[ROM][10.0][OneUI 2.5][G930X/G935X/N930X/N935X]FloydQ V7.0

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Jan 31, 2011
I tried everything, but Gpay did not work. So ROM v. 7 at the moment do not recommend for use as banking programs on it do not work (detect root access). May be suitable for those who do not root except that.


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i would reflash without the 10bit rollback fix, if the issue persists, flash back oreo and reboot it couple times so the bcm firmware is forcefully updated on your device, assuming you boot it and sensors are broken.
I tried to restore from an old backup, re-burn v7.0, etc. and they didn't fix it. I was then going to try to use Odin to go back to stock, as you said, but then it magically fixed itself, without me doing anything. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Aug 28, 2022
Hi. I installed this rom on my s7 about a month ago. I didnt use the phone after that. Now i charged it to ~80 percent. Unplugged the charger left it overnight and now i can only get in download mode. The led is always blue


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May 10, 2020
Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge
Moto G6
Usually when this happens part of the sensor stack died (LHD (location hub) , GPS or sensor drivers itself) if any of these fail your sensors will fail, if it just happened out of no where with no changes to the OS it might be a sensorhub firmware bug, i doubt a hardware issue would just kill sensors, i would reflash without the 10bit rollback fix, if the issue persists, flash back oreo and reboot it couple times so the bcm firmware is forcefully updated on your device, assuming you boot it and sensors are broken.

rollover bug patch was fine last time i checked in this aspect, granted i have not been on the S7 in a while, being unable to update anything on it due to time constraints, not sure if/when ill ever get a chance to attempt to fix the remaining issues, it is annoying as they are hard to replicate, and affect random devices. (i.e camera random crash, audio mute, device freeze) something critical is broken in V6 that was escalated in V7 and im dumbfounded on what it is sadly.

i do still suspect it is something ****ed up in my kernel as i use pretty much the "same" ROM on my note 8 and that has been working flawlessly for over a year, as i still use it. so i dont know, i have to re-do the kernel at some point to try and get any results probably. which is a massive undertaking.

Hey ananjaser1211,

I've gone back to stock rom and rebooted a couple times, but to no avail. Sensors are still broken on my device despite not having done anything. I checked on my hidden settings through the phone app and it still shows up as "Failed!"


Dec 22, 2016
Does anyone else have the problem that after exactly one call the micorphone doesn't work anymore? I'm on the latest 7.0 with fix installed.


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Nov 22, 2013

I'm from Iran and now using this rom (v7.0).

Our time zone had 1h change summer time, untill now (+3:30 to +4:30). But our rules has changed and it's always +3:30 from this year!

Some of us have time problem in our devices now :(

My time zone changed to +4:30 and it's 1h wrong! How can I solve it?


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Hello everyone, we are testing a new Kernel and power management changes, feel free to join and report your findings.

So far the random lags / black screen on wakeup is gone from my side (with 20hr uptime) but do keep me posted.

P.S : A tester noted that the black screen most commonly happens while the phone is connected to a bluetooth device + playing music. so i am looking more into that, if you can recreate the issue and gather logs using loggingkit , that would be great, also upload the folder `/data/tombstones` and `/data/log/prev_dump.txt`

i also found an issue in our ROM related to SSRM/DVFS Policy that affects game performance and heat management on the phone, i have integrated the stock exynos8890 DVFS and i noticed reduction in heat in a game i play on the S7, along side game booster modes working better (balanced / power saving etc) so i think its work a try too.

Download and flash the V8.0 Kernel and flash the SSRM Patch in TWRP

Zip is compatible with S7/S7E/N7/N7FE

Please report back your findings as i am working on few things and testing the kernel would be very helpful. Thanks!

Download : https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1IWz5rZI3V1IjlD1IhgUTUJxlA_AzIl4P?usp=share_link

Edit : Forgot to add changelog and details

You can join the channel / group for direct updates and feed back here : https://t.me/heroxlte

Cronos Kernel V8.0 4/22 Test 1

Selinux : Enforcing
Toolchain : Linaro 4.9.4

- Currently testing on Floyd Q V7.0

Note : The compiler is switched to Linaro, previously we noticed increased Heat with it, however it provides a nice performance bump, reply to this post with your findings if you face a massive heat difference compared to the existing V7.0 Kernel

- Zip compatible with all 4 Exynos Models

Changelog :-

- Switch to Linaro 4.9.4
- Update to N935FXXS8CUD1 Source
- Restore Argos HMP Boost
- Restore Default CPU DVFS behavior
- Revert sus binder changes
- Remove ROW I/O scheduler
- Restore stock CPU/GPU Clocks
- Switch to R28P0 GPU and remove OC
- Remove Broken I2C Clock changes
- Clean Magisk/old kernels prior to installation
- Raise min cpu clocks back to stock to avoid black screens
- Switch back to N935F interactive governor
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    I guess the only other possible exception might be if you have encryption set up on the current version you are running, but I seriously doubt that if you are using a custom rom already. I mean if you are going from pure stock then year you would Probably need to reformat internal storage as well to remove the encryption.
    Note this ROM Comes built in with a Gapps installer so you don't need a separate package for that, but you will need to manually select exactly what apps and features you want installed. I guess it was done that way because ROM supports One UI, which makes it pretty special. Good luck.
    Thank you in advance. ROM that I'm currently using doesn't use encryption, I don't need to format the internal memory to switch to this FloydQ V7.0 ROM. As for the installation process, I have seen it on YouTube several times, indeed there we are free to choose features and insert bloatware according to our wishes. But I would keep bloatware to a minimum, if the application can be installed outside the system, so it doesn't take up a lot of system memory. I hope this FloydQ V7.0 doesn't make the device heat up quickly and run slowly like Stock on Android 8.0
    I installed the v8 vesion (did not test the v7 or previous version). I have problems with the fingerprint sensor that works, but only on some apps. On more secured apps like banking, paypal, etc... it did not work.

    Somehow i have this same problem on my poco x3 pro when i restore a backup in twrp (but if on a straight flashing in twrp the banking, paypal fingerprint works perfect).

    Maybe something related when flashing the v8 over the v7 does break the fingerprint sensor, but it is not to confirmd that this breaks the fingerprint sensor.

    But i like the one ui 2.5 and thanks for that for porting it to my s7 flat (G930F).
    There is still a charge problem in v8 version that only is when the screen is on. The battery and led indicator says charging but my powerstation (big powerbank), says 0 watt as output. Also wireless charging have problems too (i did a miracast overnight and wireless charge, woke up and the battery was 85 procent instead of a fully charged phone).
    Thats strange i never had that problem even when the screen was on did your phone was hot or not it happens to me when it reaches 42c Because of the one ui 2 (it wont gonna almost draw any power)
    I still have the mute issue
    I dont have anymore it fixed for me and never happened again in the old phone youtube app sometimes muted and the phone completely but not in this (for now)
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    Welcome to Floyd Q Port For the Exynos8890 Series​

    Some information you should know..
    • This is a full Galaxy Note9 port with Android version 10.0 / Oneui 2.5
    • This ROM is made with heavy collaboration from @corsicanu make sure to give him coffee
    • Read the instructions and the F.A.Q Before installing the rom or posting a reply As there are critical information in there!.
    • You are not allowed to use this base, aroma, or any parts of it for your own "ROM". if you want to make a Q port, "DIY"
    • Any sort of Kanging will be reported without hesitation.
    • If you like this rom and appreciate my efforts, Hit the Thanks button, and consider a donation

    Submitting new issues/Requests
    • First read existing issues and the F.A.Q Below to ensure its not a duplicate
    • Properly report issues by Submitting an issue on GitHub
    • provide as much info as possible so the issue is not ignored / closed
    V7.0 Release Notes :-
    Its only fitting to release V7 in July isn't it. The ROM is 2 years old and still has an active following which blows my mind. id like to say thanks to all the users for your support all this time, and especially a big thanks to the testing team who stuck by me for this long.

