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Nov 9, 2013
OnePlus 8
I'd like to thank SyberHexen and all others who have worked on this in their free time. I was especially pleasantly surprised to find for the first time with a custom rom on this phone, Sprint seems fully functional.
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Feb 6, 2010
I guess I'm in trouble. I downloaded Havoc, went into TWRP, wiped, installed it, wiped, and rebooted. I didn't read the instructions which say to install the firmware.

Now it boots, but after a few seconds freezes and reboots, I guess on watchdog.

I tried sideloading both firmwares but both fail with "Invalid zip file format. I did an adb push of both files while in TWRP, but they don't show up in the TWRP flash directory listing. Going into Console I can see they're there.

There's no info on the difference between the firmware files. Is one for Amazon phones? Fi phones? Should Retail work on either? What are these about?

Advice? No phone.


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Feb 6, 2010
I now understand that the first firmware link takes you to a series of directories, and it doesn't matter if I choose RETUS or FI, so I chose RETUS. And that the first firmware choice is for TWRP to automatically install the firmware files, and second pair of firmware links are for manual install of the firmware files.

Running TWRP 3.4.0 (the latest), I still get "Invalid zip file format" when I try to install XT1900-1_PAYTON_RETUS_9.0_PPWS29.69-39-6-6_subsidy-DEFAULT_regulatory-DEFAULT_CFC.xml.zip . I can see it's a good zip file on my laptop.

Why can't TWRP understand it?
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Feb 6, 2010
Nm, I got it.

I must be the only one not using any G**gle services, because none of the alternatives work on Android 10. I can not install any software nor restore any backups.

I tried to be so careful...


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I now understand that the first firmware link takes you to a series of directories, and it doesn't matter if I choose RETUS or FI, so I chose RETUS. And that the first firmware choice is for TWRP to automatically install the firmware files, and second pair of firmware links are for manual install of the firmware files.

Running TWRP 3.4.0 (the latest), I still get "Invalid zip file format" when I try to install XT1900-1_PAYTON_RETUS_9.0_PPWS29.69-39-6-6_subsidy-DEFAULT_regulatory-DEFAULT_CFC.xml.zip . I can see it's a good zip file on my laptop.

Why can't TWRP understand it?

This factory firmware is meant to be installed via fastboot (bootloader).

You extract the zip and flash from your computer.

Copy partition zip is meant to duplicate factory firmware to slot_b
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May 13, 2013
buenos aires
hello, it would be nice if you could format the sd card as internal storage in version 3.x, this is very valuable, thanks for your work.


Oct 11, 2016
any way to invert the hardware nav button functions?
like swipe right to go back instead of swipe left?


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Feb 6, 2010
Anyone know why we lost niceties like automatic speakerphone, and setting color of date/time?

Any why it often ignores fingerprint to open?


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Jan 11, 2012
Unable to get to the unlock prompt in August update, blank screen after boot animation is finished, pressing power button only switch on/off the backlight. No issue in July update. Device is XT1900-2 variant.


Aug 16, 2017
After 1 month of use, I have some comments as follows:
- Rom is very smooth and battery life is long. Very nice and a lot of customization.
- Fast launch, pretty multitasking
- Built-in call recording always on app (in many Pie versions, and a lot of recording apps I couldn't find any better).
>>>>>>>Everything compared to version 2.9 is a complete transformation.
Is there a few suggestions you can edit, for example :
- if the contact name is displayed on the call recording filename.
Dolby Audio is pretty good, but you can do the on / off option instead of setting it by default or I can install another audio app, such as Viper4android ... without any problems any conflict.
- The cast screen on the Sony Bravia KDL-42W804A, is not full HD.
Thank you very much. I hope to continue using your next Havoc versions in the near future.

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     * Your warranty is now void.
     * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards,
     * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please
     * do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM
     * before flashing it! YOU are choosing to make these modifications,


    Havoc-OS 3.x is based on AOSP, inspired by Google Pixel.
    Has a refined Material Design 2 UI crafted by @SKULSHADY.
    Many useful features that will blow your mind.
    All you can dream of and all you'll ever need.
    Just flash and enjoy...


