[ROM] [10-06] Xperia TW V001-006 support [V007 OUT] [Tweaked+Theme+Extras]

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Jul 9, 2010
Nice to see another good release from wolfbreak! I still have my Xperia x10 but i put it in the shelf for months now coz im having great time with my SGS. I would like to try this but i think this is still froyo so ill wait for SE's official GB update with tweaks from great devs like you!
Thanks for not abandoning the forum and hope you'll be successful in developing great roms for our poor xperia x10.

Well, it's not so poor. It shows magnificent results with custom roms and kernels. If you try it, you will forget what SGS is! ;)


Mar 21, 2011
It this the latest version Wolfbreak has released. REason for asking is because I downloaded CM_6.1.3_[v006] as few week ago and for some reason cannot find it.



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Aug 27, 2010
Thank you for a great and complete rom; i am using it just for 1 day, but looks and feels great.
I have one question for users that have more experience with it : Why i can't find my old 2.1 programs in the market ? there are a few, but i miss my whether widgets, xda (i can find only premium now), facebook and other chat programs. My guess is that the apps are not compatible with 2.2, but i can't be sure.
So is it normal or i have to flash some other thing ?


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Jul 9, 2010
Thank you for a great and complete rom; i am using it just for 1 day, but looks and feels great.
I have one question for users that have more experience with it : Why i can't find my old 2.1 programs in the market ? there are a few, but i miss my whether widgets, xda (i can find only premium now), facebook and other chat programs. My guess is that the apps are not compatible with 2.2, but i can't be sure.
So is it normal or i have to flash some other thing ?

Try to do the following:
Go to settings/applications/manage applications
Find market, click on it - clear cache and force stop.
Find google services framework - clear data and force stop.

Open the market, you'll get an error. Reboot phone. If you still have some problems, find market again in manage applications and Clear data.


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Jul 10, 2011
Do you know why does it always show android system not responding. than my x10i starts to lag ... and then reboot. than the same thing happens again :(
i gotta x10i 2.1 with a baseband .54
can you please help .? thankyou
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Nov 2, 2010
Contact and dialer mod
Here is my modded contacts and dialer mod.
........................ a lot here .......................

Third file (Grey Circle Battery MOD v5.zip) is tested working on wolfs rom...
.............. a lot here ..............

I have only done this on Wolfbreaks 2.3.3

It worked for v5 update but after flashing Fonts&KeyboardPredictions.zip, its not working. Any idea why?
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Feb 18, 2011
yes, that zip update must change the framework-res and/our system ui apk.
If you extract those from your rom and send them to me I will send you a corrected version.
Please pm me
Sent from my X10i using xda premium

I got FC when copying and replacing the semcphone.apk :(, although I've changed my phone to airplane mode as instructed :(

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    included in this Rom:

    fully working Video Recording [No Zoom&LED in stock App]
    fully working Camera [No Zoom&LED in stock App]
    Zoom&LED is only working with Vignette App [Market]
    MIUI Keyboard
    MIUI Animations
    latest Xperia ARC Style
    Xperia ARC Dialer
    Xperia ARC Launcher
    Hardware Led working
    LED Flashlight working [for Camera Flashlight use Vignette]
    Gapps already included
    Build.prop Tweaks
    Automatic CPU Profile Switcher
    VM/Sysctl Tweaks
    Kernel Tweaks
    Minfree/Autokiller Tweaks
    I/O Scheduler Tweaks
    Reduced Lags
    Better Memory Management
    Undervolted CPU
    alot more so Test it now :D

    Instructions for fresh Install:

    1. Go to Xrecovery and make a Backup of your current ROM (optional but i suggest it)
    2. make following in Xrecovery
    - do a Factory Reset
    - Wipe Cache Partition
    - Format Cache
    - Wipe Dalvik Cache
    3. Install Custom Zip and choose Xperia_TW_V007.zip
    4. Go to CyanogenMod Settings/User Interface/Tweaks extras and Select a theme and choose Xperia TW [For Custom Kernel you need to do this Method maybe]
    5. Reboot
    6. Enjoy :)

    Troubleshooting, Addons, Optional Downloads, Themes & Donate:


    Please uninstall Autokiller or SetCPU becouse my new Tweaks offers own values so you dont need them they would only couse Conflict.

