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[ROM][11.0] DerpFest for Miatoll [Official]

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Mar 6, 2017
@TeamMex, I notice that there are two screen recorder, the native one and the oneplus version. My problem is they both record audio in mono. Is there a way to make it record in stereo?

Just tried the Yuki 4.14.238 July10 build and works fine. Is it possible to update the kernel without rebooting using FKM? Or is it better to reboot? Thanks for the update.
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@TeamMex, I notice that there are two screen recorder, the native one and the oneplus version. My problem is they both record audio in mono. Is there a way to make it record in stereo?

Just tried the Yuki 4.14.238 July10 build and works fine. Is it possible to update the kernel without rebooting using FKM? Or is it better to reboot? Thanks for the update.

Im unsure about the changes made by the core team about the screen record also i dont use this function so i dont know

about the kernel to use the updated kernel you need to reboot so ...
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Mar 6, 2017
I fixed the real-time shadow issue by going to derpfest telegram and someone said that installing the 32bit version of CODM will fix the shadow and it did. I hope this help others with this issue. Thanks

@TeamMex How do I check the changelog?
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Jan 1, 2010
just did a clean flash, noticed that Google Play System update is stuck on 1 Jan 2021. Tried to update and reboot, which does so, but it will then reboot on itself again and rollback.

anyone has a workaround?

also cannot disable double tap to sleep. option is disabled but double tap still sends screen off.

Curtana 6/128
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Dec 3, 2007
Thanks @TeamMex for this rom and continuous development.

Nice to see dev active on xda and replying/answering to queries - quite rare these days!

Found news that updated released on 26/08/'21

• Fix haptic issues
• Switch to redfin fp for safetynet

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Apr 4, 2016
Redmi Note 9 Pro
Hey guys,

i really like this rom, but i have a problem installing Youtube Vanced root. Everytime i try installing it i get the following error message. I already tried reinstalling vanced but i get the same error. Root was granted with magisk. First rom where i get this errormessage.


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Aug 27, 2018
Love this ROM❤️💯 and Been Using this as My Daily Driver... on Poco M2 Pro

The ONLY 3 BUGS that I found was that :
- Notifications getting cleared by itself (at random)
-Lockscreen Clock Alignment issue [for some Clocks]
- "Double Tap on Status Bar to sleep" is ENABLED BY DEFAULT ... And that leads to Accidental Screen Off's While Swiping down from the Notification Shade

The remaining are PERFECTO✌️💯...
No heating .. Good Battery Backup..

A Feature Request I would ask for is "SMART CHARGING" .
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    This is a small project based on AOSP. We try to be a platform for beginners and support the Custom ROM community with our own unique contributions as well. This ROM exists thanks to inspiration of AOSiP, Thank you! #StayDerped

    /* Your warranty is now void.
    * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards,
    * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please
    * do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM
    * before flashing it! YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if
    * you point the finger at me for messing up your device, I will laugh at you.

    GApps included!

    - User builds, signed with release keys like stock
    - Google network stack
    - Google PSU support
    - Google APN's and CarrierConfig
    - Accent color, font, icon shape, icon pack customizations from Bootleggers
    - Statusbar icons tuner
    - App lock
    - Face unlock
    - Expandable volume panel
    - Omni weather
    - Gvisual Mod
    - Advanced gesture navigation options
    - FOD icon picker and wallpaper based color option
    - FOD Animations
    - Custom logo customizations
    - Custom Carrier Label & Carrier Label Placement
    - AOD Schedule options
    - 3 finger swipe to screenshot
    - Cycle through ringer modes
    - Adaptive playback
    - Long press power button to toggle flashlight
    - Long press volume button to skip track
    - Advanced reboot options
    - Additional lockscreen sclocks
    - QS tile styles
    - Switch styles
    - Custom QS headers
    - Edge light options
    - Battery light toggle
    - Scrolling screenshot (Asus stitchimage)
    - Battery icon styles (circle/bar/hidden)
    - QS quick pulldown
    - Bunch of useful QS tiles in addition to AOSP ones:
    - AOD
    - Caffeine
    - Data Switch
    - Location modes
    - HeadsUp (peek notifications)
    - Kill app
    - Weather
    - USB tethering
    - Screenshot (partial/full)
    - Sound (ringer modes)
    - Sound search
    - Reboot (system/recovery)
    - Mono/Stereo
    - Notifications clear all button
    - OOS-inspired QS tiles layout
    - Data usage under QS
    - Small oreo-like data type icon
    - Traffic indicator for wifi and mobile data
    - OOS-inspired Network speed indicator
    - VoLTE/VoWiFi multi-sim icon
    - Lockscreen media art and blur level controls
    - Improved statusbar pulldown blur
    - Added blur to power menu
    - Double tap to sleep on statusbar, launcher, lockscreen
    - Finer control over font size
    - Mini panels for wifi, bluetooth, NFC
    - Per-app network restrictions
    - Allow hotspot/tethering to use VPN (toggleable)
    - Additional charging info on lockscreen
    - Statusbar bluetooth battery level
    - NFC tile for devices with nfc
    - Multi SIM ringtone setting
    - Screen recorder stop dot and low quality options
    - Bring back 2 button navigation from pie
    - Delete button for screenshots
    - Show 3 QS columns when media player is inactive
    - Faster fingerprint wakeup
    - Pixel offline charging animation (for supported devices)
    - Enabled iorap and zygote preforking (for faster app launch)
    - One click to add/remove QS tiles
    - Hacks to bypass safetynet and root detection
    - Few pixel features like assist disclosure, live captions, adaptive connectivity
    - Optimizations and fixes from AOSPA, ProtonAOSP & upstream AOSP master

