[ROM][10.0][User build][Signed] Lineage-17.1-X00TD-Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1

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I do dirty flash from 4-4-2021 build and it booted (Personally I don't do clean flash because very lazy to backup data)
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    About LineageOS

    Lineage-17.1-X00TD-Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1

    Build type : UNOFFICIAL

    Build and signed by @[email protected] | Rajesh R

    Disclaimer : ROMs are built for development purpose only. Use at your own risk.

    This ROM completely compiled on lineage source code and with minimum workarounds for a successful build. Builds are signed with release-keys.Before installing, refer instructions and changelog for each builds.

    About build variants

    ROM-Signed release key-user build

    My Projects




    *Gesture navigation android 10.
    *Enforcing selinux and user build properties
    * Certified device status under google play
    * SafetyNet Test is passed
    * Smooth ROM experience


    Backup procedure and precaution information

    Must read before unlocking bootloader and flashing custom ROM

    Some explanation regarding the whole widewine L1-L3-Qbeta etc ( Info @ https://t.me/ASUSX00TD from a member )

    Starting from Q builds Asus has begun wiping DRM keys if bootloader is unlocked on that build, which is actually default behavior among most other OEMs like pixels, oneplus. Flashing Q builds (Stock beta 1 or latest) or custom ROM on unlocked bootloader through TWRP will permanently loose their L1 certification. widewine keys will be wiped by firmware itself as it detects unlocked bootloader. This also explains why some people, who flashed previous stock Q beta before on locked bootloader, even though first stock Q beta had L3 which means they hadn't fixed L1 on that beta that time , retained their L1/DRM keys on reverting to pie via downgrade zip provided by asus. So in conclusion Asus Q builds/custom ROM will wipe your DRM keys if flashed on Unlocked bootloader. Flashing on locked bootloader shouldn't be any problem!

    Also those who have their persist partition backed up in pie should have no problem restoring their DRM keys in case thet got wiped by Q firmware/builds

    How to Backup Persist ?

    Dump all partitions and make complete backup | Partition layout and structure

    Recovery method

    use recoveries which support persist partition backup (eg. Orangefox)
    Go to recovery > Backup > tick persist > backup > store it safe somewhere with multiple copies.

    How to Restore Persist ?

    Go to recovery > Restore menu > select backup > tick persist partition > Restore (process similar/different for different recoveries)

    Upgrading to LineageOS 17.1

    1. Make a backup of your important data
    2. Download the build and also Gapps.
    3. Download proper addons packages GApps for Android 10/Lineage OS 17.1
    4. Make sure your recovery and firmware are up to date
    5. For clean flash, Format your system,vendor,data and cache partition partition to install ROM and Gapps.
    6. For installing updates format system,vendor and cache partition. keep data partition intact to flash ROM and Gapps.

    Secure ROM experience

    Avoid permissive selinux and rooting methods for secure ROM experience.
    1. Root & SELinux Risks
    2. TWRP password protection
    3. TWRP encryption




    Upcoming builds ( Only for volunteer testers )


    * Check if audio distortion present at peak volume.
    * Based on new device trees and kernel.
    * Only clean flash recommended.

    To test any ROM


    Windows/linux Pc
    adb drivers
    Usb cable.

    Steps to take log:

    1. Install adb drivers in pc and enable usb debugging mode in phone. Also enable root debugging if needed.
    2. Connect phone through usb and type the command "adb logcat -d>logcat.txt" in adb command window.You can choose any name you want for txt file. If needed give admin privilege for adb command window.
    3. This procedure can also be used to watch occurance of bugs at realtime by connecting phone at adb mode to pc.

    Steps to take boot log:

    1. Make sure adb is enabled in phone. Connect the phone in usb mode to pc and open adb command window.
    2. Switch off the phone and type "adb logcat -d>bootlog.txt".
    3. Initially "waiting for the device" message is noticed on adb command window and switch on the phone now. once the device powers on, boot log is recorded.

    log text files are stored in location where adb drivers are installed.

    Note : Test builds are released here and intended to test upcoming fixes and features.

    Source Code

    Kernel source code : https://github.com/SagarMakhar/android_kernel_asus_sdm660

    Kernel developer credits : @SagarMakhar


    Google's AOSP Project.
    Lineage OS for the source code and The Open GApps Project.
    Contribute to Lineage OS at https://paypal.me/LineageOS
    Contribute to Gapps at https://www.paypal.com/donate/?toke...EScTbkNmciIDl9n5LyDW&country.x=US&locale.x=US
    Thanks to developers and their contribution on custom ROM development for Asus zenfone max pro M1. Thanks @Patching.Unconditionally, @patkk for testing builds.

    Special thanks for the build server admin and @abhishekt295 , TheButti for upload server.

    It's all free, but donations are welcome
    Donations will be contributed to server maintenance



    Support developers on their respective threads.

    Feedback and bug reports are welcome.

