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Oct 28, 2017
This Rom is Built using V7.0 Beta version of my Kernel Moun Kernel
Moun Kernel Features as of now
• Based on 4.9
• Kcal color control / i added that but still cant see it in Kernel Auditor that needs some digging
• Speed up boot
• Adreno Idler
• Sound Control / need to fix some stuff and will add it back
• Fast Charge
• exfat Support
• WireGuard VPN tunnel support
• LZ4 compression for ZRAM
• Boeffla Wakelock blocker
• Enabled Interactive Gov
• Added Blu Schedutil (this is basically a clone of the EAS Gov used in the Pixel 3)
• UpToDate with linux and Caf stable
• More Coming SOON

Please give me the link to Moun kernel based on 4.9


Feb 10, 2018
Hi people,

Not working swipe fingerprint to open notifications and/or swipe fingerprint to dismiss notifications.

someone else happens??.


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    Havoc-OS 3.x is based on AOSP, inspired by Google Pixel.
    Has a refined Material Design 2 UI crafted by @SKULSHADY.
    Many useful features that will blow your mind.
    All you can dream of and all you'll ever need.
    Just flash and enjoy...


    Material Design 2 UI
    Android R Style Screenrecord Dialog
    Rounded UI
    Inbuilt GApps (optional)
    Face Unlock
    Enhanced QS Battery Estimation
    Lockscreen Clocks
    Font Customisation
    Dark Theme Support for AOSP apps
    Notification LED Settings
    Pixel Lockscreen weather
    Signature Spoofing
    Micro-G support
    Lockscreen charging animation
    [SIZE="3"][B][U]Status Bar:[/B][/U][/SIZE]
    Clock & Date Settings
    Custom Logo
    Brightness Control Gesture
    Double Tap to Sleep
    Network Traffic Indicator Settings
    Carrier Label Settings
    Battery Icon Style/Percentage Settings
    Status Bar Icons Toggle
    HD/VoLTE Icon Toggle
    4G/LTE Icon Toggle
    Data Disable Icon Toggle
    Roaming Indicator Toggle
    Small Mobile Type Icon Toggle
    Bluetooth Battery Status Toggle
    [SIZE="3"][B][U]Quick Settings:[/B][/U][/SIZE]
    Quick Pulldown
    Smart Pulldown
    Battery Estimates Toggle
    Background Opacity
    Background Blur Configuration
    Header Image Configuration
    QS Customisations
      Tile Title
      Vibrate on Touch
    Brightness Slider Customization
      Brightness Slider On Bottom/Top/Hidden
      Auto Brightness Icon
      Brightness Control Buttons
    QS Footer Customization
      Settings Icon
      Running Services Icon
      Edit Icon
      User Switcher Icon
    [SIZE="3"][B][U]Ambient Display:[/B][/U][/SIZE]
    Show/Hide Battery Level
    Ambient Options
      Always On
      Always On When Charging
      Wakeup On New Notifications
      Wakeup on New Music (Music Ticker)
      Sensor Based Screen Wakeup (Tilt/Hand Wave/Pocket)
      Double Tap for Ambient Display
    Ambient/Always On Display Brightness Configuration
    Corners Customisation
      Rounded Corner Radius
      Corner Content Padding
    Legacy App Scaling
      Force Higher Aspect Ratio for Selected Apps
      Nav Bar Toggle
      System Navigation Type
      Arrows Keys
    Volume Buttons
      Swap Keys
      Volume Steps
      Long Press to Seek Tracks
      Keyboard Cursor Control
      Volume Rocker Wakeup
      Volume keys Answer Call
    Power Button
      Power Menu Customization
      Lockscreen Options
        Visibility on the Lockscreen
        Advanced Reboot
        Screenshot Option
      Screen-Off Torch
        Double Tap Power Button
        Long Press Power Button
    Back Gesture
      Arrow Animation toggle
      Long Swipe Type (Swipe and Hold/Swipe Edge to Edge)
      Long Swipe Timeout
      Long Left/Right Swipe Action
      Haptic Feedback toggle
    Jump To Camera
    System Navigation Settings
    Prevent Ringing Gesture
    Swipe To Screenshot
    Touchscreen Gestures
    Double Tap to Sleep
    Media Cover Art
    Media Cover Art Blur Level
    Music Visualiser
      Pocket Detection
      Screen Off FOD
      Show Icon
      Recognizing Animation
      FP Authentication Vibration
      FP error Vibration
    Elements Customisation
      Status Bar
      Quick Settings
      Lock Icon
      Charging Info
      Blink for incoming call
      Blink for Call Waiting
      Edge Lighting Customisation
    Status Bar
      Heads Up
      FC Notifications
      Kill App Button
      Noisy Notifications
    Animation Duration
    System Animation customization
    QS Tile Animation Customisation
    [SIZE="3"][B][U]Battery Saving:[/B][/U][/SIZE]
    Smart Pixels
    Suspend Actions
    Gaming Mode
    Wake Up on Charge
    Charging Animation
    Screenshot Type (Full/Partial)
    Adaptive Playback
    Playback Timeout (30sec/1min/2min/5min/10min)
    [SIZE="3"][B][U]Other Features:[/B][/U][/SIZE]
    Vibration & Haptics Customization
    Notch Hide Settings
    Seperate ringtone for SIM1&2
    Screen Refresh Rate (For Supported Devices)
    ALways On Display
    Smart Charging
      Styles and Wallpapers
      Dark Theme
      Accent Colour
      Icon Shape
    [SIZE="3"][B][U]QS Tile Shortcuts:[/B][/U][/SIZE]
      Heads Up tile
      Caffeine tile
      CPU info tile
      Smart pixel tile
      Live Caption
      Screenrecord tile
      Gaming Mode tile
      Screenshot tile
      LTE tile
      Music Tile
      Switch Data Card Tile
      Reboot Tile
      Reading Mode
      Gaming Mode
      Sound Search
      Compass Tile