    Between my university, life and other projects, i haven't had consistent time to work on the ROM, i have updated it to the latest note 9 release (which is the last one by samsung) with May 2022 Security patch. Ive done some work on the kernel and base to remove some of the issues caused in V6, added a bunch of new fixes we gathered over time and from the note 8 Q project. and just overall tidy up the ROM, there is still some work left to do, but i dont want to delay V7 any further, if/when we do another version, it will contain more experimental fixes that didn't make it here.

    I have done some changes to audio, which may be better or worse on the long run, hopefully to the better, the rom only had couple months of testing with a very small test group, so i wouldn't say its bullet proof. RAM, Camera Audio and overall stability has been worked on, and hopefully this reflects in real usage. ive only used the S7 to play a couple games and use some social media, as it is not my daily driver.

    So far the black screen / alarm issue has not been commonly reported, neither did audio muting, however i cant rule out that it was fully fixed until it is tested by much more people. incase you still face these issues, open new reports on github

    Overall i hope this new version works better for everyone, we reached the peak of what we can fix back in V6 and that was quite underwhelming, so hopefully with this new release Exynos8890 gets a new lease on life, atleast when it comes to OneUI

    And no, i do not think we will ever see a OneUI 3 public release, it is simply too buggy to even look at.

    Thanks everyone for your continuous support throughout the years.

    V6.0 Release Notes :-

    Its been 5 months since the last release, i expected the popularity of this rom to go down and vanish. however, 30 thousand downloads later, i think it is time to push another update. perhaps the last Q update. i dont know what more i can improve in this rom.

    This release comes with a ton of significant fixes in every direction, be sure to read the changelog as it covers everything. all the way from stability, to muting to performance was adjusted.

    EIS (Video stabilization) has also been enabled and fixed in this release

    as mentioned, i am not sure what more can be done to make Q better, right now we are down to basically near impossible to fix errors. the overall experience is great with the stock kernel. and basically future versions might not carry big changelists anymore, and only basic rebases. however ive proven my self wrong many times before so lets wait and see

    Make sure to check the F.A.Q if you still face muting. so far its frequency dropped significantly where i think it is as good as it gets

    P.S : Majority of the fixes are kernel sided, Do not change kernels until they are updated with new fixes

    V5.0 Release Notes :-

    Alright, Finally. This release was a bit rough due to the immense changes in 2.5 and how late firmware took to be released.
    I hope you enjoy this release, A LOT has been changed, and alot of bugs has been resolved both directly and indirectly
    Some bugs like Audio muting and overnight crash never occured under testing, so they might be resolved too, however i will not rule that unless public reviews come in.

    Id like to give a big shoutout to the testers group who has been at work for over 3 weeks hard testing this release

    Another thing to mention is, i had to remove DeX Wireless mode for being too unstable. so sadly you guys wont get it in this release.
    i don't know if its fixable, but that's a problem for another day

    The F.A.Q as always has been updated to reflect new changes, so give it a read please. Regarding the remaining bugs, better workarounds now exist so check them out

    Warning : Dirty flash is not recommended, some testers faced issues. do it under your own risk, and avoid reporting issues if you dirty flashed please!

    V4.0 Release Notes :-

    Hey everyone, we meet again. This release again focuses on stability and misc improvements, has some additional features such as secure folder
    but the main focus was fixing our existing bugs. Based on ~3 weeks worth of testing, there are great improvements to almost every part of the ROM

    The F.A.Q as always has been updated to reflect new changes, so give it a read please. Regarding the remaining bugs, better workarounds now exist so check them out

    While i wanted to release this on my schedule (20 of each month) i had to delay it due to health issues with my father. so thanks for understanding and I'm happy to say that he is on his way to recovery, it was scary times for sure. but taught us a lot.

    chatter aside, i hope you enjoy the ROM, and let me know how it goes, Development on V5 starts early next month, and this time hopefully I'm focusing on More features possibly a OneUI 2.5 port if it came in time. will see how it goes

    V3.0 Release Notes :-

    Hi once again, Hope you enjoy this release. while its a smaller update compared to V2. this focuses more on stability and fixing some annoying issues from V2.
    OneUI 2.1 Gives us great fixes regarding memory leaks and performance degradation. and I've improved and re-did all the fixes I've developed for this port to be much simpler and easier to update in the future. instead of relying purely on Hacks.

    There are still some bugs that i am starting to feel like we will never fix, but then again this is only the 3rd release. so we will see
    how it goes in the future.

    The F.A.Q as always has been updated with new notes and workarounds.

    With that said, Enjoy the release. hope you like it. and as always, if you appreciate what i do, leave a thanks, constructive feedback and consider a donation

    V2.0 Release Notes :-

    Hello again, Ive taken my time With this release and spent significantly more time trying to improve the experience as much as possible.
    There are still some bugs remaining, the biggest being the overnight crash (which thankfully we have a workaround for those who face it often)
    Besides that i belive most of the remaining issues are either minor or can be lived with for now.

    This release focuses on stability first, the previous base was a hacked up version of FEB and MAR with quite basic fixes. everything has been redone and hopefully for the better

    Thanks you for your great reports that helped improve this ROM alot. and thanks to the testers who spent hours testing and evaluating this ROM. Please be sure to read the F.A.Q and notes to avoid issues

    P.S : This version has very experimental Note 7 FE support. Let me know if it works or not, if it does, Iris probably wont work.

    Initial Release Notes :-

    After a battle that took months on end, im able to deliver you this project in a state were i can deem it as "Daily Driver", This was no easy task, Android Q has changed alot
    And a skin such as oneui 2.0 was never intended to run on this device, But here we are. another middle finger to planned obsolescence.

    Aside from project Treble, this officially is My first major project on this platform. and i hope you like it.
    As the nature of "Initial releases" tend to be, expect Bugs, i wrote down the ones i can see and that are actual issues that can affect people. so make sure to read them.
    And The F.A.Q and Notes page is more important than this entire post. it details stuff that you might need to do in order to avoid issues and not to look stupid reporting issues that otherwise wont happen.

    Finally, This rom is only possible due to a TON of contributions from my friends @corsicanu , without him you probably wouldn't have seen this ROM.
    I have also included the majority of improvements , Aroma and edits from his Amazing "HadesRom" Series which im sure you guys are familiar with already.

    A Lot of great people helped me make this project, especially testers who has been digging through this ROM for over a month. make sure to check them out in the credits section.

