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Dec 11, 2020
Very good rom but I found two flaws in my opinion.
1. When the battery reaches 5% the cell phone loses sound completely.
2. When using the camera in a dark place, the shutter speed is too slow and does not take advantage of the brightness of the flash.
You can give me your opinion if someone else has the same bug, thank you.


Dec 23, 2013
Hey guys. Awesome ROM but unfortunately I cannot use any Banking App due to restrictions with SafetyNet I think? Is there any fix before considering moving to another ROM? Thanks in advance


Senior Member
Mar 27, 2016
Is Erom a Google-based app?

Is the default dial Google or AOSP-based dialing?

Is automatic call recording possible?

Is there an error in the received number (the other party, 0112451101124511)? (VOLTE)

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    This is a small project based on AOSP. We try to be a platform for beginners and support the Custom ROM community with our own unique contributions as well. This ROM exists thanks to inspiration of AOSiP, Thank you! #StayDerped

    /* Your warranty is now void.
    * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards,
    * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please
    * do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM
    * before flashing it! YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if
    * you point the finger at me for messing up your device, I will laugh at you.


    GApps included!

    - Signed with release keys like stock
    - Google network stack
    - Google PSU support
    - Google APN's and CarrierConfig
    - Accent color, font, icon shape, icon pack customizations from Bootleggers
    - Statusbar icons tuner
    - App lock
    - Face unlock
    - Expandable volume panel
    - Omni weather
    - Gvisual Mod
    - Advanced gesture navigation options
    - FOD icon picker and wallpaper based color option
    - FOD Animations
    - Custom logo customizations
    - Custom Carrier Label & Carrier Label Placement
    - AOD Schedule options
    - 3 finger swipe to screenshot
    - Cycle through ringer modes
    - Adaptive playback
    - Long press power button to toggle flashlight
    - Long press volume button to skip track
    - Advanced reboot options
    - Additional lockscreen sclocks
    - QS tile styles
    - Switch styles
    - Custom QS headers
    - Edge light options
    - Battery light toggle
    - Scrolling screenshot (Asus stitchimage)
    - Battery icon styles (circle/bar/hidden)
    - QS quick pulldown
    - Bunch of useful QS tiles in addition to AOSP ones:
    - AOD
    - Caffeine
    - Data Switch
    - Location modes
    - HeadsUp (peek notifications)
    - Kill app
    - Weather
    - USB tethering
    - Screenshot (partial/full)
    - Sound (ringer modes)
    - Sound search
    - Reboot (system/recovery)
    - Mono/Stereo
    - Notifications clear all button
    - OOS-inspired QS tiles layout
    - Data usage under QS
    - Small oreo-like data type icon
    - Traffic indicator for wifi and mobile data
    - OOS-inspired Network speed indicator
    - VoLTE/VoWiFi multi-sim icon
    - Lockscreen media art and blur level controls
    - Improved statusbar pulldown blur
    - Added blur to power menu
    - Double tap to sleep on statusbar, launcher, lockscreen
    - Finer control over font size
    - Mini panels for wifi, bluetooth, NFC
    - Per-app network restrictions
    - Allow hotspot/tethering to use VPN (toggleable)
    - Additional charging info on lockscreen
    - Statusbar bluetooth battery level
    - NFC tile for devices with nfc
    - Multi SIM ringtone setting
    - Screen recorder stop dot and low quality options
    - Bring back 2 button navigation from pie
    - Delete button for screenshots
    - Show 3 QS columns when media player is inactive
    - Faster fingerprint wakeup
    - Pixel offline charging animation (for supported devices)
    - Enabled iorap and zygote preforking (for faster app launch)
    - One click to add/remove QS tiles
    - Hacks to bypass safetynet and root detection
    - Few pixel features like assist disclosure, live captions, adaptive connectivity
    - Optimizations and fixes from AOSPA, ProtonAOSP & upstream AOSP master

    - CAF functionality improvements/enhancements:
    - Bluetooth A2DP hardware offload
    - Audio policy extensions
    - Camera extensions
    - Telephony framework
    - Individual sim toggle (for some dualsim devices)
    - WiFi display/miracast
    - Hardware accelerated screen recording
    - NQ NFC support (for nfc supported devices)
    - Power off alarm in inbuilt clock app
    - Touch response optimizations
    - Performance improvements & fixes throughout the system

    Device-specific features
    - Display Refresh Rate Settings (60/90/120hz)
    - Clear Speakers
    - Etc.

