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Dec 7, 2015

ion-2.6.a for Redmi Note 5 / Pro (whyred)

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ion is based on AOSP including Pixel Goodies & lots of customizations

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XDA:DevDB Information
ion, ROM for the Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro

ROM OS Version: Android 10
ROM Kernel: Linux 4.x
Based On: AOSP

Version Information
Status: Stable
Current Stable Version: 2.6.a
Stable Release Date: 2020-05-05

Created 2019-11-24
Last Updated 2020-05-05


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Dec 7, 2015


- May Security Patch
- Added battery bar
- Added internal audio recording to screenrecord
- Added option to select bitrate to screenrecord
- Added R style notification section headers
- Added AOSP accents
- Added Screen Stabilization
- Added option to block back gesture on IME
- Added haptic feedback on back gesture
- Added Android R style screen record dialog
- Added panel for some QS tiles
- Added Ringtone vibration pattern
- Added FPS info tile
- Fixed overlapping Carrier label & heads up text
- Fixed SystemUI crash on high resolution QS header images
- Fixed custom lockscreen wallpaper
- Improved QS Tiles layout
- updated GApps
- other bug fixes & improvements


- February Security Patch
- Added Statusbar clock custom color
- Added Lockscreen ownerinfo fonts & size
- Added extended screenshot
- Added some more Lockscreen clock styles
- Added Source sans pro font style
- Added new custom text clock
- Added custom text clock customizations
- Added new improved Ambient Edge Pulse
- Added more edge pulse customizations
- Added Dynamic Immersive mode tile
- Fixed IME selector toggle
- Improved screenshot tile
- Improved partial screenshot
- Improved Lockscreen weather
- other bug fixes & improvements


- Added RGB Accent Color picker
- Added ARGB QS header color picker
- Added RGB QS Panel Color picker
- Added option to hide Lockscreen Clock & Date
- Added Burn-in Protection toggle
- Added option to allow to use VPN through tethering
- Added QS System Info
- Added Lockscreen Date styles
- Allow selecting Lockscreen art blur to 0
- Fixed Settings crash in some cases
- Fixed data usage tile
- Fixed SystemUI crash in some cases
- Improved QS panel layout
- Improved Sammy clock style
- Improved Network Traffic Indicator
- Improved Privacy Indicator
- Enabled PermissionBar Chart in Settings
- Removed Google Recorder
- updated some GApps
- updated back gesture height values
- other bug fixes & improvements


- January Security Patch
- Added Lockscreen digital & Sammy clock style
- Added option to select VoLTE icons
- Added version info while installing apps
- Added Ambient Visualizer
- Added QS header image
- Added option to blink flashlight on incoming calls
- Added Square & Cylinderical icon shapes
- Added option to hide pill in full gestural nav mode
- Added option to hide lock icon on lockscreen
- Added option to change header image height
- Added Russian translation (by Alonzo)
- Fixed battery estimate
- Improved QS Panel
- Improved & Added new brightness slider
- updated some GApps
- other bug fixes & improvements


- Added Edge Light Customizations
- GamingMode: Added option to disable all type of headsup notifications
- Added option to disable notification vibration
- Added List view animations & interpolators
- Added ADB over network
- Added Running Services to QS panel footer
- Added toggle to disable user icon from QS panel footer
- Fixed old style mobile data type indicator
- Fixed notification LED
- other fixes & improvements
- Updated some GApps


- December Security Patch
- Added Lockscreen Binary clock style
- Added Lockscreen charging animation
- Added Customizable Rouneded corner & Padding
- Added QS Tile animation
- Added Smart Charging
- Added screenrecord option in Power Menu
- Added Gaming Mode
- Added Battery Light customization
- Added option to customize QS Panel footer text
- Added option to customize Ambient Display brightness
- Added option to hide back arrow gesture
- Added Circle battery style
- Added old merged type mobile data indicator
- Added Reboot Bootloader/SystemUI option in Reboot tile
- Added Data Switch Tile
- Added Edge Lighting
- Added new Network Traffic Layout
- Added option to change Lockscreen Visualizer color
- Added button navigation bar layout
- Added toggle to hide location icon from statusbar
- Added Pixel Live Wallpaper
- Boost Framework improvements
- Brightness dialog improvements
- Fixed Bluetooth crash
- Fixed possible SystemUI crash
- Fixed screenrecord crash on custom DPI
- Fixed clock not refreshing when screen is turned on
- Fixed navigation bar gets enabled after reboot
- Fixed battery charging symbol not refreshing
- Fixed Lockscreen date fonts not changing in some cases
- Improved Screen Cast Tile
- Improved Privacy Indicator
- Improved Live Display TIle
- Improved clock settings for noched devices
- Improved screenrecord
- Improved power button torch
- Improved Network Traffic
- Improved Statusbar icons padding
- Improved ionizer
- Increased Wi-Fi scan interval
- Updated some Google Apps
- Lots of other bug fixes and improvements

Device Changelog:
- Fixed Bluetooth Crash
- Fixed Screen Cast
- Boosted headset & speaker volume
- Kernel upstream
- performance improvements
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Oct 16, 2012
Amazing rom. The only issue I faced was front camera but after flashing "RN5 F Camera Patch module v1.0s.zip" Magisk module front camera works fine. I just mention it in case anyone is in the same situation.

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Mar 27, 2019
GJ dev, its amazing rom and mostly stable
but i found a bug on screen recording from quicksettings on lastest build (well, i dunno how to screenrecord other than from qs XD)
everything start freezing when i press "start recording" button, it was working on v2.1.a even make the screen lag


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Oct 16, 2012
after using 12 hours everything works great but something wrong with my phone ...after boot screen nothing appearson my screen ..even I dirty flash the ROM again but still not fixed ....plz reply asap
I got a black screen yesterday just after the boot logo disappeared. Probably something got wrong with magisk installation and doing a dirty flash (lazy guy here). Flashing again the system didnt help but wiping DATA did the job so try this.
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