    Alright enough chit-chat. Enjoy the ROM. and do let me know in the thread how it is going on your end.

    Before you post : READ everything, And especially the install steps and F.A.Q, the rom has been tested thoroughly for a long time, so if you have an critical issue like not booting or something major, you missed the instructions, posts that are irrelevant to this project will be ignored(Constructive criticism is welcomed). If you do face a new bug however, dont just say "hey bug here fix nao" provide more information, and a LOGCAT, bug reports without logcats will most likely be ignored.


    • Android 10.0
    • N960FXXS9FVE1 May 2022 release
    • Heavily debloated/deknoxed
    • Zipaligned and tuned
    • Optimized for battery and performance
    • Full Samsung OneUI 2.5 Experience
    • Magisk Supported
    • RMM PrePatched
    • F2FS for userdata and cache
    • CronosKernel v6.5
    • Selinux Enforcing
    • Safetynet bypassed out of the box
    • And all the goodies Android Q / Oneui 2.5 Brings
    • Full support for the Entire Exynos8890 family of devices
    • Contains all features from S9 minus hardware specific ones (Iris/faceunlock etc)
    • All the main features are present (Wifi,Bluetooth, gps, camera etc)
    Floyd Port Features :-
    • Samsung S9 DolbyAtmos
    • optimised for S7/S7E/N7/N7FE with their own separate configurations
    • Many prop and feature tweaks and exclusive apps
    • DE-Knoxed and disabled Additional samsung root prevention and security spams
    • Full OMC/OXM setup with ~85 countries supported
    • MultiWallpaper support
    • Selectable SmartManager (Intl / CN)
    • @corsicanu Patched GoodLock manager
    • Debloated via Aroma (Email, Calculator, Video, Music, Voice Recorder, etc)
    • Custom boot animations (Samsung Wh/Bl , Floyd, Hades)
    • Storage Booster / Native APP2SD
    • Custom Fonts/Emojis included (And 1120 Font mods/Google fonts/iOS Emoji etc)
    • Patched for Single/Dual SIM + SDCard
    • Patched Dual Messenger for All user apps
    • Selectable Edge Panels and edgelighting+
    • SamsungDaily (BixbyHome) , Bixby Voice and Bixby Vision
    • Recovery toggle (Long Press restart)
    • Samsung Max and other Misc WiFi features
    • Native AppLock
    • Wifi S-Secure
    • Native Screen Video recorder
    • Native Call recorder
    • Custom CSC features (status bar network speed, Call screening, LTE Only etc)
    • SecureFolder + Knox WorkProfile
    • Google LiveCaptions
    • Selinux Enforcing
    • Native SafetyNet bypass
    • Selectable Note 10/Note 9 Ringtone/Notification sound
    • Selectable support for rounded UI elements
    • Selectable ADAway
    • Selectable Android 10 NavigationBar/Gestures
    • Selectable DualSpeaker
    • And the list keeps going!
    CronosKernel V7.0 :-

    All of the custom kernel features can be controlled using HKTweaks by @corsicanu
    • Full Android Q Support
    • Compiled with GCC 4.9 toolchain
    • Optimized for battery and performance
    • Tons of under the hood improvements
    • Upstreamed to 3.18.140
    • F2FS Support
    • R29P0 GPU Backport from Exynos7870 Q source
    • Improved sched tick rate
    • GPU Overclocking / Voltage & Thermal control
    • CPU Voltage Control And underclocking
    • Devfreq Voltage control
    • Compiler optimizations
    • Many wakelocks blocked by default
    • BoefflaWakelock Blocker
    • WireGuard Support
    • MoroSound control
    • Magisk Support
    • Aggressive samsung wakelocks block toggles
    • Battery charger controls
    • FadeLED Support
    • DT2W / S2W / S2S Supported
    • UKSM Module included
    • Tuned SWAP rate
    • Dynamic Fsync Driver
    • PowerSuspend Driver
    • PWM Flicker Free Mod by @Wootever
    • Greatly improved scheduler and governor
    • And many others that can be found on github
    • Support for NFC and Smart Cases on Q
    • Improved S9 interactive Governor
    • Disabled GPU boosting little cores
    • Disable DVFS fully
    • Re-Tune samsung input booster
    • Improved Magisk Hide
    • Improved DVFS behaviour
    • Reduced power consumption during video playback
    • ZRAM with LZ4 Compression enabled by default
    • GPU overclock upto 806mhz
    • Massive patches and backports for Android Q
    • CIFS Support
    • Switchable SeLinux
    • And much more


    1. ensure you have up-to-date TWRP (MoroTwrp Recommended or My TWRP).
    2. ensure you are running recent oreo bootloader and modem!
    3. Download and copy the ROM to your device
    4. Wipe everything (SYSTEM,DATA,CACHE,DALVIK and if possible internal storage)
    5. Flash the ROM.ZIP (Select only what you will use in bloat otherwise it will fail due to system size)
    6. flash any available hotfixes/patches (Found in the same download section)
    7. Setup your rom and READ the F.A.Q for more information.
    8. After a full successful boot. you can flash Magisk if you need ROOT


    • Follow the git repo to stay uptodate on bugs : Github


    Imgur Album with Screenshots : IMGR | 2.5 Screenshots : IMGR


    IF you helped in this rom and i forgot you, Send a PM or contact on Telegram
    @corsicanu For a ton of support with this Project and a ton of HadesROM Features / Aroma (xoxo)
    @kill-switch For Support and assistance with this ROM
    @Khaled shabbar for 3rd party volume fix
    @cvolton For fixing Device MAC Issues and 4K/60 FPS camera mod, and other contributions
    @Ivan_Meler For help with fdsan
    @morogoku & @pascua28 for help with kernels
    @RickyBush_ For IOS Emoji

    Thanks to the Testing Team for helping me greatly :-
    @kill-switch @Morogoku @ModX81 @Khaled shabbar @Random-Tester @dave457 @Cvolton @Logan @Shariq3422 @MkUltraBlack
    @RedLikeSnow @SnowFuhrer @nalasTS @Oto_16
    @Sparta19666 @mathy007 @CANCAN_BBN @Kakashi82 @unibombz @Arcsin2

    Downloads. Changelogs , F.A.Qs below


    ananjaser1211, corsicanu, kill-switch
    Source Code: https://github.com/ananjaser1211/Cronos_8890/

    ROM OS Version: Android 10
    ROM Kernel: Linux 3.x
    ROM Firmware Required: Latest Bootloader/Modem and TWRP 3.3+
    Based On: Android 10 - Oneui 2.5

    Version Information
    Current Stable Version: V7.0

    Created 2020-04-20
    Last Updated 2022-07-01
    Downloads and changelogs


    NewsChannel : Telegram
    Support Chat : Telegram
    FloydQ V7.0 [LATEST]
    AFH : Download
    MEGA : Download
    GoogleDrive : Download
    HOTFIX : Download
    Release Post : XDA
    P.S : if you had issues downloading from Drive, sign in and save the file to your drive. the file name will show up as Copy of Floyd*
    Size : 2.53GB
    MD5 : 7d34c47272c5f241f281a60dd5a215dc
    SHA1 : f6736340d23e7534bb82f49eb835de1690628276
    * Make sure to verify the file hash you downloaded to avoid issues such as not being able to boot / zip corrupt
    Windows : VerifyHash Thanks @dave457
    Android : HashChecker