    1. Dont restore Data [only APK with a 3rd Party Market App but never Data] [use Tutorial above]
    2. Make a fresh install of 2.1 and then my ROM if you have weird/battery issues
    3. When Baseband is Unknown you need to Crash System Server with Development App [Bad Behaviour] or reflash Baseband/ROM​

    Optional Updates for ROM:

    Full Transparent Addon for V007
    [Phone,MMS,InfiniteView and Dialer Transparent too]

    Game Compatibility & Bootanimation Fix
    [Brings back Bootanimation and fixes Compatibility issues with Apps/Games but remove FuguTweaks]

    ROM Download:

    Xperia_TW_V007.zip for Baseband 54/55/58/61/65/67
    V007 Changelog here

    Xperia_TW_V007.zip with Custom Kernel for Baseband 49/52
    Changelog & Info here

    Patch to use 4x-52 Baseband
    [If you dont want V007 with Custom Kernel use this to Patch the 54+ ROM to 4x-52 BB]


    Credits go to zdzihu,jerpelea,TripNraver,akila87,myth999,kifno,28spawn and all others, there are too much People that do much for X10.​


    If you like to buy me a cold beer feel free to do it here :D.




    Answers to Questions:

    If you want to restore Contacts in the new Phonebook you need to connect to your Google Account first before it doesnt work but if you are connected vcf import is working fine!
    Sysctl is included in v05, you dont need the App anymore with v05
    Older Timescape wont work on v05 no TimescapeV1,V2 or v2 fixed you need v02 and you need to flash it right after ROM without rebooting.
    BB Patch includes old 4.1 Settings so i dont recommend it and excluded it from first Post becouse there are alot important Steps for Battery and Performance in build.prop since v05
    CM Update and Stats Settings FC is normal becouse i deleted this crap Update and Stats App we have no cracked Bootloader and no official Cyanogenmod its like you install 2 Applications you never use in your life and cannot even use when you want it becouse no off. CM for X10 its just Battery Hog and wastes Internal Memory Space
    InfiniteView is to View Contacts in SE Phonebook
    Evenstream is from Timescape so you probably did installed Timescape wrong not like i described in 1 Post if you get FC
    For Facebook Contact Sync look here.

    1. Flash v05 rom
    2. Flash Timescape v02 and other Arc stuff if you want
    3. reboot into phone, setup Google sync, log into Market
    (and flash new market if you want)
    4. reboot into xrecovery, flash v053 update
    5. Flash fb.zip and Contacts_ProSE_FIXED.zip provided by akila87

    It seems like the fb contact sync will be broken if you flash any v05 update
    after flashing Contacts_ProSE_FIXED.zip.. and reflashing the fix again won't help,
    as I lost the profile pics in the phonebook after installing v052.1 while it was working before.

    Do not flash v05 main rom, then v053 update and FB contact fix all in one go.
    it will give you a series FC and phonebook wont work.



    Battery drain:
    Make sure none of your Apps is draining and you installed all properly.
    If nothing works reflash latest 2.1 ROM completly new and then my ROM

    Restore Data:
    Restore Data in Xrecovery can couse Battery drain or force closes

    Use Titanium Backup/MyBackup or use this Method

    Vpn not working:
    1. use root explorer
    2. change to /system/etc/app
    3. check all Permissions of < ip-up-vpn > file
    4. done!

    No Signal:
    1. Go to Development App
    2. Bad Behaviour
    3. Crash System Server
    4. Wait for Reboot

    If that not works try this

    Application not installed:
    for those who have problem regarding 'application not installed' try this
    use root explorer and delete the smdl2tmp1.asex
    hope this helps


    Bluetooth issues:
    1. Try this App [ http://www.foogod.com/android/ ]
    2. Download APK and put on your SD Card
    3. Install with a File Manager

    Wifi issues:
    1. Go to Settings
    2. Wireless&Network Settings
    3. Wifi Settings
    4. Press left Hardware Button to get more Options
    5. Select Adcanced there and click Wifi Sleep policy and set to never
    6. If still not working properly download Blade Wifi Fix from Market

    Posted by a Users
    For those who have wifi connection problem. please try this method. it works for me, but i am not sure if its will works for u.

    go to setting, wireless and network setting, wifi setting, press option keys, select advance, tick use static IP and then key in the require field.