    What's broken?
    - You tell me!


    ROM: https://sourceforge.net/projects/derpfest/files/surya/
    Magisk: https://github.com/topjohnwu/Magisk/releases

    Reboot to recovery
    Wipe data, cache, and dalvik if coming from another ROM
    Flash ROM zip
    (optional) Flash Magisk
    Format data if encrypted
    Reboot and voila!

    Upgrading to a Newer Build
    Reboot to recovery
    Wipe cache and dalvik
    Flash ROM zip
    (optional) Flash Magisk
    Reboot and voila!

    Follow us on Telegram


    Google for Android and AOSP
    Cory Collins


    Any others we may have forgotten to credit

    And last but not the least, all our testers, who have helped us to squash many bugs so that we can try to release builds that as are flawless as possible

    XDA:DevDB Information
    DerpFest, ROM for the POCO X3


    ROM source: https://github.com/DerpFest-11/
    Device sources: https://github.com/DerpFest-Devices/
    Kernel source: https://github.com/silont-project/kernel_xiaomi_surya

    ROM OS Version: 11.x
    ROM Kernel: Linux 4.14
    ROM Firmware Required: Latest MIUI
    Based On: AOSP

    Version Information

    Created 2021-11-11
    Last Updated 2021-04-15
    Check first page

    * Fixed video playback bug


    ---------------------------------------------------- DEVICE CHANGELOG ----------------------------------------------------

    1b300ad (HEAD, m/11, github/R) surya: rootdir: cleanup Uclamp values * We are using Uclamp Assist
    bf6ae50 surya: Import few Gboard prop tweaks from Rboard by RadekBledowski
    9cda9a6 surya: overlay: Update config_safe_media_volume_index
    1889276 surya: Set voice call volume steps to 7
    17cc541 surya: media volume: from 15 to 25 steps
    4239af3 surya: overlay: Move a PE specific overlay to overlay-aosp
    2976545 surya: overlay: Add more defaults
    8fb8840 surya: overlay: Disable UI touch sounds by default
    4639422 surya: Set DPI to 400
    464a0e9 surya: rootdir: Import boot/runtime fs tuning from coral
    751553a surya: rootdir: Tune UFS clock scaling during bootup
    5c6ec9c surya: Override readahead to 128KiB after post-boot
    5d7755d surya: Enable zram-writeback job
    a65f7c6 surya: rootdir: Tune zram performance
    dae40d4 surya: Enable haptic text cursor
    626853c surya: Turn on support of multiple vibration intensities
    5e70951 surya: Set required props for userspace LMKD
    b34617a surya: Hide sRGB toggle in developer options
    48c9a67 surya: parts: Introduce Refresh Rate QS tile
    bee5442 surya: introduce imsoverride

    ---------------------------------------------------- KERNEL CHANGELOG ----------------------------------------------------

    * Merged Latest CAF Tag LA.UM.8.9.r1-11900-SM6xx.0
    * Upstreamed to Latest Linux v4.14.230
    * treewide: drop PID map reads improvements
    * fs: Reduce cache pressure
    * surya: Block some wakelocks
    * Fastest deepsleep
    * Tune slmk values (let's utilize our ram)
    * Silence more logspam
    * Bring back full cpufreq tables
    * other underhood improvements

    ---------------------------------------------------- SOURCE CHANGELOG ----------------------------------------------------

    * April Security Patch
    * Implemented Volume panel styles
    * Kanged dotOS volume panel for default style
    * Reworked additional power menu actions
    * Moved Edge lighting to it's own preference
    * Moved custom vib pattern to it's own preference
    * Improved link ring & notification volume switch behavior
    * Added Gaming mode
    * HeadsUp: Added blacklists
    * HeadsUp: Added snooze function
    * HeadsUp: Added timeout option
    * Added Sensor block options
    * Added increasing ring feature
    * Added Statusbar brightness control
    * Added alternative derp status bar logo
    * Migrated statusbar manual brightness to float
    * Fixed Biometric Auth for Applock
    * Keyguard: Do not trigger a wake up when hiding lockscreen
    * Fixed black screen after DOZE on devices without aod brightness sensor
    * Fixed Volume panel not following rounded corners partially
    * Added support for AIDL Lineage power HAL service
    * Device picker: Added title to fix offset in progressbar
    * ProgressCategory: Updated title style for consistency
    * Improved TextClock translations
    * Added OOS11 lockscreen clock
    * Added new Bootleggers clocks
    * Added font support to more lockscreen clocks
    * Back to old default Volume Panel Style and fixed invisible view issued
    * Added MIUI volume panel style
    * Added option to enable Pulse edge light for all doze triggers
    * Added Edge light reverse animation direction Option
    * Added option for Edge light solid/faded style
    * Added alternative derp status bar logo
    * NavigationHandle: Don't show on keyguard or doze
    * FaceUnlock: Fixed face removal when disabling security
    * AppLock: Fixed 15 second auto-lock timer, when app is stopped while moving to recents
    * AppLock: Added option to instantly lock app on closing
    * OOS11 Footer: Switch OP footerview to new parent when switching tile layout
    * AODSchedule: Properly support all locales and time formats and improved some code
    * Moved Volume panel position toggle to DerpQuest
    * Improved Edge light and gaming mode master switch code
    * Moved app compatibility preference to apps and notifications