    FloydQ 6.0

    AFH : Download
    MEGA : Download
    GoogleDrive : DEAD
    Release Post : XDA
    P.S : if you had issues downloading from Drive, sign in and save the file to your drive. the file name will show up as Copy of Floyd*
    Size : 2.52GB
    MD5 : 10393efe56528b7a2ce658e562ccc324
    SHA1 : b1564b5ae62dc4eb0cdcfc5e06616b4a3608192b
    * Make sure to verify the file hash you downloaded to avoid issues such as not being able to boot / zip corrupt
    Windows : VerifyHash Thanks @dave457
    Android : HashChecker

    FloydQ V5.0

    AFH : Download
    MEGA : Download
    GoogleDrive : Download
    Patch 1 : XDA
    Patch 2: Github
    Patch 3 : XDA
    Release Post : XDA
    P.S : if you had issues downloading from Drive, sign in and save the file to your drive. the file name will show up as Copy of Floyd*
    Size : 2.72GB
    MD5 : c647582f51fbb2f2b7e491789109e7fc
    SHA1 : 1a49997f7dac6007a8c67bdbdac169c93515e3cc
    * Make sure to verify the file hash you downloaded to avoid issues such as not being able to boot / zip corrupt
    Windows : VerifyHash Thanks @dave457
    Android : HashChecker

    FloydQ V4.0

    AFH : Download
    MEGA : Download
    GoogleDrive : Download
    Release Post : XDA
    P.S : if you had issues downloading from Drive, sign in and save the file to your drive. the file name will show up as Copy of Floyd*
    Size : 2.66GB
    MD5 : dba0e2feb8148b99b74063a8806453d9
    SHA1 : 184ca149e321e322c2b79212571c9747ec8b8040
    * Make sure to verify the file hash you downloaded to avoid issues such as not being able to boot / zip corrupt
    Windows : VerifyHash Thanks @dave457
    Android : HashChecker

    FloydQ V3.0

    AFH : Download
    MEGA : Download
    GoogleDrive : Download
    Release Post : XDA
    P.S : if you had issues downloading from Drive, sign in and save the file to your drive. the file name will show up as Copy of Floyd*
    Size : 2.61GB
    MD5 : 494d6d720a265cc8a1cbd9d7b3eacb61
    SHA1 : d1d226b73cfbf55233d6e7162fdcefbd4f946354
    * Make sure to verify the file hash you downloaded to avoid issues such as not being able to boot / zip corrupt
    Windows : VerifyHash Thanks @dave457
    Android : HashChecker

    FloydQ V2.0

    AFH : Download
    MEGA : Download
    GoogleDrive : Download
    P.S : if you had issues downloading from Drive, sign in and save the file to your drive. the file name will show up as Copy of Floyd*
    Size : 2.50GB
    MD5 : ca15402f012a154c478b05e965e808d6
    SHA1 : 401c880f366848090d72f0ea971de4ec743b0cab
    * Make sure to verify the file hash you downloaded to avoid issues such as not being able to boot / zip corrupt
    Windows : VerifyHash Thanks @dave457
    Android : HashChecker

    FloydQ V1.0

    AFH : Download
    MEGA : Download
    GoogleDrive : Download
    Updated F.A.Q : XDA
    WiFi Improvments : XDA
    Sound Improvments : XDA
    Kernel Update : XDA
    P.S : if you had issues downloading from Drive, sign in and save the file to your drive. the file name will show up as Copy of Floyd*
    Size : 2.56GB
    MD5 : 8a1da0663f05aed440f48770aa6a742e
    SHA1 : 81621da90a7192292ce9f216c34e4d3d21998d4a


    Floyd 7.0 - 01.07.2022

    - Fully rebuilt and rebased on N960FXXS9FVE1 May 2022 Patch
    - Cumulative fixes and changes since April 2021
    - Merged samsung security patches since v6
    - Re-worked Audio / AudioFX System to mitigate issues
    - Boost overall Audio/Bass And match it more with Pie
    - Various misc fixes in the base forked from Note 8 Q project
    - Performance improvment due to base changes
    - Support Selinux Enforcing
    - Update ALL the apps/featuers in bloat to latest Q release

    - MemorySaver/Storage booster included by default
    - Update iOS Emojis to 14.6
    - Include latest chinese smart manager with added features
    - Add Manage App Data feature (enable/disable network per app)
    - Updated Goodlock mod to 20220413
    - Update AdAway to v5.12.1
    - Fix BixbyRoutines FC when enabling brightness control
    - Add latest SamsungDaily
    - Remove Force RCS as it needs carrier and reciver support
    - Remove VancedManager due it being Discontinued
    - Add calculator directly in the rom
    - Updated OMC packages to latest FUK1 package
    - Remove S9+ Infinity Wallpaper package due to samsung stopping updates
    - Add Toggle for SELinux Enforcing (Check F.A.Q for more details)

    - Fix issues with power/thermal HAL that caused lag and performance degredation
    - Improve Auto brightness tables
    - Fix IRIS sensor on Note 7 and make it work in secure folder and other places
    - Fix note 7 lag on lock screen
    - Disable Note 7 torch intensity slider to avoid FCs and workaorund it
    - Fix Selfie capture with HeartRate sensor
    - Support more NFC card types (Mifare plus Thanks @Pavlon333)
    - Cleanup some of the broken constant logging services
    - Disable High Brightness Warning
    - Improve and update basic safetynet hiding without magisk
    - Update Safetynet Fix to bypass recent GMS restrictions (Thanks @@AndrzejDwo and @Ivan_Meler)
    - Enable back Audio encoding in Slowmotion videos
    - Remove problematic RAM configs
    - add 2x zoom button in camera
    - More improvments to RAM/ZRAM
    - Fix wakeup freezes
    - Fix Alarm issues
    - More test fixes for Audio muting issue
    - Improve Audio Quality / bass a bit
    - Set Actual device name instead of note 9 by default
    - Remove old deperecated props
    - Various other misc changes in the ROM/Base
    - Workaround initial FDSAN Error that causes issues
    - Prevent Notes APP from updating on N7FE (to fix pen issue)</*)

    - CronosKernel V7.0
    - Re-enable wakeups by eventpoll
    - Revert problematic I2C stall fixes
    - Revert CPUFreq relation back to stock
    - Enable back HMP Boosting on GPU to avoid wakeup issues
    - Restore default DVFS CPU Behaviour
    - Add custom tune build flag
    - Optimze the kernel for performance instead of size
    - Revert power-queue changes
    - Revert GPU MIF clock back to stock
    - Revert CPU Boost freq back to stock
    - Merge updates for I2C From Exynos7870
    - Restore N7FE Camera/Iris code
    - Misc sound-core driver changes from Exynos7870
    - Enable CIFS Driver
    - Disable Forced Permissive
    - Enable back Audit logging
    - Increase default audio in moro_sound
    - Set Torch brightness to max on Note7 due to lack of slider
    - fix pm_qos kernel panic in camera driver