    Founder & Lead Developer:
    SKULSHADY (Anushek Prasal)

    Support Team:
    theo.j22 (Tushar Jain)


    If you like our work then please consider donating.
    PayPal: https://www.paypal.me/ANUSHEK
    UPI: [email protected]

    Mountaser Halak's PayPal: paypal.me/MountaserHalak



    Clean Flash

    Download the ROM, Firmware and GApps from the links above.
    - Flash latest firmware.
    - Download latest build & gapps.
    - Boot into latest TWRP.
    - Wipe system, cache & data.
    - Flash the ROM
    - Flash twrp installer (no need for that if you are using @CosmicDans new TWRP)
    - Reboot back to recovery
    - flash Magisk.

    AIO Treble Clean Flash (not available on ten yet)

    Download the ROM, Firmware and GApps from the links above.
    - Flash latest firmware.
    - Download latest build & gapps.
    - Flash Cosmic Dan's TWRP
    - Repartition to create Vendor Partition (all explained in Cosmic's Treble thread)
    - Wipe system, cache & data.
    - Flash the AIO ROM
    - Reboot back to recovery
    - flash Magisk.​

    Update (Dirty Flash)
    For Updating just do the same without wiping data​

    Seamless OTA Update (not available on ten yet)
    CAUTION : This method works best with small Gapps packs, aroma Gapps with alot of options and edits may cause a bootloop or some Gapps would disappear after the update.
    - Download & install OTA update,let the installation finished (DON'T REBOOT YET)
    - Flash TWRP Retention A/B via magisk. Download here or you can find it on magisk download section (DON'T REBOOT YET)
    - Install magisk to inactive slot ( After OTA)
    - Reboot​


    LineageOS (https://github.com/LineageOS)
    Crdroid (https://github.com/crdroidandroid)
    Pixel Experience (https://github.com/PixelExperience)
    Nitrogen Project (https://github.com/nitrogen-project)
    Omnirom (https://github.com/omnirom)
    @flex1911 for his work on 4.9 kernel
    @abhinavagrd_1129 for his help fixing some initial bugs
    And all the other Developers, Testers, Donators and Users.


    XDA:DevDB Information
    HavocOS V3.9 Official for the Mi A1, ROM for the Xiaomi Mi A1

    mountaser halak
    Source Code: https://github.com/mountaser/Moun_Kernel_Tissot/commits/9.0-4.9-2

    ROM OS Version: Android 10
    ROM Kernel: Linux 4.x
    ROM Firmware Required: firmware_V10.0.4.0.PDHMIFK
    Based On: AOSP

    Version Information
    Status: Stable

    Created 2018-11-22
    Last Updated 2020-10-03


    This Rom is Built using slightly modified version of my Kernel Moun Kernel
    to get the full Moun Kernel experience and to stay more UpToDate with the upstreams and features head to the Moun Kernel XDA Thread and flash the latest zip file
    • Based on 4.9
    • EAS
    • Spectrum support
    • Kcal color control
    • Power Suspend
    • Speed up boot
    • Battery optimizations
    • Adreno Idler
    • Sound Control
    • Boeffla Wakelock Blocker
    • exfat Support
    • Full F2FS Support
    • WireGuard VPN tunnel support
    • WireGuard importer
    • LZ4 compression for ZRAM
    • State Notifier
    • Blu Schedutil (this is basically a clone of the EAS Gov used in the Pixel 3)
    • DNS
    • UpToDate with linux stable
    • UpToDate with CAF Patches

