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[ROM][10] ExtendedUI [Violet]

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Apr 2, 2017
When I change ringer to silent or vibrate from volume panel the system ui crashes..very good rom
Plz add longpress power button flash light in the next update

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Music visualizer ND long screenshots would be great
AppLock will be big thing to ask


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When I change ringer to silent or vibrate from volume panel the system ui crashes..very good rom
Plz add longpress power button flash light in the next update

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Music visualizer ND long screenshots would be great
AppLock will be big thing to ask
Well no one else faced that issues.. sys ui restart and that long power button press for torch is already there.


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Apr 2, 2017
i clean flashed it... didn't do anything
after using the rom for a while i still facing the bug.. plz check it,, i change it nd the screen black out. sometimes it pops up system ui stopped working .. then i tap close app nd again unlock the phone

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    ExtendedUI is custom-rom based on PixelExperience that aims to provide different UI than any other rom on the market.

    Also, we got our Telegram channel you can find here updates about the rom, screenshots and more.



    - Refined UI by cfdddd (00day/00day0)
    - GAPPS included
    - Ambient edge lighting
    - FOD icon picker
    - Double-tap to sleep on statusbar / lockscreeen
    - Smart replies toggle
    - Battery charging light customizations
    - Notification snooze function
    - Navigation bar customizations
    - Lockscreen shortcuts customizations
    - Configurable amount of screen height used for gestures


    First Time Install / Clean Flash


    1. Download And Flash Proper Recovery
    2. Reboot to Recovery
    3. If Encrypted then FORMAT Datat else Wipe Data/Cache/System/vendor/dalvik
    4 Flash Required Firmware
    5. Flash the ROM
    6. Flash Magisk (Optional)
    7. Reboot

    Update / Dirty Flash

    1. Download the proper flashable ZIP for your device
    2. Reboot to Recovery
    3. Flash the ROM
    4. Clear Dalvik/Caches
    5. Reboot to System


    ExtendedUI source code


    - PixelExperience
    - LineageOS
    - OmniROM
    - POSP
    - Havoc-OS​

    As we know that build is free of cost for you but guys building ROMs needs building server so we have to pay every month $3 / ₹200 . And as a student it is quite difficult as it goes from our own savings. So it will be really appreciated if you donate us and help us to to keep regular updates on time and little donation or help will motivate us for more amazing updates for users.

    NOTE: READ THIS CAREFULLY U WILL UNDERSTAND. As a student it's difficult.

    GooglePay: [email protected]
    PAYTM UPI: [email protected]
    PAYPAL: https://www.paypal.me/uglykid24

    A little donation or help can give someone motivation to work more hard and bring the best for u

    Even a small amount will be appreciated Because frankly speaking that we all are running out of server and without server it means slow or delay in updates although there is server on some developers but they don't want share so we are trying to contribute and buy a powerful server.​

    XDA:DevDB Information
    [ROM][10] ExtendedUI [Violet], ROM for the Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 Pro

    Source Code: [url]https://github.com/Extended-UI[/URL]

    ROM OS Version: Android 10
    ROM Kernel: Linux 4.x
    ROM Firmware Required: 9..11
    Based On: AOSP

    Version Information
    Status: Stable
    Stable Release Date: 2020-01-09

    Created 2020-01-11
    Last Updated 2020-03-26
    CHANGELOG of 17/02/2020 EXTENDED UI 1.0.2

    WELL, IF U LIKE MY WORK AND WANT ME TO BUY A COFFEE THEN UPI: [email protected] . KThanks.

    - Merged Feb Security Patch (As it makes RoM worth flashing)
    - Added Mi Dirac Support
    - Updated FP to Coral's Feb 2020 Patch
    - Added Some missing overlays
    - Fixed Audio Distortion and better call Quality.
    - Optimised the Rendering
    - Added VoWiFi for some more devices
    - Reduced App opening speed (Instant Open)
    - Reduced boot time
    - Walleye GPU Composition
    - Better RAM Management aka more apps in memory
    - Getting Ready For Incremental Updates Soon

    CHANGELOG of 07/02/2020 EXTENDED UI 1.0.2

    Device CHANGELOG :-
    - Enforced 9.11.28 firmware
    - Added Some missing overlays
    - Fixed Audio Distortion
    - WIFI Display ( Miracast )
    - Touch/UI shoud be smoother now
    - Any prev lag with screen recorders shoud be fixed
    - Adjusted status bar padding
    - And Much More

    Source Side [ EXTENDEDUI 1.0.2 ]
    - OPTIONAL miui-like brightness slider
    - recognizing fingerprint animation
    - reorganize Configuration Center and add about section
    - add ripple effect to OxygenOS dismiss all button
    - place volume row icon a bit lower
    - remove glitched DND icons in volume panel
    - fix glitch of media notification seekbar thumb
    - dont change colors for qs drag change for dark theme

    - longpress power button to toggle torch
    - set delay for screenshot shortcut to 0
    - require unlocking to use some quick tiles
    - allow to disable Lockscreen Media Art
    - add AOD qs tile
    - add VPN qs tile
    - partial German translations


    CHANGELOG of 26/01/2020 EXTENDED UI 1.0.1

    Device Changes:
    - Gcam optimised by dyneteve
    - Updated Adreno Blobs
    - Decreased Touch Response Time
    - And Much More `

    ROM Changes:
    - fix oxygenos dismiss all appearing when there arent any notifications to dismiss
    - three fingers swipe to screenshot
    - network traffic indicator
    - optional bottom brightness bar
    - hide gestures pill
    - qs header data usage info
    - fix ConfigCenter crash on devices without fingerprint reader
    - partial polish translations
    - updated APNs from lineageos

    CHANGELOG of 18/01/2020 EXTENDED UI 1.0.1

    Device Changes:
    - Enforcing Build
    - Gcam is default cam
    - 24bit audio
    - Added Hifi Stuff
    - Enabled native audio mode

    ROM Changes:
    - January security patch merged
    - fix volume panel ui with live captions
    - animate oxygenos styled dismiss all button
    - optional blur behind quick settings
    - optional refreshed screenshot animation
    - disable battery estimates in QS and move battery icon to header
    - revert back to aosp battery icon size
    - refresh QS drag handle look
    - make QS columns count configurable
    - volume keys music controll
    - advanced power menu
    - quick unlock with pin
    - added sync QS tile
    - allow to disable screenshot sound
    - screenrecorder: dont show headsup
    - add new font overlays
    - make app aspect ratio configurable (for 18:9 and taller displays)​
    Insanely good rom with tons of features. It's technically stock Android in heart but every custom rom user will love it's customization and features. Really smooth and stable ? Really Good job by the maintainer for porting this to violet .
    UPDATE is up for extendedui 1.0.1 guys check download link in sf or tg group
    Here you go:


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    Are the following features available in this ROM ??

    1. Dual VoLTE

    2. Double Tap on home screen to sleep

    3. Screen Recorder (with all different types of audio options such as: System sounds only, mic only, both system sounds & mic)

    4. Lock Screen Charging info.

    5. Call recorder

    6. RAM usage in Recents menu

    7. OTA Updates
    1) working
    2) it's a launcher thing
    4) yes
    5) Google not added yet, so not working in any rom afaik