    Floyd 6.0 - 01.04.2021

    • Updated and rebased to N960FXXS8FUC4 March Security Patch
    • Includes all the software fixes and updates from Previous Versions
    • Includes all split patches released earlier
    • Added more experimental fixes for Charging and AudioMuting issues
    • Re-did prop mods and removed useless ones
    • Major improvements in stability and performance due to base and kernel changes
    • Updated Honeyboard (Thanks @Khaled shabbar)

    • Updated emoji packs (iOS 14.2 , AOSP Q , OneUI 2.5)
    • Remove some bloat that can be downloaded (Email and Voice recorder)
    • Re-Arrange features / bloat lists
    • Switch audio sound mod to Note9/Note10 instead of S9/S10
    • rewrote some entries to make it easier to understand
    • Switch to new Aroma theme and icons
    • Remove LiveCC from bloat menu as it causes issues when removed
    • Remove YUVA packages as they are useless bloat
    • Wipe script will no longer clear hidden internal storage files or keyboard/camera data
    • Updated Goodlock mod to latest version
    • Updated Vanced Manager to latest version
    • Added S10 Webview APKs
    • Remove Note FE iris option until it is resolved (if ever)
    • Remove QuickShare support as its buggy
    • Add CHC, KTC, LUC, SKC , COO And ARO CSC packs
    • Remove SamsungDaily as it is repalced by Samsung Free

    • Introduce new Camera stability fixes
    • Improve on FDSAN camera patch to reduce unstable hacks
    • Fixed EIS Stablization that supports FHD_60, QHD and lower
    • Reduce frequency of Audio Muting (Read F.A.Q for more)
    • Improve sound cancelation in calls to avoid echo in certain scenarios
    • Fixed USSD shortcuts
    • Fixed Emoji black boxes issues
    • Re-tune Audio bass and gain configs
    • Increased volume for 3rd party app calls
    • Fix issues with AudioFX and lifevibes cancelation
    • Fix an issue that caused wifi to stop working (murata/semco)
    • Fix an issue that caused some bank apps / google pay to fail
    • Fixed Volume changing in 3rd party call apps like whatsapp , facebook (big Thanks @Khaled shabbar)
    • Fixed and greatly reduced Audio muting bug (Thanks @pascua28)
    • Fixed SmartStay
    • Added Outdoor mode toggle in settings
    • Removed some leftover files to save 100MB in system

    • CronosKernel V6.5
    • Disable excess debugging from touch and display
    • Enable power efficient work-queue
    • Add fixes for battery reporting
    • Adjust Interactive Governor to be more efficient in scaling
    • Add/adjust cache tunable for Interactive gov
    • Add ROW I/O Scheduler
    • Allow GPU overclocking upto 806
    • Adjust GPU utilization tables and Freqs to be more sustainable
    • Reduce MIF max clock in GPU
    • Reduce CPU Boost freq to 2.1ghz
    • Custom Tune inputbooster for better power/performance balance
    • Reduce little cores boost freq
    • Enable LZ4 Compression
    • Update ZSWAP and fix issues with it
    • Disable VNSWAP/ZSWAP and use ZRAM with LZ4 Compression
    • Overall noticeable performance improvement in UI, and better performance in-game
    • RAM is much more stable and will keep more apps stored for longer
    • Battery mismatch should reduce overtime with the new fixes
    • Update Ramdisk binary
    • Fix WiFi dev shutdown (wifi not turning on after sleep)
    • Fix WiFi causing excessive drain overnight
    • Add full PS4 Controller support via USB or Bluetooth
    • Reduce gpu latency/loadavg
    • reduce expensive selinux calls
    • Various changes to I2C by pascua28 to handle Audio muting

    Floyd 5.0 - 11.12.2020

    • Base
    • Updated and Rebased to N960FXXU6FTK1 November Security Patch
    • Rebase includes Note9 FW + OneUI 2.5 Apps/Features
    • Includes all the software fixes and updates from Previous Versions
    • Includes all split patches released earlier
    • Kept S9+ Dolby System to avoid audio issues
    • Removed unsupported features/APKs such as SecureWiFi, MyGalaxy
    • Added experimental fixes for Charging and AudioMuting issues
    • Forced S9+ Model name to retain safetyNet passing without magisk
    • Overall Major improvements in stability and performance
    • Disable ADB Debugging by default for extra protection

    • Fix ARStickers Installation
    • Fix 1120 Fonts Mod Installation
    • Fix Echo in DualSpeaker mode
    • Update all Bloat , GoodLock, VancedManager to latest versions
    • Removed all GoodLock apps and replaced them with New patched GL Manager
    • Removed useless WiFi Security from bloat
    • Update S-PEN Apps/Frameworks for Note devices
    • Add S9+ Infinity wallpapers as an option
    • Slight updates to General ODM Pacakge
    • Fix an install issue that would leave some on splash screen
    • Update Ringtones with 2.5 media and N9 Sounds
    • Add a fix for QS Toggles reseting with extra QS enabled
    • Replaced KTC OMC with unbranded KOO OMC for korean users
    • Various other misc changes
    • Add option to force RCS capability Thanks @Camille31400
    • Added SamsungNotes v4.1 for Note7 devices to fix FCs

    • Add Proper WiFi loader service to fix issues with some chips
    • Fix WiFi instability, disconnections and no connection after doze
    • Improve Audio Fixes and noise cancelation profiles
    • Enable 5G HotSpot on all countries
    • Supress CIDManager (SimCard Changed) Reboot request fully
    • Fix Optimizing loop on Note devices
    • Include new camera patch to fix both random crash and green video issues
    • Patch Libc to fix FORTIFY: FATAL errors caused by double mutex locks
    • Fix Microphone issues when recording / calls
    • Fix S-PEN AirCommand on Note devices
    • Fix Knox WorkProfile (for MDM Apps / Island etc)
    • Fix issues with DolbyAtoms in games (And add Dolby Gaming profile
    • Improve 3rdparty volume control Fix to be more stable
    • More Fixes for Charging / overnight crash issues
    • Other various misc changes/fixes from my N8 Q Project
    • Fix an issue that Prevented setting custom IP/DNS etc for wifi
    • Show VoLTE indicator in statusbar for all VoLTE supported countries

    • CronosKernel V6.0
    • Updated OSRC to N935KKKU4CTH1
    • Remove WiFi wakelock mods that caused issues
    • Hide isolatedProcess Service to let more apps pass safetyNet
    • Restore stock inputBooster setting
    • Restore Argos Network booster
    • Revert Mods in Mobicore driver that casued issues
    • Changes to DVFS min/max to improve power consumption
    • Reduce DVFS Boost Frequency
    • Remove and reduce binder tracing/logging
    • Limit CPU Idle during Video playback
    • caching improvment in binder
    • Other misc changes for fs, spinlock