    • Added Official Face Unlock (only official builds got this)
    • Updated All libs to the latest Caf LA.UM.8.6.2.r1-08400-89xx.0
    • Added System integrated App Lock
    • Improved Pocket Lock
    • Improved Face Unlock
    • Added option to cycle through ringer modes
    • Added translations for a few languages
    • Merged September Security Patch
    • Improved Pocket Lock
    • Improved FOD
    • Improved Screen Recording
    • Improved Aspect ratio hack
    • Improved Lockscreen Visualizer
    • Improved Fingerprint Unlock speed
    • Improved Face Unlock
    • Updated Face Unlock Service
    • Fixed Auto Night Mode when location is off
    • Added App volume row to volume dialog
    • Added support for MiSound FX
    • Added translations for a few languages
    • Merged August Security Patch
    • Added Expanded volume panel
    • Added Linotte font
    • Added touch response optimizations
    • Added back Permissions hub in GApps builds
    • Added toggle to disable permissions hub
    • Added VOOC charging support
    • Added Home button wake support
    • Extended NavBar Pulse to LockScreen
    • Moved some settings into Media section
    • Improved Clipboard access toasts
    • Improved Carrier label settings
    • Added translations for a few languages
    • Other fixes and improvements
    • Added toast notification for clipboard access
    • Added Lockscreen timeout configuration
    • Added Pulse navbar audio visualizer
    • Added toggle to disable dashboard tiles
    • Added notification counters
    • Added haptic feedback to SeekBar
    • Added translations
    • Fixed Network traffic visibility on theme change
    • Fixed Preference text overlap with switch bar
    • Improved Immersive display cutout mode
    • Improved VoLTE/VoWiFi icon code
    • Improved QS panel auto brightness toggle
    • Moved owner info to the left for Type clock
    • Other fixes and improvements
    • Merged July Security Patch
    • Added Per app network isolation
    • Added VoWiFi statusbar icon
    • Added VoLTE icon from OOS 10
    • Added VPN QS tile
    • Added ability to show daily data usage
    • Added toggle to force custom doze brightness
    • Added icon shapes from Android R
    • Added QS tile accent tint
    • Added QS statusbar style
    • Added Raise to wake
    • Added toggle to disable SIM
    • Added Edge light animation direction
    • Added Edge light Faded/Solid view
    • Added configurable sensor block package list
    • Added Ringtone focus mode
    • Improved QS detail view layout
    • Improved AOD QS tile
    • Improved Biometric dialog
    • Improved AOD charge settings
    • Improved IME space toggle code
    • Fixed Notification guts color in dark theme
    • Fixed Network speed format for 10*KB
    • Fixed custom theme crash in landscape mode
    • Fixed App drawer background transparency
    • Decreased USB-Debugging notification priority


