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[ROM][11.0.0][Bonito/Sargo] Android Ice Cold Project 16.1 [Official]

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Oct 1, 2017
Can we have the Sensors Off option back please?

I had it turned on before upgrading to a version with this option hidden, it's 4 weeks back irrc.
And now I can't turn it off to use any of my sensors.

Did google, only thing I found was how to hide this option when building a custom ROM, lol.

Please send help. I don't wanna do clean flush, data matters.


Senior Member
Feb 17, 2013
Google Pixel 3a XL
Can we have the Sensors Off option back please?

I had it turned on before upgrading to a version with this option hidden, it's 4 weeks back irrc.
And now I can't turn it off to use any of my sensors.

Did google, only thing I found was how to hide this option when building a custom ROM, lol.

Please send help. I don't wanna do clean flush, data matters.
Try dirty flashing older ROM version first. Oldest available download on AICP page 21/07/2021.

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    Android Ice Cold Project

    AICP is known by everyone as the "Ice Cold Project" that started on a Desire HD years ago (2012) and since then has evolved into a mature ROM with the BEST community that you can find!!!

    Until Android Lollipop, the ROM has always been based on AOKP. Unfortunately, since AOKP stopped development (but made a comeback later), we changed our base to CM.
    With the re-brand of CM to LineageOS (LOS), we became LineageOS based with some tweaks from AOSP and then changed to be based on the "Ground Zero Open Source Project" (GZOSP) for Android Pie.
    We changed again for Android Q-R with a base of AOSP repositories and some additions from LineageOS for device-specific repositories.

    If there are any bugs we will sort them out if it concerns our codebase. This ROM isn't LineageOS supported, so there is no need to report errors/bugs to them!!

    #include <std_disclaimer.h>
    * Your warranty is now void.
    * We are not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards,
    * thermonuclear war or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please
    * do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM
    * before flashing it! YOU are choosing to make these modifications and if
    * you point the finger at us for messing up your device, we will laugh at you. Hard & a lot.


    Feature list (rough overview)


    In the beginning we would like to thank:

    GZOSP team
    LineageOS & CM (R.I.P.) team
    @maxwen and the rest of the OmniRom team
    DU team
    Resurrection Remix team
    AOSiP team


    @LorD ClockaN
    plus the rest of the crazy bunch that we call "team"


    We are paying for servers that build weeklies and everything that comes with this, so EVERY DONATION will really be appreciated and be used to cover those expenses.
    Thank you!!


    Latest Stable Release Version 16.1

    Download link: https://dwnld.aicp-rom.com/
    Boot Image: https://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=7161016148664838751

    Please note that official builds will be deleted from our servers every month due to maintenance services.
    Starting with AICP 15 we will be storing a copy of the most recent release here: https://media.aicp-rom.com/vault/.


    Full Changelog link: https://dwnld.aicp-rom.com/
    (Just click the changelog button next to the download link in the list of builds available for your device)

    Google Apps:
    We recommend MindTheGapps as it has been thoroughly tested and it works well with the ROM, some other minimal GApps packages still have issues, however feel free to try other GApps if you want to, just try MindTheGapps if you have any GApps related issues

    MindTheGapps: https://androidfilehost.com/?w=files&flid=322935
    Mirror: http://downloads.codefi.re/jdcteam/javelinanddart/gapps


    You tell... :p

    Before using the ROM:
    Q. Can I have an ETA for the next build?
    A. Yes, just look here to see what day your device is built on.

    Q. Does this ROM support custom kernels officially?
    A. No. You can still use them, but the discussion should go in the thread of the respective kernel. We don't offer support for bugs you might encounter while using them!

    Q. Does this ROM include GApps or do I have to flash them separately?
    A. No, we do not include prebuilt GApps, because of possible licensing issues with Google Software and because some users do not want GApps preinstalled as they want to use alternative services like MicroG or just prefer flashing a GApps "flavor" of their liking.

    Q. Does this ROM use the camera or gallery app from stock?
    A. It depends on the device. In most cases these apps include proprietary libs/code and cannot be included in the device trees on Github or we risk having the ROM banned from Github. In this case, we might try to make them installable (separate from the ROM zip), or we might provide a version of these apps with the ROM that doesn't include any proprietary libs. It's also sometimes the case that these apps are simply not included because we didn't feel the need to do so for the device in question.

    Q. Does this ROM have Extended/Scrolling screenshot?
    A. No, extended screenshot was implemented using an app extracted and modified from manufacturer firmware/system images and is proprietary as well. It led to the closing of many ROM's sources on GitHub.

    Q. Does this ROM have FaceUnlock?
    A. No, FaceUnlock was also an app extracted and modified from some manufacturers. Even Google removed the Trusted Face (FaceUnlock) feature for security reasons on Android 9.0/10.x. Adding the modified feature did the same to ROM sources as described above.