    Floyd 4.0 - 08.30.2020

    • Updated and Rebased to G965FXXSBETH1 August Security Patch
    • Includes all the software fixes and updates from Previous Versions
    • Re-did OMC and switched to proper OXM package
    • Integrated only XID/KTC/ZTO/FMC along side the stock OXM list
    • Fix PREV OMC and use it by default
    • Remove broken OMC apk that caused V3 issues when setting features
    • Disable FactoryReset pop-ups for some when changing CSCs / SIMs
    • Update GoodLock suite to latest + include corsicanu's updated manager
    • Replace outdated YoutubeVanced with latest VancedManager (Refer to F.A.Q)
    • Fixed SecureStorage With a specialized HACK for outdated Keystore
    • Fixed WorkProfile / Custom OS detection (Apps that need it should work now)
    • Fixed a bug that caused McRegistry/Keystore to spam all the time
    • Fully Killed Vaultkeeper Which caused sleep and performance issues
    • Ramdisk Fix-up and cleanup
    • Added some patches for offline charging and mismatch issues (experimental)
    • Updated Audio Cancelation configs to help with echo (NXP Profile)
    • Fix Bixby settings FC
    • Add Rounded UI support in aroma
    • Removed some left over bloat and HALs
    • Fix cameraserver nullptr crash when running/switching the camera
    • Fix App lag when attaching (And it tries to grab the camera) in Telegram, Whatsapp etc
    • Fix Camera FDSan crash (no camera till you reboot) thanks @Ivan_Meler
    • Google Live Captions support (Thanks @AlexisXDA)
    • Add Support for N930X (Note 7 Bomb Edition)
    • Add Note 7 TypeC USB HAL to avoid connectivity/Charging issues
    • Add Note 7 S-PEN Framework and APKs (Still no AirCommand)
    • Fix Note 7 SmartView issues
    • Remove bugged RandomMac
    • Improve WiFi Stability on some murata/semco chips
    • Move AR Stickers to Bloat (Saves ~80MB)
    • Add back Extra QS toggles option in Aroma

    CronosKernel V5.5
    • Note 7 (Bomb Edition) Support with MM Bootloader
    • Remove More excessive logging and disable SOFT_LOCK_UP
    • Reduced WiFi Wakelocks by default
    • Removed Knox NCM Driver (Bloat)
    • Disable security/audit at the kernel level
    • Switch to WestWood TCP by default
    • Disable GPU HMP Boosting as its wasteful
    • Overall improved UI Performance / Doze

    Floyd 3.0 - 07.20.2020

    • Updated and Rebased to G965FXXUAETG3 July Patch with OneUI 2.1 Base
    • Includes all the software fixes and updates from OneUI 2.1
    • Improved and simplified Most fixes to cause less issues
    • Full Keylight support
    • Integrated all previous mods, Fixes And Aroma features
    • Added MemorySaver Yuva Feature
    • Re-did Audio one more time with new configs
    • Fixed Notification LED hiccups
    • Fix BeautyMode Color, Jawline, Eyes adjustment
    • Remove unsupported camera effects to save space
    • Remove SNAPHAL which we dont support to save space
    • Add S20 HoneyBoard
    • Improve WiFi Stability by Fixing Bluetooth Firmware issues
    • Include unreleased V2.1 Changes and fixes
    • Enable AR Emojis (Not Create my emoji)
    • Make knox apps installed by default for Move2SD support (and make it more clear in aroma)
    • Remove "Extra CSC Toggles" which resets the order of toggles every boot
    • Disable Encryption to prevent broken data when switching to some kernels
    • Fixed inability to change photo resolution in camera
    • Updated ODM Package and re-merged all previous countries
    • Use Stock RAM Configs to help with background apps
    • Fixed an issue setting default OMC
    • Added FloydV1 OMC Behaviour. which might mitigate CidManager issue for some
    • Fixed CallDetails / Blocking Issues

    CronosKernel V5.0
    • Switched compiler back to GCC 4.9 (Instead of Linaro)
    • Revert to Oreo battery driver to reduce battery issues
    • Add battery swelling/health Data from stock
    • Disable STORE_MODE due to creating issues with charging rate
    • Fix Note 7 FE 70% Charge capacity
    • Disable broken touch gestures on Note 7 FE
    • Backport Latest ION driver from Exynos7870
    • Backport Latest Binder Driver from Exynos7870
    • Enabled updated Watchdog and DEBUG_INIT_EXIT_PANIC
    • Enabled misc Android Q configs
    • Reverted WiFi argos changes that caused instability and reduced download speeds on big files

    Floyd v2.0 - 06.20.2020

    Base Changes
    - Updated and Rebased to G965FXXS9DTD7 May Patch
    - Updated 8890 Blobs to N935FXXS7CTE1
    - Very Experimental Note 7 FE Support
    - Re-did the entire Rom from scratch with revised fixes
    - Slightly debloated the base
    - Fixed Base issues such as infinity wallpapers
    - Added new OMC package with upto ~170 Countries (including US/CA/KOR/ZTO,XID,ARO and much more)
    - Re-did and updated the vendor overlay
    - Updated and removed some of the bloatware in Aroma
    - Disable formatting cache to EXT4 on setup (and wipe it instead)
    - Disable unsupported Dual LTE
    - Add Hack to enable touchKey vibration
    - Clean-up unused S9 HALs and libs
    - Add a more stable Camera service
    - Fix magisk on Full permissive Kernels
    - Add Dolby on speaker
    - Remove LiveFocus fully
    - Fix AREmojis
    - Add LongPress Reboot to Recovery (Thanks @corsicanu)
    - update F2FS Mount flags (Thanks @diepquynh)
    - Improved WiFi Stability (Thanks @Ivan_Meler
    - Fixes for Tethering
    - Disable Broken FP Gestures from affecting system
    - Set both cameras to use 9:16 aspect ratio by default
    - Add GearVR Services (Thanks @zaper4life)
    - Remove unsupported MyEmoji maker (Due to size constraints)
    - Added front camera flash
    - Added camera burst shot
    - Add Oneui 2.1 keyboard (HoneyBoard thanks @Random-Tester)
    - Add prop improvements(Thanks @Random-Tester)
    - Camera shutter with heartrate sensor (Works 50% of the time)
    - Improvments and fixes to OMX and video playback/recording

    - Fixed Power profiles to reduce Heat and power draw
    - Fix CPU Frequency scaling getting stuck
    - updated and fixed issues with memtrack and Power HALs
    - Added Vulkan Support
    - Fixed a bug that caused charging to stall in some scenarios
    - Fixed issues that broke FastCharging
    - Fixed a bug that prevented apps from being moved to SDCard
    - Update more HALs to Q blobs
    - Remove broken samsung camera watermark
    - Fix Flashlight intensity sliders
    - Fix BeautyMode FC
    - Add samsung Camera quick lunch (Double press Power button)
    - Fix a buffer crash when using Camera to reduce its Lag
    - Make camera more stable when using 3rd party apps
    - Fix Seperate Sounds feature
    - Fix Bixby Vision
    - Update and fix BixbyVoice (Read F.A.Q for setup)
    - Fix a BUG that caused flashlight to remain on in some scenarios
    - Re-Worked Audio from scratch and Fixed various issues with Gain and Bass
    - Fixed an Audio bug that caused the phone to get muted randomly
    - Fixed Loud charging notification noise
    - Fixed NFC
    - Fixed Smart Cases being inverted
    - Fixed Broken touch with S-View case
    - Fixed Various issues with installation
    - Fix S-Protect FC
    - Fix Edge quicktools height issues
    - Various other fixes and improvments
    - Fix SlowMotion
    - Fix Lag/delay when opening security/biometrics
    - Fixed camera aspect ratio changing

