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Oct 19, 2009
Has anyone been able to get Google Pay working with this? I'm not having any luck.


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Jul 26, 2010
Google Pixel 3a XL
Just loaded this up and liking it a lot but 2 questions:

1) why is there no November update.... Seems little all phone builds are still on October

2) safety net fails due to cts. Is this normal? Can we get safety net to pass somehow?


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I've seen around that the Nov. security update has caused problems with rooting, not on this rom obviously but elsewhere. I know that's not a reason to not have an update, but in the same sense I'm not eager to deal with it. Though it might be a simple case of using canary channel magisk to root like originally. I do wonder if aosip will move in to android 11 though, but I'm not asking for an eta nor implying that it must move to 11. I appreciate anything that comes along if and when it does.

As for safetynet check failing, I think that's because android changed the way it checks for root, I'm not 100% sure there. Mine fails as well, but not an issue for me personally, but that's just me. Again, maybe canary channel magisk can solve that problem, idk.


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Finally gave it a whirl, I can confirm it works fine. Just a couple of things I had to do, one is install the modules one by one rebooting in between, and restoring magisk manager then re-ticking magisk hide. Either way, all sorted.


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Oct 19, 2014
Love your rom and all the work put into it....question.. any chance we could get one future version that will allow us to use elementalx kernel? For music purposes, that kernel is necessary for me and not being able to use it is the only thing keeping me from using your great rom fulltime. if this cant be done, i completely understand. thanks again for all the hard work.


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Dec 7, 2010
OnePlus 8T
Google Pixel 6a
Is anybody having issues with the 12-12 build? When I adb sideload the gapps version I get:

Error applying update: 7 (ErrorCode::kInstallDeviceOpenError)
E:Error in /sideload/package.zip (status 1)


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Feb 21, 2012
Google Pixel 3a XL
Trying to install AOSiP-10-Gapps-bonito-20210213.zip fails with...
E:Update package is older than the current build, expected a build newer than timestamp 1613223495 but package has timestamp 1613212442 and downgrade not allowed
Anybody know how to install Gapps?


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Jan 31, 2011
Google Pixel 3a XL
Google Pixel 5
Trying to install AOSiP-10-Gapps-bonito-20210213.zip fails with...
E:Update package is older than the current build, expected a build newer than timestamp 1613223495 but package has timestamp 1613212442 and downgrade not allowed
Anybody know how to install Gapps?

Maybe try downloading again?? It's pretty straightforward to install. I've never seen that error

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    [B][CENTER]**** Disclaimer: I'm not responsible if you destroy your device. Use at your own risk!!! ****[/CENTER][/B]
    Android Open Source illusion Project

    About us:
    AOSIP is a quality custom ROM based purely on AOSP. Twisted with the latest features and blended with stability. We strive for perfection and it shows.

    Team Illusion:

    Josh Fox (xlxfoxxlx)
    Akhil Narang
    Harsh Shandilya
    Anirudh Gupta

    Bug reporting:

    • DO NOT Report bugs if you're running a custom kernel or you installed Xposed
    • Grab a logcat right after the problem has occurred. (Please include at least a few pages of the log, not just the last few lines, unless you know what you're doing.)
    • If it is a random reboot, grab dmesg . (Do not bother getting a logcat unless you can get it just before the reboot. A logcat after a reboot is useless)
    • If the problem disappears after running "setenforce 0" from a root shell, grab /data/misc/audit/audit.log
    • Remember to provide as much info as possible. The more info you provide, the more likely that the bug will be solved. Please also do not report known issues.

    Source code:

    Latest Downloads:

    Official Server | SourceForge Mirror


    Mike Williams (founder and creator of AOSiP)
    Google for Android and AOSP
    Dirty Unicorns
    Other projects whose work helped us to create this
    And last but not the least, all our testers, who have helped us to squash many bugs so that we can try to release builds that as are flawless as possible

    Hosted and built on

    XDA:DevDB Information
    Android Open Source Illusion Project, ROM for the Google Pixel 3a XL

    Source Code: [url]https://github.com/AOSiP[/URL]

    ROM OS Version: Android 10
    ROM Kernel: Linux 4.x
    ROM Firmware Required: May 2020 security patch
    Based On: AOSP

    Version Information
    Status: Official

    Created 2020-02-04
    Last Updated 2020-05-25
    Installation procedure:
    Have an unlocked bootloader (Not gonna be explained here, there'll be threads in this forum somewhere)

    Make sure to backup internal storage as wiping data will delete everything.

    Reboot to fastboot and flash the provided boot.img with the following commands:
    adb reboot bootloader
    fastboot flash boot /path/to/boot.img
    reboot into recovery and select "Apply update from ADB":
    fastboot reboot recovery
    adb sideload /path/to/rom.zip
    In recovery before rebooting, make sure to factory reset/wipe data.
    Reboot into the system, and enjoy the illusion!

    Update procedure:
    Just use the built in updater. Easy peasy.

    Updating with Magisk:
    Update using the built in updater same as you would without magisk, but when it prompts you to reboot, open magisk manager, tap install for the magisk option > then select "install to inactive slot" > then proceed as you normally would and reboot once it's done.

    Currently none, let me know what you find!
    Im on q android 10 stock april 2020 patch with only bootloader unlocked.. can i do this . just got phone and use it for streaming to my cochlear implant.
    update. rooted now. but boot img page no longer works
    update 2 are we waiting for april update?
    Yea, I'd wait a little bit for the new update. New builds should be up soon, the build system finally works for bonito and coral, I'll be flashing a new build later today to test and see if anything is broken and if all is good then officials should be good to go.

    Just a note to others who are running older builds that they'll be required to clean flash to use the newer ones as they're being signed now.
    Is there an ETA on March security patch/release?
    Not currently. I'm waiting for major changes in rom source to settle down a bit so clean flashes aren't needed each update as often. I'll most likely release the next build with the April patch with a bunch of fixes. Hopefully within the week of its release.

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