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Jan 31, 2021
Nope, I have two pocos, one with GPS (MindTheGapps) and one without. Both are on the latest firmware (12.5.8) and both have random freezes. It seems like a throtteling thing to me. During audio playback you can even hear the audio stuttering before playback stops completely.
Hm, i got no freezes on my phone. i am using the latest LOS-Rom, Flamegapps Basic and the latest Firmware 12.5.8 EEA. Maybe a problem with the GAPPS-Version?


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Nov 29, 2008
Every 2 weeks a notification pops up that a new update has come out, I put it there are no errors and every time the phone turns into a brick in what problems?


Jan 31, 2021
It doesn't matter. Happens with browser audio playback as well as with spotify. (but the freezes are not restricted to audio playback only) It seems that all processes are beeing throtteled. Maybe its related to "System UI". Sometimes I get multiple system popups to force close / wait for the currently opened app and "System UI" directly after.


May 3, 2015
Do you have any feedback? I'm not big in the scene, only installed Lineage to get rid of all the custom Xiaomi stuff installed on the default phone.

The freezing issue has become more and more frequent in my experience, so I'd love this to be the fix, but I'm not keen to download a random ROM from someone I don't know. Is this something that has been raised to the Lineage team to implement soon?


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Apr 16, 2021
I'm not keen to download a random ROM from someone I don't know
It's from the same author of the official rom (it's their personal website), but it's unofficial as it's meant for testers and IIRC it uses a different release key (I think you'll have to clean install if you want to install official after that).

So if you are experiencing freezes you can test it if you want to help find a bug fix.


May 3, 2015
You seem to be the only one. The latest update seems to have improved things, as the one before was freezing very frequently. Hopefully the update to the vendor properties file linked a few posts ago can be put into the standard releases.

I don't want to install that release myself as a clean install isn't something I want to have to face again.


Jun 4, 2022
I'm having a problem with the notification sound level: I can't change it, it stays disabled (it has already been reported on TG)


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Came to official LOS 19.1 from RROS via CrDroid and I must say I'm really impressed with battery life and overall smoothness...



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Came to official LOS 19.1 from RROS via CrDroid and I must say I'm really impressed with battery life and overall smoothness...

Things changed pretty quickly once I disabled unrestricted data for Google Play Services (Why, oh, why, Gorggle? Using latest NikGapps Core with Gboard and Google TTS, BTW) and tried setting up ViPER4Android -- the phone started heating and Android OS was suddenly gobbling up 15% of battery.

Had to resort to the solution pointed by camperbh (at https://forum.xda-developers.com/posts/87140503) and am now charging (slowly) to see if this is resolved...

EDIT: turned out I had rogue processes being (re-)launched from /data/adb/service.d/magiskpolicy.sh which were hogging resources -- after cleaning them, everything is normal again. (y)
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    Thanks you guys. We dont follow xda much, so ping me directly if needed.

    Anyway install Stormbreaker kernel to fix all freeze issues. At the moment there will not be a major rehaul of the stock kernel Because we dont have a good kernel dev at the moment. Anybody willing to step in and help is appreciated.

    Thanks you for the logs... The more the better.
    Also... A daily reboot prevent all freezes also with stock kernel.
    There is a working twrp for A12 by brigudav, its somewhere on telegram, but i dont use it myself.

    Use LineageOS recovery, it works just fine and its more secure (no internal memory access).

    Unfortunately you have to renane magisk.apk to magisk.zip and flash it every time you upgrade.

    Last, i use stormbreaker 15.1 and thats what i recomend at this time
    As for gcams, i dont even rwmember which one i use, check older posts, i use always the dame since 18.1.
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    Did anyone actually managed to pass SafetyNet on LOS 19? I have Magsik with Zygisk and Universial SafetyNet Fix installed, tried Denylist, but for Google Play services the setting won't stick after reboot and I (probably ?) cannot change device fingerprint with MagiskHide Props, because there is no Poco X3 device with android 12 available (Android version should match according to #3 post) ... so any advice anyone? Thx in advance
    To answer my own question - I just used device fingerprint for Pixel 6 Pro, passed SafetyNet and and Google Pay (Wallet) now works
    For my daily Surya driver, I finally decided on upgrading to LOS 19 (from 18). All went well 😄 🎉.
    I'm just writing this post to potentially help others with their upgrade and later recall what I did 😉 .