    ------------------------------------- DEVICE CHANGELOG -------------------------------------
    4b13b23 surya: Enable blur
    cecf434 surya: Build with SiLonT Clang 13
    af0481b surya: derp: Add maintainer string
    2072086 surya: vendor-overlay: add modified fingerprint.fpc.default
    4597889 surya: overlay: limit screen recorder's framerate to 90fps
    a07109e surya: overlay: disable some caf apps
    0c17d37 surya: dependencies: switch aospa common components to "eleven" branch
    20dee25 surya: get rid of neverallow overrides
    173b76e surya: disable soundtrigger via vendor overlay
    d998e16 surya: parts: get rid of dirac
    dc2aa82 surya: create a fake prebuilt_hidl_interfaces module for soong
    df6270f surya: parts: fix summary after cutout settings removal
    b4763bd surya: cleanup
    6716028 surya: audio: set in_voice_rec_headset_mic
    eb26e63 surya: vendor_overlay: import audio_platform_info_intcodec.xml
    a8266b1 surya: parts: get rid of cutout settings
    1ac582a surya: parts: disable/enable power saving fps selector on creation
    084aff9 surya: switch to aosp bt stack
    af0bc8f surya: add a rro to disable telephony injection
    e6f42c6 surya: don't remove recorder
    cdf21a1 surya: switch to AOSPA common components
    953d348 surya: get rid of custom charger
    ae8f21a surya: adapt extract utils for new paths
    fd114cb surya: force disable wide color display
    e72b1c3 surya: rootdir: kang eas configuration from sunfish
    3b3f1d7 surya: drop partition sizes
    ade3562 surya: init: make model names nicer
    f8af694 surya: init: remove useless fingerprint/desc override
    d4cd554 surya: Don't pin camera app in memory
    d4e0d8c surya: overlay: Pin surfaceflinger
    17b5eac surya: Enable usage of dex2oat64
    2f929c7 surya: Set lmkd.reinit property from vendor init
    0392c3e surya: Import excluded device inputs xml
    218e537 surya: overlay: Set fast charging indicator threshold to 10.8W
    f2d4370 surya: Get rid of google recorder
    bce442a surya: rootdir: Bump top-app stune boost to 10
    a0ce481 surya: sepolicy: Address FM radio denials
    2c020ab surya: Remove audio props
    fdaa211 surya: Nuke miui camera for good
    f8ace79 surya: parts: Fix dark theme issues
    c52d991 surya: parts: Implement auto-lowering refresh rate on battery saver
    90c89e4 surya: Remove dexpreopt flags that are default
    69e1296 surya: Remove TARGET_USES_64_BIT_BINDER
    fcad129 surya: init: SetProperty -> property_override
    da0ca3b surya: init: Add system_ext to partitions for props override
    dda0740 surya: parts: Display icon beside thermal profiles
    91923e2 surya: Ship MIUI camera port
    6ddea24 surya: init: Set device name for WaveOS settings
    a0ace33 surya: Do not balance msm_drm and kgsl-3d0 IRQs
    592db20 surya: Disable SDM rotator downscaler
    e5593e6 surya: Disable SF backpressure
    3f5e901 surya: FIXUP! Use phase offsets as duration
    2b604ea surya: Kill IMS logspam with fire
    aca7095 surya: Cleanup and update init extension
    d62eb32 surya: Build [email protected]
    a4be749 surya: Set cpu variant to cortex a76
    f3ed67b surya: Go enforcing!
    d3e2d40 surya: parts: Move thermal profiles to system settings
    63b9b08 surya: Improve post_boot tuning for performance
    9b7024f surya: overlay: Enable call record
    509400d surya: Use vendor media profiles
    18b4d9e surya: Add miui camera to aux package list
    f982b33 surya: Update dexpreopt flags
    2651bb9 surya: init: Update sunfish fp to Jan 2021
    52b70d8 surya: Implement proper notch masking to hide camera cutout
    682771a surya: Enable video timestamp hack in libcameraservice
    c91653b surya: Update blobs from MIUI V12.0.8.0.QJGINXM
    7418d6b surya: Move QTI telephony jar back to /product
    098efb1 surya: Add HIDL manager package to PRODUCT_BOOT_JARS
    1035eaa surya: Enable IWLAN assisted mode
    88061d0 surya: audio: Disable audio ULL mode
    32b663c surya: Use correct DTBO partition size
    a7a14df surya: light: Avoid uint32_t underflow
    def4aea surya: light: Properly scale brightness range
    443a852 surya: parts: Add a summary to ambient display
    f8280b9 surya: overlay: Tune default brightness values
    aa19375 surya: Update FP sensor keylayout from stock
    20eeb06 surya: wifi: Enable QPower and Deep sleep together
    e539586 surya: wifi: Relax WiFi re-association RSSI thresholds
    84bfdd8 surya: wifi: Enable DFS channel scanning in P2P search
    3a96673 surya: wifi: Enable 2.4GHz channel bonding
    863d039 surya: wifi: Enable LPRX by default
    2302871 surya: Switch to OSS cameraserver/libcameraservice
    f642801 surya: Copy updated handheld_core_hardware.xml to enable software controls feature