    Kindly use english language on comment section

    24. OTA : lineage-17.1-20210606-X00TD-user-signed.zip
    * Synced with source updates and fixes.

    23. OTA : lineage-17.1-20210603-X00TD-user-signed.zip
    * OTA support to lineage-17.1-20210531-X00TD-user-signed.zip
    * Sound output Fixes

    22. Build : lineage-17.1-20210531-X00TD-user-signed.zip
    * FBE-File-Based Encryption implementation. Only clean flash recommended. It is not OTA release
    * Updated media configs from stock.
    * Update fingerprint to UL-ASUS_X01BD-WW-17.2018.2012.438-user
    * Upgradable to build lineage-18.1-20210525-X00TD-user-signed.zip through dirty flash.

    21. Build : lineage-17.1-20210526-X00TD-user-signed.zip
    * AVB disabled and Verity Enabled.
    * Locking bootloader supported. Works only with lineage recovery.
    Note : Lock only if lineage recovery is flashed. If bootloader locked with twrp. Device fails to boot and only fastboot mode helps to solve the issue to unlock bootloader again.
    * Dirty flash on previous lineage-17.1 builds wont work. It is not OTA release. Only clean flash recommended.
    * Sound control features added.
    * Adaptive sleep features.
    * Upgradable to build lineage-18.1-20210525-X00TD-user-signed.zip through dirty flash.

    20. OTA update : lineage-17.1-20210518-X00TD-user-signed
    * Device tree updates.
    * Synced with lineage source updates.
    * Update to lineage-18.1 through OTA is supported.

    19. OTA update : lineage-17.1-20210404-X00TD-user-signed
    * KSM tunning
    * Removal of SoterService

    18. OTA update : lineage-17.1-20210327-X00TD-user-signed
    * VoLTE icon support on status bar.
    * Updated audio drivers.
    * KSM tunning.

    17. OTA update : lineage-17.1-20210306-X00TD-user-signed
    * CAF audio.
    * Updated audio configs from stock 10 release.

    16. OTA update : lineage-17.1-20210204-X00TD-user-signed
    * Kernel updates
    * Sepolicy updates on enforcing selinux.
    * Fingerprint biometrics fixes.
    * Safetynet fixes.

    15. OTA update : lineage-17.1-20210103-X00TD-user-signed
    * Sepolicy updates on enforcing selinux.
    * Fingerprint biometrics fixes
    * MusicFX Equalizer (Download optional add-on )

    14. OTA update : lineage-17.1-20210101-X00TD-user-signed (Optional download)
    *Permissive selinux .

    13. Build name :lineage-17.1-20201229-X00TD-user-signed
    * OTA support through lineage updater.
    * Sepolicy cleanup
    * MusicFX Equalizer (Download optional add-on )

    12. Build name :lineage-17.1-20201215-X00TD-user-signed
    * Security patch update
    * Updated Fingerprint driver from asus android 10 beta.

    11. Build name :lineage-17.1-20201112-X00TD-user-signed
    * Security patch update
    *Added Fingerprint driver

    10. Build name : lineage-17.1-20201101-user-signed
    * Safetynet fixes and sepolicy updates.

    9. Build name : lineage-17.1-20201017-user-signed
    Status : Working fine
    Bugs: Fingerprint missing

    8. Build name : lineage-17.1-20201015-user-signed
    *Charging current restored to Stock values.
    * Improvements in battery backup.
    * Camera2api support for snap camera.
    * Ambient display
    * Scoped storage related fixes.
    * Dirty flash Supported over lineage-17.1-20201005-X00TD-user-signed build
    Status : Working fine

    7. Build name : lineage-17.1-20201005-user-signed
    * Enforcing selinux and user build properties
    * Certified device status under google play
    * SafetyNet Test is passed
    * Dirty flash supported over lineage-17.1-20201003/20200927-userdebug-signed builds
    Status : Working fine

    6 .Build name : lineage-17.1-20201003-userdebug-signed
    * Enforcing selinux
    * Certified device status under google play
    * SafetyNet Test is passed
    * Dirty flash supported over lineage-17.1-20200927-userdebug-signed
    Status : Working fine

    5 .Build name : lineage-17.1-20200927-userdebug-signed
    * Permissive boot
    Status : Working fine

    4. Build name : lineage-17.1-20200926-userdebug-signed
    * Permissive boot
    Status : booted but no display

    3. Build name : lineage-17.1-20200925-user/userdebug-signed
    Status : bootloop

    2. Build name : lineage-17.1-20200924-user/userdebug-signed
    Status : bootloop

    1. Build name : lineage-17.1-20200923-X00TD-user-signed
    * Lineage-17.1-20200923 | Android10_r41
    * release key user build
    * Status : Experimental release-not booting
    OTA update : lineage-17.1-20210204-X00TD-user-signed

    * Kernel updates
    * Sepolicy updates on enforcing selinux.
    * Fingerprint biometrics fixes.
    * Safetynet fixes.
    * MusicFX Equalizer (Download optional add-on )

    Dirty flash supported over lineage-17.1-20210103-X00TD-user-signed
    Sir, Lineage is the king of ROM. Can you please make it to the official release?
    Sure. I try to apply for official lineage.
    [email protected] Fantastic ROM but charging is super slow? I clean flashed over Stock 087.
    Please help!
    View attachment 5219357
    View attachment 5219357
    I used stock values for battery and charging. I wont recommend fast charging support. Fast charging is safe only when it comes in stock. Otherwise it affects battery life.