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[ROM][10] hadesRom Q v2.0 for Exynos S8 / S8+ / Note8 [15.09.2021]

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few updates.

There are few notes for S8/S8+ users, previous you were able to change the flash light intensity, and use flashlight from the lockscreen shortcut, these has been bricked by the V2 update as the fix for them conflicted with iris scanner.

in hindsight i should have disabled the method that broke it all together to retain some functionality but it slipped my mind. so will see how this can be handled.

For Note 8 users, i am not sure how this happened yet, but the telephoto camera stopped working after the release, i cant trace back what broke it yet. so for now the zoom camera is useless. ive opened an issue on github.

one last thing, a common bug across all phones is the selfie/back camera white box is flickering again, not sure yet why it is working fine here and broken for pretty much everyone, so again, will see how this could be handeled.

meanwhile please report any new issues you face on github so i can see it.
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Nov 26, 2012
This upgrade took us more than we expected, but in the end it's by far better than v1 with a ton of impossible fixes and exotic features enabled, such as iris.
My best congratulations, the system works very very fluid. I find very significant changes in this update, I am like with new shoes. It is fantastic to be able to update the system without losing anything, an impeccable job so far I did not find anything wrong. Once again Congratulations to the Team, a big hug to everyone.


Aug 15, 2018
thanks a lot for update, it's great i installed magisk and its ok and installed riru module but edxposed manager its not work .
Thanks for your reply
sorry for my bad english
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May 7, 2017
Samsung Galaxy S8+
For those who have installed v2, can u confirm fix about the camera lag issues in social media apps like Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook etc.
Secondly about the smart view lag when casting screen?
I'm asking because I'm in stock rom so jumping from one rom to another isn't easy as it wipes all the data etc.
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Nov 26, 2012
For those who have installed v2, can u confirm fix about the camera lag issues in social media apps like Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook etc.
Secondly about the smart view lag when casting screen?
I'm asking because I'm in stock rom so jumping from one rom to another isn't easy as it wipes all the data etc.

The delay is almost negligible, it does not reach the second. You can make a copy of the current one with twrp and if the result does not convince you to return (everything will be as you left it), but this is the dark reverse ... the one that enters does not return !!!
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    I'm using this rom.. everything work very well including Screen Recording.. but, My phone Hot Very fast.. sometimes over heat not normal.. make App become lag because of over heat..
    what wrong with that ?
    It's a very good work 👏 but I have question how can I show data speed in statu bar in this rom please
    To show data speed go to :
    Status bar
    Then activate " show network speed in real time "

    And that's it
    To show data speed go to :
    Status bar
    Then activate " show network speed in real time "

    And that's it
    Thank you brother it worked 👌
    @corsicanu will you add hades custom rom with android 11 and one ui 3 in the near future?
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    I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM before flashing it! YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if you point the finger at me for messing up your device, I will laugh at you.


    Some personal thoughts:

    You are not allowed to use this base, aroma, or any parts of it for your own "ROM". if you want to make a Q port, "DIY"
    Any sort of kang will be reported without hesitation..

    This project is here only because of heavy collaboration of my brother @ananjaser1211 who spent very much of his precious time on bringing this port into a decent state, so make sure to send him some love via paypal.

    If you like my work and want to support the development, you can always send me a treat via paypal or press 'Like' button instead of saying it - it will keep the thread clean and keep me motivated to do more;

    You should read at least install instructions stated in this post - i won`t offer support for any issues regarding installation - for extra questions read FAQ post below;