    the require fields are different for every one

    if u din know how to key in try this,

    on ur comp (win7), click start and search for "Network and Sharing Center"
    then click on Local Area Connection
    then click on Details
    there will be a pop showing all the requirement required
    remember dun use the same ip add for ur rom
    and no spacing. like

    ps: i would recommend to use google dns ( DNS 1 : , DNS 2 :
    This is what I do to connect to my schools WPA network. thanks from posters in the thread.
    1.Download and install wifi advanced configurator.
    2.Go to your wifi settings and add a network with the same name BUT leave the network security to open.
    3.Go to wifi advanced configurator ( if the new saved network does not appear wait a while or reboot) and edit the new network
    4. You need to change security from Open to WPA
    5. go to protocol and make it PEAP
    6. go to credentials and add username and password
    7. try connecting at the settings menu now. it should be saved.

    Hey Wolf, just noticed something: i un-checked "battery percentage" on CM settings and it was saying i had 58 percent battery left, then i checked it back and it showed me 95 percent! i plugged it and it was "charging (95%)"

    perhaps a glitch on the icon could be leading to erroneous battery drain issues?

    Video jumps every few Seconds?
    try changing the focus from continuous to infinite!
    People i have bad news regarding 4.6 :( I wont release 4.6, becouse i will call it v05 becouse i think its a bigger step i do with this ROM then just from 4.5.7 to 4.6

    It will wipe all and you better not restore Data from earlier Versions with Xrec becouse v05 is not based on 4.5 its a complete rewrite.


    Fixed Bluetooth and Wifi for most People
    [almost all my 'Testers reported better connecting only 1 had Problems
    but for that i included BladeWifiFix so it should work for almost all People, he reported with BladeWifiFix its good for him too.
    Please dont forget we are on AOSP/CM ROM 2.2 here and not on SE ROM 2.1 so the compatibility of Hardware can be different.

    Better Audio Quality + Soundhound Fix
    Louder Audio
    faster Charging
    Better Battery Life [for me even better then 2.1 now]
    Better Performance [more smooth and fast]
    Tweaked build.prop
    optimized OpenGL
    latest Arc Launcher from retail Arc ported
    Arc Dialer [Facebook Sync not working]
    updated Arc Theme with latest retail dump framework
    Arc Icons and Style for some Apps
    Gapps already included
    optimized all apk and png
    slimmed down to 77mb with Gapps already included!!
    4.5 had 95mb and Gapps 15 now i have both in one zip and only 76mb without losing anything from earlier Versions.
    Changelog v06:​

    new BG for ARC Dialer
    Theme improvements
    New Icons and Styles for some Apps
    Performance Tweaks
    Battery Tweaks
    Tweaked Android LowMemoryKiller
    SD Card Tweak
    Improved Camera [for me delay was gone]
    Tweaked libGLES_qcom
    Tweaked build.prop
    fixed App2SD [v055 error]
    and included my own Tweaks that i finally got to work.

    Addons, Optional Downloads & Extras:


    Full Transparent Addon V007
    [Phone,MMS,InfiniteView and Dialer Transparent too]

    Full Arabic Language Support Addon

    Undervolt Addon

    Xrecovery 1.0

    Xrecovery 0.3 compatible zip to 1.0 Converter
    Use this to convert old Xrecovery 0.3 zip files to 1.0 compatible one

    Optional Downloads

    Un-restrict Facebook Contact Data

    Newest Market for older ROMs then V007:
    [Login once into included then you can flash the new Market in XRecovery]


    If you want to restore Ringtones press HERE
    If you want to restore Notifications press HERE
    If you want to restore Live Wallpapers press HERE
    If you want Sony Ericsson ARC sound files press HERE
    If you want ARC Retail Timescape press HERE
    [Dont use InfiniteView included in this Package, delete it or replace with the one from my ROM otherwise it will FC]
    If you want News and Weather Widget press HERE
    If you want Sony Ericsson Backup & Restore press HERE
    If you want DSP Manager press HERE
    If you want Data2SD press HERE
    If you want your Bootanimation back instead of Fugu Tweaks press HERE
    If you want to test the new Maxthon Browser press HERE

    Data2SD is experimental it will give you great Benchmark scores but its not
    recommend as its not 100% stable and you need a better SD Card then the
    stock Class 2 one. Data2SD is not App2SD. Data2SD puts your ROM on SD Card
    to run from SD Card instead of internal Memory and App2SD puts your Apps on
    SD Card and is already integrated in Android 2.2 and above.​