    • **missing face unlock will be added next build
    • Update blobs from LA.UM.8.6.2.r1-07100-89xx.0
    • Fix mic releated issues
    • Fixed gps
    • Moun Kernel V10.0 built in
    • Added Spectrum Support built in
    • Merged June Security Patch
    • Added Status bar notification ticker
      (Only for devices without a notch)
    • Added 4 new clocks
    • Added TextClock translations
    • Added Battery Bar
    • Added Sensor block per package switch
    • Added Rounded hexagon icon overlay
    • Added some accent color overlays
    • Updated some GApps
    • Switched to Shady Launcher
    • Improved network traffic icon holder
    • Cleaned up some fonts
    • Fixed bootanimation stutter
    • Fixed Wallpaper bug that caused bootloop
    • Other fixes and improvements
    • Added Face Unlock (Only for Official)
    • Added Notch hide settings
    • Added some new Fonts
    • Added Smart Pulldown
    • Added OOS styled Network speed indicator
    • Added Network speed indicator modes
    • Added Network speed indicator refresh interval
    • Added Navigation Bar QS tile
    • Added Switch to 3G mode to suspend actions
    • Added Hotspot setting to allow VPN upstreams
    • Added Dark theme support to AOSP apps
    • Added setting to set the default GPU renderer
    • Improved Mobile Data QS tile
    • Fixed Screenrecord crash
    • Other fixes and improvements
    • Merged May Security Patch
    • Added 2 Lockscreen clocks
    • Added 5 Primary theme colors
    • Added Percentage inside battery icon
    • Added Notification LED settings
    • Added toggle to show icon with Screen Off FOD
    • Synced battery icon in settings with status bar
    • Fixed Phone ringtone setting for Multi SIM device
    • Fixed 2nd QS tile row disappearing in landscape
    • Fixed Freeform windows
    • Removed Face unlock
    • Other fixes and improvements
    • Added Per-app cellular data, vpn and wifi restrictions
    • Added Screen off FOD
    • Added Swipe up on keyguard to use Face Unlock
    • Added toggle to hide space below keyboard when navbar is hidden
    • Added internal audio recording to screenrecord
    • Added a bitrate selector to screenrecord
    • Improved Screenrecord dialog layout
    • Removed LTE tile
    • Fixed TypeClock layout
    • Fixed Flashlight action for buttons and gestures
    • Fixed duplicate charging status on keyguard
    • Fixed keygugard layout with face unlock
    • Other fixes and improvements
    • Merged April Security Patch
    • Added Face unlock
    • Added new bootanimation (Thanks to @Mithrandirx96)
    • Added Adaptive playback
    • Added Music heads up on new tracks
    • Added toggle for fingerprint animation
    • Improved Less boring headsup
    • Fixed Custom lockscreen wallpaper
    • Fixed Android Auto
    • Fixed Charging status in keyguard shown twice
    • Fixed Bluetooth turning on in airplane mode
    • Removed touch gestures settings on unsupported devices
    • Other fixes and improvements
    • Added Android R style Screenrecord dialog
    • Added FOD circle below pattern/pin view
    • Added panels for some QS tiles on long press
    • Added haptic feedback to Switches
    • Added Notification log
    • Added Skip/Previous Song function to back gesture actions
    • Improved Navbar toggle code
    • Fixed minimize keyboard navbar button
    • Moved fullscreen gesture setting to navbar gesture length
    • Other fixes and improvements
    • Added ADB root
    • Added double arrow for extended swipe gesture
    • Added navigation handle length customization
    • Improved QS blur
    • Improved running services fragment layout
    • Removed Screen off animations
    • Cleaned up and improved Config Center
    • Other fixes and improvements

    • Init Gapps and None Gapp build
    • Kernel upstream to 4.9.216 (thanks @vantoman)
    • Updated power profile from ysl
    • Removed aux blacklist
    • Fixed Vendor Mismatch issue
    • Merged March Security Patch
    • Added long swipe back gesture actions
    • Added setting to toggle Navbar
    • Added Navbar buttons customizations
    • Added option to show Arrow keys while typing
    • Added some more Button backlight options
    • Added FOD animation from OOS
    • Added setting to clamp min auto brightness
    • Added FPS Info QS tile for some devices
    • Added option to always show Edge lighting
    • Added Notification color option for Edge lighting
    • Fixed Edge lighting repeat count
    • Improved UI theming
    • Changed ADB over network tile icon
    • Cleaned up Config Center
    • Moved volume steps preference to Sound
    • Moved some gesture toggles to Config Center
    • Other fixes and improvements
    • Added QS background blur
    • Added Vibration patterns from OOS
    • Added Screen Stabilization QS tile
    • Added AOD QS tile
    • Added Sound QS tile
    • Added Ambient as a gesture action
    • Added Wake device as a gesture action
    • Added Dark theme scheduling settings
    • Added Battery temperature in Battery stats
    • Added Back gesture haptic feedback toggle
    • Added Permission group for signature spoofing
    • Added Edge lighting repeats setting
    • Improved Edge lighting color modes
    • Improved Small mobile type icons
    • Improved Cellular QS tile
    • Improved Gesture actions list theme
    • Moved In-Call Vibration settings to Sound
    • Removed AoD opt-in from Setup Wizard
    • Disabled LiveDisplay low power consumption
    • Fixed ThemePicker crash with Live wallpaper
    • Fixed video playback issues
    • Fixed swipe gesture causing keyboard crash
    • Fixed opening messaging app with gestures
    • Fixed gesture dialog SeekBar color in light theme
    • Fixed extra page in QS when the last page is full
    • Fixed Failed unlock attempt dialog button
    • Fixed incorrect position of FOD on keyguard
    • Optimized some things
    • Other fixes and improvements
    • Merged AOSP r27 tag (February Security Patch)
    • Added extended screenshot port from OOS
    • Added Power off charging animation from Pixel
    • Updated some icons to MD2
    • Updated raw animations from Pixel 4 XL
    • Improved Styles and wallpapers app
    • Improved QS panel layout
    • Improved partial screenshot
    • Improved Airplane mode
    • Removed Aggressive battery
    • Removed some ugly clock styles
    • Other fixes and improvements
    • Added new Partial screenshot implementation
    • Added icon for Private dns
    • Added more Custom clocks
    • Improved Styles and wallpapers app
    • Improved theming in Settings
    • Improved QS multiuser icon animation
    • Fixed Statusbar Camera icon size
    • Fixed Screen off animations
    • Removed Overlays from apps list
    • Other fixes and improvements
    • Added Samsung like lockscreen clock
    • Added toggle to hide lock status icon
    • Added Screen off animations
    • Added dark blue primary color
    • Changed back gesture height intervals
    • Improved Sound Search QS tile
    • Improved QS statusbar and header layout
    • Fixed textApperance for some dialogs
    • Fixed mobile data usage in qs detail
    • Switched to Cloudflare DNS as the default fallback
    • Updated Pixel launcher
    • Updated Bluetooth battery level icons
    • Other fixes and improvements
    • Merged AOSP r25 tag (January Security Patch)
    • Added Lineage Touch HAL support for gestures
    • Added toggle to disable Notifications vibration
    • Added Sensor block per-package
    • Added Square and cylinder icon shapes
    • Added Sync QS Tile
    • Added toggle to hide pill in full gestural nav mode
    • Added App version on apk installation dialog
    • Added gradient subs theme support for QS tiles
    • Allowed Lockscreen art blur to be set to 0
    • Removed Date and weather from Text clock
    • Fixed Text clock translations
    • Fixed lock icon stuck in AoD
    • Improved Power button flashlight toggle
    • Improved brightness slider layout
    • Improved ColorPicker layout
    • Replaced AOSP keyboard with GBoard
    • Updated some prebuilt apps
    • Other fixes and improvements

