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[ROM][11.0] crDroid 7.x for A5/A7 2017

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Jan 20, 2018
Hi there,

Just one question I have an crackling sound issue on WIFI calls especaially with my SIP Client APP with it I use my Smartphone as a landline phone, a bit crackling on telegram Wifi calls and the weird thing is Skype calls working fine. Well the most important thing is the SIP client telegram isnt necessary.

I have it on Android 10 and 11 lineageos and based Roms like yours. I tryed to fix it to only flash without Gapps and deactivated each speech input, clean dalvik cache but nothing works. Your other Rom "Rise-Q-v2.1" working fine and it is really nice, thanks for that.

It is probarbly a random Lineageos 17.1 and 18.1 issue because I read some user on other devices has the issue of crackling sound in different ways. Could it possible to fix it via installing Viper4Arise or repair Audio permissions?

Edit: Found a solution to reduce the problem a bit, install any tweaking kernel app like adiutor and set the TCP Congestion to "cubic" this helped in my case on all Lineage, CRdroid and based Roms. But not at all sometimes crackling come back for just a moment.
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Oct 26, 2009
Hi great rom, thanks for the effort you put into it. One question, can I flash it on a Galaxy A6 2018? It has Exynos 7870 instead of 7880 and Mali-T830MP1 instead of Mali-T830MP3. Thanks.


Senior Member
Dec 19, 2007
thanks for the great work.
i ve an a5 2017 with the latest bl and cp, but an very high bluetooth drain.

some idea how to fix this?
i try bluetooth off but the same.

how long is the standby time from crdroid without using the phone?


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    crDroid 7.x for the Galaxy A5/A7 2017

    LineageOS, an open-source Android distribution, is available for several devices,
    with more being continuously added thanks to the biggest, yet ever growing, Android open-source community.

    crDroid uses LineageOS as base. We try to keep in sync with LineageOS source while also adding lots of customizations for you to choose from.


    Your warranty is now void.
    Im not responsible for any damage that may happen to your device but I will be here to help.

    All the ROMs source code is available in the LineageOS Github repo and crDroid Github repo.​

    • Everything that is not listed under Bugs

    • None Im aware of

    Supported variants
    All variants of Galaxy A5 (2017) and Galaxy A7 (2017). Dual SIM is also supported.

    How to install
    • Make sure you have Oreo bootloader and modem before installing this ROM.
    • Make sure you are using the latest official TWRP/SHRP/Orangefox version.
    • Download the ROMs zip.
    • Optionally download Gapps and Magisk
    • In recovery, wipe system, data and cache.
    • Flash the ROM.
    • Optionally, flash Gapps and Magisk right after.
    • Reboot.

    A5: Download
    A7: Download

    OpenGapps: Download (Choose ARM64 and 11.0)

    Last official 6.x builds:
    A5: Sourceforge
    A7: Sourceforge

    Old unofficial 6.x builds:
    A5: Androidfilehost
    A7: Androidfilehost

    • @Option58 for the work on the Lineage sources for our device
    • Me for spending my time on this
    • LineageOS Team
    • crDroid Team
    • Everyone else I missed

    Source Code: https://github.com/crdroidandroid/android_kernel_samsung_universal7880

    ROM OS Version: Android 11
    ROM Kernel: Linux 3.x
    ROM Firmware Required: Latest bootloader and modem are recommended
    Based On: crDroid/LineageOS

    Version Information
    Unofficial changelogs

    09 August 2020
    *August security patch (crDroid 6.9)
    *Latest LineageOS and crDroid sources
    *Updated RIl to fix signal strength
    *Fixed echo and in-call volume changing
    *GPS from A720S
    *Sensors from A720F
    *DRM + Widevine L1 from A720S
    *Added FlipFlap
    *SELinux enforcing
    *Fingerprint from A720S

    25 July 2020
    *Latest LineageOS and crDroid sources
    *Reverted some changes from the 18/07/2020 build which introduced random reboots and partially broken GPS
    *Decreased microphone volume - credits to Option58

    18 July 2020
    *Latest LineageOS and crDroid sources (v6.8 with July security patch)
    *Fixed no sound during phone calls when switching between earpiece and speaker
    *Fixed WiFi hotspot which I accidentally broke in a previous build
    *Added androidfilehost as download mirror

    29 June 2020
    *Latest LineageOS and crDroid sources (v6.7 with June security patch)
    *Slightly improved no sound during phone calls (NOT 100% fixed)
    *Switched kernel back to Permissive to come around possible issues
    *Fixed no system sounds
    *Fixed GPS (Please note that GPS only works with GAPPS installed!)
    *SIM not recognized bug (should) be fixed
    *Other minor improvements

    08 May 2020
    * Latest LineageOS and crDroid sources
    * Selinux Enforcing
    * Slight performance improvements (you probably wont notice)
    * Fixed bluetooth audio
    * Slight audio improvements
    * Support for installing on Korean variants of A5 and A7

    23 March 2020
    * Latest LineageOS and crDroid sources
    * March security patch
    * Moved new builds to Google Drive
    * Updated RIL to latest AOSP
    * Switched to camera2 instead of snap and fixed video recording in camera2
    * Forced HAL1 camera for some apps (snapchat, instagram, whatsapp)
    * Switched to HIDL power HAL
    * Added custom OTA-updates (That DOES NOT make it official!) You will see new updates under Settings->crDroid Settings->About crDroid->Updates
    * Changed "reboot to bootloader" to "reboot to download" in advanced restart menu
    * Fingerprint updates for better stability
    * Adressed some AVC denials (still Permissive)
    * Updated audio hal to 5.0 and changed some values in audio policy (needs testing, please report back!)

    22 February 2020
    * Initial release
    Update 09/08/2020

    Changelog: Second Post

    Please note that the changelog in this build equals the one from the LineageOS Beta3.0a build, so all changes here have been done by @Option58.


    A5: Google Drive | Androidfilehost

    A7: Google Drive | Androidfilehost
    Update 18/07/2020

    For those who update from an older build: Make sure to wipe /system before installation to prevent possible issues.

    A5: Google Drive | Androidfilehost

    A7: Google Drive | Androidfilehost

    Please also consider looking at the changelog here and the updated buglist in the first post.

    For those of you who use the ProjectRise kernel: Please note that the "official" version from the thread wont work correctly on this build of crDroid.
    For those who still want to use the kernel, download the right version from one of the links below. Only use this version on the latest crDroid build.

    A5: Androidfilehost

    A7: Androidfilehost

    New builds up!

    A5: Google Drive

    A7: Google Drive

    Changelog: Second post

    Please continue reporting bugs and errors, that helps a lot!