    - CAF functionality improvements/enhancements:
    - Bluetooth A2DP hardware offload
    - Audio policy extensions
    - Camera extensions
    - Telephony framework
    - Individual sim toggle (for some dualsim devices)
    - WiFi display/miracast
    - Hardware accelerated screen recording
    - NQ NFC support (for nfc supported devices)
    - Power off alarm in inbuilt clock app
    - Touch response optimizations
    - Performance improvements & fixes throughout the system

    What's broken?
    - You tell me!

    Since we have Dirac support, now you can use AudioFX from POSP:

    If you want to enable Call recording option in Google Dialer, flash this in magisk manager:

    If you want to try Google Assistant 2.0, just install this zip in magisk manager, everything else is already prepared in the ROM:

    Both grabbed from @randomfilezz at telegram, all credits to them.

    Reboot to recovery
    Wipe data, cache, and dalvik if coming from another ROM
    Flash ROM zip
    (optional) Flash Magisk
    Format data if encrypted
    Reboot and voila!

    Upgrading to a Newer Build
    Reboot to recovery
    Wipe cache and dalvik
    Flash ROM zip
    (optional) Flash Magisk
    Reboot and voila!

    Follow us on Telegram


    Google for Android and AOSP
    Cory Collins


    Any others we may have forgotten to credit

    And last but not the least, all our testers, who have helped us to squash many bugs so that we can try to release builds that as are flawless as possible

    XDA:DevDB Information
    DerpFest, ROM for the Redmi Note 9s/ 9 Pro / Pro Max / POCO M2 Pro

    Contributors @TeamMex
    ROM Source https://github.com/DerpFest-11
    Kernel Source https://github.com/TheXPerienceProject/android_kernel_xiaomi_sm6250

    ROM OS Version: 11.x
    ROM Kernel: Linux 4.x
    Based On: AOSP

    Version Information
    Status: Beta
    Ouch :( after updating the Rom to June 21 update i got bootloop issue,. Now im back to zero which is flashing back to stock rom(MIUI Rom) then flash again the derpfest. :(

    I updated mine without problem using built-in derpest updater. Just reflash the latest derpest ROM or old one if latest is no good, you don't need to flash back to stock.

    In my case I always got bootloop issue in orangefox recovery if the charger is plugin (so weird), try unplugging it.

    Tried the latest Derpfest but for some reason safetynet fails and the device is not certified, I don't know why, clean flashed from PE+

    Latest update is also bootlooping for me on the Redmi logo; multiple clean flashes tried. Joyeuse.

    I've tried from PE+, HavocOS, Fluid and DerpFest and only DerpFest fails the certification and safetynet. I am on joyeuse.

    Have you fix bootloop?
    i tried many method to flash but i cant fix until now.

    Latest update is also bootlooping on the Redmi logo with multiple clean flashes tried. Joyeuse.

    No. I just went back to the previous build.

    I have joyeuse , No bootloops, Im using now Mi pilot android R Firmwared for joyeuse
    If u dont have EEA search for the firmware of your variant or tellme and i can make it for you if any R rom was released and u cant find the firmware.
    Updated using the updater and flashing it manually bot of them works


    CTS is also passing

    I hope they haven't changed the kernel because then it's not my problem anymore.
    Thanks, I'll reflash the kernel then. Do you have any recommendation for kernel config for gaming?
    As long as it's not pubg (I don't play pubg but if genshin impact, honkai impact and cod mobile all in maximum graphics settings without lag) you don't need to configure it in any different way.
    But if you still want to, change ZRAM to LZO-RLE if it doesn't come by default.
    Change the thermal for PUBG in franco kernel manager or similar.
    TCP to BBR2
    CAF CPU BOOST -> dinamic sttune boost to 20
    input boost to 80ms
    enable scheduler priority boost on input it can increase more the power in some games.
    Changelog with xX/XX/Xx means no release date yet