    [*]Init Q

    • Updated vendor to the latest Blobs
    • Moun Kernel V9.0
    • Re-added call recording
    • Merged September security patch
    • Added New Recorder app with audio support
    • Added Lockscreen Date styles
    • Added OP gestures haptic feedback toggle
    • Added Circle battery style from PA
    • Added Default data SIM switcher in CellularTile
    • Added edit action on screenshot notification
    • Improved Media seekbar in notification
    • Other fixes and improvements
    • Added Extended screenshot function
    • Added new implementation for In-display fingerprint sensors
    • Added hotspot setting to allow VPN upstreams
    • Added support for internal audio recording
    • Added mapping files for DualShock3 and DualShock4
    • Added keylayout for Xbox One USB controller
    • Improved Battery estimates toggle
    • Improved LiveDisplay
    • Fixed constant FC on certain devices
    • Fixed NotificationColorUtil logspam
    • Fixed wrong data usage in QS tile
    • Fixed wrong locale causing reboot in recovery
    • Other fixes and improvements
    • Added Gesture Anywhere
    • Added NFC Sounds
    • Added translations for Text Clock
    • Changed Text Clock color to Wallpaper based
    • Improved Battery Estimates
    • Improved Pocket Lock
    • Improved App info
    • Improved Sound settings
    • Fixed PiP for Multi-user
    • Removed QS tile overlays from app list
    • Updated Lawnchair to alpha-2338
    • Other fixes and improvements

    • Merged June security patches
    • Improved Display Power On Delay
    • Added an animation for charging
    • Added back Night Light
    • Added battery saving mode for location
    • Added toggle for lockscreen charging animation
    • Changed Android Q clock to Accent color
    • Updated Lawnchair to alpha-2081
    • Some more fixes/improvements