    My considerations;
    1. Recovery: I'm a huge fan of TWRP, but not having official releases for Surya and the recommendations from LOS made me decide to follow the recommendation. This is a daily driver after all.
    2. Upgrade: Instead of following the Upgrade Guide, I've opted to reinstall from scratch. Basically the Install Guide. Furthermore I've went with the recommended MindTheGapps.
    3. Backup: As always, I've ensured solid backup of all data beforehand, as all data will be wiped. This varies depending on your strategy and apps involved.
    My steps:
    1. Download the latest files (as of writing):
      1. adb and fastboot SDK platform-tools
      2. LOS Recovery and LOS image (20220725 nightly): LOS images
      3. MindTheGapps Androidfilehost
      4. The latest firmware from xiaomifirmwareupdater.com
    2. Prep the platform-tools adb and fastboot.
    3. Connect phone to USB, enable USB Debugging reboot into fastboot: adb reboot bootloader
    4. Flash the recovery: fastboot flash recovery your-file-los19-recovery.img
    5. Boot to recovery: fastboot reboot recovery
    6. Factory Reset, then Format data / factory reset
    7. Navigate on phone to Apply Update and select Apply from ADB (for each file)
    8. Push the images to the phone in this order:
      1. adb sideload your-file-los19-image.zip
      2. adb sideload your-file-mindthegapps.zip
      3. adb sideload your-file-firmware.zip
    9. Reboot phone to system. Spend most time restoring your data and app settings.

    One huge downside of sticking with LOS Recovery is the lack of easy installation of zip files. For example for firmware, where basically you have to revert to step 8.3 each time.
    Google Wallet (Pay) is not complaining. While not rooted, w/o hiding apps etc.
    I am looking for a GApps package that has only the basic services to run Google Play.
    Then you may want to use flamegapps basic.

    Mindthegapps is a bit bloated, but here's how I force it to only install the basics:

    unpack it
    edit META-INF/com/google/android/update-binary

    and right after...

    cd system

    add these lines...


    and then recreate the zip file.
    Hey, I am currently on ArrowOS and want to change to this rom: Can someone check if one can choosse to press the fingerprint sensor instead of only touching it to unlock? Thanks in advance :)
    I think you mean Smart Lock right? Basically there are 3 options to keep your phone unlocked with this feature:
    • On-body detection (unlocked as long as you're moving)
    • Trusted places (in home, etc)
    • Trusted devices (e.g. smartwatch)
    LOS can do that.
    FYI, although not officially supported, I've seen people in the support Tm channel express satisfaction after changing to SiLonT kernel...
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    LineageOS 19.1 Official (18.1 discontinued as of 2nd May 2022)

    We are official!

    17.1 will never be official (and it's upstream dead)
    18.1 is official, discontinued builds.
    19.1 is official and built weekly.

    * Your warranty is now void.
    * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards,
    * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please
    * do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM
    * before flashing it! YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if
    * you point the finger at me for messing up your device, I will laugh at you.

    What's working:
    • WiFi
    • VoLTE
    • VoWIFI
    • FM Radio
    • RIL (telephone, SIM, 2G/3G/4G/LTE/+/blah...)
    • Tethering
    • Bluetooth + AAC
    • Tethering + bluetooth working
    • Safety net passed
    • SELinux Enforcing in Trust
    • DT2W
    • WiFi Display fully working
    • Infrared (IR)
    • NFC (Surya only)

    Known issues:
    • Honestly at this time, nothing?

    Camera Notes
    ANX camera is not recomended and will most probably NOT work.
    To get a fully working camera try one of the gcams here.
    Do not forget to copy&load the associated xml file!

    Official LOS uses oss camera service, so xml written for other custom roms might not work.
    The gcams at the above link have modified xmls for LOS.


    There is also a MIcroG build if you don't like Google Apps!
    If you care for official microg builds, check here they will be ready when they will be ready, those builds are not done by me nor supported by me, do not ask me about it.

    There is also, for help and support, the:
    • Make sure to flash at the very minimum firmware (anything newer will work) from XiaomiFirmwareUpdater firmware page
    • (For 17.1 <<only>> : flash VENDOR + FIRMWARE from Android 10, do not use Android 11)
    • Download this build and Magisk (optionally) and gapps (optionally).
    • Put the zip on your MicroSD (suggested) or connect via USB to PC.
    • Boot to recovery (latest TWRP only is suggested! OrangeFox has issues).
    • Wipe Dalvik, Cache and format data. This IS NOT OPTIONAL!
    • Reboot recovery after wipe and format.
    • Flash this ROM zip...
    • ... flash gapps zip ...
    • ... If you want Magisk, flash zip ...
    • Reboot and enjoy!
    If you have any issues flashing, like persistent GApps or booting issues, try to cleanup the phone with the following procedure:
    • Download a full MIUI rom recovery package from XiaomiFirmwareUpdater MIUI page
    • ... (make sure you download the full rom package for RECOVERY, it is about 2.4Gb!) ...
    • From recovery, flash the zip file. This will cleanup all the partitions.
    • Now flash again this ROM.
    This problem is related to the fact that TWRP and OrangeFox both don't support dynamic partitions properly yet.