    Material Design 2 UI
    Android R Style Screenrecord Dialog
    Rounded UI
    Inbuilt GApps (optional)
    Face Unlock
    Enhanced QS Battery Estimation
    Lockscreen Clocks
    Font Customisation
    Dark Theme Support for AOSP apps
    Notification LED Settings
    Pixel Lockscreen weather
    Signature Spoofing
    Micro-G support
    Lockscreen charging animation
    [SIZE="3"][B][U]Status Bar:[/B][/U][/SIZE]
    Clock & Date Settings
    Custom Logo
    Brightness Control Gesture
    Double Tap to Sleep
    Network Traffic Indicator Settings
    Carrier Label Settings
    Battery Icon Style/Percentage Settings
    Status Bar Icons Toggle
    HD/VoLTE Icon Toggle
    4G/LTE Icon Toggle
    Data Disable Icon Toggle
    Roaming Indicator Toggle
    Small Mobile Type Icon Toggle
    Bluetooth Battery Status Toggle
    [SIZE="3"][B][U]Quick Settings:[/B][/U][/SIZE]
    Quick Pulldown
    Smart Pulldown
    Battery Estimates Toggle
    Background Opacity
    Background Blur Configuration
    Header Image Configuration
    QS Customisations
      Tile Title
      Vibrate on Touch
    Brightness Slider Customization
      Brightness Slider On Bottom/Top/Hidden
      Auto Brightness Icon
      Brightness Control Buttons
    QS Footer Customization
      Settings Icon
      Running Services Icon
      Edit Icon
      User Switcher Icon
    [SIZE="3"][B][U]Ambient Display:[/B][/U][/SIZE]
    Show/Hide Battery Level
    Ambient Options
      Always On
      Always On When Charging
      Wakeup On New Notifications
      Wakeup on New Music (Music Ticker)
      Sensor Based Screen Wakeup (Tilt/Hand Wave/Pocket)
      Double Tap for Ambient Display
    Ambient/Always On Display Brightness Configuration
    Corners Customisation
      Rounded Corner Radius
      Corner Content Padding
    Legacy App Scaling
      Force Higher Aspect Ratio for Selected Apps
      Nav Bar Toggle
      System Navigation Type
      Arrows Keys
    Volume Buttons
      Swap Keys
      Volume Steps
      Long Press to Seek Tracks
      Keyboard Cursor Control
      Volume Rocker Wakeup
      Volume keys Answer Call
    Power Button
      Power Menu Customization
      Lockscreen Options
        Visibility on the Lockscreen
        Advanced Reboot
        Screenshot Option
      Screen-Off Torch
        Double Tap Power Button
        Long Press Power Button
    Back Gesture
      Arrow Animation toggle
      Long Swipe Type (Swipe and Hold/Swipe Edge to Edge)
      Long Swipe Timeout
      Long Left/Right Swipe Action
      Haptic Feedback toggle
    Jump To Camera
    System Navigation Settings
    Prevent Ringing Gesture
    Swipe To Screenshot
    Touchscreen Gestures
    Double Tap to Sleep
    Media Cover Art
    Media Cover Art Blur Level
    Music Visualiser
      Pocket Detection
      Screen Off FOD
      Show Icon
      Recognizing Animation
      FP Authentication Vibration
      FP error Vibration
    Elements Customisation
      Status Bar
      Quick Settings
      Lock Icon
      Charging Info
      Blink for incoming call
      Blink for Call Waiting
      Edge Lighting Customisation
    Status Bar
      Heads Up
      FC Notifications
      Kill App Button
      Noisy Notifications
    Animation Duration
    System Animation customization
    QS Tile Animation Customisation
    [SIZE="3"][B][U]Battery Saving:[/B][/U][/SIZE]
    Smart Pixels
    Suspend Actions
    Gaming Mode
    Wake Up on Charge
    Charging Animation
    Screenshot Type (Full/Partial)
    Adaptive Playback
    Playback Timeout (30sec/1min/2min/5min/10min)
    [SIZE="3"][B][U]Other Features:[/B][/U][/SIZE]
    Vibration & Haptics Customization
    Notch Hide Settings
    Seperate ringtone for SIM1&2
    Screen Refresh Rate (For Supported Devices)
    ALways On Display
    Smart Charging
      Styles and Wallpapers
      Dark Theme
      Accent Colour
      Icon Shape
    [SIZE="3"][B][U]QS Tile Shortcuts:[/B][/U][/SIZE]
      Heads Up tile
      Caffeine tile
      CPU info tile
      Smart pixel tile
      Live Caption
      Screenrecord tile
      Gaming Mode tile
      Screenshot tile
      LTE tile
      Music Tile
      Switch Data Card Tile
      Reboot Tile
      Reading Mode
      Gaming Mode
      Sound Search
      Compass Tile


