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Dec 30, 2018
use gapps version ;)
This is the best from all roms that i have used until now.... So Many features it have like the stock miui.... Not faced any bug yet... Best sound 🔊, best better backup, best performance.... Worth for using as a daily driver..... Pls bring updates to this rom 😊


Jan 22, 2011
Found few bugs:
1. After some time of using wifi and turning it off/loosing connection mobile data won't work - need to reset/turn on airplane mode for a while.
2. Charging sometimes not working, phone vibrate while plugging and only stops draining the battery so it can keep e.g. 14% all the time - need to restart.
3. Double tap to doze mode sometimes not working, display stays black - need to restart.

Beside of those (really annoying) bugs it's excellent rom :)

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    ZenX-OS is the new Gen and intelligent AOSP based ROM for best experience.
    We care about notched devices, material design guidelines but we also allow user to set Ui as he wish.
    Developed for excellence
    • Optional Dual row statusbar for notification and system icons
    • FaceUnlock
    • Most advanced Clock styles options (choose all bold and accent variants you want)
    • Ultra fast FOD
    • OTA support
    • Seperated Clock style for statusbar and QuicksettingsHeader
    • Toast Animations
    • OOS Notification kill button for notification panel
    • SystemInfo Tile (shows battery percentage, battery temp, cpu temp, gpu freq, cpu freq )
    • SystemInfo in QS next to Privacy chip icon
    • Calculator tile
    • Camera tile
    • Calendar/Event Tile
    • Dialer tile
    • Minimal and Minimal Box Clock for lockscreen
    • Option to disable dashboard conditions and suggestions
    • Optimize icons padding for notched devices (system and notification icons)
    • Ability of sensor block per-package
    • Increasing ring feature
    • Lockscreen Clock Widget Fonts (Sammy, Sammy bold, Sammy accent, Default bold, Default accent and so on)
    • Lockscreen Date Fonts
    • Language toggle tile
    • Statusbar Clock Font
    • QS-Clock: Font style options
    • Volume dialog timeout
    • Accent gradient QS Header Background
    • Ability to show or Hide Privacy chip
    • Option to move network traffic to QS footer
    • Accent color for Lockscreen ClockWidgets
    • FontEngine - lots of different cool fonts
    • Lots of more Accent colors
    • Lots of more dark theme color modes
    • Lockscreen clock/date font styles
    • Lockscreen clock/date size
    • Lockscreen clock position (left center right)
    • QS Header data usage info
    • Toggle for notifications smart reply
    • Set QS Header battery modes
    • Set QS system bar battery mode
    • Enable Systemwide Google Sans font
    • Battery bar on statusbar, nav-bar, QS-non expanded and QS-expanded position
    • Add toggle for charging animation
    • Keyguard charging animations
    • Lockscreen animations
    • AOD animations
    • Lockscreen Battery bar on charging or always
    • Allow hiding DND and Alarm from InfoBox to prevent cutted text on lockscreen
    • Increase animations speed for better ui feeling
    • Hide check button on Quick Unlock
    • Intellingent Performance Profiles Integration https://del.dog/IntelligentProfiles.txt // Will add link to GitHub Documentation
    • Ultra power saving mode
    • Cool wallpapers every release
    • Full ANX support and fixed portrait mode in source
    • Full camera frame support in ANX
    • Cleanup and optimize settings
    • Removed broken preferences and also make custom doze accessable via settings
    • and more..
    Gapps Version
    Vanilla Version

    Full changelog

    Installation notes
    Clean Install:
    1. Download Rom + Magisk
    2. Wipe System, Cache and Data (not Internal storage)
    3. Flash Rom + Magisk
    Dirty Install:
    1. Download Rom and Magisk
    2. Wipe System and Cache
    3. Flash Rom + Magisk
    Attention: If you are encrypted flash DM-Verity zip.
    Crystal Clean Install:
    1. Download stock rom: (depends of device and stock rom of course)
    2. Wipe Data,Cache and System
    3. Flash stock Rom for your device ** DONT REBOOT **
    4. Wipe Data,Cache and System
    5. Flash Rom + Magisk
    Any screenshots please

    Here you go buddy.
    Dear Developer,
    Awesome job with the ROM dude. Installed the ROM (Rooted it with Magisk) and used it for 6 hrs straight. No issues till now. The signal strength is seriously much better than any other ROM I have tried till now. Looks and runs smooth. Only bug I found was with the statusbar header image, I selected a static image from my photos but for some reason it would not load, let me know if there is a work around for that. For the PUBG lovers, out of the box this ROM is not that good but you have the option to turn on gaming performance inside Zen Hub>Device Parts>Thermal Setting. This seriously increases the PUBG's performance. Apart from that, Battery backup is also great. All in all very good ROM. Great work.
    Any screenshots please
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