    Rom Features
    Only for G950F / G950N / G955F / G955N / N950F / N950N
    • Android 10
    • Full N960FXXS9FUH1 port - August 2021 release
    • Full Samsung OneUI 2.5 Experience
    • Properly optimised for S8 / S8+ and Note 8 with their own separate configurations
    • August security patch
    • Heavy debloated/deknoxed
    • RMM prepatched (more info about RMM here)
    • hadesKernel
    • Redesigned Aroma Installer
    • Selectable Edge Features (light edge/full edge/no edge)
    • Selectable Bootanimations
    • Selectable Bloatware (Game launcher/tools, Dictionary, Reminder, Video, Digital Wellbeing, ANT+, Google Assistant, Chrome, LiveCaptions, Flipboard, Upday and Sim Toolkit)
    • Selectable Smart Manager (International / Chinese)
    • Selectable SamsungDaily (BixbyHome) , Bixby Voice, Bixby Vision and routines
    • Bixby Key remapping
    • 1120 Fonts Mod
    • Google Fonts
    • GoodLock Manager patched to work in all countries
    • AdAway and Vanced Manager
    • Duos + sdCard Patch
    • Patched reboot button to reboot to recovery on long press
    • Patched settings to show status Official
    • Dual Messenger patched for all user apps
    • Patched SecureFolder and Knox WorkProfile
    • Camera - enabled recording [email protected] & [email protected] with no recording time limit
    • Enabled some csc features (extra toggles, call record, statusbar network speed etc.)
    • Removed extra product bloatware (keyboard languages & handwriting recognition data)
    • v2.0 exclusives:
      - Fix "Hi Bixby" and "Ok Google" hotwords for Assistant
      - Fix IRIS sensor and make it work in secure folder and other places
      - Fix capture with HeartRate sensor
      - Fix face detection box in selfie mode
      - Fix Telephoto camera activation zoom level (now activates at 2.0x instead of 2.4x)
      - Update Safetynet Fix to bypass recent GMS restrictions
      - Support more NFC card types (Mifare plus Thanks @Pavlon333)
      - Fix-up some audio issues occuring in games with mic
      - Fix SoundTheme selector
      - Fix Bootanimation issues/selection
      - fix earpiece clipping noise
      - adjust audio configs / HAL to the most compatible with stock
      - increase earpiece volume in calls so it is not too quiet
      - Reduce wired headphone mic volume in calls because it was too loud
      - Cleanup some of the broken constant logging services
    • hadesKernel v2.5.*:
      - latest sourcecode released by samsung
      - upstreamed to 4.4.283 (stable linux kernel)
      - Patches for Android Q
      - compiled with custom GCC-12.x
      - Fully Permissive
      - blu_active CPU governor
      - other compiler optimizations
      - F2FS Support
      - disabled audit, excessive debugging, logging, knox, proca, defex, rkp, tima, root restriction, unused governors, io schedulers, compression algorithms, TCP congestion algorithms and more
      - added Moro sound control
      - added boeffla wakelock blocker with a default list of wakelocks for better battery
      - Enabled ZRAM with latest LZ4 Compression algorithm and disabled Samsung swap
      - Adjust swappiness with specific configs for S8 / S8+ / N8
      - Added LED fade mod
      - added crc toggle
      - added wireguard support
      - Added support for DexOnPC
      - dex with any hdmi adapter
      - Disable excessive DVFS and tune GPU
      - Apply IRQ Patches and improvments
      - Disable excessive UHQ upscaler drain
      - Reduce MIF Frequency- Improve safetynet hiding to let more apps work
      - Remove IRQ tweaks that caused extra heat
      - Reduce extra logging spam
      - Improve PM QoS
      - Optimize touch interrupt usage
      - Fix massive performance and battery issues
      - Fix Random freezes and lags on S8/S8+
      - Set default I/O to CFQ
      - keep interactive as default gov
      - Upstream binder, EXT4, lmk and net to latest google
      - Fixed IPV6 connection
      - Fixed issues with SWAP values on S8
      - Updated kernel to latest OSRC source drop (DUD1)
      - Backport few QQ changes from S9
      - Fix issues with charging and battery
      - Enable DriveDroid support

    Installation steps
    If you are installing on S8/S8+ or any of Korean variants - SELECT LESS BLOATWARE OR THE PHONE WILL NOT BOOT
    • Make sure you have latest official TWRP installed (download latest official for Note8 or S8/S8+)
    • Make sure your phone is charged to at least 70%.
    • Download the ROM, and transfer to your phone / external SD card
    • Make sure OEM Unlock is ON in developer settings
    • Boot the phone into TWRP
      - coming from hadesRom Q v1.0, no wipe is needed
      - coming from any other setup than hadesRom, full wipe is mandatory - Dalvik Cache, Cache, Data (or select wipe in Aroma options)
    • Flash ROM and boot (first boot can take up to 15-20 min)
    • uncheck diagnostic data in setting wizard

    How about bugs and/or issues and/or requests?
    • First read existing issues and the F.A.Q below to ensure its not a duplicate
    • Properly report issues by submitting an issue on GitHub
    • provide as much info as possible so the issue is not ignored / closed

    Bugs at release of v2.0:
    • Common - Some camera modes (live focus, super slow motion)
    • Common - Permissive kernel (needed to for hw mismatch)
    • Common - Encryption (internal/external storage encryption is broken)
    • Common - Flashlight intensity (due to fixing iris)
      Due to the nature of this rom being a port from a different soc and these bugs being 95% hardware related, the above features have been disabled/hidden with a very small chance of succeeding in fixing them.

