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Feb 17, 2019
The latest build for the Oneplus 6 - ShapeShiftOS_Blaziken-1.2.1_enchilada-10.0-20201016-0255-OFFICIAL.zip. The download just keeps stopping - but i was able to download other files for enchilada without issues :confused:

its probably sourceforge server problem. happens all the time! try again tomorrow! I also tried downloading it and it downloads around 300mb and then stops!


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Apr 1, 2020
Does it still have the OP launcher in the new Android R build?
Can someone please some screenshots of the settings specific to this ROM?
Thanks in advance :)


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Feb 17, 2019
Does it still have the OP launcher in the new Android R build?
Can someone please some screenshots of the settings specific to this ROM?
Thanks in advance :)
it has the pixel launcher by default!!
attached some screenshots!! it has a good amount of customisation ( some settings are empty though..will be added in future builds)


  • Screenshot_20201204-153645_Settings.png
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  • Screenshot_20201204-153638_Settings.png
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  • Screenshot_20201204-153634_Settings.png
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    For Your Viewing Pleasure

    DKvhaKm.jpg MHNiCtc.jpg 12nkV40.jpg

    Your Friendly Neighborhood Changelog:

    Source Changelog:

    New Android Q release:
    Version 1.2-Blaziken:

    - September Security Patch
    - POSP volume styles
    - Reduce alpha of MIUI brightness slider tint
    - More categorization and reorganisation of ShapeShifter and improvements to Theme Engine previews
    - Fix all the broken fonts and duplicated Google Sans Font
    - Redesign OneUI settings header
    - Optional QS layout redesign (WIP- Bad on light theme)
    - Merge CAF surfaceflinger to fix screenrecorder lag, Android Auto flicker on most devices
    - Redesigned QS tiles and settings dashboard icons
    - Completely refactor screen off FOD implementation
    - Redesign settings icon
    - Changelog in about phone
    - COmpletely refactored about page in ShapeSHifter with useful device specific links
    - New Realme, ROG and Mi 10 FOD animations
    - Toggle to disable night light on FOD
    - Improve FOD speed with lesser transition animations and hardware acceleration
    - Fix FOD recognition when notch is hidden
    - Optional lockscreen pin ripple, scramble pin, option to hide dots or/and error in pattern, pattern size
    - Improvements to caffeine tile and add usb tethering tile, advanced location tile and screenshot tile
    - Optional screenshot type - Partial, Normal and Long
    - Refresh device hostname on reboot
    - Remove gaming mode (heads up tile)
    - Lockscreen and ambient music visualizer with sanity and colour customization
    - Remove HW button customization for now
    - Smart charging
    - Toggle to disable battery estimates in QuickSettings
    - Fix MIUI brightness slider breaking AOD and Ambient display on some devices
    - Batterymeter in settings follows statusbar style and has a bolt icon
    - Improve battery health user interface
    - Improve clipboard access toasts
    - Improve colours for all existing primary themes
    - Switch styles with live previews
    - New lockscreen clocks - Fluid, Tux and P404
    - Configurable screenshot delay
    - Switch styles with live previews
    - Alert slider dialogs on OnePLus devices
    - Refactor method to hide black gradient on the top of quicksettings
    - Show arrow keys while typing
    - Replace Google Styles and Wallpapers with AOSP ThemePicker
    - Remove emergency affordance from powermenu
    - Remove settings icon animation in QS footer and long press to launch ShapeShifter
    - Option to disable low battery notifications, disable notifications vibration
    - Increasing ring feature and incall vibration options
    - OOS vibration patterns for all devices
    - Fix OOS clear all notifications colour
    - Settings to clamp minimum auto brightness
    - Use dark colours for toasts at dark theme and improve animations
    - Support for Lineage Power HIDL HAL
    - Update weather app from OOS R
    - Option to block back gesture on IME space, improvements to gesture handle length, gesture bar thickness and optional gesture IME space
    - OOS back button icon
    - Use O' for type clock and improve padding
    - Improve QS header padding
    - Make lockscreen timeout configurable
    - Allow showing heads up on new music tracks
    - Fix bootloop caused due to GApps permissions

    Device Changelog:

    • Upstreamed Kernel
    • Enabled Smart Charging (source default)
    • Enabled Battery Health (source default)
    • OnePlus Launcher now default
    • Added New OP Live Wallpapers

    * Your warranty is now void.
    * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards,
    * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please
    * do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM
    * before flashing it! YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if
    * you point the finger at me for messing up your device, I will laugh at you.

    Read the whole OP! Be respectful to each other and don't ask for ETAs, it's considered as being rude!

    ShapeShiftOS is a custom-rom based on ExtendedUI that aims to provide a different user interface and experience than any other ROM on the market.

    Also, we got our Telegram channel you can find here updates about the ROM, screenshots and more.


    Here are the features on top of Pixel Experience! We aim to add important features that we think should be here and also what you think. For the addition of more tweaks or features, head on to our Telegram community and post the list of features that you want! Features with commits will be more helpful!

    - Refined UI by cfdddd (00day/00day0)
    - Prebuilt OPLauncher
    - Face Unlock for Official Devices
    - R Style Notification Headers
    - Several optimizations for a faster User Interface
    - Android Auto working
    - Notification Log is exposed natively
    - Per-app cellular data, VPN and Wifi restrictions
    - Recovery included
    - GApps included
    - Ambient edge lighting
    - FOD icon picker
    - FOD Animations
    - Blur UI and lots of other touches from MIUI like Brightness Slider and Volume Bar
    - Some OneUI inspired touches.
    - Double-tap to sleep on statusbar / lockscreeen
    - Smart replies toggle
    - Battery charging light customizations
    - Notification snooze function
    - Navigation bar customizations
    - Lockscreen shortcuts customizations
    - Configurable amount of screen height used for gestures


    (DEV team is very active updating and adding new features!)



    Want to try this awesomeness?

    [b]Download ROM
    Reboot to Recovery
    Wipe, (factory data reset)
    Flash ROM
    Reboot Recovery
    Flash Magisk (optional)
    Reboot, enjoy the SHIFT:)[/b]


    People behind this amazing ROM!

    - ExtendedUI
    - PixelExperience
    - LineageOS
    - OmniROM
    - POSP
    - Havoc-OS

    Kernel Source

    //Thread template designed by MezzLasha and @Ashutosh Sundresh//

    If you "aims to provide a different user interface and experience than any other ROM on the market." then provide screenshot in your op please :)
    Here you go:

    Also, I think you could have also read the line after that :)
    Ok so this just happened!...new Android R is released (first post will be updated soon)
    Update to 1.0.3 today:


    Changelog in post #2

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