    Q. Can you add (insert favorite weather provider)?
    A. No, we cannot add more weather providers as the implementations change and we (the ROM) now have to pay for most services, and that is not cheap, so we decided to use the best free service that we could find, the only way to add your own is for users to apply for their own API key to use their preferred service.

    Q. Does this ROM have private official builds with the above proprietary libs included?
    A. No, we believe in open source software, this way users know what's in the build and can replicate it themselves, all official builds are built on our build servers using the public sources from github and no one can (or would) add their own private sources to the build.

    Flashing the ROM:
    Q. What do I need to know before flashing?
    A. Check the flashing instructions...

    Q. Can the builds be dirty flashed over each other?
    A. Yes, this is the usual behavior on flashing a new official build by (or using) the build-in updater service.

    Using the ROM:

    Q. Do I need to provide a logcat if I'm reporting a bug?
    A. If you want it to be fixed faster (or at all) then yes, you should definitely provide a logcat AND the model name. (Note: Please just link the logcat from your GDrive, Dropbox, etc. Do not post the content here. Thanks.)

    Q. How do I get a logcat, what type should I get, and more questions that can conveniently be answered by my pre-determined answer?
    A1. Read this thoroughly. Also, here's a good app for getting logs: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tortel.syslog (Root needed).
    A2. If you are already rooted, you can use the built-in feature to make a logcat and provide that. Just look into the others section on the AICP Extras main page.


    The ROM should contain everything you need to enjoy Android R. You don't need to install any Add-ons, simply download the latest ROM and GApps, then follow the flashing instructions and go!
    If you want the device to run the ROM "rooted", you can flash a root solution of your choice after the ROM zip file.

    It is STRONGLY recommended to fully wipe your device before flashing and please avoid restoring system apps and system data with Titanium Backup (or with any backup/restore app) as this can cause stability issues that are very hard to debug, restoring regular apps is fine though.
    If you believe you know what you're doing - then fine, go ahead, but please don't complain if you experience any strange behavior.

    How to flash for the first time:
    (Again: Don't do it if you don't know!)

    1. Download the AICP installation package that you would like to install or build the package yourself.
    Optionally, download an application package add-on such as Google Apps (use the arm64 architecture).

    2. If you are not in recovery, reboot into recovery:
    With the device powered off, hold Volume Down + Power. Then use the menu to select Recovery Mode.
    Now tap Factory Reset, then Format data / factory reset and continue with the formatting process. This will remove encryption and delete all files stored in the internal storage, as well as format your cache partition (if you have one).
    Return to the main menu.

    3. Sideload the AICP .zip package:
    On the device, select “Apply Update”, then “Apply from ADB” to begin sideload.
    On the host machine, sideload the package using: adb sideload filename.zip.

    4. (Optionally): If you want to install any add-ons, click Advanced, then Reboot to Recovery, then when your device reboots, click Apply Update, then Apply from ADB, then adb sideload filename.zip those packages in sequence.
    NOTE: If you want the Google Apps add-on on your device, you must follow this step before booting into AICP for the first time!

    Current Root Solution:



    If you want to contribute to AICP, or if you want to see what is being worked on/merged, feel free to visit our Gerrit code review system. (Link is at the bottom!!!)

    Kernel source:
    Device tree source:
    Vendor source:

    Follow this guide if you want to extract the vendor blobs: https://wiki.lineageos.org/extracting_blobs_from_zips.html

    ROM & Additional links:
    AICP's Homepage
    AICP Gerrit Code Review
    AICP sources on Github
    AICP Download page for official builds and media content
    AICP Discord Community
    AICP Telegram channel for server notifications on official builds




    ROM OS Version:
    Kernel: Linux 4.9
    Status: STABLE
    Release Date: 06-19-2021

    You want to see a "normal" night at the "DEV office", click here!!
    Updates this week:

    - new APN configs added for Sprint
    - kernel updated to current version 4.9.276
    - added UI blur effects (toggle in AICP Extras)
    - system wakelock / alarm blocker switch in developer options
    - Camera PX included (credits to cstark27, see here for more information)
    Been using this rom since the beginning and dirty flashing all the updates. Started having some freezing issues and eventually bootloop on the latest build so I decided to factory reset. It fixed all my issues.

    However I was using a 6x6 unlock pattern before with Google backup turned on. After the clean flash, I tried restoring from the backup. It asked for my unlock pattern to decrypt the backup, but it only offered a 3x3 pattern. So I was not able to restore the backup and had to redo everything. I think that's more on the Gapps side rather than the rom, but just a warning to anyone using more than 3x3 dots unlock pattern.
    Do I need to upgrade to stock A11 before flashing this? I'm on a custom A10 rom at the moment. Thanks!

    My device was on 11 when i started with it, didn't test your scenario myself so i'm not quite sure..
    I think it should work when coming from 10 custom ROM, but cannot confirm at this time.

    Maybe someone can check this and let me know?