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Jan 11, 2016

*** Disclaimer
I am not responsible for any damage you made to your device
You have been warned

crDroid is designed to increase performance and reliability over stock Android for your device also attempting to bringing many of the best features existent today


Install instructions:


Flashing Instructions from any custom ROM (Thanks to Raf & @kamild_)
• Backup all your data.
• Transfer ROM and other zips (such as Gapps or Magisk) to internal storage, SD card or USB drive.
• Boot/reboot to recovery.
• Flash recommended MIUI firmware
You can find them here. If you're already on it, you can skip this step. You can flash the fastboot version of the MIUI stock ROM through Mi Flash tool / Fastboot too but the procedure is slower.
• Flash CrDroid ROM.
• Flash GApps (Optional step) FlameGapps
• Flash Magisk (Optional step, only if you want root)
• Format Data > type "yes" and press enter (different from the "wipe data" option)
• Reboot to system

First time installation from MIUI or above:

1. Remove any fingerprint, PIN, or password in MIUI. Backup all your data, next step will factory reset the device.
2. Unlock the bootloader.
3. Flash recommended custom recovery from the "Prerequisites" section with fastboot.
4. Continue from step 2 of the "custom ROM instructions" below.


OTA Working: Just update from OTA screen

Manual Update installation:

  • Reboot to recovery
  • Flash Rom (default path: root/data/crdroid_updates)
  • Wipe Cache/Dalvik
  • Reboot

ROM CrDroid - Vayu/Bhima Rom Download

Known issues:
-Tell me, be sure to include a log: check how to

Device tree:

@neobuddy89 - Current Co-Maintainer
@SebaUbuntu, @Kubersharma for device trees.
Xawlw, Foxtrot47 for device updates & fixes.
@Nebrassy for his work with TWRP.
Mochi for his amazing work in kernel & updates.
@darthjabba9 for his work with OFox.
+ All devs that make this possible

@SebaUbuntu for his OSS Vendor based version and trees.
Poco X3 Pro DevHub - All testers & Admins (Uwe Pilot, Stiff, TheDutchTesterGuy, ...)
LineageOS, SlimRoms, AOSPA (Paranoid Android), OmniRom.
CrDroid Team @neobuddy89 - Lup Gabriel...many others

Visit official website @
Poco X3 Pro | OFFICIAL Telegram
crDroid Community Telegram
crDroid Poco X3 Pro - vayu Telegram
Donate to help CrDroid team pay server costs
Donate to help me in development
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Oct 13, 2014
Being on MIUI 12.0.5 RJUEUXM debloated I wonder about the best way to go to MIUI An OTA update will not be available soon?
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Nov 29, 2016
I installed it yesterday, everything works great. Down with the hat in front of the developer! I read a lot of info from all the topics that need to be installed. A working version from me:
(Vayu phone)
-Unlock the phone
-Remove any fingerprint and codes!!
-nebrassy twrp install, need an otg or sdcard with files! (mtp not working)
-boot to twrp, wipe menu->format
-without restart flash 12.0.6 firmware from sd or otg (
-flash the rom, mindgapps, magisk, dfe patch (


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Oct 13, 2014
So far I went with unrooted ungoogled Installation without Magisk on my phones and just did use microG and signature spoofing to make most Apps I need to work (better):
- WhatsApp, Signal (Cloud messaging on helps at least in Signal)
- GCam (microG needed, for Portrait mode full features Google Photos needed?)
- Snapseed: QR-Look Style Import/Export (needs Google Play Services - was not able to activate this on my systems)
- Google Photos rather instable: Features Selfie/Portrait, Videostabilisation often crash
- Banking Apps: most do not work (fully) and every update can change the situation, had to leave N26 because of this

If anyone has a similar crDroid unrooted ungoogled on Poco X3 Pro or other devices setup and can share changes of optimizing tweaks I appreciate.
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Oct 18, 2012
New build, 23-05

-Fixed Battery Charge Led (need to fix brightness)
-Fixed Metadata issue with media-gallery (seems still video files preview issues in rare cases)
-Added GoogleCamGo
-Rom Changes

Can be dirty flash + Wipe caches.

Link to download from Sourceforge:
Almost every thing is ok except the sound picker: it still crashes on notification sound change...
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