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[ROM][10][suzu][AOSP] Stable

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"Hi, i just have a few questions about this rom. Is it stable (no rebootes)? How's battery life? Are there any known issues? Want to try it on my f5121. Looking forward for your answer"

I am really corious about this.
Reboots are minimal but still there, more on heavy usage. WiFi is a bit unstable when screen is of and not everyone have problems with Bluetooth calls. Other than that no issue (at least on my end)


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Jan 17, 2018
Has anyone run into issues with the camera failing to autofocus correctly on startup with this rom? With any camera app, as soon as I launch it, the camera immediately loses focus and the only fix is to kill the app and reopen it. Sometimes it works as expected, but most times it's completely blurry in the viewfinder both with the camera and with video. Tap to focus doesn't do anything either unfortunately.

Edit: My guess is that it's related to the kernel and not the rom specifically since the issue persists on other roms using the 4.x kernel.
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    AOSP Q for Suzu/f5121


    As always use it at your own risk.

    Build it in my spare time to test how the development is proceeding.

    Installation instructions

    NB: This is a full software update in the sense that will replace everything, recovery included, with aosp version. You need to reflash twrp afterwards.

    Clean Install
    • enter twrp and factory reset
    • format data partition (only if coming from Pie or below)
    • flash the rom
    • flash GApps (optional)
    • reboot

    Updating from previous version
    • enter TWRP and wipe dalvik/cache
    • flash ROM
    • reboot

    Alternative way to install

    You can also unzip the file and flash via flashboot only what you need:

    • fastboot flash boot boot.img
    • fastboot flash cache cache.img
    • fastboot flash system system.img
    • fastboot flash userdata userdata.img (only if not updating or coming from Pie or below)
    • fastboot flash oem xxxx.img

    Now you can boot into TWRP and flash gapps and other stuff if you want.

    First boot will get stuck on Sony logo for 30/40 seconds, and maybe reboot itself one or two time. Just have patience and everything will be all right ;)

    ROM: Latest Build
    OEM: Binaries for 4.9 kernel
    TWRP: Official TWRP for Suzu
    BitGapps: Suggested GApps

    What's works:
    • RIL
    • Bluetooth
    • Wifi
    • Fingerprint
    • NFC
    • Camera
    • USB tethering
    • Everything else? ;)

    What doesn't:
    • Random reboots (should be solved in latest build)
    • WiFi Hotspot

    Expected the same bugs for Pie ROM since the kernel and binaries are the same, but let me know if you find anything else, will do my best to try to fix it.

    • Update sources to r41
    • Overvolt BIG processor to improve stability on higher frequencies (should fix random reboots)

    • Update sources to r33

    • Reverted patch to enable developer option by default

    • Removed default searchbar from Launcher3
    • Enabled developer settings by default
    • Add MicroG support (testing)

    • Initial booting build

    ROM Version: r41
    ROM Status: Stable

    Created: 2019-12-04
    Last Update: 2020-09-20

    Thanks to:
    @twain55 for the screenshot and testing
    @dslul to help in the bug fixing
    @ix5 for the initial patches
    sonyxperiadev project for providing sources
    and last but not least thanks to all that will test this.


    Hi all,
    having great trouble with Lineage builds and I've just discover that there is some other dev (more skilled than me) that is already working on it so I'll shift my attention on other ROMs. The link sent by email to who asked remain valid and I'll post the test builds for this ROM in the same folder already shared.

    Regarding AOSP AFH as some problem, I'll upload the build with may security update as soon as I can and write here when is up.
    Thank you all for your understanding.
    Call for testers

    Hi guys, a small OT, in the meantime that I'm trying to fix the aosp problem I'm also trying to build other ROMS (to learn and also compare issue/performance). I'm right now building LOS 17.1 but I need testers because I cannot test everything on my device (and also not in a timely fashion because I need it also for work related stuff). If someone want to help trying the build please PM me and I'll give you the link for the latest build when they're out.

    In this thread I'll continue to post aosp build update anyway.

    Thank you so much.

    Thank you. What about wifi hotspot, does it work? and how's battery life?
    You are right hotspot doesn't work and it never will, at least not if someone can straight up fix the kernel. Battery life is not stock but not bad at all IMHO
    Build update

    Uploading right now latest build (r32) built against 4.9 binaries. Have already changed the links in the first post, if nothing goes wrong they should be usable in an hour or so. You should use the alternative way to install (via flashtools and pc, didn't have time to build a flashable zip yet), just finished to build and going to bed now, let me know if someone have time and will to test before me and report eventual bug or worse (bootloop and such).
    After boot is confirmed (if so) I'll start to add patches for what I can fix.
    Thanks all for your patience and testing.