    • Updated Vendor libs from the latest Stock
    • Moun Kernel V8.1
    • Kernel Upstream to 4.9.176
    • Caf and Drivers Upstreams
    • WiFi Driver Prima Upstreams
    • Techpack Audio Driver Upstreams
    • Fixed F2FS support
    • Optimized the size of statusbar icons on the right
    • Smart Charging compatibility improvements
    • Increased media art blur
    • Added more actions for HW keys/Navbar
    • Fixed SystemUI crash when Portugese is set as system language
    • Fixed disappearing Q clock
    • Fixed Amber accent color
    • Fixed Home button while ringing
    • Fixed Battery estimates showing in statusbar
    • Added Android Q like Settings searchbar
    • Added support for Pixel 3 live wallpapers on Ambient display
    • Added network traffic back to the statusbar for devices with notch
    • Added Lineage Touch HAL support
    • Added Via browser
    • Switched back to the old Music ticker
    • Improved Lockscreen visualizer
    • Improved QS edit layout
    • Improved Battery estimates switching
    • Disabled Battery estimates by default
    • Fixed SystemUI crash for some users
    • Fixed Smart charging for some devices
    • Fixed Aggressive battery auto mode
    • Added Enhanced battery estimates in QS
    • Added bolt when charging for Text battery style
    • Added seekbar to media notification
    • Added accents from Android Q
    • Added outdoor mode in LiveDisplay tile
    • Moved Music ticker to KeyguardSlice like Android Q
    • Improved statusbar icons alignment
    • Improved Android Q clock
    • Fixed SystemUI crash with auto face unlock
    • Added toggle to enable FP detection in Pocket mode
    • Improved date layout with text clock
    • Improved Pocket mode UI
    • Removed forced battery % when charging
    • Fixed NavBar tuner crash when using Oreo QS style
    • Fixed theming of notification shelf dot
    • Updated translations
    • Added Smart charging
    • Improved FP in Pocket mode
    • Fixed notification lag
    • Fixed SystemUI crash when language is set to Spanish
    • Merged May security patches
    • Added LiveDisplay
    • Added Pocket Judge
    • Added Force fullscreen for apps
    • Added fingerprint support for OP6T
    • Added Lockscreen visualizer customizations
    • Added Android Q style battery icon
    • Added Reading mode QS tile
    • Added advanced location tile options
    • Improved QS detail view
    • Changed NFC icon
    • Removed proximity check on wake
    • Fixed Battery icon padding
    • Fixed In-call UI layout
    • Fixed three finger swipe for screenshot
    • Fixed statusbar icon animation

    • Init Havoc Treble AIO (Optinal)
    • Moun Kernel V8.0
    • Full Kernel Rebase
    • Upstream to 4.9.168
    • Fixed all display atrefects on booting thanks to flex1911
    • Fixed Airplane mode Braking Network
    • Added systemwide adaptive icon setting
    • Added mobile data tile icon from OOS
    • Fixed proximity sensor issues in Dialer
    • Fixed partial screenshot
    • Fixed music ticker on AOD
    • Fixed multiuser icon glitch in QS footer
    • Merged April security patches
    • Added media cover art filters
    • Added long squeeze actions for Pixel
    • Added Browser
    • Improved gaming mode tile
    • Added Agressive battery settings
    • Added deep sleep info to uptime
    • Added 2 more variants for Cover art filters
    • Added OnePlus Red accent color
    • Added Black Pearl theme color
    • Added Slim recents enter/exit animation
    • Added Statusbar logo customizations
    • Fixed Cover art blur for some music apps
    • Fixed screen unpinning with hw keys
    • Fixed old mobile type icons
    • Removed Browser temporarily
    • Imported translations from Crowdin
    • Added Lava lamp for lockscreen visualizer
    • Added Dirac QS tile
    • Improved seekbars for some settings
    • Improved translations
    • Fixed crash on changing default phone app
    • Fixed Ambient visualizer glitches
    • Removed Custom visualizer color
    • Disabled boost framework for incompatible devices

    • Updated Vendor Libs from the latest Stock Firmware
    • Fully Dexpreopted the Build for faster Seamles OTA flashing
    • Added Bult-in Spectrum support with Moun Kernel Intergation
    • Moun Kernel V7.5
    • Kernel Upstream to 4.9.164
    • Caf and Drivers Upstreams
    • Wfi Driver Prima Upstream
    • Added QS panel inspired by OOS
    • Added Music ticker inspired by Android Q
    • Added back the dividers in settings
    • Added back Screen-off animation
    • Added toggle to hide wifi icon
    • Added new icon for Sim toolkit
    • Added MD2 icons for power menu
    • Improved expanded volume panel layout
    • Improved and cleaned up Settings
    • Fixed OnePlus gestures in landscape
    • Fixed a few settings seekbars
    • Fixed some theme glitches
    • Fixed double vibration on pill navbar

    • Added Expanded volume panel
    • Added WPS support
    • Added a toggle to hide user switcher in QS footer
    • Improved AOD on charge
    • Improved in-call vibration
    • Updated Lawnchair
    • Updated inbuilt GBoard themes
    • Fixed QS glitches
    • Fixed Lockscreen weather disappearing after SystemUI restart
    • Fixed less annoying notification sounds

    • Merged March Security Patches
    • Fixed IMS registration issues with Pie Firmwares
    • Increased the amount of in-call and media volume steps
    • Re-added QCOM's WFD implementation
    • Moun Kernel V7.4
    • Kernel Upstream to 4.9.162
    • Drivers and caf upstreams
    • WiFi Prima Driver Upstreams
    • Minor updates and fixes
    • Added One Hand mode tile
    • Added New Updater
    • Added About section in Havoc Settings
    • Fixed QS panel padding
    • Fixed Power menu layout
    • Fixed Auto-hide clock
    • Some other fixes

