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Nov 19, 2014
Supposedly support will be dropped by Chandu this month. There will be on more update for May and that's it. Best alternative that is similar to Evo X is CrDroid. I use AEX and I tried to switch to CrDroid, but the magisk setup was buggy. If u don't root then go and switch to CrDroid
Thank you for your answer. I do not need root. If So maybe I will try the CrDroid your recommend or lineage os later.


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Jan 1, 2017


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  • Aug 20, 2018
    Guys evo x is not dead for the 6 series , anierin bliss is taking over, lets gooooo


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      Evolution X 5.6 for the OnePlus 6/6T [Enchilada/Fajita]
      * Your warranty is void. Or vaild, probably?
      * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, Ebolation X,
      * thermonuclear war, or the current economic crisis caused by you following
      * these directions. YOU are choosing to make these modificiations, and if
      * you point your finger at me for messing up your device, I will LMAO at you.


      Living, Breaking, Keep Evolving.
      Pixel UI, customization and more, we are Evolution X!

      - Team Evolution X -
      @peaktogoo (Now RealAkito)

      Reach us on Twitter! @EvolutionXROM


      What are our features?
      - Just flash and check "The Evolver"


      WFD doesn't work



      First Time Install / Clean Flash
      1. Have latest OOS 10.x flashed to both slots!!
      2. Make sure you're running the latest TWRP
      3. Boot into recovery
      4. Flash BUILD.zip
      5. Flash TWRP.zip
      6. Wipe Cache
      7. Format data
      8. Reboot to recovery (optional)
      9. Flash PROPER A11 Magisk.zip (optional)
      10. Reboot to system & #KeepEvolving

      Update / Dirty Flash
      1. Boot into recovery
      2. Flash BUILD.zip
      3. Flash TWRP.zip
      4. Reboot to recovery (optional)
      5. Flash PROPER A11 Magisk.zip (optional)
      6 Wipe Cache
      7. Reboot to system & #KeepEvolving

      OnePlus 6
      OnePlus 6T

      Light Screenshots / Dark Screenshots


      Formatting data and clean flash are required if you come from android 10. Please do not update through OTA if you are on android 10.
      Dirty flash or update through OTA is fine from the previous EvoX android 11 versions. Twrp not included. Clean Flash if you face any issues after updating.
      **Device Changes:**
      Remove OnePlusCamera and OnePlusGallery
      Add Snap Camera and GooglePhotos
      Tree cleanup!
      sepolicy: Address priv_app denial
      bluetooth: Switch to unified bdroid header
      bluetooth: Switch to a map based BT name
      bluetooth: Fix undefined PROPERTY_VALUE_MAX
      bluetooth: Disable clean turn on
      rro_overlays: overlay tethering and wifi stack from Google
      overlay: configure SQLite to operate in MEMORY mode
      DeviceSettings: Remove TouchGestures category
      DeviceSettings: Bump version to 4.0
      overlay: Enable RGB battery led (OP6)
      overlay: Disable config_fillMainBuiltInDisplayCutout (OP6T)
      Introducing SonicKernel (based on IllusionKernel thanks to anirudhgupta IllusionKernel Dev)
      Bump android.hardware.graphics.mapper to 4.0
      **ROM changes:**
      Ambient music: Also shorten the Now Playing title after the song title
      Ambient music: Remove debug messages
      Permissions: Grant Google Location History perms
      Remove legal information from being indexable
      SystemUI: Make center clock follow paddingTop
      SystemUI: Optimize status bar center clock for punch hole devices
      SystemUI: fix dark fc
      ActivityManagerService: Use mContext directly
      CameraDeviceClient: fix recognition of Y16 format due to unmatching sizes
      Evolver: Add QS Header data usage info feature
      Evolver: Allow disabling SmartSpace
      Fix NPE when AOSP ambient display preference is removed
      Fix to attach listener to transient session
      Make all activities resizable
      NetworkStatsHistory: Prevent IllegalArgumentException
      PixelPropsUtils: Remove Maps & SafetyHub
      Settings: Display actual charge tech in battery settings
      SystemUI: Switch to Turbo impl for getting estimated battery time
      SystemUI: make screenshot action chip to have correct primary colors in dark mode
      VolumeDialogImpl: Reschedule the timeout on clicks on captions
      VolumeUI: Track dialogCornerRadius for CaptionsToggle and RingerToggle
      fixup! Fixed a race condition in StorageManagerService
      libcameraservice: Add support for miui camera mode
      core: Smoother Upload and Download Animation
      Ambient music: Add double tap on track title to skip track
      Avoid allocation on Java Binder fast path
      Avoid interface name copy in HwParcel
      Avoid potential fd leaks from jniCreateFileDescriptor
      Binder interface tokens: remove extra mallocs
      PixelPropsUtils: Set Pixel 3XL prop for gms
      SystemUI: PowerMenu: always add Power off
      fixup! NetworkTraffic: Remove screen on/off triggers
      Ambient music: Format the media title like Google does
      Ambient music: Show bottom ticker above fod circle if needed
      Ambient music v2: Allow for changing the music ticker position
      Port ambient Now Playing container from Pixel [stripped down version]
      SystemUI: Add Executors to Dependency
      config: Allow opening power menu when screen is off
      core: Defy usage of NGA in Google Assistant
      fixup! GamingMode: Option to disable notification feedback
      Evolver: Remove transparent notifications on lockscreen option
      Reboot sequence: Unmount active apexes before unmounting /data
      Use the non-debug apex for userdebug builds
      init: Add activation logs for flattened APEX folders with details
      init: Add more properties to spoof
      init: Sort the list of flattened APEX folders to avoid variations
      Allow additional padding on left side of heads up notifications
      BatteryService: add Turbo power charging support
      Evolver: powermenu: make screen record optional
      NetworkTraffic: Remove screen on/off triggers
      PixelPropsUtils: Add turboadapter to packages list
      SystemUI: Don't use side paddings if headsUpStartPadding > 0
      SystemUI: powermenu: add Screen Record toggle
      FOD devices ONLY
      FodAnimationResources: Fix OP Cosmos animation
      Check for focused window before raising 'no focused window' ANR
      Check window token when extending timeout
      Disable fingerprint vibration if no haptics
      Ensure mNoFocusedWindowTimeoutTime is null when new Focused Window come
      PixelPropsUtils: Set redfin build fingerprint
      Settings: Fix crash on "Connection preferences"
      Settings: Make selectable consistent with prefs on screen
      SystemUI: fix NPE on global actions dialog
      apex: Nuke permission in favor of modified PermissionController
      prebuilt/common: remove read_only for China Unicom
      Add media.hwcodec to native watchdog
      Audio: Update mApmConnectedDevice properly
      Keyguard: fix the mystery of disappearing battery percent
      Evolver: powermenu: make screenshot optional
      SystemUI: move brightness slider to top of footer
      SystemUI: Silence some major logspam introduced by custom features
      display: Don't animate screen brightness when turning the screen on
      fwb : Silence some AOSP logspam
      Evolver: Set default Volume Panel style to stock AOSP
      Fix black screen issue due to wallpaper decoding exceptions
      Restore preferred activity filter if it not inside
      Settings: Fix animation default values
      VolumePluginManager: Fix SystemUI FC on stock volume Dialog
      Fajita Build

