[ROM][10.0][Xiaomi Mi 9][UNOFFICIAL]LineageOS 17.1 CLEAN, STOCK + Signature Spoofing [2021-01-21]

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    Does it support GApps too or it's only for MicroG?

    I test it and It's working well with GApps ;)
    Thanks for your build.
    Thanks for testing! If you find any bugs, please post them here. I may not be able to troubleshoot everything but at least other users will be aware.
    I'm using this ROM for daily use since yesterday and seems like very stable since now and battery life is good.
    I missed `Internet Band-with Speed indicator` and `three finger swipe screen shot gesture` that I think these features are not available in LineageOS.
    Yes, I do not believe those are included in stock LineageOS.
    I didn't find any issue that relate to ROM, it's quite stable
    I just have a issue on ANXCamera self camera that force close the ANXCamera that I think is not related to ROM
    What Works:
    NFC Seems to be working but I don't have a device to test against

    This morning I checked NFC by sending a picture from my MI 9 to my wife's Mi 9T (also equipped with LOS). The transfer was successfull!

    Thank you very much for providing this clean (stock) ROM!
    Ah that was probably it. ADB Sideload wasn't co-operating so i've flashed the rom first and after that wiped + formatted the data. Thanks! I've just restored the phone but will try this later again.
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