    • Fixed Ambient Display
    • Moun Kernel V7.3
    • Kernel upstream to 4.9.160
    • Reverted back to an old audio driver (Audio will work fine with Nov Firmware)
    • Added Grid recents
    • Added option to hide Multiuser switch on lockscreen
    • Added a slider for changing statusbar padding
    • Added Auto hide clock
    • Improved statusbar padding
    • Improved some features for notch
    • Improved power button flashlight gesture
    • Improved Night mode
    • Improved Dark theme
    • Improved full gesture navbar
    • Forced date to be always visible in QS header
    • Changed default launcher to Lawnchair
    • Fixed blank notifications on ambient display

    • Switched to a fully open source camera Driver thanks to Flex1911
    • Re-enabled and fixed camera HAL1
    • Fixed HFR camera capabilities
    • Fixed FM radio
    • Moun Kernel V7.2
    • Kernel Upstream to 4.9.158
    • Drivers and caf upstreams
    • updated Se-policy for spectrum to work on enforcing in pie
    • updated spectrum profiles and improved performance and gaming
    • Added new ambient display implementation
    • Added theme background color picker
    • Added AOD on charge
    • Added accent option for QS panel
    • Added haptic feedback duration for OP gestures
    • Added Home button wake for some devices
    • Reorganised Havoc Settings
    • Improved UI
    • Removed ambient music from lockscreen
    • Fixed toasts with RTL languages
    • Fixed QS gradient when custom header is disabled
    • Fixed music ticker glitches
    • Fixed compact navbar layout
    • Fixed autofill dialog on dark themes
    • Fixed wellbeing dark theme
    • Added February Security Patches
    • Added small VoLTE icon for some devices with notch
    • Added per-app thermal control for some devices
    • Added 8 new lockscreen clocks
    • Added Custom QS header image
    • Added Pie controls
    • Added new SIM colors
    • Added Cookie QS style
    • Added support for DiracSound FX
    • Added App picker QS tile
    • Added Uptime in About phone
    • Improved Edge gestures
    • Improved Screenrecord
    • Improved Lockscreen Weather
    • Improved Messaging app UI
    • Improved File manager app UI
    • Improved Settings theme
    • Improved app permissions header
    • Changed 3G icon to H+
    • Updated Privacy Guard
    • Fixed Signature Spoofing
    • Fixed Root detection for banking apps
    • Fixed ADB
    • Fixed Screen Pinning
    • Fixed Statusbar signal icon
    • Fixed Messaging app opening animation

    • UI improvements
    • Theme improvements
    • Screenrecord improvements
    • Sammy clocks improvements
    • Added Edge gestures
    • Added VoLTE icon from OOS
    • Added Sammy accent clock styles
    • Added ability to display 'Dash charging' in battery settings
    • Added option to hide Edit icon in QS footer
    • Added 3-mode notch settings
    • Added fullscreen caller photo in Dialer
    • Fixed some crashes
    • Fixed dual clock bug
    • FIxed Night mode
    • Fixed Power-off animation
    • Fixed lockscreen animations
    • Some more stuff...

    • January security patches
    • Selinux Enforcing
    • Power hal 1.1
    • Enabled ManualSubProvisioning (Sim off switch)
    • Updated to ims and qti-telephony-common to the latest
    • Sound search tile improvements
    • Music ticker improvements
    • Added ambient display visualizer
    • Added Lockscreen shortcuts
    • Added Proximity check for power button torch
    • Added Lockscreen clock styles
    • Added options to hide lockscreen clock and date
    • Added support for opus file format
    • Added a few optimizations
    • Fixed Statusbar Clock glitches and bugs
    • Fixed Signature spoofing
    • Fixed navbar swipe to back glitches
    • Fixed keyboard settings crash
    • Removed fireworks
    • Alot of under the hood Changes

    • >>this build is fully based on stock P and require at least V10.0.3.0 firmware to work properly if you aint using the latest firmware linked in the thread DONT report bugs like FPC not working<<
    • Moun Kernel V7.1 (for full spectrum Support flash Moun Kernel zip from its thread)
    • Kernel Upstream to 4.9.148
    • Some UnderTheHood Changes
    • Added Switch appearance styles
    • Added crash log button to App Error Dialog
    • Added Round Corners frameworks value toggle
    • Added Sound search tile
    • Added Ambient music ticker
    • Added Stock Recents icon pack support
    • Fixed small qs tiles in landscape mode
    • Added QS layout menu in QS customizer
    • Added QS themes
    • Added Network traffic location
    • Fixed text size for network traffic type
    • Improved Network traffic
    • Improved Face unlock
    • Improved Lockscreen weather
    • Fixed Proximity check on wake
    • Added QS panel opacity
    • Added a New year's surprise(to disable it go to havoc settings>Misc>show fum stuff)
      ( if it didnt boot or black screened after the boot animation then you have to clean flash)