    Tested with Magisk 24.1, newer version should work, but you MUST follow the SafetyNet fix guide in the next post if you want Play Store certification.

    Suggested GAPPS for LineageOS: Mind The Gaps (here, make sure to download the ones for your android version 10, 11 or 12).

    XDA DevDB Information
    LineageOS 17.1 & 18.1 & 19.1, ROM for the Xiaomi Poco X3 NFC


    Build by @gardiol

    Device tree sources: device tree
    Kernel sources: kernel
    Vendor sources: vendor

    Additional notes

    SafetyNet does not pass by default, you need to follow the steps on post n.3 below. This is due to Google issues and LOS rules.

    ROM OS Version: Android 10 & 11 & 11
    ROM Kernel: Linux 4.x

    Version Information
    Official and Unofficial.

    Created 2020-12-13
    Last Updated 2022-05-02

    From May 2022:
    LineageOS 19.1 is official for Surya!

    TO BE CLEAR: there are OFFICIAL releases weekly, those (and the according changelog) is NOT listed here, go to official LOS download page! This list if only for test builds at this point.

    20 December 2021 (17.1)
    Last 17.1 build ever for Surya
    December security patches

    19 September 2021 (17.1)
    September security patches.

    06 September 2021 (18.1)
    New debloated kernel
    Fixed screen recorder rate limiter
    Fixed DriveDroid (and more usb gadget stuff)
    Added proximy check to prevent screen wakeup option
    August patches
    Fixed minor denials (battery improvement)

    31 July 2021 (18.1)
    Fixed lots of denials
    Greatly improved battery life
    more minor fixes.

    20 July 2021 (both 17.1 and 18.1)
    July patches
    For 18.1: mi_thermald added back
    For 18.1: dynamic 30-120Hz fixed

    13 July 2021 (18.1)
    All new trees!

    19 June 2021 (17.1)
    Upstream sync
    June patches

    17 June 2021 (18.1)
    fixed haptic issues
    Fixed Netflix error 5.10
    Fixed idle drain
    Fixed NFC denial
    Upstream sync

    07 June 2021 (18.1)
    Fix aptX
    Fix boot from MIUI to LOS not working

    07 June 2021 (18.1)
    Fix netflix
    Fic video recording length
    Fix GBoard rounded corners

    05 June 2021 (18.1)
    First release of 18.1 build!

    11 May 2021 (17.1)
    LOS upstream sync with May patches

    18 April 2021
    LOS upstream sync with April patches
    Dpmd crash resolved
    ️LOS call recorder enabled
    ️Removed all permissive domains

    09 April 2021
    Upstream sources sync

    28/29 March 2021
    Fixed video recording bug
    Fixed audio crackling (finally!)
    Removed all "parts", added doze and refresh rate specific settings
    Getting trees ready for official
    (note: UnofficlalBuild and Experimental builds are from 28 March, MicroG from 29th)

    13 March 2021
    Two builds are available...
    Unofficial, the same old build, but with March security patches.
    Experimental, featuring a full vendor partition, but still SELinux permissive, but a ton of improvements including fixed video recording length, 4K video recording and playback and more minor issues.
    Pick your choice!

    27 February 2021
    Really fixed yellow tint once for all
    Enabled VoIP transition
    Updated proprietary blobs
    Haptic improvements
    Various minor optimizations
    LOS upstream sync

    19 February 2021
    Improved Wifi
    Improved audio
    LOS upstream sync

    06 February 2021
    Improved brightness levels
    Finished reworking tree
    February LOS upstream sync
    Latest security patches

    24 Jannuray 2021
    Fixed "Fast Charging" string, except for original charger!!! (Fast charging IS working, just does not says it's fast in lockscreen).
    Added 30Hz and 50Hz display frequency in display options
    Cleaned up audio routes

    19 Jannuary 2021
    Reverted a prop which was interferring with whatsapp videos.

    18 Jannuary 2021
    Fixed fingerprints
    Rewritten init_surya.cpp
    Removed more useless stuff
    Activated correctly second SIM card
    Added a few translations
    Improved brighness
    Improved Wifi networks
    Fixed tethering+bluetooth

    05 Jannuary 2021
    WiFi Display fixed, finally!
    Resolved bug with speakerphone and reboot

    05 Jannuary 2021
    WiFi Display not fixed
    Product partition enlarged
    Device Tree reworked for proper contribution recognition
    AOD disabled. Once fixed will be available again.