    • Merged June Security Patch (11.0.0_r38)
    • Synced with latest Lineage FOD source
    • Reapplied and improved fingerprint animations
    • DerpQuest: Separated FOD to a own category
    • Implemented animated FOD icon picker
    • LockscreenCharging: Fixed up jank and brought in °F/°C toggle
    • Reworked Statusbar clock customization
    • Reapplied Multi SIM ringtone settings
    • Added lock pattern grid size settings
    • Added pattern visibility settings
    • Added Fingerprint authentication vibration toggle
    • Updated notification count icons
    • Introduced Custom Statusbar Signal & Wi-Fi icons
    • Settings: Switched to ListPreference instead of DropDownPreference
    • Settings: Switched to MD2 icon for Playstore
    • LiveDisplay: Added color mode preview from AOSP Settings
    • Reduced size of alternative derp logo
    • Fixed time refresh capabilities of custom clocks
    • Sorted QS tiles in alphabetical order
    • Improved PowerShare QS tile
    • Added Language toggle QS tile
    • Added QS tile to show power menu
    • Added QS tile to show volume panel
    • Reticker: Removed some logging
    • reTicker: Add youtube to blacklisted apps to avoid getting a null notification
    • Let legacy apps scale fully to the display's aspect ratio
    • Changed heads up ticker text style to match clock
    • BatteryMeterView: Fixed logcat warning spam
    • Keyguard: Fixed mapping mismatch between KeyEvent and NumPadKey
    • Made scramble PIN layout Multi-User friendly
    • Added Lockscreen quick unlock
    • Removed Pin dividers layout entirely
    • QSconfig: Re-distribute tiles on changing orientation
    • Hide keyguard when SIM transitions to READY
    • Fod: Aod content should move only in Y
    • Added Screen off fod
    • FODCircleView: Hide FOD while going to sleep and make it conditionally
    • Add lockscreen background blur
    • Fixed Lockscreen media art switch
    • Made center clock layout safe insets aware
    • Added Status bar notification ticker
    • Brought back music ticker
    • Added StatusBar Lyric toggle
    • Fixed order of custom clock and Carrier label
    • Added back accessibility setting in system
    • Added video to power button flashlight gesture
    • Fixed up the check if we have any color modes declared in overlay
    • Reduced size a little of some custom WiFi/Signal icons
    • VolumePanelStyles: Added upstream changes
    • Fixed AOSPExpanded plugin crash with Swift Installer
    • Fixed infinite expanding and apply unlinking to MIUI panel
    • Switched to sha256 checksum
    • Miatoll: Add June redfin FP
    • Miatoll: Don't force setup ZRAM as LZ4 (et the user to decide it)
    • Miatoll: Update drm widevine from Joyeuse RKQ1.200826.002 V12.0.1.0.RJZ
    • Miatoll: Switch to prebuilt audio hal (echo issue fixed on curtana???)
    • miatoll: Use ARMV8-2a our device supports ARMV8-2A instructions
    • miatoll: Yuki kernel updated

    • fwb: Fingerprint authentication vibration
    • ThemePicker: Improve background color
    • Themes: Add icons for OP Device settings
    • sm6250-common:add missing exclde file for Vibrator
    • Improve haptic and vibration patterns
    • Set Doze wakeup debounce
    • Add vibrator feature
    • add dummy hidl base to fix wfd issues

    • Sync last Derpfest source
    • Bugfixes
    • Upstreamed Yuki kernel to 4.14.233

    • Added support to set volume for app
    • Added App volume row toggle
    • Added style options for settings dashboard icons
    • Added Octavi's lockscreen clock
    • Fixed media art with enabled face unlock
    • Fixed Gaming mode master switch
    • Reverted divided lines clock back to old state (accented and with weather looks ugly tbh)
    • Settings: Fixed existing and added missing drawables for theming section in Display settings
    • Removed now playing preference (was force disabled anyway)
    • Allowed selected camera apps to skip unconfigure
    • Fixed notification opacity for smart replies
    • Fixed moving home stack to front in freeform mode
    • Added kdrag0n's new blur improvements
    • Added support for blocking background data on all interfaces
    • Fixed wrong VoLTE/VoWiFi slot detection
    • Fixed NPE in PowerShare qs tile
    • Switched to min/max screen refresh rate preferences from Wave project
    Thanks @TeamMex for this rom and continuous development.

    Nice to see dev active on xda and replying/answering to queries - quite rare these days!

    Found news that updated released on 26/08/'21

    • Fix haptic issues
    • Switch to redfin fp for safetynet