    Founder & Lead Developer:
    SKULSHADY (Anushek Prasal)

    Support Team:
    theo.j22 (Tushar Jain)


    If you like our work then please consider donating.
    PayPal: https://www.paypal.me/ANUSHEK
    UPI: [email protected]
    Maintainer PayPal: https://www.paypal.me/SyberHexen


    ROM: Havoc-OS Latest Official Build
    Recovery: Official TWRP
    Open GApps: https://sourceforge.net/projects/opengapps/files/arm64/
    Magisk: Magisk
    Factory Firmware: PPW29.69-26 "PIE" or Newer

    Firmware_ONLY: [These Firmware Only Zips Update Just the Hardware on BOTH "Slot-A"&"Slot-B"]
    ** I.E. Bootloader, Radio, Bluetooth, Audio etc.. (Only whats needed for running Custom Roms) **


    "Copy Partitions Zip" - courtesy of @filipepferraz
    (To setup "Slot B")


    01. Download the ROM, Firmware and GApps from the links above.
    02. If you're coming from Oreo Flash the PIE Firmware (Factory Image or Firmware_ONLY) for your device.
    03. Use terminal to boot latest twrp.img "fastboot boot twrp.img"
    04. Create backup. i.e. EFS

    ## YOU ONLY NEED THIS STEP ONCE.. When updating Firmwares ##
    05.At this point Flash "Copy Partitions Zip" In TWRP "SLOT A"

    06. Flash the ROM and TWRP installer.
    07. Choose Reboot -> Recovery
    08. Install GApps & Magisk.
    09. Reboot -> Bootloader
    10. fastboot -w
    11. Reboot and Enjoy.

    *Note-1: Slots, ROMS install to opposite (inactive) slot
    If you FLASHED ROM from "Slot A", then ROM is installed to "Slot B", If you Flashed ROM from "Slot B", then ROM is installed to "Slot A"

    *Note-2: Firmwares
    * Recommended to install to "Slot A" unless you have PIE firmware fully installed on "Slot B" (you can achieve this with Firmware_ONLY Links or copypartitions.zip ran from Slot_A after a full stock update)

    *Note-3: Updating "Dirty Flash"
    01. Flash ROM + TWRP installer.
    02. Reboot -> Recovery
    02. Install Gapps + Magisk
    03. Reboot -> System


    LineageOS (https://github.com/LineageOS)
    Crdroid (https://github.com/crdroidandroid)
    Pixel Experience (https://github.com/PixelExperience)
    Nitrogen Project (https://github.com/nitrogen-project)
    Omnirom (https://github.com/omnirom)
    And all the other Developers, Testers, Donators and Users.