    - Updated Wipe and mount scripts to work on Any TWRP
    - Add new Floyd Boot Animations
    - Add new CSC options
    - Add S10 Sounds
    - Update AdAway
    - Update Fonts and emojis
    - Add an option to remove all KNOX Apps
    - Add an option to install custom emojis system-wide (For notifs etc)
    - Update GoodLock Apps and add HomeUP
    - Updated CSC installation script to avoid issues were it gets stuck
    - Update most of the ROM scripts to make the installation faster
    - Add back BixbyVision in bloat
    - Various other minor changes

    - Update to CronosKernel V4.0
    - Removed LZ4 Broken support (Revert to stock lzo)
    - Remove certain battery wakelock control
    - Updated NFC driver for V2.0 (for future fixes)
    - Revert custom MM values back to stock
    - Disabled problematic Armv8.1 features
    - Enabled XT_TARGET_CT (Tethering fixes)
    - Removed NFC Wakelock control
    - More reverts to custom RAM/LZ4
    - Fixed smart covers on Q ROMs
    - Fixed NFC on Q ROMs
    - Disable a ton of wasteful debugging
    - Update interactive governor with S9 fixes / improvements (Thanks @nalasTS)
    - Let the CPU prefer to use lower Frequencies when high ones are not needed
    - Re-Tune Samsung input booster to be less aggressive
    - Disable hmp_boost from Argos / interactive Driver
    - Slightly improve touch response
    - Disable GPU little cores forced boosting (Reduce heat)
    - Fully disable GPU DVFS From the kernel level
    - Added HeliosScripts from pie
    - Added system & vendor etc/init.d support

    Floyd v1.0 - 04.20.2020
    - Initial Release[/HIDE]

    Read this F.A.Q While the rom is Downloading.

    NOTES :

    - After installation, leave your phone to build and optimize caches. which can take upto 15 minutes on clean flash. your phone will be HOT at this stage. If DirtyFlashing, it can take upto 30mins

    - Clean flash is always recommended to avoid issues especially with this release! if you faced weird issues/blackscreens/freezes a clean flash is recommended without smartswitch / samsungcloud restore

    - When upgrading from V6 to V7 some users faced FCs, and issues using internal data / taking screenshots and instability / freeze mainly while using enforcing option, for those users, you must format data in TWRP (Wipe > format data > YES) this will clear all of internal data which contains incompatible data from V6.
    i would again advise for a full clean flash when upgrading to V7

    OneUI 2.5 Related Notes
    - These are issues that are caused by OneUI 2.5 , that i have no power over to fix.

    1) Google Chrome sutter/freeze : github

    2) AllowedDevices list in hotspot : Github

    3) goodlock SountAssistant might limit audio : Github

    F.A.Q :

    V7.0 Related F.A.Q :

    Q : Should i use Enforcing ? What is it ? How to enable it

    A :
    - Selinux Enforcing can be enable by ticking ENFORCING option in AROMA installer
    - Enforcing adds restrictions and does not just allow anything to access anything
    - Enforcing will allow you to bypass MOST root detection and will allow many Banking apps to work again
    - If you want to use ROOT + Enforcing you are likely to need Magisk Hide (magisk v23) / Denylist (V24+) to retain banking apps etc
    - Selinux Enforcing is still "Testing" phase, but it should be stable for now
    - Settings does not show Selinux status, to know status you can type "getenforce" in terminal emulator
    - Enforcing ONLY works in the included Cronos V7.0 Kernel, and will be disabled if you change kernels

    Q : Note 7 Iris ?
    A :
    - Iris can be registered and enabled on Note 7 However it is still experimental, and is prone to causing a random reboot every few days
    - A test workaround is disabling "Screen on Iris Recognition"
    - In order to have IRIS Flash light torch intensity has been disabled, instead the torch will run at max brightness always

    Q : Infinity wallpapers ?
    A : Infinity wallpapers were removed due to out of date S9+ Builds, as samsung no longer ships updates for it

    Q : Games are Laggy/Pix-elated/Stutter/sucks/crashes
    A : Open GameLauncher > Top Left menu > Game Performance > Set Game performance to "Focus on PowerSaving" : Video

    Q : Phone is not charging / Discharging while charging
    A : Check your battery temperature, OneUI 2 wont charge when your battery is above 42C. there is no bypass to this

    Q : How to get Root ?
    A : Download Magisk and follow instructions (V23.0 Is recommended if you root + easy magisk hide. rename .apk to .zip and flash via twrp if your version is old)

    Q : SafetyNet ?
    A : The ROM Already contains bypasses and fixes for Safetynet without the need of magisk, however if you root, you must enable HIDE to restore Hiding for many apps

    V6.0 F.A.Q :

    Q : Random Audio Muting new workaround
    A : Incase you are still unlucky and get muting, in dialer type *#0*# and press speaker. this will restore your audio without rebooting

    Q : Heavy battery usage / Drain
    A : A recommendation i mentioned in my group (aside from boring calibration) is to charge your phone while its powered off multiple times.
    I.e whenever possible, charge your phone to 100 when its turned off.
    on oneui 2+ for some reason the battery charges from ~90 to 95% only, like there is a gap, which sometimes go as far as to 85% (system says 100% but if you charge offline it will be less than 100%)
    i started doing that recently and SOT on my S7 went from barley hitting 3 to hitting over 4 hours sometimes (with light usage tho)
    more info on the bug here https://github.com/ananjaser1211/FloydQ_Reports/issues/196 , i have not found a way to fix it yet

    Q : phone crashes overnight (Green LED only)
    A : There is no 100% method that works out of the box for "Everyone" However using the device for a day or two usually eliminates the issue fully. other workarounds include limiting charging capacity to 99% as shown below
    - To recover from this crash, long press volume down and power for 10 seconds until the phone reboots
    - This issue mostly happens on fresh clean installs, and goes away after few days of usage
    - Having AOD or ScreenSaver might reduce the issue (in my case it did)
    - Best suggestion is to either Not charge overnight for the first few days of the installation, or charge the phone while its powered off
    - limiting charging capacity to 99% seems to be the best option if you want a fix right away, you can do that by using MagiskModule ACC (adaptive charging controller) module + Its config app

    Q : GCAM Support?
    A : You have to use Android Q compatible GCAM Otherwise it will be stuck at processing, This version of UnixCamera by @mark199850 is supported. install it then go into camera settings and restart the gcam app

    Q : How to Adjust/Disable level of touch key vibration ?
    A : Go to settings > Sound and vibration > Vibration Intensity > Increase or decrease Touch Interaction (lowest will disable vibration)

    Q : How to Disable keylight without enabling PowerSaving ?
    A : Use this app to configure key light time out settings GalaxyButtons

    Q : Does this support X?
    A : This ROM supports All Exynos8890 devices (S7/S7E Note7 and Note7FE) and does not support Snapdragon models

    Q : I have Symlinks error / Rom wont go past splash
    A : As the AROMA Told you, don't pick all the bloat. and use default settings if you don't know otherwise
    A : If you previously installed Treble, and did not flash revert, Now is a good time. Your system might be too small

    Q : Device is running too hot
    A : If it was just set-up, Give it time and make sure everything is up-to-date.