      Enchilada Build

      Device changes:
      Kernel Upstreamed to 4.9.258
      Remove OnePlusFileManager
      Update to Redfin's March 2021 fingerprint
      overlay: Disable WiFi display for now
      overlay: Show SELinux status in Settings
      ROM changes:
      Evolver: Allow scheduling always on display
      Merge March 2021 Security patches
      SystemUI: Fix issues with VoWiFi icon
      SystemUI: Introduce dynamic VoLTE & VoWiFi icons
      apex: Update from RQ2A.210305.006
      fwb: Fix navigation bar button hit testing
      Settings: Improve OverlayCategoryPreferenceController for icon packs
      Settings: Show full default name in customization preferences
      AbsSeekBar: Fix growRect computation
      AbsSeekBarTest: Fix dpToPixel computation
      IDEClock: Fix preview not displaying
      Install seccomp filter even if selinux is permissive
      NetworkTrafficSB: Better workaround for RequestLayout() spam
      SystemUI: HeadsUpStatusBarView: ensure cutout start if cutout bounds are not null
      Enable IPV4V6 for APN Yesss
      AMS: Disallow requestSystemServerHeapDump on non-eng builds
      Include SBC Dual Channel (SBC HD Audio) support additions from LOS
      SystemServer: Only enable fd leak tracker on eng
      SystemUI: Add side paddings for brightness slider
      core: jni: Switch to -O3
      BiometricPrompt: Force portrait orientation if we have FOD
      pixelstyle: overlay: Remove Adaptive connectivity toggle
      KeyguardClockSwitch: IS_DEBUGGABLE -> IS_ENG
      Refrain from using Mobile Data panel for QS long press
      init: Allow the possibility to use prebuilt ramdisk init
      pixelstyle: rro_overlays: Remove GooglePermissionControllerOverlay
      prebuilt/common: add APN config for rakuten.jp
      Settings: Maintainer preference: Also show for unofficial builds
      SystemUI: HeadphonesBuddy: Fix crash on long press
      ViewConfiguration: Set scroll friction to 0.012
      backuptool: Correct supported partitions for addon.d v3
      19/12/2020 Update

      Device changes:
      Remove no longer used Brightness Settings
      Use Bonito Brightness Curve
      Enable SmartCharging Support
      Add OnePlus Camera Support
      Update aptx blobs from Coral
      Set default Green FOD pressed color ( for OP6T)
      Fixed network traffic issues in statusbar
      Fixed some notch area icons issues

      if you face forceclose in oneplus camera then try to clean flash.
      Sometimes you will face fc in portrait and nightscape mode just clear ooscam in recent apps and open it again. Still u face any fc just use gcam for photos or another mode. Btw I added ooscam only for video recording (specially 4k, 4k60FPS)

