Ships With HD Icon No More Need of VOLTE icon For now

    Usb tethering isnt working will be soon asap

    How To Install
    backup Your Data
    me not responsible for any kinds of breakups and all :U

    -Wipe (System, Data, Internal, Vendor, Cache, Dilvik and All)
    -Flash Rom
    -Flash Magisk


    * Merged Dec Patches / r21 tag
    * Force What'sApp to use HAL1
    * Shipped All P goodies
    * Fixed Low Signal Strength
    * Added Support For PowerOff Alarm
    * Fixed Time Reset on reboot
    * Source Updates
    * CAF RIL
    * Updated QTI telephony to P
    * Moar UnderHood Changes



    * Enable & build QTI camera extensions
    * Camera config update
    * Updated audio configs from LA.UM.7.6.r1-03400
    * Updated memory parameters
    * Uprev display config
    * Switched Back To Qualcomm Locations
    * Merged PE Source Upstreams
    * Updated Peripheral manager to P


    *Updated QTI BT stuff < tested by me
    *Updated Timeservice and GPS blobs from jasmine
    *Simplified Wifi Symlinks
    *Added some power to gps
    *Kanged Blobs From deen_spourt for display vulkan and post-processing
    *Updated Bluetooth Configs
    *Fixed AGPS
    *Fixed Memory Leaks
    *Updated Manifests


    PixelExperience Unofficial 20181107
    (Diwali Build)

    1st of all
    Wish you guys a very happy and safe diwali and prosperous new year


    - Merged R16 tag (Nov Patches)
    - Enabled RCS
    - Updated Audio HIDL from CAF
    - Switched Graphics, Media & Postprocessing To OPM1.171019
    - Fixed Video Call Loudspeaker Not Have Sound
    - Added WiFi Tweaks
    - Updated Power Profiles to P
    - Updated More IMS blobs
    - Removed HD icon
    - Added Volte Icon
    - Added Auto Face Unlock
    - Merged All Updates From PE Sources


    PixelExperience 20181031 (Halloween Build)

    Updated PixelExperience Sources
    Added Paddings (Finally XD)
    Fixed WiFi
    Introduce 'SafailNet'
    Fixed Hotspot
    Updated USB HALs
    Updated IMS from Whyred

    New & Final Build is up!

    Version: Pie (Plus edition)


    * Updated To October patches
    * Merged Device tree changes from Zeelog
    * Merged PixelExperience Changes
    * Merged Kernel Upstreams From latest CAF changes
    * Final PIE update

    Link: https://download.pixelexperience.org/mido/

    This will be the final build for Pie Plus edition of Pixel Experience for our beloved device Mido.

    Many thanks to Aryan Kedare for always providing constant and stable builds for our device. His dedication & work has always been appreciated by every user of this ROM and we are grateful for such a good maintainer for our device.

    NF1102 and every Pixel Experience Mido Rom user

    Hit like to give thanks!
    @Shojimeguro @allan_sundry
    I'll be build PixelExperience 9 as long as it is updated. When I will have time to work on device trees for Android 10 and apply for maintainer, but not right now.

    Right now I'm syncing the sources, so when it's done, go over to My Thread and download the Pie version from there.
    New Update For AOSP As well As CAF Up