    18db472 surya: Force triple frame buffers
    a053a89 surya: Disable bluetooth by default
    524fbe1 surya: Enable adaptive brightness by default
    d404590 surya: power: Handle launch and interaction hints for sm6150
    e5fe531 surya: Update power HAL from LineageOS 17.1
    211dbae surya: Update audio policy configuration from stock
    ca0926d surya: Show "Turbo charging" instead of "Charging rapidly"
    5a99e27 surya: Switch to 90Hz refresh rate by default
    d597caa surya: parts: Increase BootCompletedReceiver priority
    43667c3 surya: parts: Add dirac QS tile
    c9360ec surya: parts: Add vector icons to dirac
    e289ccc surya: parts: Import dirac translations from MIUI
    5b7c2fa surya: parts: Refactor dirac strings
    c822571 surya: parts: Add summary for dirac
    2ab1729 surya: parts: Add icon for Clear Speaker
    37f8097 surya: parts: Implement Clear Speaker
    b6fb8d5 surya: parts: Bring back proximity sensor doze setttings
    2becd16 surya: parts: Allow to wake the screen instead of pulsing
    3620a90 surya: parts: Add icons to doze menu
    7ad716a surya: parts: Remove hifi toggle from dirac
    e190f57 surya: parts: Remove device restart toast from cutout toggle
    cbb8378 surya: parts: Add a toggle to hide stock cutout
    ecc14fc surya: Bind mount and disable NFC vendor permissions
    467eae8 surya: Dynamically set power_profile for karna
    509e29b surya: Update power_profile from MIUI V12.0.8.0.QJGINXM
    8f963ea surya: Enable subtle tick vibration when revealing shelf
    a9a5e29 surya: Switch Skia rendering backend to Vulkan
    ac68c0a surya: Enable vulkan dEQP level 2020-03-01
    c30b384 surya: Use phase offsets as duration
    c56de63 surya: Adjust dex2oat thread count after setup wizard
    fb471c3 surya: Enable unspecialized app process pool
    ac3cc4c surya: Update pinner configuration from redfin
    d364418 surya: Update hidl-wrapper and telephony-utils jar path
    6dbee1b surya: Move qti-telephony-common jar to system_ext partition
    19454ed surya: Update QTI telephony jar from LA.QSSI.11.0.r1-07800-qssi.0
    b550b69 surya: Bring back telephony injection
    1c35e59 surya: Welcome to WaveOS!
    4154ec6 surya: Treewide cleanup
    3fa5ef6 surya: Add symlink for WFD libs
    11f6c45 surya: Add headphone jack keylayout
    869e442 surya: Address Sepolicy Denials
    f39095e surya: Update graphics prop * Fix Green Wifi Display
    21bafb2 surya: Define board as QCOM * Need for building display packages and wifi display
    b7afc4e surya: Fix WFD
    b3f32b3 surya: Address various sepolicy denials
    95fcff4 surya: Add some stock props * Fixes Record Sound after 2 seconds
    9c52d92 surya: Fix HDR at boot
    fa31093 surya: Grant permissions for display features
    0f50e82 Revert "surya: Totally disable DisplayFeatureHal in vendor"
    5e8d8e2 surya: init: Update fp from sunfish December
    c009c02 surya: Overlay WCNSS_qcom_cfg.ini
    c350fb5 surya: Setup vendor boot hwc * Using Prebuilt Vendor And It Is Being Demanded For Loading bdwlan firmware
    ea53801 surya: Add missing stuff for WFD
    5d7748a surya: Add Display Hardware blobs
    c9e7da5 surya: Add postprocessing blobs
    f13b065 surya: overlay: set dozeAlwaysOnDisplayAvailable as false
    8af79ec surya: Add smart charging overlay
    d6bf685 surya: Build dummy [email protected]
    b8cbfde surya: sepolicy: Resolve FM denies
    84addee surya: Add FM support
    6cf3221 Revert "surya: Include QSSI sepolicy"
    73b70b4 surya: Update dependencies
    9da7616 surya: Update readme for unified trees
    0706602 surya: Bind mount and disable NQNfcNci for karna
    cf5c53f surya: Stop NFC service for karna
    f27aff6 surya: init: Disable NFC for karna
    cfb5fd1 surya: Add TetheringOverlay
    2f6784c surya: Add WifiOverlay
    53edfa5 surya: overlay: Remove wifi related internal overlays
    ac6c96a surya: parts: Switch to TaskStackListener
    50a0b3a surya: parts: Add switchbar to disable dynamic thermal
    fabcadb surya: Include QSSI sepolicy
    34fa0eb surya: Add support for karna * Rework init * Add support for other regions * Add dalik props
    3ad8ec2 surya: Use kernel from source
    e17e7d4 surya: Update proprietary file * Import Alarm, Camera, Media, System & WFD Blobs from surya_global-user 10 QKQ1.200512.002 V12.0.4.0.QJGMIXM release-keys * Update Miui charging binary from davinci
    fe2f3c0 surya: Remove config_displayBlanksAfterDoze * Fixes touch not responding issue
    78cb812 surya: Add support for V12.0.4 * Update kernel too * From surya_global-user 10 QKQ1.200512.002 V12.0.4.0.QJGMIXM release-keys
    13e5c48 surya: Build libbtconfigstore
    5487ea6 surya: Set config_deviceLightCapabilities
    3510934 surya: Use back CarrierConfig