    Q : What to do after the rom is setup ?
    A : Go to samsung apps, let the phone update everything except game booster

    Q : My phone does NOT boot help pls
    A : Ensure you have LATEST bootloader and modem installed, did all the wipes, and did your house chores.
    Addons, Fixes and other msic stuff will be posted here when needed

    V7.0 Patches / Hotfixes

    1) [Critical] HOTFIX : Download

    2) Floyd V7.0 WorkProfile/Knox WorkProfile Fix

    Optional, flash if you need WorkProfile or to use island app

    Download : Github

    3) Floyd V7.0 Aug 2022 Samsung GPS Critical update

    This is an update that rolled out for multiple samsung devices to fix 10-BIT Rollover GPS issues, for more information read here

    TLDR; This improves GPS accuracy and speed

    Download : Github

    V5.0 Patches (Do not use on V6.0)

    1) USSD Codes support (#0#) and QHD 60FPS Video recording + Removed 5 Minute recording limit in Samsung Camera

    For S7/S7E/N7/N7FE

    Download : Github

    Thanks @Cvolton for the Camera MODs

    2) Emoji Packs
    These are updated Emoji packages suitable for OneUI 2.5 . this will resolve the black boxes error seen in the keyboard when picking an emoji pack in aroma. Thanks to @FiestaLake for updating the emoji files and packing them up. download and flash the zip of the emoji pack you want

    Thanks @FiestaLake

    Download : Github

    3) 3rd Party call volume

    This patch is similar to the one from V4 minus some stuff, i am not sure why it is still required as 3rd party volume was resolved. but some people still face volume changing issues.
    This will fix the volume slider in whatsapp and so on. simply flash it in twrp

    Download :

    Avoid This patch, it is causing other audio issues, to resolve 3rd party call volume change, follow this workaround : Github

    Quick Guides and Notes
    These are the Notes in our Telegram Group, i will update it them when required

    How to DirtyFlash properly / Update from a version to another

    Note : Do this ONLY if i did not mention to CLEAN FLASH

    1) Take a TWRP backup for all your partitions (just to be safe)
    2) Wipe SYSTEM , Cache and Dalvik-cache
    3) Flash the ROM.zip
    4) In Aroma, select "No Wipe"
    5) Select your features

    Once the ROM finishes flashing, let it boot and leave the phone for ~30Mins to boot up and rebuild caches and "Upgrade"

    You will notice that it will say Updating after it boots if you came from V2>V3 or V3>V4 And so on, Just leave it optimize

    Warning : Your phone WILL get hot while dirty flashing and doing the Boot / optimization. so leave it rest

    How to Restore EFS from a ROM Generated Backup

    This only concerns Floyd and BlackDiamond ROM users. As while installing the ROM, it will automatically Create a binary Backup of your EFS Partition

    Note : The EFS.img backup gets replaced everytime you flash the ROM, so be sure NOT to flash the ROM when your EFS is broken, as it will delete your old save

    EFS backups are located at internal memory / EFSBackup/efs.img

    How to Restore EFS Image Backups

    Method 1 Using a PC (Recommended)

    1) Download loggingKit on your computer

    2) Extract it to a folder and press shift + right click mouse button > open powershell window here

    3) Connect your phone while its in TWRP

    4) in your power shell window type these commands

    ./adb shell

    dd if=/data/media/0/EFSBackup/efs.img of=/dev/block/platform/155a0000.ufs/by-name/EFS

    5) Your EFS Should be restored to the state it was in before you flashed the ROM

    Method 2 Using TWRP

    1) Go to TWRP > Advanced > Terminal
    2) Type the following command
    dd if=/data/media/0/EFSBackup/efs.img of=/dev/block/platform/155a0000.ufs/by-name/EFS

    How to setup F2FS for Userdata

    1) Download an F2FS Ready TWRP (MoroTwrp , or My TWRP / Note7 TWRP Here)
    2) Flash the TWRP.img or .ZIP within TWRP, if you are flashing moro, just flash it as a normal ZIP, if you are flashing my image, got to flash > press flash IMG > select my recovery.img > select Recovery Partition
    3) Reboot back into TWRP after flashing the new TWRP (very important)
    4) Wipe > advanced wipe > Data > CHANGE > F2FS (Your entire internal storage will be wiped out! this includes ALL data on the device, take a backup)
    5) Reboot and you will have DATA as F2FS
    4) Repeat the same step for CACHE

    Warning : DO NOT format system to F2FS, as booting from it is not supported

    V4.0 Patches (Not needed on V5)

    V4.0 Patches (Updated Aug 31 , 2020)

    1) Volume changing in 3rd party calls (Such as whatsApp , Imo) When reducing Volume it remains loud. This patch fixes that issue and might help to reduce or eliminate the Audio Muting bug (Still needs long term testing)

    For S7/S7E/N7/N7FE

    Download : Github

    Thanks @brkbsrn and @merdan85 for testing

    2) Optimizing Apps screen showing every time you reboot the device on the note7. this fixes that issue, after installing it should no longer show optimizing every boot, if it still does that, wipe dalvik-cache and cache and let it rebuild them one last time. it will stop showing optimizing

    For Note7 and Note7FE only, not required on S7/S7E

    Download : Github

    3) Enable AR Stickers. I made a mistake in the installation script that does not let AR Stickers show up in camera. Flash this patch only if you selected AR stickers

    For S7/S7E/N7/N7FE

    UPDATE SEPT 1 : ARStickerPack patch has been updated, to include the APKs since some forget to pick it up in aroma.
    also might have fixed a logic issue that caused install issues on some twrps

    Download : Github

    4) 1120 Fonts Pack When installing BOTH google fonts and samsung 1120 font pack, both stop showing up.
    this is due to both font packs being based on the same package name

    For S7/S7E/N7/N7FE

    Download : Github

    5) 5G Wireless hotspot
    This patch will enable 5G Hotspot again, regardless of what country your CSC is using. Samsung locked this for some reason in the most recent ODM update. i don't know if its a mistake on their part or what. Regardless, the bypass is enough to get it back and running

    P.S : This will hide IRIS from the note 7 devices, it does not work anyway so its not a big deal for now.

    For S7/S7E/N7/N7FE

    Thanks isbon007 for finding the BUG, and testing the fix

    Download : Github

    V2.0 Patches (Not needed on V3/V4)

    1) CronosKernel V4.5 [Critical] : Release Page

    V1.0 Patches (Do not Flash on V2.0)

    Patch 1 : Wifi Improvements

    This fixes issues caused by Bluetooth Low Energy constant scanning that breaks WiFi
    For more details and download : Here

    Patch 2 : Audio Improvments

    This Fixes a ton of issues with Audio, Audio quality, and so on
    For more details and download : Here

    Patch 3 : Kernel Update

    This has important changes in order to test the frequency of overnight charging bug and ram issues
    For more details and download : Here
    Enjoy this rom everyone, its been long time coming.

    Have fun!