      ROM changes:
      Add Previous track action to LineageButtons
      Add callback onA2dpCodecConfigChanged
      Allow back swipe on bottom screen if launcher is showing
      Allow enabling/disabling Ezio's Android 11 powermenu
      Allow extended/"L" back swipe to trigger actions/app/activities
      BLE: Fix NPE during start advertising
      Boost init priority before main loop
      Bring back Gaming mode
      Bring back Smart Charging support
      Bring back click to take partial screenshot
      EvolutionXConfigOverlay: Update default colors
      Evolver: Allow choosing screenshot gesture delay
      Evolver: Expose radio info
      Evolver: Force custom doze brightness and pulse brightness configs
      Extended swipe: show a double arrow when almost triggered
      Fix 2tap2wake after Ambient Pulsing on some device
      Fix remaining BT issues
      Gestures: allow to set back swipe deadzone
      Import more accent colors
      Net monitor: Allow showing in status bar for notched devices
      PermissionController: Implement getPermissionUsages API
      PermissionController: Remove warning from permission dashboard
      Re-implement doubletap/longpress power to toggle torch feature
      Refactor rro_overlays
      Screenshot: inline trigger with AOSP values
      Settings: Categorize battery settings
      Settings: Fix inconsistent USB preference screen title
      Settings: Fix invalid private DNS help text if URI is missing
      Settings: Fix stray divider in connected devices screen
      Settings: Ignore custom app space management activities
      Settings: Improve battery stats reset strings
      Settings: QR Scanner pass proper frame Width and Height
      Settings: Remove app uninstall and disable confirmation dialogs
      Settings: Remove roaming warning dialog
      Settings: Remove search button from subsettings
      Settings: Revert previous fuelgauge impl
      Settings: Tint data usage bar with activated control color
      SystemUI: Don't render snooze undo button in all-caps
      SystemUI: Improve volume panel expansion/contraction animation
      SystemUI: Skip screen-on animation in all scenarios
      Telephony: Support muting by RIL command
      ThemePicker: Define clocks stub package
      ThemePicker: Use title capitalization for style name field
      apex: Switch to google's NetworkStack
      fixup! SystemUI: implement better partial screenshot after r20 merge
      fixup! core: Volume key cursor control
      increase default max password length to 64
      input: Adjust priority
      opengl: Don't request render in GLSurfaceView.GLThread ctr
      overlay: Extend fix background coloring for settings themed icons
      overlay: Switch to Google's Wireless emergency alerts
      pixelstyle: Update permissions
      sepolicy: Address init denials regarding socket_device
      Date: 15/01/2021
      Device changes:

      Kernel Upstreamed to 4.9.250
      Add TetheringOverlay
      Fix dialer app crash
      Revert newly added hotwordenrollment blobs
      Use CodeAurora ImsService implementation for RCS
      Improve vibration configs

      ROM changes:
      Evolver: QS status bar opacity
      SystemUI: Fix ambient pulse notification layout
      SystemUI: QS detail improvements
      SystemUI: Use AVCProfileMain for screen recorder

      Evolver: Add pref for qs brightness slider position
      Evolver: Add toggle to Disable Notifications vibration
      Evolver: GamingMode: Option to disable notification feedback
      Evolver: Option to disable all heads up notifications for Gaming mode
      Evolver: allow to switch back to pre P mobile type icon style
      SoundSettings: Add charging vibration settings

      FOD devices ONLY
      FODAnimation: Make sure we don't add the view twice
      fixup! Move charging animation above FOD icon if FOD is active
      SystemUI: Update keyguard indication margin when FOD is in use

      Cache stream volumes to prevent ANR
      KeyStore: Block key attestation for Google Play Services
      PixelPropsUtils: Bring back removed packages

      AdaptivePlayback: Remove mVideoPaused from VideoPreference
      Do not allow disabling the default keyboard
      EvolutionXConfigOverlay: Remove Manrope as body font
      Settings: Add Ambient Display battery toggle
      Settings: Optional screenshot type
      base: Fix swipe to screenshot blocking multitouch

      Evolver: Add case to quick pull down status bar anywhere
      Evolver: QS panel opacity option
      PixelPropsUtils: Remove Maps, SafetyHub & Turbo
      SystemUI: Fix Lockscreen charging animation not changing instantly
      SystemUI: Fix NPE on Volume panel plugins
      SystemUI: Hide back icon when screen pinned and gestural mode enabled
      base: AuthBiometricFingerprintView: Disable FP dialog string

      Add more lockscreen charging styles
      Evolver: Add toggle to hide status bar on lockscreen

      FOD devices ONLY
      FODCircleView: detect touch outside and take action accordingly

      Evolver: Add toggle for Signature spoofing
      Settings: Allow editing all APNs and APN types
      Update translations
      iorap: Enable by default

      NfcA: Fix an NPE in constructor
      Nuke Adaptive navbar
      Upstream QTI bt security patches

      CarrierSettings: Update from RQ1A.210105.003
      Evolver: Disable navbar visibility toggle on non-hwkeys devices
      Evolver: Fix default values and summaries for Battery Bar colors
      Evolver: QS Panel: Add the ability to hide/show Edit icon
      SystemUI: add FloatingRotationButton for hw-key devices
      gms: Update gapps to RQ1A.210105.003
      prebuilt/common: update APNs for Chinese carriers