    ------------------------------------- SOURCE CHANGELOG -------------------------------------
    * Merged February Security Patch (android-11.0.0_r29)
    * Updated redfin fingerprint to February
    * Imported SetupWizard/CarrierSetup props from RQ1A.210105.003
    * Updated CarrierSettings from RQ1A.210205.004
    * PixelPropsUtils: Add pixel wallpaper packages
    * PixelPropsUtils: Add turboadapter to packages list
    * Updated permissions whitelist for PackageInstaller
    * Added back some brightness slider options
    * Added Face Unlock animation
    * Added Screen off animation options
    * Added Ambient Now Playing container from Pixel
    * KeyguardSliceProvider: Hide song name if TypeClock is in use
    * Added toggle to completely hide status bar on lockscreen
    * Fixed proximity sensor not turning off AOD when is covered
    * Fixed PermissionBar Chart
    * Fixed black screen issue due to wallpaper decoding exceptions
    * Fixed NPE on global actions dialog
    * Fixed black borders in legacy apps on 18:9 screens
    * Improved touch width of volume panel
    * LockscreenCharging: Calculate power from voltage and current
    * Smoother Upload and Download Animation
    * Increased default max password length to 64
    * Switched back to aosp qs flashlight icon drawable
    * Changed screenshot action chip to have correct primary colors in dark mode
    * Set the correct position on the navbar size seekbar by default
    * Settings: Show full default name in customization preferences
    * Settings: Add icon beside customization preferences
    * Settings: Linked search bar profile picture with multiuser settings again
    * DerpQuest: Improved navbar preferences
    * ThemePicker: Make naming page look the same as the other ones
    * ThemePicker: Back to horizontal scrollview on clock faces
    * Fixed Themes reset after reboot
    * Updated SQLite to 3.34.1
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