    • @ananjaser1211, a modest mofo, for listening all my sh*t all the time, getting a Note8 to help me finish this port and working on it ever since, narrowing down the bug list and simply being there always available to contribute
    • DaN and Rayan Refoua (@Rrs_hidden) for awesome bootanimations
    • @Cvolton for fixing device MAC issues, 4K/60fps camera mod and other contributions
    • @thereassaad, @yash92duster, @AbrahamGC, @Grouxho @fOmey for mods and ideas
    • @PerfectSlayer for best adblocker for android (imo)
    • @vanced team for all their work for best Youtube experience
    • @Winb33 for 1120 font pack
    • testers & donors
      *please pm me if i forgot someone

    Source Code:
    Changelog and downloads:

    hadesRom Q OneUI v2.0

    hadesRom Q OneUI v1.0
    MD5: 95d76afbea023e342c1941b9855dd104
    SHA-1: A9482B4D96ED73B59803DA8B2850E8CFFD5A0C8C
    * Make sure to verify the hash of the file you downloaded to avoid issues such as not being able to boot / zip corrupt VerifyHash for Windows or Hash Checker for Android

    Misc links
    We hope you all enjoy this release, it has been a ton of work to get it where its at, and we hope in the future it will be even better. make sure to leave your feedback and report any feature request or bugs in the linked github issues page so we can track them.

    Have fun!
    Imgur album: Embedded images:
    Screenshot_20201226-132030_One UI Home.jpgScreenshot_20201226-132036_One UI Home.jpgScreenshot_20201226-132041_One UI Home.jpgScreenshot_20201226-132048_Settings.jpgScreenshot_20201226-132058_Settings.jpgScreenshot_20201226-132116_Good Lock.jpgScreenshot_20201226-132128_Camera.jpgScreenshot_20201226-132200_Device care.jpgScreenshot_20201226-132214_Wallpapers.jpgScreenshot_20201226-132224_Settings.jpgScreenshot_20201226-132322_My Files.jpgScreenshot_20201226-132336_Vanced Manager.jpgScreenshot_20201226-132358_One UI Home.jpg
    Q: Phone is showing YYY model but my phone is ZZZ model, is that normal?
    A: Yes, that is very normal and very intented. Do not change it or you will break features.

    Q: Why OEM toggle is missing in this rom?
    A: I disabled it to be sure nobody gets locked by mistake.

    Q: Magisk app not showing, what to do?
    A: Download latest Magisk Manager from here and install as normal app.

    Q: My phone shows locked because "Payment services was uninstalled without authorization", how to get rid of it?
    A: Unfortunately you need to reflash rom, no wipe needed. Also don't try to debloat the rom again or you will have same issue.

    Q: Installation failed, what to do now?
    A: First of all make sure you have the pointed twrp. If the problem persists try to redownload the zip and/or reflash with selecting less things in Aroma installer. If you still have the problem, probably your device is not supported.

    Q: How to report bugs?
    A: If you want to report a bug make sure you include:
    -device variant / modem version / bootloader version / region
    -detailed info about the encountered issue
    -steps to reproduce the bug

    Q: How to take logs?
    A: Download Logcat Extreme and take a look at this.

    Q: TWRP can't mount data partition, what to do?
    A: Make sure you formatted data partition if your previous rom was stock.

    Q: Phone is not booting even after 20 minutes?
    A: Try to reboot. If still not booting try to redownload the zip and/or reflash with selecting less things in Aroma installer and/or make sure you use the pointed TWRP and/or make sure you formatted data partition if your previous rom was stock.

    Q: How to format data partition?

    Q: Phone is asking to reboot because sim changed, what should i do?
    A: Reboot once and see if it appears again. If yes reboot again.

    Q: Phone asks to wipe data because operator changed, should i wipe?
    A: Try to cancel and just reboot. If you can't do that or the popup still appear, reflash the rom and wipe in Aroma installer.