    01 Jannuary 2021
    DT2W Fixed.

    29 December 2020
    New device tree is up.
    Brightness works again
    DT2W not working
    AOD not working
    FM Radio fixed (again)

    29 December 2020
    Final fix for low volume recording.
    WiFI Display still not fixed (please send logs!!!)
    Device tree cleaned up a lot
    add Higher Aspect Ratio
    statusbar : avoid display parameters on Notch
    SELinux is showing Enforcing in Trust

    28 December 2020
    Added audio fixes for low volume.
    Added full WiFi Display support (to be confirmed)

    26 December 2020
    New parittion size.
    Bluetooth now reporting working properly.

    24 December 2020
    Tentative SELinux enforcing.

    22 December 2020
    Added FM radio support, FM radio working.
    SELinux still permissive

    20 December 2020
    Reworked vendor mixing camera blobs from A10 branch and telephony from A11 branch.
    Camera is reported working.
    SIM card is reported working.
    VoLTE and WoWiFi reported working.
    FM Radio NOT working.

    19 December 2020
    New beta build for camera fix.
    Let me know if it works!

    18 December 2020
    SIM card works
    missing camera
    selinux permissive, will try to fix in later build
    Passing SafetyNet and Google Play Certification

    SafetyNet and Play Store certification

    (guide updated 01 feb 2022, for Magisk 24.1 and Zygisk)

    LineageOS, by charter, does not alter any safety ptotection set by Google. In our case, having an unlocked bootloader, safetynet will always fail by Google decision. Now, passing safety net is required for banking apps and even some games. Also, it is required for "play store certification", which will prevent you from even searching for some apps (like Netflix).
    Blame Google for all this.


    Install Magisk

    Download latest stable magisk apk from Magisk website (https://github.com/topjohnwu/Magisk). Rename it as .zip and flash it from recovery. Some recoveries, like TWRP, will flash the apk directly, others will require the rename.
    Boot LOS and install the apk file.

    Hide Magisk apps and Enable Zygisk & blocklist

    Open Magisk App, go to settings and hide the magisk app. Give it a name you will remember.
    After magisk app has been hidden, go back to settings and enable Zygisk (beta).
    Now apply the blocklist and select all the apps you like NOT to detect Magisk. This must include Google Play Services and Google Play Store.

    Install SafetyNet fix module

    kDrag0n developed a fix that can be flashed via Magisk. You must download the module (https://github.com/kdrag0n/safetynet-fix/releases), select at least version 2.2.1, and install it from inside Magisk app.

    Setup Fingerprint

    Download latest Props module for Magisk (https://forum.xda-developers.com/t/...t-prop-edits-and-more-v6-1-2.3789228/page-274) and install it within Magisk. Reboot your phone.
    Now, after reboot, open a terminal (use "adb shell" from pc, or install termux from play store) and type:
    su (grant root access!)
    props (a text based menu will popup)
    Now select "1" (edit fingerprint), type "f" (pick fingerprint) select "22" (poco) then select any one poco x3 model. Which one really doesn't matter, but make sure to choose the right Android version.
    Confirm and reboot phone.

    Clear caches for Google stuff

    Now, open settings - apps and clear data&cache for Google Play Store and Google Play Services.
    One last reboot!

    Don't want root?

    If you dont want root... Just disable it from within Magisk!

    OPTIONAL Additional stuff

    Magisk from 24.1 removed the built-in modules repository. If you like it back, you can install Fox's Magisk Module Manager app (https://github.com/Fox2Code/FoxMagiskModuleManager).

    LineageOS on SafetyNet (https://www.lineageos.org/Safetynet)
    Kdrag0n on SafetyNet (https://github.com/kdrag0n/safetynet-fix)
    SafetyNetFix Magisk Module (https://github.com/kdrag0n/safetynet-fix/releases)
    Magisk download (https://github.com/topjohnwu/Magisk)
    Props Module for Magisk (https://forum.xda-developers.com/t/...t-prop-edits-and-more-v6-1-2.3789228/page-274)
    fox's Magisk Module Manager (https://github.com/Fox2Code/FoxMagiskModuleManager)
    I have some news. I am working on Lineage-18.1 and so far i am having some good progress.
    I managed to boot it, it's still unstable and a lot work is required, but it's steady.

    It is OSS based, so this will be official no doubt this time.
    Official build is again underway and will be ready in a few days.
    Everything has been approved this time we are just waiting for hudson & wiki merge to be approved.

    I think there is good hope that the first official build will be next week.