    • Kernel Upstream to 4.9.147
    • CAF Upstream to LA.UM.7.6.2.r1-04600-89xx.0
    • Added Sound Control
    • Blocked some Defult Wakelocks
    • Fixed FPC only working on 9.0 Firmware (now will work on every firmwares)
    • Enforce RRO framework-res
    • Update overlays from tissot PKQ1.180917.001
    • Update blobs from V10.0.3.0.PDHMIFK
    • Added QCOM's WFD blobs (Cast should work now)
    • Disabled QCOM_DLOAD_MODE to avoid getting to edl on panics
    • Added completed translations
    • Added Slim Recents
    • Added Extended audio panel
    • Added Volume panel position
    • Added Screenrecord quality settings
    • Added OnePlus settings dashboard icons
    • Added Havoc version dialog in About phone
    • Added Swipe-up Gestures tweaks
    • Added Auto mode for Notification Style
    • Added Fast charge LED color
    • Added Blend colors for Battery light
    • Added USB configuration in Havoc Settings
    • Added MD2 GBoard themes (Thanks to @RKBDI)
    • Re-enabled burn in protection for NavBar
    • Cleaned up About phone
    • Fixed Mediascanner permissions for external storage
    • Fixed Statusbar Carrier label
    • Fixed Dual ringtone sliders in volume panel
    • Fixed no default ringtone for SIM 2
    • Fixed Google Assistant
    • Fixed fingerprint location shown in initial setup
    • Removed Now Playing (Temp)
    • Disabled WiFi indicators by default
    • Disabled Screensaver by default
    • Tons of performance improvements and under-the-hood fixes

    • December Security Update
    • Updated Blobs from the official tissot Pie Update
    • Kanged Blobs from the Mi A2 Lite
    • Fixed Charging value causing the phone to over heat while charging
    • Updated Audio config for Pie
    • Fixed Fingerprint Swipe Up/Down
    • All Display Flickering issues should be fixed
    • Fixed DT2W not working when the devices inters Deep Sleep
    • Kernel upstream to 4.9.144
    • Added Kcal
    • Built using Clang 8
    • Added SmartNav (Smartbar, fling, pulse, etc)
    • Added Boost framework
    • Added Game boost
    • Added toast when screenshot is deleted
    • Added Kill button to notification guts
    • Added Android Go recents
    • Added Settings dashboard icon themes
    • Bluetooth icon hidden until connected
    • Disabled ticker in dnd
    • Fixed Always on display
    • Fixed Navigation gestures
    • Fixed Statusbar pulldown bug in fullscreen
    • Removed edge gesture service and related features
    • Removed omniswitch recents
    • Tons of performance improvements and under-the-hood fixes

    • Kernel Upstream to 4.9.140
    • Added State Notifier
    • Updated and improved Adrino Idler
    • Added Maple I/O and implemented it with Adrino Idler and Added State Notifier
    • Fixed and improved Adaptive Brightness
    • Broke Finger Print Gestures up and down swipes while trying to fix left and right swipes (will fix next update sorry)
    • Enable Wifi Display and fix screen mirroring (Needs to be tested)
    • Fixed Display Flier issues
    • Added Font Picker
    • Added Volume keys option to control ring volume
    • Added Volume dialog timeout
    • Added Screenrecord to power menu
    • Added Power menu animations
    • Added Option to Disable Immersive Messages
    • Added Longpress to move keyboard cursors on navbar
    • Added vibration on navbar back gesture
    • Added Power menu to hw key actions
    • Added Breathing notifications (Stock Dialer and Messaging)
    • Added Power off alarm (Stock Clock app)
    • Added Flip and shake actions (Stock Clock app)
    • Added Swipe to delete (Stock Messaging app)
    • Improved Brightness slider buttons
    • Changed default animation values to 0.6
    • Fixed Visualizer and Pulse
    • Fixed notifications for some apps if Less notification sounds is enabled
    • Removed QS detail view
    • Removed MD2 style switches
    Just want everyone to chill 2
    3.0 or 3.1 will be out when i think the time fits (stable enough features and all)
    Am still supporting this and still own a fully working tissot so chill out guys its coming
    new build is out
    Changelog is in the #3 as always
    use the Mega link for now SF is down
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