    XDA:DevDB Information
    Havoc-OS 3.x ROM for Moto X4, ROM for the Moto X4

    SyberHexen, SKULSHADY, erfanoabdi
    Source Code: https://github.com/Havoc-OS/

    ROM OS Version: Android 10
    ROM Kernel: Linux 4.x
    ROM Firmware Required: 9.0 PIE

    Version Information
    Status: Stable

    Created 2019-01-15
    Last Updated 2020-07-12
    ##### Havoc-OS v2.6 Official Build #####

    Moto x4 (payton) Update 08-06-2019

    Maintainer: @SyberHexen

    Havoc-OS v2.6 Changelog 04-06-19:
    • Merged June security patches
    • Added an animation for charging
    • Added back Night Light
    • Added battery saving mode for location
    • Added toggle for lockscreen charging animation
    • Changed Android Q clock to Accent color
    • Updated Lawnchair to alpha-2081
    • Some more fixes/improvements

    Havoc-OS v2.6 Changelog 07-06-19:
    • Added new Gaming mode
    (Havoc Settings > Misc)
    • Added a toggle for charging animation
    • Added Battery temp in battery usage
    • Fixed analog clocks not refreshing in AOD
    • Improved Android Q clock related stuff
    • Some more fixes/improvements

    Device Changelog:-
    * sdm660-common: GPS: merge CAF tag 'LA.UM.7.2.r1-07000-sdm660.0'
    * sdm660-common: data-ipa-cfg-mgr: Udate from CAF tag 'LA.UM.7.2.r1-07000-sdm660.0'

    Kernel Changelog:-
    * Reverted some changes for stability
    * Update Wireless: CAF TAG: LA.UM.7.2.r1-07000-sdm660.0

    Download Link: http://bit.ly/payton-08-06-2019
    ##### Havoc-OS v2.7 Official Build #####

    Moto x4 (payton) Update 24-07-2019

    Changelog: https://t.me/Havoc_OS/1289

    Maintainer: @SyberHexen

    Device Changelog:-
    * Define Google play service package for FRP
    * Disable alt ambient display
    * Build vr.sdm660 hal
    * Import CarrierConfig vendor overlay
    * List additional native libraries to expose to apps
    * Update GPS from CAF TAG 'LA.UM.7.2.r1-07200-sdm660.0'
    * Downgrade GNSS to v1.0

    Kernel Changelog:-
    * Upstream Kernel --> [4.4.186]

    Download Link: http://bit.ly/payton-24-07-2019
    update 10/05/2019

    New release, Main post updated - ROM: Havoc-OS-v2.5-20190510-payton-Official.zip
    SyberHexen said:
    Device Specific Changes
    Device Changelog:-

    * Restore LineageLiveDisplay and bring in v2.0
    * Enable WiFI MAC Randomization Toggle
    * Update LineageActions from MotoNash
    * Support Dual WiFi Interface for tethering
    * Update from CAF tag 'LA.UM.7.2.r1-06900-sdm660.0'
    * Implement Moto CarrierID Matrix
    * Update CarrierConfig & overlays
    * Drop HEH Filename Encrytion
    * Increase maximum number of BSS in memory
    * Enable dirty ratios
    * Overlay: fix signal strength visual bug
    * Overlay: Set max visible notification icons

    Kernel Changelog:-
    * Update defconfig [X-Payton-1.4]
    * Upstream Kernel [4.4.178] --> [4.4.179]
    * Removed Klapse (Kernel LiveDisplay)
    * Merge CAF TAG: LA.UM.7.2.r1-06900-sdm660.0
    * Update Wireless CAF TAG: LA.UM.7.2.r1-06900-sdm660.0

    Havoc Changelog:-
    • Merged May security patches
    • Added LiveDisplay
    • Added Pocket Judge
    • Added Force fullscreen for apps
    (Thanks to @jhenrique09)
    • Added fingerprint support for OP6T
    • Added Lockscreen visualizer customizations
    • Added Android Q style battery icon
    • Added Reading mode QS tile
    • Added advanced location tile options
    • Improved QS detail view
    • Changed NFC icon
    • Removed proximity check on wake
    • Fixed Battery icon padding
    • Fixed In-call UI layout
    • Fixed three finger swipe for screenshot
    • Fixed statusbar icon animation

    • Added Smart charging
    • Improved FP in Pocket mode
    • Fixed notification lag
    • Fixed SystemUI crash when language is set to Spanish
    Am i dreaming or was the last update 26 days ago? (Just asking to clarify)

    You're not dreaming.

    I'm test driving new release, and plan to release after I get home from work today. =3